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[Published at 2019.07.18.] [1419 words]

NnT Transition Messages

Sometimes when you enter a loading screen one of these messages appears. I’ve used a few tools to collect all these messages from the game’s data for your reading pleasure.

Fleeing deeper into the grinding lines than ever before,
but not long ago Abe was just waxing floors!

The smell of searing flesh was nothing like the sweet,
familiar aroma of his favorite Tasty Treats.

The trains take him elsewhere, but back he will be.
They won't go too far, and there's not much to see.

Furnace and grinders still hot in his mind,
Abe frantically flees from the farm's fleshy grind.

The Natives were wary of a factory-born face,
but Abe was in awe of this spiritual place.

More Flint Locks remain in the Mudokon shrines.
To light them all, Abe must leave the Monsaic Lines.

A world unknown but now uncovered;
hauntingly familiar, with much more to be discovered.

Out of the forest, the Elum appeared.
The journey to the temple was becoming weird.

The Elum was strong and made travelling easy.
But riding on its back left Abe feeling queasy...

With Slig patrols conquered and Natives appeased,
the duo tore onwards (and far from the bees).

To the temple, Abe now travelled.
What dark mysteries would be unravelled?

The Elum was quick, and its jumps had great power.
Abe would soon be at the great wooden tower.

Abe had eaten Paramite Pies and suffered much illing,
yet now he faces more than just processed pastry filling.

Abe's soon to learn how formidable his favorite "pies" can be.
Help him survive - help him to see.

Harsh lessons of Paramites would soon sear his flesh.
Now he wonders how he got into this mess.

Abe returns, having travelled so far,
his right hand branded with the Paramite scar.

Scrabanian canyons stretched deep and wide,
but they'd be no problem with an Elum to ride!

The Elum crossed wild terrain with ease,
but the Natives ahead were yet to be pleased...

Abe's quest for the temple took him to great heights,
but he wouldn't give up on the Mudokons' plight.

The greatest threat to Abe's persistence
was the temple looming in the distance.

Vast distances covered and Slig patrols bested.
Now Abe approached the temple where the Scrabs nested...

Many have failed the Scrabs' tests ahead,
but never one such as Abe, whose people must be led.

Challenging Scrabs is no cake walk, Abe found.
Most vicious and deadly when not chopped up and ground.

Something more Abe becomes, though he's yet to understand.
A scar still awaits his unmarked hand.

The wells bring Abe back from the sun-bleached sand,
Scrab scar etched on the back of his left hand.

Back to the farm, the home of Abe's life.
Now to bring it all down, and unleash his soul strife.

Approaching the end, but for Abe or the farm?
Only you can determine, which shall receive more harm.

Security's tight, but Abe's in for the fight.
To be victorious you must demonstrate his might.

After such a journey, Abe's friends will appear.
To aid in his battle they'll not let him fear.

Mud souls still at work, unaware of their fate.
More still to rescue, before its too late.

A shortcut...

Places unseen, decrepit and bare.
Soon no Mudokons should be slaving there.

More Mudokons await, their lives in great peril.
Rescue them quick or see their bones in a barrel.

Security increasing, defenses alarmed.
Sligs gather in hordes and very well armed.

Only a few Mudokons left, not many remained.
Lead them to Shrykull portals, and unleash Abe's reign.

Towards the heavily-guarded power generator, Abe must go.
If he shuts it all down, it will be quite the show.

A horrifying realization, experienced near.
Fate's brought Abe's return - now there's no time for fear.

Try throwing grenades or bottlecaps while Abe is crouched,
and while standing. Spot the difference!

Even while rolling, Abe can launch into the air or slow right
down to a quiet shuffle. A multi-talented Mudokon!

Don't hold a grenade in your paw for too long,
or you'll become Mudokon mincemeat!

Freeing slaves through bird portals releases healing birds;
help your fellow Mudokons and they'll help you!

Maintenance is hard work in a place as big as RuptureFarms. Good thing
there are matching lights on levers, trapdoors, meat grinders and more!

Jump up while standing underneath a ledge to climb straight up;
useful in those confined spaces!

Hop to it! Jump while standing still for a short, controlled hop
or jump while running for a longer leap.

Looking for someone? All workers are listed in RuptureFarms

Scrubbing floors isn't so great for Mudokon cardio, so don't be
surprised if fellow escapees refuse to copy your daring leaps and climbs!

A healthy Mudokon travels with a full halo of birds.
Press #HAL# to check your health; the more the merrier!

With a quick tap of #THR# you can drop bottlecaps and more
while on the run; faster than a carefully-aimed throw!

No single Mudokon has seen all of RuptureFarms; who knows
what secrets lie beyond concealed entrances and trapdoors...?

The more Mudokons you rescue, the more opportunities you'll have
to unleash Shrykull's power!

Mudokon slaves learn to obey orders the hard way, so when a Slig
yells "Freeze!" the wise Mudokon hits the deck.

Sligs may be short-sighted and short on brain cells, but they know
suspicious behaviour when they see it.

Watch out! Motion Detectors can cut off mystical energy. Set one off and
you'll lose your Shrykull power in the blink of an eye!

Sligs can hold the trigger for a pretty long time, but sooner or later
they'll need to back up and adjust their aim.

You don't always have to carefully aim your grenades; try throwing
without aiming to drop a surprise on the spot!

The trains to other Zulags are controlled by security locks.
Find all the levers to gain access to the next station.

Hungry Slogs will bite the hand that feeds them, so you'd better
make sure it's holding a loaded gun.

Chant Suppressors are hard on disobedience, but not hard enough to
withstand a well-timed grenade.


The following messages are from the DLC, Alf's Escape.

Sligs make the lousiest customers
Lead Alf to greener pastures!

Alf can travel down through Dreg Chutes. Just find
the right lever to operate the trapdoor!

Friends don't let friends become food
Keep Alf alive at all costs!!

Friends are for life, not just for lunchtime
Don't let Alf come to any harm!!

Annexed away and brewing strange flavours
A lost soul named Alf, in need of a saviour.

The slaughterhouse sang with awful howls,
and they echoed through Abe, right down to his bowels.

Abe's nerves had been shaken so far,
but he persevered onwards to find Alf and his bar.

Avoiding a fate as mashed Slog food,
Abe smelled strange beverages being brewed

The dreg chutes had many outlets below.
Abe headed for freedom, with Alf now in tow!

Alf would soon be rescued too,
but was still to concoct his last brew