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[Published at 2020.06.11.] [1830 words]

My first thoughts about the PS5 Footage

On June 11th, 2020, Oddworld: Soulstorm appeared on Sony’s PS5 stream, with an almost two minutes long teaser trailer featuring a mix of gameplay footage and some cutscenes.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link:


My notes in more or less chronological order:

By the way, what’s squid guy doing here?

Her eyes seem to be blind from cataracts. Also, her mouth and eyelids have marks. I am not sure whether these were painted here or are marks of her own stitches. It would make sense that she’s blind, if she used to be a blinded Mudokon

Haha, sucker!

“Falcon… kick!”

Watch this part again. It looks incredibly silly.

Considering this pun works both as ‘Big Mama’ and of course referring to the Sligs’ own cannibalistic mother, I have to applaud the effort.

The portal is on the very first car after the train

Ze boilah?

[Record scratch] “Yep, that is me. You might be wondering, how I got into this situation.”

Perhaps they are the evolved Fleeches?


Well, I have twice said that I’ll get to it later, so here it is: The trailer seems to heavily lean on the fact, that Mudokons are an insect-like superspecies. Namely in this case, the insect seems to be either bees or fireflies.

There are several things that convey this:

As for what does this all mean? I have absolutely no idea, however, I am pretty sure there was a good reason why all this insect imagery ended up in this trailer and I consider it something important to be on lookout for from now on.