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[Published at 2020.09.16.] [996 words]

Things I noticed in ‘Molluck Returns’

Just a few minutes ago a new trailer was released about Soulstorm showing us the redesigned Molluck along with some new environments and peeks at the plot. In this post I’d like to share some things I noticed while watching the video.


Native hideout

There’s been some discussion whether the “Native hideout” that the game starts in is the Monsaic Lines or the area named Sorrow Valley. In this new trailer it becomes quite obvious due to the fact that this hideout is located in the desert that it can’t be Monsaic Lines (which is a thickly overgrown area.)


Behind Molluck and the immediately sympathetic pilot-Slig there is a green device with a phone symbol on it. Perhaps it’ll be later used in the game by Molluck to communicate with the rest of the Cartel.

Ship schematics

In the background of the ship there seems to be a posted showing the schematics and perhaps even status of the airship.

Abandoned towns

Next we’re shown the old, abandoned towns Lanning spoke about last year.

Lorne Lanning: Then we go into old, abandoned towns that are a little more like Stranger, these old mill towns and mining towns.

What I find here the biggest point of interest is a machine on the right that’s thrashing around violently and counting back. I have no idea what it’s purpose is, however.

Outside area

We are shown an outside area, where Abe is shepherding a huge group of Mudokons. I’d like to note that these doors are very reminiscent of the ones seen in Exoduss’ Slig Barracks.

Necrum Mines Mudokon’s death

We’re given an (incomplete) answer to how the Necrum Mines Mudokon dies (notice the logo on his clothes), who Abe saw in the last trailer. Looks to be a bullet wound to the abdomen.


The furnaces are a classic sight, seen in very early concept art dating back to the nineties.

We’re also shown another instance of huge pistons killing Mudokons.

It’s over 3000… Mudokons

As noticed by someone else on the Discord, there seems to be at least three thousand if not more Mudokons in total.

Another thing of note is the huge drill with a surprisingly archaic looking Magog logo on it.

Placeholder Dripik

Come on, at this point spotting him is tradition.

Slig Barracks toilets

We see Abe escaping from what appears to be a lavatory in Slig Barracks with a Slig manically shooting at him from the cover of a toilet.

Mudokons chant

We’re shown another instance of Mudokons chanting. I’m unsure whether this is a special version of the bird portal or not, but we’ve seen multiple of them on older screenshots.

Shotgun flying Sligs

In this scene Abe is controlling a flying Slig who kills one of his kin by what appears to be a shotgun blast. The victim then explodes.


They still exist.

Molluck bossfight / escape sequence

We see Abe escape from Molluck’s airship, who’s shooting missiles at him from far away.

“A Classic Refresher”

We see this sign several times during the trailer. The text seems to say “A CLASSIC REFRESHER / Be wise! Know your basics(?) / Tough path lies ahead. Learn how here and now./ Only fools dive in.”


The rolling boulder from Oddysee returns, albeit this time it looks much more futuristic, but still as lethal towards Abe and his buddies.

Extremely annoying Mudokon chatter

Remember when these guys didn’t have to wisecrack every 2 seconds to be worth saving?

My thoughts will come in a followup post, this one was really just what I noticed after one or two viewings.