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[Published at 2020.07.18.] [522 words]

Statistics of the Stranger’s Wrath Switch-giveaway

The prize of the giveaway

On July 11th, 2020 OWI announced the giveaway of a Stranger’s Wrath-themed Switch, along with a few codes for the Switch games provided by Nintendo Everything, the company they partnered up. To enter the raffle, one had to enter their region (as only people from the USA are eligible to win the console), along with their favorite game from the series. I’ve decided to collect these responses and try to find out which game this sub-set of the fans liked the most.

One thing I want to make clear is that obviously going through this many comments is way too much for something like this, so I had to cut some corners. Instead I opted to use a few regular expressions to do a good-enough job in a fraction of the time.

At the creation of this page, the site had 1357 responses. My queries in total resulted in 1579 items (because some people mentioned multiple games in their response), with the following ranking:

A chart showcasing the votes ordered by release date

1. Abe’s Oddysee with 471 votes.

Amusingly the game’s unorthodox spelling made it quite hard to get the real number of votes as there were a lot of “Odyssey”, “Oddyssy” and similar responses. Ultimately I opted to combine three of these queries into one, which gave the final number.

2. Stranger’s Wrath with 439 votes.

Not terribly surprising, considering this is a Stranger’s Wrath giveaway, so obviously there will a be bit of bias towards it as most voters hold the game dearly.

3. Abe’s Exoddus with around 300 votes.

Counting this one wasn’t easy as very tiny changes in the query gave me fairly different results. However, after some fidgeting, 300 seemed to be fairly close to what reality is, so in this post I’ll stick with this number.

4. Munch’s Oddysee with 268 votes.

Apparently also known as “Munchies Oddysee,” as evidenced by a surprising number of responses that spell it this way.

5. New ‘n’ Tasty with 134 votes.

The poor remake still doesn’t find much love.

(6. Soulstorm with 75 votes.)

I was hesitant on including this, because to be honest the game didn’t even come out and as such people can’t even really consider it to be their favorite. But at the end of the day, it did get 75 votes, so who am I to exclude them.


If someone wishes to recreate my results, here is the list I collected and these were the commands I used (Bash, using ripgrep):

for e in 'munch' 'stranger' 'tasty' 'ex+od+us' 'abe[^ ]* od[^ ]*ee' 'abe[^ ]* od[^ ]*sy' 'abe[^ ]* od[^ ]*sey' 'soulstorm';
  echo $e;
  rg -ic "$e" responses.txt;