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Written at 2021.05.20. / Words: 1666

Museum of my Own

As it turns out I’ve been in this fandom for nearly five years now and as any enthusiastic youngster I too created some memes to entertain the fellow fans and to comment on the situations. In this post I’d like to post some of my content that I’ve amassed over the years along with a few comments here and there as explanation.

The GIFs

Ah the GIFs. I only recently started using them because I’ve mostly focused on images and videos before, but they are an amazing format for conveying very short and simple emotions.

My first GIF, a very simple pun, but the animation makes it satisfying.

Actually the first GIF I was asked to made by someone from OWF. It works surprisingly well.

For when your opponent is coping…

… or seething hard.

The only GIF that contains extra editing. I originally just wanted to caption it and be done, but it worked better this way.

My take on the classic ‘We do a little trolling’ GIF.

Poking a bit of fun at a very prevalent world-view in the fanbase.

To this day they are still looking.

The Videos

I’ve been making video memes for a long time now, some ended up better, some worse, still these helped me a lot with improving my skills, so ultimately I think it paid off.

This is a direct reference to the hit video game PAYDAY 2.

One of my more famous memes, it depicts the fans of each installment facetiously.

A reference to the recently famous game, Friday Night Funkin', the song is called 'Ugh.'

This is just a very short followup to the FNF Slig video.

A video poking fun at the very weird end boss-screen of Soulstorm.

One of my less popular memes, I guess some opinions hurt more than others.

Everywhere at the end of Dripik.

A meme based on the popular Ruler of Everything song.

I made this as a response to all the cut content or undelivered promises in Soulstorm.

The song's title is Molchat Doma - Sudno.

And so Soulstorm became the lowest rated game in the series...

Abe walking by Samtastic. GIF crop by Varork. Emojis by Crashpunk. Idea by Rozniak. Execution by me. A real combo meme.

Based on HTML_Earth's amazing Slig Morshu, I've created this.

Stranger's Wrath's Switch port wasn't overly well received. This meme showcases this.

The classic DooM ending-twist, but with Oddworld.

This new kind of meat...?

A Carson Shearer dance edit.

One of my more experimental memes, it wasn't too well received.

Penis-music, but with Oddworld.

Four years of Soulstorm coming this year.

The Shrykull's Paradise.

My most successful meme. OWI even posted it on their Facebook and Twitter.

Wide Abe, but he's always in frame.

The Images

And of course finally we have the images. From very low effort to very high effort, I’ve made a lot of them. As always, you can click on them to open them in large, which might be necessary to read some.

This meme is about the social media action OWI tried, which failed due to Facebook never gaining enough likes.

I made this back when OWI announced the EGS exclusivity deal. Many of us continue to feel that it was unfair and not consumer friendly.

One of my several memes poking fun at the fact that Soulstorm was delayed so many times.

See above.

The first version of my Oddworld poltiical compass meme. Later I made a revised version which can be seen below.

The second version of the political compass, with additional characters and text. Amusingly someone posted it five times to 4chan’s /v/ board trying to start threads. I’m deeply honoured.

Some started memeing this cutscene, so of course I too had to have my go at it.

Remember the Switch and Vita ports along with how SW and MO got multiple PC ports. Poor AO and AE see no love at all.

A meme poking fun at the fact that people over the seas had very little chance at buying the pre-order edition.

A meme from the Boomer vs Zoomer era. Not my best work, but I made it during a very boring university lecture, so with that in mind it didn’t end up half-bad.

One of my two Stonetoss-format memes. Both of them garnered minor criticisms for using a controversial author’s work. I personally find this ridiculous, just because I find his comics are easy to exploit for memes, it doesn’t mean I agree with them.

My second Stonetoss-format meme. This also capitalizes on the recent Amogus trend.

An allusion between AO’s intro and OWI’s shrinking number of likes on Facebook. The number has only sunk since.

A meme about Soulstorm’s tower defense sections which garnered near universal hate for being really-really annoying and frustrating.

An Oddworld twist on the classic ‘Based Department Pepe’ picture.

There can’t be a meme compilation without at least one Deus Ex meme.

Brew is made from our bones?!

As evidenced by Soulstorm.

The mods at OWI’s Discord sadly do it for free. Someone was even banned for this picture.

See previous meme. But also due to the fact that people are too worried to speak their mind, which usually leads to very boring conversations.

A twist on the popular ‘Petting my cat’ meme.

In reference to the classic ‘If only you knew how bad things really are’ 4chan meme.

Like always OWF represents the more critical side of the fandom.

This amazing Slig drawing was made by OWF user Slag?. Yes the question mark is included.

A Big Smoke edit of Notbop’s pipecleaner-Abe.


Well, I’ll be honest I didn’t expect to have made so many things, but I guess they simply piled up over the years. I hope you’ve as much fun watching them as I’ve had making them.