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Dear Alf, Please Get Your Facts Together!

“Dear Alf” was a several years long series of weekly Q&A-s in which OWI answered some of the fans’ questions in an in-universe format.

While some of these can still be accessed over at Oddworld’s page, a lot can only be accessed at obscure archives, so I took the task upon myself to gather every single one of these I can find and put them in a single page, which you can find below.

Sadly I still can’t guarantee that this is every single question and answer ever given, but it is still the large majority of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick a post from the list below or use your browser’s search function to find more out about a topic that interests you!

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(Posted on: 01/2001)

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Question: Q: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=9193&postcount=1

Alf: HIYA it's me Alf. I'm looking for Oddworld news on the internet. If any finds some presslinks about Munch's Oddysee, please post them here! It'll help me out! Thanks and stay odd, Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=9199&postcount=7

Alf: That's a terrific suggestion but I'm so busy trying to finish the game. Maybe later in the fall I'll try the one question per day. I try my best! Ya know, my best fans are those who ask Good questions not silly ones. Be patient my friends and stay odd! -Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=10051&postcount=4

Alf: Hey Kids, the press got it wrong. Dave Moore is a Programmer not a graphic artist. Stay odd, Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=11158&postcount=2

Alf: Congratulations! I laughed until I cried! Look for the site to be rated in the July www.oddworld.com updates. Stay Odd- Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=10841&postcount=11

Alf: You fans are terrific! I love reading your insights. Fuzzles are sweet and cute and are good natured.They can be pretty ferocious too. Fuzzles follow Munch around and help out if asked too. Attack,etc. The Vykkers use them for experiments. You are gonna love fuzzles! Stay odd! Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=10484&postcount=18

Alf: Nice job Sydney! I've seen a few of your wallpapers around the studio! Hey when is ALF gonna get a wallpaper??? heheheh Stay Odd, Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=11227&postcount=8

Alf: PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox are all great systems with terrific games. It's not about one being "bad" and the other "rules". It's about choices, like t.v.'s, computers ,or cars! We live in a world of CHOICES! Oddworld chose to go with the Xbox because we are a first party game with them. MS and Xbox offers an incredible amount of technical support. It's hard for you fans to understand how difficult it is to make a game. OK I said my peace. Stay odd. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=11989&postcount=14

Alf: Alf here. We take our Fan of the Month selection process very seriously! I look for fans on the web and in print who are Oddworld fanatics. The process is top secret!!! Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=1997&postcount=4

Alf: The font used in the game is called Newportland Normal. -Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=1641&postcount=9

Alf: Alright already!!!!!!!!!! Look for some new features in August. -Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=1771&postcount=2

Alf: I can answer that. Oddworldian and Oddworld Web have never requested any art from OW. That's why they are our number fans because their sites are their own creation. They have set the standard for Oddworld fan sites. -Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=2274&postcount=2

Alf: You can probably bet on a TEEN rating for Munch's Oddysee. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=1647&postcount=15

Alf: Thanks! We are trying our best. Here's some stuff for you all to tie you over until August. So don't say I never told ya anything! 1) We don't have a web dept. We all chip in. 2) The game is spectacular!!! We are bustin levels out right and left! The meeps are hilarious! 3) Two new features will start in August. Revealing something new about the game hopefully weekly. 4) We are working 24 -7 here!!! 5) Yes, the site will be updated in the Universe section closer to the launch in Nov. Yes, the site will have a "semi" makeover too. 6) Lastly, one word: the SNOOZER!!! You'll love it! Soooo, who loves ya??? Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=2637&postcount=1

Alf: We've been noticing a trend in these here forums lately...lots of you have made Oddworld related banners! Very cool! Oddworld is very honored that you have created a banner to represent your dedication for Oddworld! Clearly, you are a loyal fan. With your permission, as well as your Mom or Dad's permission (if you are under 18 years of age), we would like to post your banner on our fan art web site. If you or your parents have any objection, whatsoever, please contact FanMail@Oddworld.com, otherwise, please send an email to FanMail@Oddworld.com stating that you and your parents agree to have your banner published on our web site. Don't forget to attach your banner to the email you send, include your name and IF you're lucky, you just might see your banner on Oddworld.com! The deadline for banner submissions is July 27th! So, hurry and send us your permission. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=2669&postcount=6

Alf: I love 'em! I passed the link to the fellow Oddworlders. Luckily we are on a T1 line. -Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=2353&postcount=10

Alf: I'm impressed! You all are devoted fans! Thanks, Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=23930&postcount=3

Alf: Hi Joe the Intern! So you want to create an Oddworld fan site? I know how you can get permission from Oddworld to make one...just send an email with your name and URL to FanLegal@Oddworld.com, then you'll be sent a fan site agreement and the next thing you know, you'll be on your way! Good luck!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=23930&postcount=3

Alf: Yes, there will be levels or areas. You just don't roam around. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=4834&postcount=11

Alf: Congratulations Everyone! I'd like to address a few of these comments here. We did not choose the Forums as FOM because we are lazy or too busy with the game. As a "group" you are outstanding! Loyal and patient. The topics are fun to read. We wanted to acknowledge all of YOU! - Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=13009&postcount=6

Alf: Hiya! Been really busy putting the final touches on the game so I haven't been around the forums. We have a list on what's new page of all the press links. see coremagazine, ign, gaming online. the list goes on! Things will start heating up on the press front so hang in there! Enjoy. That contraption Abe Babe is a Snoozer!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=13016&postcount=13

Alf: Cool yes, but not exactly accurate Lampion. That's a Glukkon in the gamescreen. It's not Molluck but more like a Jr. Exec. Syd, notice this Glukkon's shoulders aren't as broad as Molluck. You can possess Glukkons but I can't tell ya anymore right now. Stay tuned. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=3532&postcount=4

Alf: The image of the elums in the forest was originally slated for Hand of Odd. That image is not from Munch's Oddysee. Paramites, Scrabs, Meeps, Fuzzles are some of the wildlife in Munch's Oddysee. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=3581&postcount=4

Alf: Hiya: The pics you are referring to are production art for Munch's Oddysee. Many of these images and concepts did not make the cut. Final game does not include many of the the "Status" images. Look for these to show up in Munch's Exoddus. -Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=4892&postcount=29

Alf: Dear Steel Shark: If YOU shoot me over an email I'll see what I can do about all your questions. YOU know that tons of info will be revealed in the next month. Contact me at alf@oddworld.com

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=4904&postcount=41

Alf: I've been having email problems. Patience! Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=13974&postcount=1

Alf: Check out www.oddworld.com for some very important news about Munch's Oddysee! Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=4629&postcount=12

Alf: Congrats on an excellent job! I love the "They're Revolting" Munch too! Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=13910&postcount=20

Alf: Hiya Pilot! So what do ya think of Munch groovin? Don't forget to set the preferences in the Media Player under Plus. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=5784&postcount=10

Alf: Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you'd like the game. By the way, Munch is tied with Halo for first place in presales as of yesterday. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=5399&postcount=21

Alf: Hey fans! I wouldn't be surprised if some of the OWI folks appears on ODD CHAT on launch day, during the day (p.s.t. of course). Stay tuned! Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=8770&postcount=12

Alf: I'd like to post all these responses on the oddworld site. These are truly heartfelt. True fans. Thank you all. Happy Holidays. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=38495&postcount=61

Alf: Dear Sydney, You have been a wonderful fan and we at Oddworld loved Oddworldian.net It was well written and produced with a lot of class. I will truly miss your site. You are the kind of fan a franchise can only dream of having. Oddworldian.net will go into the hall of fame of Oddworld fansites. I'm sorry you lost interest in Oddworld. It's been a hard journey for us and especially our fans. The reality of business is difficult. Oddworld is a young company and we are learning. It breaks my heart that you have lost interest. It was a pleasure Sydney. Best of luck to you. You are a fine young man. It's been a blast, keep in touch! Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=54777&postcount=2

Alf: That's right Abe Babe! The group Music Instructor was not responsible for this new single. The producer for Get Freaky also produced "Use Yur Imagination" with E-Pac and featured artist Jean Beauvoir in Germany. (check out www.jeanbeauvoir.com ) We can't post the entire video because it just came out but I can tell you that it's 100% OWI cg. Maybe fans can write in and request "Use Yur Imagination". Hey, Xavier...let us know if you see it! Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=58577&postcount=13

Alf: Hooray! Welcome back Sydney! I've been sad ever since you left! I knew in my heart you were a true Oddworld fan! Your site is fabulous! Hang in there cuz the next game will be everything you have been wanting from Oddworld. Thanks to Pilot for helping Syd out. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=59609&postcount=13

Alf: Yes, the image of the "man" on the medal is indeed Farzad. The modeler responsible for Dripiks' uniform and medals showed honor to Farzad as creator of Dripik.

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=63587&postcount=9 ![oddworld gluks odd](%7B%7B%20site.baseurl%20%7D%7D/assets/oddworld-gluks-odd.jpg)

Alf: This production design image is one of the first sketches done of Glukkons. The image of the Glukkon on the right is a Glukkon without it's big suit on. Remember Molluck in the good ending of A.O. Don't read too much into the small costumed Glukkon. This is just a exploratory piece that never got anywhere. Oddworld releases many of it's pre production images to our fans because they are so "art" oriented. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=64122&postcount=16

Alf: Please remember that fans from around the world come to these forums. Writing and understanding English is not easy for some. I think some fans might be misunderstood due to their lack of writing and translating to English. What sounds like boasting might not be. Try to be tolerate and understanding of all Oddworld's Inhabitants. Alf Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=66260&postcount=26

Alf: hey everyone, Response has been tremendous. Fans from all over the world have replied. We are prepping some cool stuff for those who supplied snail mail addresses but we are off the e3. Look for cool stuff in 4 to 6 weeks at the very earliest. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=67688&postcount=14

Alf: Use Yur Imagination should make it's debut in the UK around August 8th. It's currently climbing the German Dance Charts. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=67785&postcount=22

Alf: Wow...I enjoyed reading these answers but there's a whole real world outside of "oddworld" ya know! Get outside and enjoy the fresh air people! I especially found one comment very interesting ...I always wondered what went on in the "employee lounge" Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=67819&postcount=2

Alf: Wowee...my young friend, you are fast! Hope you enjoy the updates and don't try to press "Lantra" for any info about the next game now! Isn't that photo of our young Japanese friend cuter than cute! ahhhh sooo! later!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=68367&postcount=3

Alf: You are correct Abe Babe. We look out for fans who inspire US. We don't say "Hey, who should be fan of the month this month?" and search for someone to fill that spot. It's usually the opposite. for example: We recently had 3 fans we wanted to honor and we honored them one at a time. Lantra had to wait a few months! Sometimes we go months without any fom's. Not because there are no deserving fans, we just need a break. thanks for asking!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=68612&postcount=14

Alf: A fan has never been invited by us to tour the studio. We receive requests from fans from the forums, students, fans of the game, teachers etc. Each request is reviewed and it's determined whether a tour should be granted or not. Sometimes it's just by "luck" and good timing, as we have slow periods and busy periods during production. When we are really busy, we don't allow any non inhabitants in the studio. Actually we prefer fans not to elaborate on their tours as it's a priviledge not a right. So there have been folks who have toured who have never said a word in public about it. Hope this clears up any misconceptions. Any other questions?

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=69170&postcount=9

Alf: Hi there, I've checked with our webmaster, Buddy the Mudokon and nothin has been moved. Unfortunately the site is not compatible to Netscape 6. Buddy sez, it'll be awhile. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=69704&postcount=12 ![dscf0004](%7B%7B%20site.baseurl%20%7D%7D/assets/dscf0004.jpg)

Alf: Love that photo of my tea bag! We got lots of "bad" email addresses. Also Yahoo doesn't accept spam mail so anyone with a yahoo address didn't get their mail yet. We are trying to work out the technical problems but I'm just one mudokon trying to make everybody happy...enjoy a cup o tea on me!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=69769&postcount=20

Alf: My dearest One, Two... Tho protest too much! Here are the facts: One: According to A.E. it is never stated that the muds walked in One day. We see morning to dusk but there is no indication that this is the same day? When we cut to the muds running to Necrum, it could possibly be a different day but the same time of day. This is definitely debatable. Two: There is no measurement of distance or miles on the map. None. Three: Yes, Oddworld is 10 times the size of Earth. Since there is no size comparision to Earth, then we can assume that the planet is indeed big. Four: If Mudos is bigger than Earth, wouldn't it take longer for the planet to complete a full rotation? And if it is farther from the sun than Earth, wouldn't the rotations be even slower still? And wouldn't that make for more daylight hours?

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=69963&postcount=37

Alf: One more point. Abe and the Muds did not leave from Monsaic Lines, but from Monsaic Sanctum. check out universe/native/facilities on the website. There is no point of reference to where the Monsaic Sanctum is in relation to Necrum Mines. but I love all the charts!!!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=70062&postcount=43

Alf: Thanks to all you fans, I'm going back to the drawing board with the map. geez, all those brews must of made me forget stuff. Monsaic Sanctum is indeed in Monsaic Lines. It's the last time I have Buddy ask a Slig for help. So...stay tuned! warmest regards and hope I don't fall off the wagon cuz of this, Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=70551&postcount=15

Alf: From all the Inhabitants....Happy belated birthday Sydney! ![sydney](%7B%7B%20site.baseurl%20%7D%7D/assets/sydney.jpg)

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=78883&postcount=13

Alf: Please, stop! I am getting tears of joy in my tea! Though it does add an interesting hint of flavor.... You guys are the best buds a Mud could ever have, allofya!!!

Question: I don't get it..... you signed the book? What the heck dose that mean?

Alf: There is a special memorial guest book that you can sign at Josh's website: http://www.joshryanevans.org/index.html Good to hear you're all enjoying the new site! Remember- tabloids are best enjoyed with a grain of salt. Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=93203&postcount=20

Alf: Heya, just wanted to let you know that there are cards in XBM, too. You have to cut them out yourself, but still kinda nifty. Issue three. Not to endorse a publication or anything, but they also have a cool thing going where if you collect all the issues and line them up the spines form an image of our best bud Abe! Maybe the next image will form oh, say, I don't know, a picture of a proprietor, of maybe a rehab of some sort....

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=94881&postcount=67 Wil Bunce-Edwards: This true story doesn't seem to be well-known enough. I'll tall it again. After Abe's Oddysee came out, one fan wrote to OWI suggesting that Mudokons could have more of a personality so that players would sympathise more, which of course we got. Incredibly, this fan actually sued OWI for taking aboard his/her idea, and OWI had to stump up the cash. So, they're very cautious about how they deal with such requests. I'm sure that there will be a few 'easter egg' names, though.

Alf: Just so ya'll know, Oddworld has never been sued by a fan, and even in the quote that Max later posted, there was no mention of Oddworld being sued.

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=98951&postcount=1

Alf: Dear Forum Members, Thank you so much for the very Odd holiday card! All the inhabitants have seen it and love it. I'm off for a month or so and will be back in 2003. Hope to see you all back here soon. Odd Wishes, Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=99600&postcount=85

Alf: FOM's were on a different list, that is why the cards were late! I hope everyone received their cards, if not drop me an email with you correct snail mail address etc. so I can verify that you are indeed in the database. Alf!!!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=101216&postcount=1

Alf: Happy New Year forumers! I just had to tell everyone who sent the holiday card that it was wonderful! I am touched! I am crying tears of sugarplum and peppermint at this very moment. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness! Bestest and Oddest of wishes, Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=104212&postcount=28

Alf: Dear Fans, Let me clarify. Oddworld is not listed as an exhibitor by e3 because we are part of the Microsoft and has always been part of the publishers booth. (GT, Infogrames and now Microsoft). I am not confirming that we are exhibiting at e3 in the Microsoft booth. I'm just confirming the reasons why we are not listed as an exhibitor. Make sense? Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=107398&postcount=47

Alf: 1. Oddworld NEVER posted that Mr. Gamble passed on. Or as Jacob so eloquently put it, "died". 2\. Just because I wear a raspberree fez (and like it), does not make me a little chick-a-dee. I just happen to be feisty and fashionable! Your sources are erroneous, sirs!!! 3\. Since I am making all of your lives so unbearable, I shall remain silent until the poor, shattered remains of my heart have the courage to gather themselves up and be whole again. I retire now to have my tea, steeped in tears.... carry on with your discussion now, don't mind me.

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=107710&postcount=23

Alf: I see it I see it already!!! Sheesh! The resemblance is there, undoubtedly, as at least one article has stated. I doubt that it will result in a lawsuit, though. The qualities that make OW truly unique have not been duplicated here... Of course if one of them happens to be named Alf, or Abe, me and my buddy might have to open up a can of... !!!!

Question: i am going to california this summer to get a look see at oddworld studios, they have tour guides, yipee and i may also apply for a job there, they need a visual accord and scoregivers for their next game.... pleez come to cali this summer

Alf: Wow Sligslinger! You have a lot of confidence and passion! These are important traits when looking for a job in the gaming industry. I just want to wish you the best of luck. If you really want a job in games, I know you can make it happen! Just keep in mind there is a lot of hard (and fun!) work involved in getting there first. An internship is a great idea, and an excellent way to get your foot in the door at a game developer. Oddworld is, well, Odd in that we've never done internships, but lots of game studios do. It is a fun and effective way of getting into the games business. As for tours, we do not have "guides" here at Oddworld, sorry. We have a few kind employees who have taken time out of their work schedules to make it happen from time to time, but we don't really officially give tours, especially when we are facing a busy production schedule. And on the rare occasion that a tour was granted, I swear on my finest fez that no money changed hands!!!! Have a great trip to Cali- We are enjoying balmy 90 degree weather here in SLO : ) Odd Luck!!!!!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=115127&postcount=14

Alf: Abe DOES have a last name

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=135161&postcount=11

Alf: Well, my mind ain't what it used to be, but my gut says that was part of the whole "something brewing in the belly of Odd" bit. You know, when Munch was still in conception. As in pregnancy, nine months, etc... Then when his age was determined for the game's sake it must have been changed. I will check my sources, though. Xavier, you are the Fox Moulder of the forums! ARRRRRRGGGGG!!!!!!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=136432&postcount=1

Alf: Hello there ye loyal buds, I was just noticing that there are some websites and even some magazines that have published a release date for the next game. What's up with that? I don't even know that! It will be posted at oddworld.com when it's set. Any other dates that you may see prior to that are pure speculation. Hope that clears things up a bit! Now, back to my brew!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=163257&postcount=8 ![Wanted Card Unknown](%7B%7B%20site.baseurl%20%7D%7D/assets/wanted-card-unknown.jpg)

Alf: It's actually "Snapps Manic" Darn those western fonts.......

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=170468&postcount=46

Alf: Wow! It seems like the title has brought out the wrath in some of you! I do want to point out that the actual game is the same regardless of what the name is, so I hope that those of you who don't like the title (and YOU ARE entitled to that opinion!) will be just as excited about the game regardless of what it's called. Some cliche about not judging a book by its cover comes to mind.....

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=170470&postcount=21

Alf: Hey ladies and gents, I think AbeBabe is probably right. We don't have any playable demos out yet, for any console, just CG clips and that sort of thing. If you are looking for these, try the Gamestar: November, OXM: Dec and keep an eye out for EGM.... and hopefully even more to come as we are getting closer to launch!!!! Soooo exciting!!!!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=170475&postcount=32

Alf: 1. It is actually DEAD HENS PASS : ) 2. Ammo types = 9 3. No more darts. At the risk of being hated, I just have to torture you all anyway by telling you how much fun the ammo is. I'm trying not to brag, because I am here at OW and that would be wrong, but personally, I love it! There are so many ways to "attack" this game! I hope that all the fans have just as much fun once you get it in your hot little hands!!!! p.s. sorry if this is a tad off topic!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=170483&postcount=34

Alf: Yes! It is a scalding hot cup of tea which splinters on impact! Ok, ok, just kidding.......... If I understand the confusion correctly the ninth type are Wasps, which Oddish pointed out. No darts. Assuming you know what the other 8 are. Then there's the upgrades..... Ahhhhh uuuuupgraaaaades!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=170788&postcount=22

Alf: I highly recommend doing whatever you can to get the presell DVD. For fans and collectors it is a must have. This is the first time all the movies have been compiled on a single source separate from the games. If you order online you might want to call and double check to make sure you get it, due to the limited time offer status. If you get it in-store (January) you should be able to get it real time : ) Contact your retailers!!!! Just a tip from yer pal Alfie.

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=173546&postcount=6

Alf: This probably isn't much help as it's not a definitive answer, but here's what I know.... The dvd will have an English PAL version. Whether or not it will be distributed in AU, I'm not sure yet. We're all crossing our fingers for our Aussie fans, though!

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=173549&postcount=49

Alf: That's not the same character... they just look the same due to all the inbreeding

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=176920&postcount=1

Alf: Howdy! Will you strangers show EA what stranger game you are hoping for at their US site? Not telling you to vote any stranger than you normally would or to feel stranger about it or anything stranger like that, but if you are feeling stranger and would like to support something stranger, then head on over there and vote for whatever you think might be stranger! http://www.eagames.com/redesign/home.jsp?src=11001hometop3eag1none

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=177061&postcount=12

Alf: Thanks for your support! I know the numbers are low, but this is just for the pre-order, so the fact that we're on the list with these other titles is cool in and of itself. Keep up the great work! Thanks for posting on some othe big fan sites, Max! I believe that the voices of the fan community speak louder than any marketing campaign, so keep spreading the word! Spread it like jam baby! Ya! Mmmmm.... jam....... stepping out for some breakfast... see ya!\~

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=485548&postcount=11

Alf: Hey Chumps! Glad you've found the Rehab! There's still more stuff to come, but for now I hope you're all loving the fantastic artwork sent to us. Keep it coming, send it to alf@oddworld.com and it may be included in future months. If you've sent stuff long ago, we won't still have it, so send it again! Your pal Alf

Question: http://www.owforums.net/showpost.php?p=485549&postcount=21

Alf: The voting site seems to be more responsive. At least it is at my end! So go vote now!

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Alf: Paul, what can this humble Mud say? I'm sorry if you feel I've let you down. We get a lot more questions than you'd think, including a LOT of repeats! Yours must have gotten caught up in them somewhere. For the record, Munch won't be coming to PSN, it relies on too many Xbox-specific technologies. Web 2.0 has really taken off since we first took a break from the radar, and we're still getting used to it. Hopefully you know that my usual gig is to release monthly Q&As, but under Web 2.0 that can seem slow, even rude. I was wondering what you dedicated folks on the forums thought about this. You might have noticed the cheeky "Volume 1" label on the latest Dear Alf... These might become a more regular feature than they were in the old days. Alternatively you might think they're completely outmoded and I should just answer all questions as I get them. Let me know what you'd love to see, guys! -Alf

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Alf: Now now, we're a few days from beta. No need to ruffle us up, we'll get round to the marketing thing in good time. I believe we're still on track for a summer release.

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Alf: I'm sure these forums used to be much more wholesome.

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Alf: Hey, there's my buddy Abe! Doesn't he look handsome? A very good photo.

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Alf: Yes, that's the Abe you'll be seeing in Munch's Oddysee HD. He'll look even better in Abe HD!

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Alf: The Munch's Exoddus documents are ten years old. Just we have them. Our schedule doesn't have a slot for it right now.

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Alf: Take a chill pill, people. Just Add Water didn't even port Munch to PC, they only took over its development a couple of weeks before it released. The HD remakes require much more fundamental changes than languages, there's simply no point putting them in BEFORE the HD versions come out, or we'll have to plug it all in again. Just stay tuned!

Question: Is the Paramite's head smaller?

Alf: Err, it's the same model, just higher definition. Nothing else has changed.

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Alf: You see what you made me do? I had to call in the artist. Sheesh. Hi artist!

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Alf: Glitch doesn't get a CT.

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Question: Q: Are you jealous of Abe in any way?

Alf: Well I suppose it would be nice to have the adoration of hundreds of Mudokons all across the continent, but I guess I have all you guys instead! And hey, you're every bit as good, probably! It would be nice to turn into Shrykull I guess. Think of how many cold cups of tea I could reheat if I had lightning power!

Question: what are you dressing up as for halloween?

Alf: A teabag!

Question: Are you going to tell your grand kids about your past at Rupture farms or would you rather have everyone forget about that?

Alf: I don't think grandchildren are on my cards.

Question: you're adorable, and i'd really like to taste your tea, would you give me some?

Alf: I'm sure this post is 100% innocent and clean-minded but I just can't shake the feeling that I shoud be checking for hidden cameras.

Question: What was your first impression of Munch?

Alf: That there was some horrendous lecherous fish that had attached itself to Abe and wasn't letting go. It was funny looking and smelled bad.

Question: Do you make your own tea or do you have a special brand? I could imagine the Glukkons trying to capitalize on Mudokons again by making tea out of, I don't know, Mudokon dandruff flakes or something

Alf: I do make my own tea, but I most certainly do not use dandruff unless I've really run out of other ingredients.

Question: If you're there to help other Muds forget their traumatic experiences and heal them, who was their to help and heal you?

Alf: It's not about making the forget, it's about making them come to terms with it and getting on their lives as healthier, stronger Mudokons. I had my buddies to help me through my own difficult period. We all had each other. It's just that I'm the one that decided to take what I'd learnt and help other people.

Question: greetings Alf, i was just wondering why Abe's mother doesnt have legs...or does she?

Alf: She could do but have to search through all that fat to find them, and I don't feel that's my job. Love you, mamma!

Question: Do you have any holidays or celebrations soon? Do you get cake when you celebrate? You ever had cake? I love cake...

Alf: Cake is delicious. I like popberry cake. Mmmm, popberries.

Question: Can I come to Oddworld yet? I've been waiting for ages :)

Alf: Just board your next blimp.

Question: What goes into the creation of a Mudokon queen? Are they pre-determined to be royalty from birth or do new queens develop (from the work caste for example) when there's a biologicial need for them?

Alf: Oh ho ho, you almost had me there! I typed out a full explanation but just before I submitted I realized that you are actually an evil Vykkers Scientist bent on enslaved the Mudokon race all the more by breeding a whole farm of Mudokon queens, all producing thousands and thousands of Labor Eggs! Looks like you're trying to trick the wrong Mudokon!

Question: Hey Alf have you ever drank soul storm brew?

Alf: Never played Abe's Exoddus, huh?

Question: Do you ever get sick of answering questions? Especially from a certain cake lover? Or ones that are in your FAQ?

Alf: I definitely get sick of answering the same questions over and over. You'd think people would READ THE FAQ but it's evident some of them just don't READ THE FAQ before coming to me. I'm not quite sure why they'd rather slow down the making of the games instead of just READING THE FAQ, but apparently our FAQ is haunted or something because they just won't READ THE FAQ. What's a Mud to do?

Question: Hey Alf, don't you think it's strange to call your own world "odd" ? Or Mudokons aren't the ones who called it that way ? That would be quite odd !

Alf: Your planet is named after a substance of which it comprises only the tiniest fraction by mass or volume. Who's odd now?

Question: I'm pretty sure people don't read the FAQ because they like the charming and witty responses from you personally... Do you like how I replaced 'sarcastic' with 'charming and witty'?

Alf: Did you use a thesaurus for that?

Question: Do you have a theme tune? If so, can I hear it?

Alf: Yes, it goes: He's Alf! He's Alf! Want tea? Go to Alf! Don't burp! Don't slurp! Don't chug! Just sip! Too dry? Just add water! Don't like tea? Well ya oughta! Got a question? He'll answer! He's a comic! He's a dancer! He's Alf! Wears a fez! Hey shut up! They're the best! Want good drink? Or company? Go to Alf's Rehab & Tea!

Question: Following the release of Sonic Generations where Sonic meets his past self, if you could meet your past self, what would you say or do to him or her?

Alf: Make me a cup of tea!

Question: Can I share now?


Question: A wild Slig appeared! What will Alf do? -Fight -Tea -Call Abe -Run

Alf: Save game, turn off system, go and get some work done.

Question: What language(s) do you speak?

Alf: Mudokon and Fannish.

Question: Who is smarter? A Slig or an Outlaw?

Alf: I hate to suggest that an Outlaw is smart, but they at least have survival skills. Out there in the lawless stretches of Western Mudos they need to have their wits about them to survive. True they leech of Clakkerz and Grubbs, but that itself isn't an /unwise/ decision. Most Sligs would perish in the wild, never having learnt how to fend for themselves.

Question: Do Sligs and Slegs have some ancestors in common ?

Alf: No more than a moose and a goose.

Question: Is it an insult when Outlaws calls Stranger pretty?

Alf: Stranger may be a rough and rugged one-dude bountying machine, but he takes better care of himself than Outlaws do. Outlaws believe in survival and power over hygeine. By calling Stranger pretty they're calling into question his strength and hence his ability to prevail in combat. Don't worry too much about it, it's Outlaw logic.

Question: Do Mudokons have an equivalent to a Human Christmas and would you have Scrab Cakes and a big juicy Paramite for dinner?

Alf: Everyone needs a celebration of light to get them through the dark days of the colder months!

Question: Will there be any more Oddworld merchandise available in the future? Anymore shirts?

Alf: Oh absolutely. We're looking into a variety of things, including more shirts.

Question: Can we dress Sligs in skirts?

Alf: You can try, but I wouldn't recommend it. Only way you can do it and survive is to pay them.

Question: Will Munch HD have stuff that was cut out of the original game?

Alf: Munch's Oddysee IS the original game, and Munch HD will be the HD version of it. It would be harder than popping a Slig's buttzit to add new content with the outdated pipeline that game used, and it would only improve the game in a sentimental way. Not that sentiment is bad, but we have to prioritize! You can't paint your Rehab before you've built its walls!

Question: Why doesn't anyone push down a Glukkon?

Alf: Because nobody fancies spending the rest of their short lives in solitary confinement undergoing torture.

Question: Do Slogs lay eggs like the Mudokon queen?

Alf: No, no one lays eggs quite like the Mudokon queen. Her style is irreproducible.

Question: What do Outlaws, Clakkers, Grubbs, Wolvarks and Steef eat?

Alf: Fish and Gabbits.

Question: Hey Alf, how do you comunicate with us? Are you able to see our messages by chanting? Or have you stole a computer from the Glukkons?

Alf: It's easy to get distracted by technicalities. The important thing is that it works.

Question: Alf! I got a question buddy, were you one of the 99 mudokons abe saved from Rupture farms? If so which one?

Alf: I was, but don't ask me to remember which one. Can you remember what shift you were working in 1997?

Question: What has lorne lanning been up to recently? I havent heard anything about except doing movie he was trying to do.

Alf: Lorne and Sherry have been working on their new venture for the last few years, but they're still about making sure Oddworld is doing the right thing.

Question: Do you farm and eat meeps?

Alf: No. I leave the farming to the farmers and the eating to the eaters.

Question: Do you guys have a day like Valentine's Day in Oddworld?

Alf: No, we all hate each other.

Question: Did Abe ever talk to you about pushing him into the Big Well?

Alf: He thanked me for helping him in his adventure. Anything less and I'd have been insulted.

Question: Do you miss your mom?

Alf: I've never met her, so not really.

Question: When i post on the oddworld inhabitants website my post never apears to stay, why?

Alf: Probably because I haven't gotten around to moderating it yet. Give me time! I've only got two hands! Sheesh.

Question: Don't you have anything better do to then answer questions from us?

Alf: I absolutely do not!

Question: How does Stranger suck all those Outlaws in his bag? It's a small bag... is it like a bottomless bag with a vacuum in it?

Alf: It's a can. Ocassionally the canning factories glitch and put huge amounts of negative pressure where they should be doing the opposite. If you know exactly what to look for, if you know how to tap it just right, you can find cans just like it in stores across Oddworld.

Question: Is it true that Oddworld is going to head in a lighter direction?

Alf: Nonsense. Oddworld will always retain its blend of gruesome horror, playfulness and ironic humor.

(Posted on: 10/2000)

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Question: Q: Can you tell me anything about The Hand of Odd, other than that it is a multi-player game that is coming out after Munch’s Oddysee?

Alf: Hand of Odd is about us using the technology of Munch, enhancing upon it, and bringing it into the multiplayer world of gaming. How many players will be able to interact at one time is still yet to be determined. If we can get 8 players at one time for Hand of Odd we will be happy. It will be enough. If we can get more we will be ecstatic. Hand of Odd will not be an online community in the way that Everquest or Ultima Online are. But we do plan to take advantage of features like downloadable units that will help to keep the world fresh even after it’s been out there awhile. Our most important function will be speed. We'll take advantage of as much as we can until update rates become an issue. There as so many questions that relate to the multiplayer Internet capabilities that are yet to be answered technically, that we can't lock down to the degree that we would like yet.

Question: What can you tell us about the story and gameplay of Hand of Odd?

Alf: Think eco-extremists versus corporate greed. It's Exxon vs. Greenpeace and you get to choose which one you want to be. There are three sides, or ideologies, wrapped into one playing field. You will be able to choose between one of three master characters for three different races. Each of these three characters will have the ability to control masses of their own kind. Each of the three has interests that conflict with the others. It can be played competitively, or cooperatively, or you can just exist and experiment while nurturing a particular world. You may choose to have full-scale conflicts, or just make a lot of moolah via destroying it. We are also out for something that can be left on and grow while you're not even home. We're after fully persistent universes that have a life of their own. Eco-system simulation is a big part of the next level for the Oddworld games. We really want you to take ownership of the world, and then deal with the inevitabilities that arise out of your behavior of your forces.

Question: Will you ever develop games for Macintosh? Dreamcast?

Alf: There are currently no concrete plans to do so, but if it makes sense to us in the future we certainly will.

Question: What will the PC requirements be for Munch’s Oddysee?

Alf: At this time, it is too soon to be determined. We still won't know for a few months.

Question: Are you still planning on coming out with an Oddworld movie?

Alf: We see the five stories of the epic of the Oddworld Quintology eventually becoming five motion pictures. However, there is no rush for us to produce the feature films. They may happen sooner than later, but we won't compromise game development just to make movies. The game medium is too important to us.

Question: Why did Abe go from having four fingers in the Abe’s Oddysee to having three in Abe’s Exoddus?

Alf: Well, it's a long story that needs to be told. So here it is... Japan has a strict discriminating policy against any simulated characters entering their country with four fingers. Historically, Japan has had a subclass of meatpacking workers that were typically looked down upon in their society. In later days, the blatant displaying of a four-fingered hand gesture, intentionally directed at another, came to mean that you were calling them a member of the meatpacking subclass. Which, we understand, was not at all a compliment. It appears that the four finger connection with the meat packing class was due to work-related accidents, but was so frequent that it came to symbolically represent the sub-class. It seems as though this is a part of the Japanese history that some groups within Japan would like to see forgotten. Therefore, it is at great risk that you publish four-fingered characters in Japan, as you may very likely end up in legal battles with a vociferous pressure group. This group claims that this type of representation is equivalent to and as degrading as the yellow star forced to be worn on Jews by the Nazi's during the Second World War.That is, it's offensive and degrading unless they can extort enough money out of you. Then it's all okay. Case in point: We were told that the Walt Disney Corporation is charged five million dollars a year by this group so that Mickey Mouse may live in Japan and retain his original four fingered design. Otherwise, old Mickey would need to see a surgeon and have something done about that insulting forth finger. The moral of this story is... if you want to pay, then it's ok. If you don't want to pay, then it's a horrible insult to our culture. In other parts of the world, we have a word for these types of two-faced tactics. We call it extortion. If it is truly offensive and degrading, then don't allow it at all. But to allow it for a price... is to belittle the case altogether. It suggests that the real truth behind these groups is that they are using the darker moments in their own cultures' history as an excuse to coerce money out of content providers. Well, being that this is Oddworld, we felt that this seemed like a perfect addition to the Abe story. We thought it was ironically perfect that he was being discriminated against for being who he was. As the message came from Japan, "They don't like his kind here,” with the sincere suggestion, "Just chop off one of his fingers cause you don't have the money to pay up..." caused us to feel that we indeed needed to allow Abe to go through the suffering that goes along with being a poor slob at the bottom of the Food chain. Yup, we chopped off his finger so that the Japanese wouldn't get offended (or paid). He didn't like it one bit, but due to the fact that there ain't much he can do about it... we decided that he could donate his finger rather than us donating five million dollars. Such is life in Japan when you’re a four-fingered meatpacking worker. And that is how Abe lost his finger in Japan. He's still pretty pissed off about it, but we convinced him that with the amount of games sold in Japan, he still might be able to get his message through to their culture someday. As a true believer in his cause, he felt that the sacrifice of a finger was but a small price to pay in hoping to shed some light on discriminations and injustices the world over.

Question: Can you tell me what Lorne Lanning’s email address is so I can write him?

Alf: No, we really can’t give that out. Lorne is a very busy man spending up to 80 hours a week creating the Oddworld games, and although he would love to respond to everyone, he doesn’t have the time. Most of the fan mail does come his way though, so he does read your encouraging words and sees the great fan art. This is what reminds him and all of us at Oddworld that all the hard work is definitely worth the effort. So, keep the letters and art coming! 'Till next time, this is the number one Mud that ain't no dud -- so when you have a question and need the direct line to information central, don't forget to ask: What's it all about, Alfie?

(Posted on: 07/2001)

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Question: Q: Do the Scrabs in the Mudanchee vault try to eat you because they've been in there for years, do all the Scrabs eat you guys, or is Abe either at the bottom of the food chain or just so darn tasty?

Alf: Hmph, now that's an interesting thought. I wonder what we do taste like. I mean, Molluck's entire corporation went to the mat tryin' to make ol' Abe into an entree, and them Scrabs'll punch a hole through a landwhale if they think there's one of us on the other side... Tell ya what, I'll take up biting my fingernails, and let you know my findings.

Question: Hey dude, I wanted to ask you a question. Is there any Mudokon women out there in Oddworld? How the heck do these creatures reproduce, man? Do you know any other Oddworld fans who have an AOL screen name?

Alf: If you haven't seen any of Oddworld's women yet, you must not be looking! And good for you at that... Odd knows ever since I caught a glimpse of 'em, I've tried mighty hard not to look. ...yech. \shivers\ And if you're having trouble finding other Oddworld fans, try throwing a brick. Or swinging a cat. The little buggers are all over the place; they must be, what with the number of letters I gotta answer... razza-frazzin' no good...

Question: Why does Abe loose his tattoos between Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus?

Alf: Last time I was playing jacks with Abe, he still had them tattoos on his hands... and a darn good thing. He'd never have made it outta the brewery if he hadn't been able to call up the power of the Shrykull once or twice when he got into a pinch. Next thing you know the little punk will spike his hair or get his lips pierced. Uh. Again, that is. You know what I mean. Eh, next question.

Question: Is it true that you will be able to load up your Mudokon friends with blitzpackers, snuzis, and tomahawks and send them on rampages through factories. Or are these special power-ups for sligs and other creatures only? And When you posses a slig can you go to a vending machine and get power ups like the super bounce and other armnants. PLEASE REPLY!

Alf: Don't you get snippy with me there, youngster! Remember, I'm a recovering substance abuser, I could snap at any moment!! It's little ragamuffins like you that're driving this whole oddworld into the- huh? My editor is gesturing frantically at me... Right, right, sorry, I do believe it's time for my medicine. \gulp gulp gulp\ Whoo, that herbal chamomile stuff sure hits the spot. Okay... right... count to ten... Okay. If you gave one of these Mudokon chumps around here a Blitzpacker or a Snuzi, he'd probably use it for a fencepost, or a headdress ornament, or a garden hoe. We're just not that sharp with technology. Conversely, give a slig one of our tomahawks and he'd probably be squished under it's weight. You seen the skinny little sissy arms them fellas have? As for vending machines, well, sure, maybe you could buy an instrument of mass destruction or two, but then if I had Moolah to burn and vending machines about, I'd buy the sauce. I mean, that's what those machines are best for, getting blotto right quick- Huh? What? Right, sorry, more medicine... \gulp gulp gulp\ ahhhhhh...

Question: I can't believe that you Mudokons are sooo corrupt! All the new movies and trailers are all supported by Microsoft/Windows media programs! What happened to all the QuickTime goodness!? Did Bill Gates hand u some Moolah under the table? Or did he hand it to the Glukkons and they screwed everything up?!

Alf: Uh oh... Uh... Yeah, that second one you said. The one about the Glukkons? Yeah. They're responsible for it, they always are! Those Glukkon creeps! We're innocent, we were just following orders! We did NOT have monetary relations with that man!

Question: I was wondering. Since there is a queen for each of the races on Oddworld. Is there a slog queen?

Alf: There must be. I bet the Glukkons have her stashed somewhere where they can make obscene profits off her babies. That's so like them

Question: What's your take on linear games vs. non-linear games. Do you think it's possible to have a non-linear game with a solid story? Which type of game will Munch be?

Alf: There's a place for linear and non-linear play in any kind of game. Munch's Oddysee does have an overall direction, but within each 'level' the play is wide open. We found that that gave us the kind of freedom for the players and let us keep the story on track. You can have story in a non-linear game, but we found that the story either didn't follow the in-game action, or we didn't always get the story we wanted to tell. We kept the broad structure of Munch linear so we could tell exactly the story we wanted and get the emotional impact we were looking for.

Question: I've always wondered why Mudokon's mouths are 'sewn' together. If the Glukkons wanted them to shut up, it didn't work very well. They should've stapled them. :) Why does Abe have stitched lips?

Alf: Well, they worked pretty well at first, but Glukkons aren't much for long-term thinking or quality control. With the headlock they have on management on Oddworld, they don't really have to be. So, after a while, the stitches get loose, and Abe and the other workers can talk again, some.

Question: Hey Alf, why is there a crater on the Oddworld moon that is the shape of a Mudokon hand?

Alf: I dunno. I always wonder why my hand looks like that shape on the moon. Maybe someday we'll find out.

Question: Do the organisms of Oddworld have common names and scientific names? If so what are they?

Alf: Only the Vykkers would know that, and I'm not getting close enuf to them to ask.

Question: Hey, I was wondering if you could give me some information on the Almighty Raisin?

Alf: The Raisin has four eyes and they glow a bright yellow. He is quite large so he can only move very slowly and has labored breathing. His skin is like the bark of a tree mixed with a raisin and it's purplish brown. He is wise and all knowing but often tires and falls asleep in mid sentence. He is the guide for Abe and Munch through the game and tells them what they have to find and do to achieve their different goals.

Question: What do the Mudokons eat? They all seem to have a slight gas problem. Is it just something they do to pass time? Or do they agree with me about Madonna?

Alf: It's not the eats that do it to us, it's the drink, the Brew, the juice, the sauce, the hair-o-the-slog-that-ripped-your-leg-off-so-now-everybody-gave-you-the-nickname-'Pogo-Boy'. That Brew will get you tooting like a souzaphone, but if you're drinking that sweet, sweet- er, horrible, nasty, addictive stuff, then passing time or gas was the least of your worries.

Question: Listen is there some way to get the music of the game from somewhere cuz its so cool? I love hearing that music but I don't know from where to download it.

Alf: You're a person of discerning taste, you are. None of the new-fangled be-bop for you, just the pure, motivational stylings of the RuptureFarms PA system, eh? Well, after a quick glance on the Alfabetizer (my state of the art super-computer... it's kind of like that big evil MCP computer in 'TRON', but without the lasers or diabolical sentience... I use it most of the time to play Minesweeper), I couldn't find much of anything in the way of stylish Oddworld tunes, either. Come down to the rehab center sometime with a tape recorder and we'll all hum a few bars for ya to tide you over.

Question: I know you probably are going to tell me that you can't legally tell me but I want to know how I can change some of the sounds in Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus specifically the background noise so I can shove some teen music in there (Oddworld has a great soundtrack please don't be offended!)

Alf: I would never tell you something like that! What I will tell you is to lose that teeny-bopper crap yer listening to. Land sakes, the things that pass for music these days woulda caused folks in my day to hold their nose just in case a foul smell was short in coming... Get yerself some Grass Roots, or The Platters... you know, they did that one that went "Smoke... Gets... In... Your..... EEEEEEEYYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS-HACK ACK \cough cough wheeze\"... eh... whoo... and so forth. Then we'll talk.

Question: Do Glukkons like to be tickled behind their ears? I've been toying with this notion for quite a while now.

Alf: Would you say that the majority of the notions that you toy with are of a similar subject matter and caliber as this one? If so, well, whatever mows your lawn, I guess, though you might want to consider therapy... me personally, I wouldn't know; I wouldn't touch a Glukkon's skin with a hunnerd'n eighty foot I-beam even while schnockered.

Question: Best Alf: Odd Munck wen it going to bi rilist in Belgie? Plz enser alf plz!

Alf: Maak je geen zorgen, Munch komt naar Nederland in 2002. Groetjes, Alf.

(Posted on: 08/2001)

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Question: Q: I was wondering why fleeches and slurgs work together. It's like they are twins!

Alf: I dunno if I'd call that 'working together', buddy. Think about it... if every time somebody stepped on you and smashed you into a pile of goo, a pizza was delivered to your next door neighbor... would you say that the two of you are working together? If so, you might wanna renegotiate your end of the bargain.

Question: Is it possible to make food that looks just like Scrab Cakes and Paramite Pies?

Alf: Hey, throw enough food-coloring, lipstick, or concentrated laundry bleach into a recipe, and you could get it to look like just about anything! But sadly, the taste, well, there's nothing like the real thing. Ah- not that I'd eat Scrab Cakes or Paramite Pies, being made from them endangered critters and all. I could do that. But that would be wrong.

Question: I heard that a Meeches' favorite prey is an Elum. Is this true?

Alf: Chicks dig Elum. Not Meeches. 'Sides, I can't imagine how they could've preyed upon something as stupid as Elums and still managed to get their dumb selves extinctified.

Question: Everyone knows that Scrabs can't stand each other, so what's with the "Large Scrab Herd" video?

Alf: Uh. They're Union Scrabs? I dunno, YOU go ask'em... maybe if yer real polite they won't accidentally knock you over and tear you to shreds first. Me, I'll be happy to just smile and nod at whatever they show on the Oddworld Nature Channel.

Question: Hey Alf, well me and my brothers have completed the games on Playstation it ripped. Well I'm 13 and my brothers are 16 and 19 and I want to know how much will the Xbox cost and I wanna tell U I love Scrabs they are cool I even did a project on Oddworld so U can tell I"m pretty obsessed. This is what I really wanna know will it be 3D like can you only walk straight or on a diagonal and can you please answer me Alf and what will you not be able to take over in Munch's Oddysee.

Alf: Well thank ya much- er, 16 and 19 you sa- um, I think it cost- Hey, look, slow dow- scrabs? I just said I'm not gonna- Project? What ki- AGH, darn right you're obs- Eh, what's 3D- Gah, I walk anywhere I wan- MOLLOCK ON A MOPED, SLOW DOWN KID!!! Good Odd Almighty, there are states where it's a felony to have a run-on sentence that long!! I was just waitin' for you to throw in "And one time? At band camp?" somewhere. Okay. Now. Lemme see... Thanks; 35,299 Moolah here (dunno the Moolah-to-dollar conversion, sorry kid); yer obsessed alright; what's this 3D techno-jibba-jabba?; and... can I walk straight?!! Listen kid, I got put in rehab so I wouldn't have to answer questions like that again!! I just had a couple after work to take the edge off, I promis- ... whoa. Okay, maybe time for the next question...

Question: If most of the prominent Oddworldian species breed like hive insects (that is, with a single Queen producing hordes of sterile workers) and the Mudokon Queen, Sam, is in a Glukkon facility, then how are the free-born Mudokon born in the first place?

Alf: Hmm... is that where I came from? My foster slig always told me he found me underneath a dew-covered Spooce Shrub on a sunny spring day. I always thought it sounded kinda romanticized...

Question: In Munch's Oddysee, is Abe going to have another "special ability" from a tattoo or something similar like the Shrykull and Mudokon healing tattoos?

Alf: The last two times Abe called everybody out saying he'd acquired a new power, they turned out to be card tricks. I don't even bother to check anymore.

Question: Can you maybe send me a complete list of the Mudokon language? 

Alf: Write me up an English dictionary in your free time and I'll swap ya.

Question: Is BlitzPacker Brew the same as SoulStorm Brew, or is it a competing brand, or what? If it's difference, what is it made of (as compared to SoulStorm being bones and tears)

Alf: I think BlitzPacker Brew comes in a special, heavier can, so it'll leave bigger dents in things it's shot at, ya know, like walls, our skulls, etc.

Question: Abe blew up SoulStorm Brewery, right? Why is it that those cannon-toting vending machines fire SoulStorm Brew then? Is there more than one brewery?

Alf: You think if we blew up one brewery on your planet that beer would cease to exist? Here on Oddworld, there's a simple rule... if it turns a profit, you can bet yer ponytail there'll be more'n one of 'em...

Question: Will there ever be an evolutionary chain picture of how Oddworld's creatures came to be?

Alf: Yeah, I seen you people's idea of evolution. Everytime I try and picture a hunchbacked, overmuscled Mudokon with extra hair toting an enormous club over his shoulder, I gotta start laughin- huh? Whozere? Oh, ah, heh heh, hiya Tom. No, no no no, I wasn't talkin' about you or any of the other Tomahawkers... yeah, go on back outside. Right, so, um... what were we talking about?

Question: Hey Alf, I was wondering...in Munch's Oddysee when U rescue the Fuzzles do they follow you the rest of the game, or do they leave after a while?

Alf: Munch considered the viability of a legion of the little critters at his beck and call 'till we had him watch that Star Trek episode about Tribbles. Since then he's been pretty keen on just getting them free from their cages, into a rescue portal, and out of his sight.

Question: Do Gabbits not have a Queen cuz most others do and if they don't are they asexual?

Alf: Munch don't know, and Munch don't wanna know. Think about his situation, after all... if he pulls of this caper and gets that Gabbiar, he'll have saved his race, sure. But then when all those baby Gabbits start asking 'Where did we come from?' he either has to make something up, or else say "Well, a can, actually." Even if Munch had somebody to ask, I think he'd be afraid to for getting a similar answer.

Question: Where did you get the name Exoddus from? Did you get it from the Bible because there's a book in the bible called "Exodus"?

Alf: I think that Lorne guy read it off of a Successories poster in a mall and thought it sounded cool.

Question: Hey Alf! Where the heck do you live? I mean, so you live on a drifting continent? What does your planet look like? I would like to know. It's o.k. if you don't know.

Alf: I'm glad you gave me that out there at the end; I was gonna be having major fits of introspection about my self-worth if I got this wrong. At a guess, I'm gonna say it looks round and bumpy. With, you know, bits of blue, brown, and green spots, like an overripe Spooce Shrub or something. Fact is, I don't know. You gotta get pretty far away from a planet to be able to tell what it looks like. Munch might've gotten a good look when he plummeted out of the Lab, but I think he was a bit distracted by shrieking "I'M GONNA DIEEEE!!!!!!" at the top of his lungs at the time.

Question: What is the Brewmaster Glukkon's real name? I refuse to believe that his name actually is "Brewmaster".

Alf: Hey, he's one of the lucky ones. Just imagine how Gas Station Attendant Glukkon feels... he can't even get his whole name onto a loan application.

Question: On Munch's Oddysee, a creature's appearance changes depending on status or health, right? In this magazine article I saw a "Slig Health chart" that showed increasing amounts ofinjury like casts and crutches and stuff. In the same article there was also a "Slig Status Chart" where a slig was shown with increasing amounts of armor and firepower. Also, the article quoted Lorne Lanning talking about socially contorted GameSpeak, where a mid-status creature would speak insultingly to his inferiors, normally to his equals, and subserviently to his superiors. Did all this awesome stuff make it into the game?!

Alf: Hey yeah, I saw some of those sligs walkin' around in wierd-lookin' suits of platemail... I thought they were having a Ren Fest or something. Don't count on seeing any slig in a cast, though. A slig in a cast is a slig on sick leave, and a slig on sick leave is a liability that his boss would just as soon recycle as let heal. And if you want socially contorted gamespeak, step on down to my little rehab center sometime. Where the tea flows like brew, the brew don't flow at all, and the conversation'll make a sailor blush.

Question: When characters are damaged in Munch's Oddysee, will they show signs of injury? For instance, say Abe wandered where he shouldn't again and was shot. Even if he's only holding onto life by a thread, will he still be able to run and jump at his maximum potential, or will he be forced to hobble around at a horrendously reduced speed? Just wondering.

Alf: That's one of the things that didn't make the cut for this game. Look for some kind of visible damage in Munch 2. We have really cool concept art on one or our conference room walls. Right now, the thinking in the designers' dungeon is that slowing down abe or munch when they hurt isn't much fun, but they've changed their minds before...

Question: Helloooooooo! Were there any sligs who were friends with you and Abe?

Alf: Once there was a slig named Wildum who was kind of a nice guy to me and Abe. He didn't beat us, and he'd even let us have a drink, if we brought him one, too. The other sligs found out, and they beat him to death with his own arms. It was horrible.

Question: I was wondering if the Big Brother Sligs crawl around on their hands like other sligs do?

Alf: I dunno but back by popular demand is Crig the Slig to answer all those Slig related questions. Crig is a freelance writer for the Daily Deception.

Question: Will we ever see a Slig without a mask?

Alf: Pray you don't. Your eyes will melt in their sockets and your brain will explode. We are UGLY. Uglier than your kid sister. Uglier than ... words fail me. Even we don't like to look at us; that's how ugly we are.

Question: How smart are Sligs in comparision to Glukkons, Interns and Vykkers?

Alf: Well, we think we're the smartest, cause we get to shoot the guns and bombs. Glukkons think they're smart, cause they get most of the Moolah and the good cigars. Vykkers think they're smart, cause they know lots of stuff (like how to cut someone open so it hurts the most; you know, useful stuff). And Interns, ... not even Interns think Interns are smart.

(Posted on: 09/2001)

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Question: Q: Hey, Alf. I was wondering, on this website, Abe's STATUS report says that he has no sexual organs. Then why does Abe and his friends wear those loin-clothes?

Alf: Style, baby. If presence of a clothing item meant there were naughty bits beneath, people'd start wondering why you humans wear hats.

Question: How do Interns communicate? I've looked at pictures and couldn't find their mouths.

Alf: All the better, since they all have those walkmans on all the time. Even if they could talk, nobody'd listen to 'em.

Question: Hi, again. Do the Mudokons take to Munch pretty well, or do they kinda avoid him and wipe off their oversized palms after shaking hands with him?

Alf: The most I've heard any Mudokon other than Abe say to Munch other than giggling at him was "Heh heh, Hey, Do that thing with your fins again so Buddy can see it!"

Question: What do the Zulags in RuptureFarms stand for? Do they have anything to do with the Russian GULAGs?

Alf: What's Russia?

Question: Do Slogs have eyes, or are they blind? if they are how do they know where they're going?

Alf: Given their propensity for running their dumb selves right into active minefields, my guess is they don't.

Question: I was just wondering if it was possible for other species to have Slogs besides Sligs? If not, why?

Alf: I imagine if one got a hold of a slog pup and, over the course of several years, regularly beat, starved, and wittily pointed out his various inadequacies as an Oddworld being, one could ingrain the neccessary fear and respect needed to keep it in line - provided you never turned your back on them. That's how the Sligs do it, and only because that's what they get paid for.

Question: I wonder if you can answer this question which has been bugging me for a while; how old are Aslik, Dripik, Phleg and that Brewmaster guy? Just wanted to know, thanks for reading!

Alf: They're all 29, coincidentally enough. In fact, Phleg was 29 for at -least- the last 17 years.

Question: In Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus¨, the Glukkons keep talking about Molluck. Is he supposed to be the "Master", or something like that?

Alf: Molluck pulled a lot more weight than any of those chumps did. On Oddworld, a CEO stands head and shoulders above a Director, Vice President, and General combined. But that's a good point... Molluck was presumed dead after Abe was first freed from Rupture Farms... why were those 3 so worried about him 'finding out' about the Necrum Mines incident?

Question: Is there a level editor for Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus¨? 

Alf: A level editor? What, you think our existance is some kind of GAME?!!

Question: What Are The Requirements Of Becoming Fan Of The Month On Your Website?

Alf: For Starters, Conservative Use Of Capitalization In A Sentence. Secondly, well, it's kind of ambiguous. Put it this way: You scratch our back, we'll shave yours.

Question: I'm curious about the 3rd Oddworld game for Xbox. What's the main plot of it? What are Interns? Who is the big boss? (Molluck was the big boss in the first one.) It's okay if I can't know.

Alf: Abe's and Munch have their own missions. Abe's gotta save his brothers. And, in a way, so does Munch... Interns are lazy bums with itchy trigger fingers who needed a summer job and subscribe to the motto "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing later." As for the big boss... well, hard to say. The two guys in charge are always fighting over which of them 'wears the pants', whatever that means...

Question: Who is this Lulu? Lulu sounds like a girls name? Lulu is a guy ...right?

Alf: Eh. Technically, yes. Most folks who know him tend to use more colorful adjectives.

Question: In the game opening of Abe's Exoddus when Abe falls a Slig flies by and says "somethin' smells". I noticed that the Flying Slig seemed to have 'wings' instead of 'blades' I was wondering if you could explain this?

Alf: He was commenting on the smell of ozone that was generating by the lubricating oil in his wings burning away, resulting in his wings seizing up and him plummetting to a fiery crash about 10 seconds later, well offscreen, where you'd never have noticed. They discontinued the winged model after that, on the completely unrelated reasoning that the propeller model was also cheaper to manufacture.

Question: In the game can you switch between Abe and Munch at will or does the story carry the switching? ex. Resident Evil CV?

Alf: If you wanna help those two get around, we figure that's your business, and we'll let you do the deciding as to who goes where and when.

Question: How close are you guys from finishing the game, percentage wise?

Alf: Hmm. Hard to say. Somewhere between 14 and 97%.

Question: Is there ever going to be a Oddworld movie , there must be cmon if Final Fantasy can do it so can Oddworld.

Alf: What's Final Fantasy? Is it near 'Russia'?

Question: Are There Any Insects On Oddworld?

Alf: Heh. Wait till you see our intro.

Question: What is the reproductive model of Elums and do they lay eggs or give birth to live young?

Alf: Well, on this one, I'd have asked the Elums that are in the upcoming Munch's Oddysee, but they were surprisingly, um, unresponsive. Confidential to our fan who uses the handle 'Elum': I'm so very, very sorry.

Question: How can I kill Scrabs and the "dogs" without chanting???

Alf: Don't go killing those Scrabs! Remember, they're sacred, holy beasts, an endangered species, and they have to last us until breakfast tommorrow!!!

Question: How come Abe is blue and all the other Mudokons are green?

Alf: Back in Rupture Farms, we bet him 5 bucks he couldn't hold a mouthful of Paramite Juice for ten minutes without swallowing. He won.

Question: Is it at all possible that Munch's Oddysee will be reformatted for the GameCube?

Alf: It's probably equally possible that Mario will be ported for the XBox. It's also equally possible that I'll become a responsible 'social' drinker. But I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Question: Hey Alf, Joe and Matt here, we were just wondering what pieces of crawling meat bags with extra limbs will be running around in Munch's Exoddus, and who the hell is this guy Squeek?

Alf: Hopefully not too many, for their own good... the Magog Cartel has a rule: 'More Limbs means More Flavor!' As for Squeek... don't know what you're talking about. Sounds ludicrous that such a creature would exist... I mean, what kind of self-respecting being would have an onomatopoeia for a name? \BRRRZZZZZAAAPPPTT\ GYAAHHH!!! What the heck was that for, Munch?!

(Posted on: 12/2001)

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Question: Q: Hi Alf! Yes I love you, you are my fav char on Oddworld. I would do everything for you, you look so good.... :) that's enough sliming. I think almost every fan does slimings. everywhere you see it, on the forums if you've posted a pict at the forums (although if it really looks bad) they say you that it's a great pict and stuff. But I hate slimings. The people who slime all time don't tell you the truth. I think those peps are false. I dunno but If you posted a pict or show someone a pict, doesn't everyone just tell you it's good? Ok but I didn't mail you just to say this. (Sorry that I waste your time) here's my question: In AO when Abe crashes down the cliff, Big face comes and draws this sideways 8 (the symbol for eternity) on the ground.Then later when Abe uses his power the first time some birds fly in front them and the form an 8. So has the 8 some meaning orsomething? Bye, LA P.S. If some sentence sounds bad, evil ,arrogant or something, sorry but my language is really bad and I never learn vocabulary. So sorry for that. P.S. 2: Please ask Lorne if he can put the sliming topic, or any other things like this in the games, there are more topics that he could use but It's so complicated to explain...

Alf: You didn't like my picture?

Question: Dear Alf, The original 2 games produced by your company were marvelous works of infamthomable art. I studyed every peice of information I could find. I memorized the history of Oddworld. I completed both games with a perfect score after practice. I absorbed every faset of the concept and every nich. I downloaded every film and watched them over and over again. I am an artist and nothing in the past connected to me that way. It shifted my entire approch. I watched with starving eyes every drawing and every detail that was released on Munch's Oddysee as they were put up. I was a fanatical with the concept and story of Oddworld. Now I feel sick. The one company and the one artistic vision that stood out and built me up with longing for more let me down. Now Oddworld has stooped to the level Ninja Turtels or lower. Sam, the thing I most anticipated, is no longer a part of the game. And Sobe. Why SoBe? This advertizement has destroyed the integrity of Oddworld. They are no long real torchered, heroic, and pathetic entitys through the minds eye. They are now simply a cheap video game. This act has destroyed Oddworld. You people built up my hopes and obliterated them. Alf, I have found every flaw in Oddworld but it didn't matter before. You said what are humans once. Now you are aware of a beverage created by them? How is that possible? Why the let down? I still do not bealive at this time that Lorne Lanning supported this. If he did let me know and I will leave silently with the upmost regrets of the time I spent. Thank you Alf for your time. I don't intend to insult.

Alf: Sobe liked the message of our content and very much liked the quirky humor and irony of our universe. The vendos appeared in the game as an exchange for the opportunity to be a part of the sneak peak Sobe / Xbox road show that gave the public an early opportunity to put Munch and the Xbox in their hands. Whenever a co-promotional opportunity arises, Oddworld's first order of business is to see if there are any outstanding labor or environmental issues with the potential co-sponsor. Not only did Sobe come up clean in our search, but they have also demonstrated historic efforts to try to raise the nutritious quality of the average mass market soft drink.

Question: For the last 2 years we have been faithful Oddies. To my dismaze, we're now on the floor in a fetal position. HELP! When is the next oddgame going to be released? BY CHRISTMAS 2001???

Alf: Get off the floor and go outside! You should see "Power Ups to the People" posters everywhere! Huge signs that say "Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee coming out on Nov. 15th" or "March 2001 in Europe". Where have you been? Get up and take a deep breathe, Oddworld Needs You!

Question: Hey, guys at Oddworld Inhabitants! I have been so jittery about Munch's Oddysee. First off, let me say that I have wrote to you many times before. You already know that I am a HUGE and I mean HUGE Oddworld fan! Absolutely love the games and everything about them and in them. I just downloaded the new Munch trailer, you know, the one in the beginning where a Mudokon farts and Abe says, "Dude, that's nasty." LOL. That trailer was hilarious and Slig-kickin' AWESOME all at once! Just seeing everything alive and moving in the new 3D world has made me unable to wait for Munch's Oddysee! 45 days left until Xbox and, the best part of all...ODDWORLD!!! YEAH!!! On that Thursday, this is my plan: 1. Stay home from school and beat both Oddworlds again 2. Go to Best Buy at 10:00pm and wait in the Xbox line 3. While waiting, practice running very fast and stretching my arms as far as they will go 4. At 12:00am, when the doors open, rush into the videogame, or should I say Xbox section and grab and Xbox, Oddworld, Halo, and Dead or Alive 3 and pay for it 5. Get out of that unleashed hell and thank Odd that I am out alive and in one piece, and rush back home 6. Then, last of all, hook up the Xbox and play Oddworld all night and into the next day. That is a very tight and risky schedule but hey, in the end it's all worth it. I just really want to say the games you guys have created have been the BEST! I am just so excited about Oddworld, and I think I'm too excited. I'm acting like it is going to come out tomorrow but, NO, not until Nov. 15th! AAAHHHHHHH! Oh well, it will be here soon enough, although it may not seem like it. I'm sure that you guys are just about as excited as the fans and I are. Or maybe you have been working to death on the game so much that when you are told, "Hey, our game that we have been working on for the last year is out!" you say, "Get me the hell away from that game!" LOL. But I bet you will definitely be proud of yourselves because you all should. I now, finally, see why you switched to Xbox. All the screen shots I first saw were early in the game and weren't even in motion. Now that I have seen it in its final stages and in motion, it looks better and badder than ever! And there are tons of questions I have for you but I would have to put them each on one e-mail. I guess I should just wait till the game comes out to answer them because there are so many and because you guys are very busy. But if you want to send me anything about it being okay and that you would like to read my questions, just e-mail me about it. My e-mail address is at the top and I know that if you do e-mail me, you might not for a while because you are very busy. Take your time on the game, it is more important than my e-mail. I will talk to you guys again soon and I just can't wait! 11.15.01. 11.15.01. 11.15.01. You guys are the coolest! Keep up the good work and you, you stay Odd as well. Goodbye!

Alf: Ever consider switching to Decaf?

Question: I would just like to let you know that after seeing the SoBe BEVERAGES dispenser in a screen shot for Munch's Oddysee I have gone and bought many many SoBe products and drink them all the time (as a matter of fact I am drinking a SoBe Energy right now... it's giving me the energy to write this email!!). And now my question... in Munch's Oddysee do Munch and Abe get healed by drinking SoBe from the vending machines? and if so is it because SoBe is full of herbs, vitamins, and other good things that are healthy for Oddworld Inhabitants?

Alf: Ya know Brew is bad so I stay away from anything in a bottle these days but good for you!

Question: How do I get a msg to your whole staff to say that I am deeply impressed with the composition and hard work and everything you have put into this game. Just by wiewing the homepage I am chocked with the truth of the story behind and around the game. I would just like to say that I think this is really good. Congratulations and thank you for a great game.

Alf: Gee Whiz, thank YOU!

Question: I was looking at some pictures of the new Munch's Oddysee game and I saw a picture of some weird new Mudokon with fish fins on his head, arms, and legs. I want to know, what kind of Mudokon is these guy and what is his abilities? I also saw a picture of a bunch of weird looking one-eyed, one foot sheep creatures, what are they and what are their abilities?

Alf: That Mudokon with the so-called fish fins is the Shaman. He guides you through the game giving you clues. Sometimes he's a real pain, but ya gotta listen to him. The one-eyed creature is called a Meep.

Question: Hey Alf, i just went to vykkerslabs.com and it showed some pictures of purple hairless fuzzles while others are cover with brown hair. What's up with that?

Alf: Those hairless creatures are Fuzzles, or what use to be Fuzzles before the Vykkers Scientists did their twisted experiments on them.

Question: Because my sister (Cindy) is such a big odd fan I am infected with the disease too. And so I want to know, Why is Elum so cranky, stubborn, selfish and smells like a burst sewer pipe??? So why is he SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Alf your the sweetest!!! .

Alf: Gee, thanks! Elum got the looks but not the brains. Elums aren't smart enough to bathe. They lack the ability to "think" reasonably gives them headaches. But Elums are cute and as you and your sister are living proof, chicks dig Elum.

Question: Hey, I've been a fan of the Oddworld series since the initial release of the first game. I've proselytized far and wide about the virtues to both Abe games. When Munch jumped ship to Xbox from PS2, while saddened that I would have to wait longer for the next game in the quintology, I remained steadfast in my belief that whatever was done would be for the benefit of the game and would only make the final product better. Lately though, I have been getting progressively more worried. The final straw, as it were, was the inclusion of Munch as a visualization in Windows Media Player and the shameless plug for Microsoft Plus on the Oddworld website. With so many blatant Microsoft-appeasing actions of this type appearing in connection with Oddworld, I have finally had to acknowledge Oddworld Inhabitants as an unabashed sellout. So my question comes down to this: How can Oddworld Inhabitants justify to me, one of their die-hard fans, their sellout? This isn't a PS2 vs. Xbox issue. This is a monopoly issue. This is about becoming that which the games themselves regard as the ultimate evil. The Oddworld games are fundamentally built around anti-corporate ideals. Abe, Munch, and their brethren represent the little people who are crushed under the vast corporate machine. How can you, Oddworld Inhabitants, expect us to feel compassion and connection to the travails of these characters when you yourselves have become part of that terrible corporate machine? I appreciate the need for development moolah. I'm not stupid. I work in the CG world as well. It's cutthroat out there, especially now. But you seem to have been doing fine when you were your own company. You cited better equipment as your reason for switching to Xbox, not a massive Microsoft bribe. How can you be such blatant hypocrites? I really want an answer to this. And I don't want any corporate rhetoric either. I want a real answer as to why I should accept the anti-corporate message of the Oddworld games even though the makers themselves are Glukkons. With waning hope, --Coby

Alf: Oddworld ain't anti-corporate, first of all. Oddworld's a business, and just like any other, to make our product, we rely on people buying them and then we use that money to pay the scrubs in the pens to crank out code and art and design. When we were asked to be part of the Plus! visualization we were excited that millions of people would be able to enjoy Munch too. Aren't Sony and Nintendo big corporations too?

Question: Hello!!! (ugh....what a "eccentric" way to begin....)...well...what can we write in a first letter to a Mudokon........ Ok, I already know! How you could easily see, my nickname it's a little odd (maybe not for ya), was something "inspired" in Abe's Oddysee......but wasn't to talk 'bout my name that I writte for ya! I writte just for freak, yeah!!! (just kidding....) I'm talking/writting from Brazil (do you know where is it???) and, let me to warn you that my English isn't sooo good, coz I'm still learning, and I know you are a nice guy and WILL understand my situation, right? Sadly, here there's not so many fans of Abe (don't you think he's cute?? Like we say in my language: Tao fofinho!!!!!! Or inJapanese too: Kawaii!!!!!). Hey?? Why Abe himself doesn't answeres at least the praises sometimes????? If Crig can, Abe can too! What do you think 'bout teach me some interesting words (or even badwords, he, he....) in....hmmm....your idiom has a special name in English??? Oh, ok, in your language?? I can teach you some words too, if you prefer to exchange....(........what stupid subject, hum.............). But, my dear Alf....explaine more about the Mudokon's reproduction, more scientific things, understand? I promise I'll try to make a good Fan Art, Ok? Lemme ask ya something: do you know what is a woman?? I guess.....like....I finish here. (this mail was just to bother you a little, he, he!) So...........Tchau!!! (good bye) Kudanchee!!!!

Alf: I need a vacation.

(Posted on: 01/2002)

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Question: Q: I'd like to know why you Mudokons are always the victim of the Glukkons. Are you weaker or something??? (I don't think so, so don't be offended).

Alf: Well, lets look at it this way. Suppose you're thrown into an arena, barefisted, with a toy poodle, and only one of you can leave. Sounds like you're at the advantage, right? Now suppose you're thrown into an arena, barefisted, with a toy poodle, but this poodle happens to be well funded and has a retinue of 200 pound guards with shotguns in front of him. Your odds suddenly take a dip.

Question: I know that Mudokons are good, Glukkons are bad, Sligs work for the Glukkons...which make them kind of bad and Vykkers are mad scientists. What kind of nature are Interns?

Alf: They're on par with the Sligs... lazy creeps that are in it just because it's an easy job and they get to carry guns. Rather than nap all the time, they just leave their headphones on and never listen to their co-workers.

Question: Will there EVER be Oddworld toys that I can buy and play with? 

Alf: You never know. Eh. Well, wait, I should rephrase that. I never know.

Question: What is that green gas in the background of the SligBarracks? 

Alf: And you thought Abe had bad gas.

Question: During a recent binge on Brew--which I will never, as Odd as my witness ever repeat again, I swear--I had an idea. An epiphany, if you will. All those other guys get all the glory cause they're "heroes" and "godlings" and "chosen ones," etc. (And rest assured, there is a point here, my good friend.) Now, granted that none of them started out that way. Our good ol' buddy Abe was a janitor for chanting out loud... But the way I see it, you're a bit of an unsung hero, Alf. And also, did Abe ever thank all those nice Mudokons who rescued him from RuptureFarms, hmm? (Yes, yes, he saved them from the factory, but does that REALLY make it all right?) My point is this, Alf, dear Mudokon, ally to the addicted, buddy to the beaten, dear friend to the down-trodden, when will it be your time to shine? We all appreciate all you've done for the Mudokons and creatures of Oddworld, but when will you finally get the recognition you deserve--nay--have a right to? Although I know you'd never ask for something like that...you're just too modest. Well here's to you, buddy, drinks're on me. To Alf--urp, hold on...brew's coming back up.

Alf: ...(sniffle) ...I'm all choked up... All I ever wanted was to be recognized, to hear somebody tell me 'I done good' ... to get out from the shadow of Abe... To think I turned to Brew to try and cure my depression, when all I really needed to do was roll up my sleeves and get out there with the rest of them and do the job, get my buddies off the sauce, make a difference. Well buddy, you've renewed my dedication. I'm getting back on that stage and helping my fellow muds again... just as soon as my Soaps are done.

Question: Could you give me some information on Director Phleg that no-one else knows yet?

Alf: He used to be a punk Glukkon. You know that thing Gene Simmons does with his tongue? Phleg coulda put him to shame.

Question: I've heard that the Sligs are gonna get new weapons and stuff, so can you please tell me what their names are, how they look like and what they can do to others? Yeah, and will the BigBro Sligs talk like the normal Sligs. I have hundreds of questions since it's kinda hard to get magazines about Abe and his friends down in New Zealand here.

Alf: The philosophy behind the Magog Cartel's weapons development division seems to be this: If it's good enough to be eaten, drank, smoked, licked, or injected, it's good enough to be shot. Why waste valuable research on developing ammunition when you can just stuff a can of SoulStorm Brew into a BlitzPacker? And yeah, the BigBros can talk, but of course they talk differently from the little sligs. Takes a lot of testosterone and steroids to get them that big, after all.

Question: Why Did you call those Punk Rock looking Mudokons Tomahawkers? What class are they? Are we going to know more info on them? They look like My punk rock group. That would be so nice if Mudokons had their own rock band:) :).

Alf: They carry big Tomahawks, and they aren't the most imaginative bunch when it comes to naming. Hence: Tomahawkers. And they tried to make a band once, but they just got into a big fistfight over who got to play drums.

Question: Where does all the main game programming for Oddworld games take place.

Alf: At Oddworld Inhabitants, of course. The real question is where all the de-programming happens... we still have a problem with the coders getting kidnapped back by their families every so often. Then we just gotta go out and brainwash another.

Question: I am playing Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, I'm at the very end just about to jump through the bird portal that finishes the game but I've missed 2 Mudokons I've only saved 298 not 300. I know I've missed them In this last zone from the bit where I go to when "I reset path" to the end, could you please, please, please tell me where they are or you will have 2 less customers in your "Rehab and Tea". PS: Where did you get that cool accent from I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one.

Alf: Gee, that's incentive. Two fewer lushes hanging around and being belligerent? Golly, I wouldn't want that. Well, I tell ya what. I can't be sure which 2 you didn't save unless I know which ones you did save... so tell me exactly where the other 298 were when you rescued them, and I'll get back to ya. As for the accent, eh, when I was in the brewery I was trying to suck the last couple drops outta a bottle and got my tongue stuck in it for about 4 days. I've talked kinda funny ever since.

Question: I couldn't help noticing that in a recent batch of screenshots, we see a SoBe beverage dispenser, complete with stylized text and SoBe logo! Don't tell me that anti-corporate Oddworld has stooped to product placement!

Alf: Oddworld ain't anti-corporate, first of all. Oddworld's a business, and just like any other, to make our product, we rely on people buying them and then we use that money to pay the scrubs in the pens to crank out code and art and design. Oddworld's opposed to certain corporate practices, though... Environmental destruction, apathy towards better health, animal experimentation, the likes. As it turns out, the folks at SoBe are also a business that relies upon consumer dollars to provide them with a product they want, and they also have similar beliefs to our own.

Question: I'm a Slig with some serious mental problems. I feel that the slavery of Mudokons is wrong and should be paid at least! I have spoken to my fellow Slig buddies but they think I'm mad or possessed!!! What shall I do and what do you think about the Mudokon slave trade?

Alf: ...What are those little lights floating around your head? Abe, is that you in there? Doggonit, stop trying to mess with me when I'm answering fan mail...

Question: I just wanted to know how Abe got that stupid sneaking motion! Is it a habit or something? Was whoever thought of it having a hangover when he/her thought of it?

Alf: Abe came up with that exaggerated sneaking motion during a game of charades a couple years ago, and has just been kinda fond of it ever since.

Question: I may be in the neighborhood sometime soon, is it possible for fans to come and visit the Oddworld Inhabitants?

Alf: We're not exactly a hot spot of tourism... unless you have some remarkably potent Scrab and Paramite repellant, are prepared to gnaw your leg off on the off chance you happen to step into a Gabbit trap, and all just to get a loincloth that says "I was very nearly rent to shreds by a flock of hungry red bug-looking things and all I got was this lousy loincloth."

Question: I was wondering, why is Abe's eyes a bright orangey-red while everybody else's eyes are a pearly white? Has he got some version of pink eye? (and if he does, why doesn't he use eyedrops?). Also, why, in your picture, do you look so dazed and glassy-eyed? Have you been smoking something?

Alf: Why is his skin blue and the rest of ours green? Why are his lips stitched shut? There are some things we just weren't meant to know... yet. And if you're asking why I look dazed and glassy-eyed, you haven't done your homework.

Question: I am particularly excited about the new Oddworld game, but I have one worry. I know that Oddworld is now advertising for a soft drink company, there won't be any references to this in the game will there? No blatant advertisement? I have seen games like this, sometimes they pull it off, sometimes it comes off as blatant advertisement. Which one will you be?

Alf: You are likely referring to the product tie-in that Oddworld has with SOBE BEVERAGES, makers of fine, refreshing drinks. Rest assured that Oddworld would never subject itself to unneeded advertising, even for a splendid company which makes such quality products as SOBE BEVERAGES. Don't worry about it...instead, go and have yourself a drink to ease your stress...why not a delicious Elixir or Lizard Lightning made by SOBE BEVERAGES?

Question: I was wondering, don't you and your mates get cold at all , I mean since all you have to wear is identical clothes? Isn't there a fashion industry or something?

Alf: We Mudokons tend to hang about in arid regions, and our loincloths, in addition to being sexy as all get-out, make for comfortable living in such a climate.

Question: Are Sligs really evil or are they just following orders?

Alf: Is Eddie Haskell evil? Sligs just gotta survive. They are easily influence by their surroundings. Evil breeds evil.

Question: How come Sligs can't jump even when you chant one?

Alf: Given the shoddy manufacturing, it's amazing Sligs can even stay upright in their mechanical pants, let alone attempt to get athletic in them.

Question: There's been something bothering me for a while now. Technically, a Slig is about half critter, half machine right? What would be the scenario if Abe possessed the Slig, and Munch Possessed the pants?

Alf: Put yourself in Munch's shoes. Would you want to plug your mind into a Slig's pants?

Question: How do Sligs turn into BigBro Sligs? Do they have this muscle builder fluid or what?

Alf: For a while they tried pumping iron and eating lots of high-protien foods and buying those Nordic-Track things that are advertised at 3AM on cable. Then, inevitably, a Vykker came along with an invasive, destructive steroid that got the same results at a fraction of the cost. And the rest is history, albeit history that seems to be repeated quite frequently.

Question: My friend said that in Oddworld you can walk around doing nothing and slapping people continuously, is that true?????

Alf: Heck, you can do that in your world if I'm not mistaken ... just don't make any plans for the afternoon that you can't accomplish in a body cast.

Question: Yo Alf, why don't Interns have mouths, I mean what if something goes wrong and they need to talk. It's weird!!!

Alf: They do have mouths. Or did, anyway. Let's just say that stitching technology has come a long way since they slapped those loose bindings on Abe's lips.

Question: Hey, would you happen to know why Scrabs have calf muscles? I mean, their feet are just fixed spikes, so it seems like any contraction of the calf would fail to serve any purpose... Actuator muscles, maybe?

Alf: You're talkin' to the wrong guy on this one. As far as I'm concerned about Scrabs, they see you, they start moving. Whether they do this via superfluous calf muscles or rocket engines, it's all the same to me, 'cause I am outta there.

Question: Secondly, how can you reply to these E-mails if you are part of a race with no idea of electronic devices?

Alf: What's E-mail? I get these notes on paramiteskin parchments, and that's how I answer them. No true slig would write any letter that didn't involve killing something.

Question: And finally, will Crig the Slig be in the Quintology?

Alf: I have hopes, but there is a strong pro-mudokon bias working against me. I try to explain to them the true nobility of sligly viciousness, but they just don't understand.

(Posted on: 01/2002)

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Question: Q: Hey Alf, what are the blue fish-like things the gabbits are eating at the beginning of Munch's Oddysee? Could you tell me anything interesting about them?

Alf: They are called Worryfish, and you have to be a slippery fella like them Gabbits to catch one. They enjoy swimming around in schools. I guess if I had to walk around with my school, I'd worry too.

Question: Ok I've just sent SoulStorm Brew to it's demise, and I also (after my hand blisters stopped bleeding) saved 300 Muds from the slave life, after watching the ending sequence it is to my understandin' that Abe should find out something about his mother when he is to meet Munch. The thing is I've also destroyed Vykker's Lab and saved labor eggs and Gabbiar! I dont think I heard or saw any regards or significents to Abe's old lady! Either it's not there or I'm not payin attenion, so tell me, dude, whats up with that? SUB QUESTION!!!: Since Abe's Exoddus is a special bonus game, does that mean we still can look foward to 3 other games in the quintology? or just two?

Alf: Once you find the eggs, you're hot on the trail to where they came from. Sometimes the first clues can be pretty unspectacular, but they sometimes the most important. Hang in there, Buckaroo. The powers that be may indeed give up 3 more games -- but believe me, the Oddworld Universe is larger than maybe even three games can contain! No one can contain me, alone! I will not go! Oh no! Sorry, pal! Not going! Nuh-uh! I .... huh? What? Oh. Ahem. Yea, I dunno -- let's watch.

Question: Hi all you Muds! I have a little question for Abe. How many years did you worked as a slave at RuptureFarms?

Alf: I'll answer for Abe. Way too many. He was trained since he was a little meddling Mudling to do the stuff at RuptureFarms, so it's all been a bit of a blur.

Question: How come scrabs are found in herds in Munch's Oddysee and scrabs are supposed to REALLY HATE EACH OTHER (that's what saves me in Abe's Oddysee from these Slick creatures!! :) )

Alf: One on one, they can be confrontational. But in one big group, they tend to get along, and just go with the crowd. Y'know, like people in general.

Question: Hi my name is Robert and I have been an Oddworld fan since Abe's Oddysee. Can you tell me why Abe's voice is different in Abe's Exoddus to what it was in Abe's Oddysee? I'm getting the XBox and Munch's Oddysee in March when it is released here in Australia, but what voice will Abe have this time?

Alf: Abe changes as the years go by, and it reflects in his voice. Eventually, it reflects in the mirror. That's why I don't have any, myself. Who needs to see your ponytail turning grey? Next question.

Question: Can you tell me a cool thing about some creature of Oddworld that I don't know about. Just telling ya I know a lot about Oddworld. I got every question right on an Oddworld Trivia.

Alf: I happen to love dancing.

Question: I've seen a picture of these two hideous old looking Vykkers, (Not like they are all not hideous) but they are friggin' ugly. They also always stand by facing their backs facing each other. They're purple. They seem to be like the head Vykkers. Anyway, I would just like to know what their names are.

Alf: Their names are Humphrey (the scientist) and Irwin, his ... friend. If they have friends. These guys are so ugly, they could scare the pants off of a Slig. I personally like it when they face away from me because then I don't have to see their ugly mugs. Bleagh.

Question: Hey Alf, I was wonderin' which guy are you in A.E. I know you were one of the dudes who went with Abe on that journey, and then you got sick from brew, and Abe has to cure you yadayadayada. So are you the guy with the high pitched voice, or the guy with the throat that sounds like there is a frog in it, or whooo???? Which guy are you I need to know???? SEE YA WOULDN'T WANNA BE YA!:-)

Alf: I am the man. The A-number one man, the one, the only, the Alf. That's who I am.

Question: Why stick with Elum when you could have a cute slog ! Even though you claim that chicks dig Elum...I like Slogs so much beter! there Cute and...Cute and you just wanna hug em ! so why not trade in Elum and get a cute Sloggie...or one of those things...you know..there fuzzles but they look like rabbits with three eyes, what are they? anyways, thats all...so bye !

Alf: The thingies you are referring to are Meeps, and perfectly huggable. Lemme tell you something: If you want to make it to old age with your face intact, you don't wanna get friendly with a Slog! They make buzzsaws look cuddly. If you try to pet them, you'll wind up feeding them. They are trouble with a capital "T". Which brings me to my next question...

Question: What exactly is your TEA made of?

Alf: Goodness from nature, wholesomeness from the earth, and a sprig of springwater for that right touch of 'liquid'. And then sometimes I just grab a handful of leaves.

Question: O Alf, I just played the Oddworld demo and when Abe climbed this long pillar thing he more or less walked up it. It looked like some cartoon. Why doesn't he just climb regularly?

Alf: I've tried to get him to climb, but, dag-nabbit, that fellow is just as shy about certain things as when I met him! If he doesn't wanna climb, he ain't gonna climb!

Question: Hiyas Alf. Well done to your great success! I have a few questions: Why don't the sligs all gang up on the glukkons, theres enough of them aren't there?

Alf: They would have to be able to be smart enough to band together- they're not. Plus, the Glukkons keep all the power to the Slig's pants. Good luck doing a revolution as a slug.

Question: What's Aslik the Vice-President of?

Alf: Some blown-up part of Feeco Depot. I think the crispy section.

Question: This one is from my friend. Why does Phleg look fat? (ridiculous question I know!). Also could you say hi to Phleg for my other friend who's crazy about him! And say hi to Aslik for me, i think hes kinda cute.

Alf: 'Cause he is.

(Posted on: 03/2002)

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Question: Q: Dear Alf, I was wondering if you had a spare Abe's Oddysee game lying around that you could send me for around $10. Please get back to me. From T

Alf: Oh well, sure! Let me just wrap that right up for you, and then stick a big sign in my head that says "Convenience Store"! Then I can open up a Snow-cone machine in my ear, a gas station in my shorts, and I'll become a flip-flappin' Convenience Store! Please, allow me to be your personal hookup for whatever you can possibly sponge off of me - I live for it! Forget that I'm just a guy that ANSWERS QUESTIONS! Sheesh.

Question: hi, I'm a very big fan with a pc and have heard rumors that Munch will only be on Xbox... is this true? I have the other two games and was looking forward to seeing abe in 3d but if the rumors are true that will never happen, PLEASE reply as soon as you can, I have already asked this question to a different oddworld e-mail address but they have not replied (maybe they are really busy)Huge fan, Andrea

Alf: Well, the Oddworld folk are busy folk, and for now, the Xbox suits our world just right. Would you want us to be carried on a system that doesn't do us justice? Doesn't show the true brilliance of the Oddworld world? Show how the Sligs can chase you and beat your behind as well as they do? Me thinks not!

Question: Why don't you have any facts on Shrykulls? I saw something about a Sea Rex and a Rat and I was wondering why they disappeared and what they were.

Alf: Shrykulls are mysterious beings, that have hardly been caught and studied-they are weird mystical creatures that scare the heck outta me. When one comes in and offers its mitts to us and want to have tea and tell us all about it, well, I'm all ears. But have you seen those things? Yipes. Sea Rexes and rats are ugly little creatures that make my skin crawl. Sea Rexes swallow me, my shop, and all my precious text in one gulp, so that's why I'm glad to stay on the shore and be happily ignorant of them. Ask me about meeps—they are pretty approachable.

Question: Wuzz up Alf. Name's Cat, Digital game master. But this time I've got a couple of Q's for youz. Did Abe marry Sam the Mudokon queen ? If so was he insanely in love? or was he just plain confused from his little fantasies ? Oh yeah one more, Did you always looked that fine in your pictures ?

Alf: I am the Mack who packs a smack, dishing' out the phat flavah for here and the future. Now that we're done with the 70's B-movie talk, let's get down to business. I don't think Abe married Sam, since she's just downright nasty. Abe isn't insanely in love, but he is a little dopey. He's also a bit of an individualist, ready for whatever and whenever. Hardly a guy who's going to slow down. Did I always look that fine? Lady, I'm nice-fine like rice wine.

Question: I have a few questions that I think need to be asked. or not. but still, I wanna ask them. Well here I go. First question, when will you have your own game? Ya know, something like "Alf's Rehab Oddysee" or "Alf's Tea Exoddus", you could like smash sligs with...uh...well...Tea....yeah! Acidic Tea Bombs and stuff.

Alf: Hey! Yea! Now you're talking! I can see the hero (me) of the world, with a quest for someone to save the people (me), in a world full of rewards (for me!). Lessee ... if I see a billion bejillion copies.... and keep the royalties... carry the seven... WOW! Kid, I like your style. Second Question: how old are ya? like 20 something?

Question: Hey ya all U Muds! No offense Alf Ur cool and all, but Abe is my favorite character and I'd like him to answer, it's one only he could answer anyway...What was Ur first thought and feelings when U first was told U had to save Ur fellow Mudokons from Rupture Farms after U just escaped from it and also when U successed and got praise for a hero? Well that's all for now. See ya Abe

Alf: Ur? What is this "Ur"? Am I some kind of ancient demigod with two letters to his name? No, I have THREE letters in my name: "Alf." I would love to speak to this "Ur" fellow and ask him your questions, but I don't know him! I don't speak in rebus—try the King's English, m'boy.

Question: Hey Alfie, Got a big favor to ask. I love oddworld, and I love video gaming. I think I might want a job in the field some day, but I don't know how the system works. I'd like some pointers as to where I should go to college if I aspire to be say... a conceptual artist. cuz, I got no clue and I can't get answers from NOBODY in big business. You're my last hope alfie man. Always a fan, Erin

Alf: Go check on a place that you would like to work, and find out what their requirements are. If they are a good place, they'll give you the answers you seek. Also, be persistent, but be ready to do the work. Most people just fall in love with the idea, then shy away when they find out it's hard work, so good luck!

Question: Hi Alf! I'm wondering for already a while what Abe is doing in the picture you posted last month. Looks like he's rapping. What's it all about, Alfie? Odd-Kissies from A Dutch girl.

Alf: M.C. Abe is just striking a buffalo-stance pose, looking coy and cool in his new washed loincloth! M.C. now means Mudokon Chillin'!

Question: To the no-dud Mud who's easy to love! Dear Alfie, Could you please tell us more about your own admirable self? I would particularly like to know about... - any childhood hardships - on-going saintliness (like your rehab work) - hobbies (like fly-fishing, dancing, playing in your band) I trust in you, my beautiful and beloved Alf, to follow through as always with your delicate, heart-filled responses... full of truth, humor, and personality. Thank you. From your adoring fan, Tybie \[There's a lipstick smooch at the bottom.\]

Alf: Tybie, your fannish-ness makes me go all wiggly. We couldn't do it without all you fans! Getting in and out of the bathtub was particularly hard for me, as I was very small. I also didn't like to eat my veggies, but that was a long time ago. on-going saintliness (like your rehab work) What can I say? I love people and to serve them nice hot tea. Don't knock it until you try it! It's a lovely relaxing way to enjoy the day and the evening, as the sun sets slowly in the West... uh, East... whatever... I like to drink tea, to walk about the place, and by gosh, I actually like to answer these questions!

Question: Yo Alf, Ur cool and all, but my favortie Character is Abe and I'd like him to answer this one himself....It's one only he could answer anyway.....What it's like when you possess someone? It must have been weird the first time you did it. Plus judging by how you fell after possessing Lulu and lost control sometimes it must be alot work. Also I wanna say Ur the coolest character on Oddworld by far Abe....Well thanks for your time and good luck on getting a break.....See ya

Alf: Abe once told me that possession took a lot of concentration, and sometimes that can be broken, when someone else is in the room, distracting them. Or yelling at them, or whatever. That poor guy had a roomful of squawking people, he had the pressure of saving the world, and he had Munch yelling at him! I suppose possessing someone would feel weird no matter HOW many times you'd done it. I tell ya, that guy's got more heart than a King Scrab.

Question: O Alf, great fountain of wisdom and awe, I beg to you, answer this question: Is your formula, Ugly+$$$=Chicks, a branch-off of Professor Alf Alpha's theory: Cute and/or Sexy+$$$=Lots of chicks?

Alf: Cute? Sexy? What's that? I'm a businessman. I like the peoples as a whole. My formula for success is this: Tea+Me= Happy Alf zzzz, Tea+Me+Others= Cash flow. Happy Alf again!

Question: With the ever expanding Oddworld Universe that is visitable in the games, are there any plans afoot to use a system (similar to that in Seaman from Sega) wherebye speech recognition could be use to communicate with the inhabitants of Oddworld. Maybe with the option to set you own prefernces so instead of just saying "hello" to get someone's attention you could instead say "hi" "oi" or "hey" etc... Still looking forward to X-box's UK release, Dan J.

Alf: You can shake me up until a little blue triangle floats to the top of my eyes that says "Unclear, ask again", but the truth is I can't see the future. But take this to the bank: The future keeps coming, and it does seem an interesting way to go...

Question: Hello Alf. I've asked this before but you didn't answer it so I'll try again... What has Crig the slig been doing the last few months? I know that you are knowledgable enough not to need his help to answer our questions but it was interesting to hear (and when I say hear I mean read) a slig's points of view. I hope Crig hasn't died or anything, ever since you introduced him I have wanted to learn more about him, his job and his adventures (if he has any). Please tell me more about him.

Alf: Crig took a permanent vacation after barely escaping an explosion at FeeCo. I think he's off somewhere tending a herd of Slogs in the mountains, or he's punching tickets at a bumper-card ride somewhere. I do believe we've heard the last form that boy.

Question: As I played the game called Munch's Oddysee I could turn Natives into Tomahawkers and then into Mudarchers, but why couldn't Abe turn into one of them?)

Alf: Abe is a truly unique character, he doesn't need to change into anyone to get out of a situation. Look how far he's come with just his wits! Stay with Abe, he's a survivor!

Question: Hello, Alf. my name is Tony, I'm from Brazil and I'm a fanatic for the Abe games. I did play everyday, Abe's Exoddus and I would like to know you will sell the next game "Munch's Oddysee" here in Brazil! Congratulations for the game.

Alf: Thanks so much for the letter, Tony—we wouldn't be anything without you fans! You truly make each day worth getting up... and serving tea!

Question: What's it all about, Alfie? Is it just for the moment we live? What's it all about, When you sort it out, Alfie? Are we meant to take more than we give? .............(ok I forget the rest)............ Dear Alf: What's it all about? What's it all about, Alfie?

Alf: I would just blame it on Rio. 'Till next time, this is the number one Mud that ain't no dud -- so when you have a question and need the direct line to information central, don't forget to ask: What's it all about, Alfie?

(Posted on: 05/2002)

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Question: Q: Hi! I am a huge Oddworld fan and I love the games too they are soooooooo cool! But I have a few questions here. Please answer!!! What is the next Oddworld game and will it come to XBox?

Alf: The next Oddworld game is going to be "Alf Alf Saves The Universe", and it's going to be starring yours truly, who runs around for an hour or so, instantly defeating anything I touch. Well, it was an idea I gave them—I haven't heard back, but my hopes are high.

Question: Is there going to be any new characters in the new game?

Alf: Oy vey, I hope so. I hate to keep running from the same Scrabs.

Question: Is Mollock really dead? If he is alive will he come to a new Oddworld game?

Alf: With these slimy types, you never know. I wouldn't buy it unless I had him come up, shake my hand, and personally announce that he's snuffed it. I wouldn't turn my back on him, otherwise. KnowwhatImean? If he's alive, how else would you know?

Question: Are the sligs or whatever builded RuptureFarms build it up again?

Alf: I think that those sneaky so-and-so's would go and build something completely different and new, since the Rupture Farms design proved flawed and vulnerable. Why build the old place back up if all it's going to do is blow up again? And kiddo, what's with the 'builded'? Didn't you learnded nothing in school?

Question: I'm a big fan of the Oddworld games and I've got a few questions. What type of animal do the glukkons put mechanical masks, pants and wigs on and call sligs?

Alf: Uh... those would be Sligs, boyo. Even without the mechanics, it's still a Slig. And what do you mean 'wigs'? Did you see something I didn't? I have yet to see a Slig cabaret.

Question: Do you have star ships or something, so you can go to other planets?

Alf: Not just yet, but I have some tea that is absolutely out of this world! Care to buy some? I have a special deal: Buy one, and I'll give it to you! Howzat?

Question: How come the glukkons don't just put anti-chant orbs everywhere?

Alf: Time, money, laziness. Don't say it too loud, they might just get an idea.

Question: How come Abe seems to be the only Mudokon who can possess sligs, glukkons, etc?

Alf: Well, Abe is who you currently run around as in the game-if you ran around as another Mudokon, maybe you would be able to use their powers. Also, let's remember that he's the leader and savior of the race. I think that entitles him to one or two powers, hen?

Question: Hi Alf my names Robert and I have recently gotten Munch's Oddysee. I noticed that when Abe or Munch drinks a can from a vend it has a SoulStorm Brew Lable on it! You couldn't possibly tell me that Abe or Munch is chuggin' down SoulStorm Brew to bring up their health or make them run faster or jump higher could you?

Alf: No, I couldn't. Ya got me there. But I would like to address something: What the heck is a "lable"? I've heard of Labels, and Ladels, and even some Ukeleles, but never a lable. Could you tell me what a lable is, if you're able?

Question: Hi, Alf, It's me again!!! I just wanna ask you a question, (again). Recently, I looked at the front cover of Munch's Oddysee. I don't want to be rude, but Abe looks a bit different. I saw the marks on his hand, that's obvious, the Paramite and Scrab marks from the Bigface. But I noticed a mark on his chest. Could you tell me a little about that please? If you could, that would be fantastic. (I will stay Odd)

Alf: To get even with your Oddness, you've missed out on a whole section of the previous game! In Abe's Exoddus, Abe was bestowed that big chest mark by the three weirdoes in Necrum. It gave him some wonderful powers, and that was the mark. What were you chugging Brew while that part of the game was playing?

Question: Are there any new Sligs or animals? I quite like sligs. They've got Odditude!

Alf: All the time! Our world is chocked full of goodness. Why we gotcha Meeches, your Fleeches, your star-bellied Vykkers... ahem... and you should be sure to stay abreast of all the animal kingdom of Odd by staying abreast of the game. That means go get it. Now. Check out the Universe section of this website too.

Question: On your first game, Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, there was a cheat, where you could look at any story that occured in the game. I preformed it and went on a story called Guardian Angel. You know, the one with the Shrink is talking to Abe. It was so cool, great job!!! But I was somewhat puzzled when the Shrink said, "You've gotta look within, if ya wanna be free!" Then you heard Abe cry for his life. What happened man?

Alf: It scared him. A little. I mean, a big mechanical thing comes down out of the ceiling, then you would probably be frightened too. But since the old boy is still around, we can deduce that he's doing just fine. That movie is actually a television commercial that was never seen.

Question: I am an avid fan of Oddworld I own the first 2 games in the series and the replayability of the games is great I still play them all the time. Here's my beef though your company made the 3rd game in the series only for the XBox, now I already own a PlayStation, a PlayStation 2, a Dreamcast, and a Nintendo 64. So why should I the fan of Oddworld be expected to go out and pay another $300 for a new system when I have 4 perfectly good ones at home one of which this game series started on why can't you release Munch's Oddysee for PS2 as well instead of only on XBox that would make a lot of us happy I am sure of it. Well that was my question are there any plans in the future for it to be released for PS2.

Alf: Beef? Your beef is nothing but bouill-ion! You've already shelled out an un-oddly amount of moolah on four different consoles... what's one more? Make your collection complete with an Xbox! Wow. Four systems... you lucky gluk... uh I mean... duck.... Oh, and for the millionth time: The next four Oddworld games will be exclusively for the Xbox.

Question: How did Dripik lose his eye? And do you delete all the questions that don't get screened or do you keep them all in a big Word file for posterity?

Alf: The Muds down at the home office keep all the questions in a big pile. I only get the ones that are dropped off monthly. As far as Dripik losing his eye, I don't think he lost an eye; he's just too stupid to realize he put the patch thing on.

Question: I have a question. I've enjoyed all three games so far, but in Munch's Oddysee, I noticed something strange about Abe. His eyes seem to glow in the dark, and I'm sure I didn't see this in the previous games. Since you're his friend, could you tell me if they have always been like that? Or did something happen to him?

Alf: He got a lot of tattoos, and a lot of powers... I think he may be having more of the usual healthy little glow we all have. I mean, he is the big Kahuna here on Oddworld. I guess it helps him see in the dark.

Question: Hiya Alf! I've been a fan of Oddworld for a while, and have been writing a few questions too. From now on, I'm gonna call myself Oddguy, don't ask why I just am. I'll give myself a made up name so you can know which questions I write. Anyway, I think those stupid glukkons should do some of the work, and not just have the sligs do it for them while they sit on their big but. I think there should be a flying Gluk, or something. A glukkon could be in a flying harness like a flying slig and hold a gun or something. That would be cool. Anyway I played and beat Munch's Oddysee, and I want to know what to expect in the next game. I heard it's called The Hand of Odd or something. If you can't give me info on that then please tell me how the industrialists took over the Mudokon and gabbit's lives. I heard that Mudokons used to be the most powerful creatures on Oddworld. Then the Glukkons took over. How? I want to hear the whole story in the beginning. An answer to both of my questions would be nice hehe. Bye, Oddguy

Alf: Glukkons are the ones in power—that's why they get to sit around. I would say the Sligs should rise up and overthrow them myself, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards, since the Sligs are as dumb as a bag of hair. The scumbag Glukkons came into power, because they didn't care WHO they stepped on or WHAT they ruined to get there. Once you throw all your own personal motives out there first, you wind up being a bad man, like these Glukkon clowns! I say we put them all on a sligshot to Oddworld's moon... Also, the whole first game is based on the Glukkons taking power, maybe you should give it a whirl first, and see if that answers any of your questions. You can read about the history of Oddworld at [www.xbox.com](http://web.archive.org/web/20050205122123/http://www.xbox.com/news/0203/oddworldhistory.htm)

Question: Hey Alf I have some questions for you. I would really like you answer them because it would be annoying for both of us if I had to send this to you over and over again until you finally gave me an answer. Why doesn't your section in the Oddworld Universe have as much information as Abe's or Munch's. You are just as interesting as both of them combined?

Alf: Sigh. I keep tellin' 'em at Oddworld about having an all-Alf game, see above. Still waiting for that call back, y'all! I did make an appearance in the new UYI video. Check out the images on top of this page. Thanks for your support!

Question: What are the names of the other continents on Oddworld (as of now I only have heard of the one you live on, Mudos).

Alf: Eh... so far, that's all I know myself. I don't travel much, and I'm not quite the jumper I once was. I used to be able to run around the house a couple of times and not even be tired! Of course, that's when I was usually being chased by something...

Question: Have you ever eaten a Mudokon Pop? If so, what does your species taste like?

Alf: Aw, c'mon. Did you ever have a people-steak? BLEAGH!

Question: I just wanted to ask u a few questions , firstly I was wondering why the creatures in Munch's Oddysee have become more humanized. the glukkons talk like gangsters and the paramites like pigs and the scrabs don't have their infamous shrieks like they used to in the previous games. I thought the creatures of Oddworld were supposed to be nothing like the things on earth? . I mean they look nothing like creatures here but they sound like things from earth. can u tell me why??

Alf: There are plenty of creatures that don't speak or make sense, but it varies from adventure to adventure. I have yet to hear a fuzzle make sense, or a fleech to give a speech! Hey, that's pretty good: To hear a Fleech give a speech. Kinda like the earlier one fish two fish thing. Maybe a got a knack for this kinda thing...

Question: What can you tell me about the queens Sam, Maggie and Skillya?

Alf: They are indeed queens of different species in Oddworld. We've heard about them and seen images of them. Their stories have not been told ... yet. Remember Oddworld is a big place!

Question: Also do u have any information on the mudokon mother?? According to all the info on some web sites and the Abe's Exoddus game she was supposed to make an appearance in Munch's Oddysee but there was no sign of her or the shrink?! are any females of the respective species i.e. glukkons, vykkers etc going to be shown in future games?? how come you didn't make an appearance in Munch's Oddysee, Alf?? also do u have any information on what a sea rex is?? and what a chronicler is?? is the planet Abe and the rest of them live on called Oddworld or is there another name for it?? finally do u have any info on the next game or is another bonus game likely?? There have been rumors about it being called Squeek's Oddysee, is this true??

Alf: Whoa, whoa WHOA! Too much at once! These questions were asked before and the answer is the same: We can't reveal all the characters in every game. The world is alarge place here on Oddworld, and the point isn't to show you everyone in one game, but to have different adventures that give a little here, a little there. If we show you all the same characters every game, well, then it's not really a new adventure, is it? We dole out the fun, equally each game, and some characters change and evolve, others are new, and others have yet to be revealed. The planet is Oddworld and we live in the continent of Mudos. Stay tuned for the fun! Well, that's all the news fit to print, I'm Alf and I'm out!

(Posted on: 06/2002)

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Question: Do sligs have other weapons like handguns and knives or swords they can use or could they be tough to use hand to hand combat ? Also do they have tanks they can drive? -Cheese Deamon

Alf: Enh... I think guns are enough, don't you? Aw, nuts...looks like you spoke too loud, maybe they'll get an idea or two, dag-nabbit.

Question: I was wondering, why can't Vykkers, Interns and sligs attack the Glukkon slobs and steal their Moolah? And if this hasn't been heard to them could you send it? -Chris90

Alf: Well, for one thing, WHO NEEDS MOOLAH WHEN YOU DON'T BUY STUFF? All the rubies in the world don't matter when you live off the land very nicely, kiddo.

Question: I have some Q'z if you don't mind answering them for me: Do you visit the Oddworld Forums a lot? Thanx for reading this email and I will look forward to hearing from you soon. Replies will be greatly appreciated although I understand if I don't get them straight away. Thanx again. Sincerely Chris

Alf: Every once in a while, while surfing the web for new tea flavors, I accidentally end up in one of those crazy forums. I sort of enjoy the Oddworld forums, but some of those other ones, they make me feel funny.

Question: Helloooo Alf! I am your biggest fan of you, your tea, and your wisdom. So, I've got a few questions for you, how the heck can you get our e-mails if you don't live anywhere near our planet? Can you give me some info on this "expresso" drink? (sounds like coffee to me!) And,inspired by your greatness opened my own Tea shop with my own special tea made with my own special ingredients, so I was wondering if you could give me some tips for when the pigions,..er!! customers come.Thanks a lot o great one! - Danny

Alf: Steep! Steep! My little apprentice! And when you are done steeping, steep some more!!!!

Question: I have noticed that in Abe's Exoddus that walking and crawling sligs still have visors and flying sligs have two eyes why is that? - Jason

Alf: Sneaky li'l devils! I would think their beady little eyes have been modified to be better at flying, etc. Yuck. I can't even stand glasses.

Question: Will the Meeches come out in any other Oddworld game? - Jonny E.

Alf: Whaddaya mean? Onscreen? The way I remember it is that the last box of Meech Munchies was shipped out of RuptureFarms during Abe's Oddysee. The meeches are an instinct species as far as we know. At least on the continent of Mudos that is.

Question: I think its about time you guys told us a little about Munch's Exoddus, like a story line or some new characters? - Justin

Alf: Coming attractions? ... This is the story of Abe, a geeky Mudokon who lives with his Aunt and Uncle. A freak accident miraculously grants him incredible cool insect-like abilities. Abe finds that there's a thin line between an ordinary Mud and an extraordinary hero; and he'll have to be the one to cross it. Stay tuned. Molluck, is a sleep-deprived Glukkon detective tracking down a murderer, but accidentally shoots his own partner. Huh, I mean... it's an adventure of a wild and rambunctious mustang stallion named Elum journeying through the untamed Mudos frontier... Oops! ... Agents J and K (Abe and Munch) are back for more battles with alien rabble-rousers who take the form of a host of estrogen-charged extraterrestrials. Whaaa? The next game is set in mythic Middle Oddworld, a young mud named Abe inherits a magic ring from his elderly cousin Alfo. Take your pick!

Question: Guten Tag Alf Sorry 'bout the foreign greeting, I was feeling bilingual today, but on to the serious stuff. It's about Mud's hands. They are huge compared to your bodies. I am willing to bet they weigh twenty-five pounds, and could be used to club Glukkon's brains out. I mean, they are giant. You could guide aircraft with them. I'm surprised that you aren't weighed down with them. My question: Why? Why do you need such abnormally large hands? -Kathleen

Alf: To cuddle my abnormally large fuzzle at night. Well, to club something to death, you need a deadly attitude, things like that don't come easy to us peace-lovin' mudokon folk. I would prefer that maybe we just grab big bags of tea!

Question: Can you please tell me a bit about those huge statues with the tusks in Necrum. thanks nate\_dog

Alf: The tusk statues are known as Guardians to the Mudokon inhabitants. Legend has it, that at one point in Oddworld's history they helped defend Necrum from invaders. However, all that is left of their presence in the modern Oddworld record is their fossilized remains.

Question: I have a mess of Slig related questions here!!!!!! Lets see if you can answer some. 1. What is the name of the Slig valets name? is he the dude who wears the dress?

Alf: The Emcee Slig.

Question: Who is that cute Slig announcer? (call me crazy, but hey a girl could have some fantasies too ya know! -oof

Alf: Whoof. Well, his name is (strangely enough) Slig Announcer. The reason these guys don't have personal names... well, they're trained to be servile to the Glukkons—and you can't have individuality when that's the case!

Question: What's the average life span of a paramite and a scrab? - Poltergiest

Alf: It's really hard to get a hold of a paramite or a scrab for study. And really, I think I speak for most Mudokons when I say that I'd prefer a hot cup of tea to the scientific investigations of paramite and scrab life expectancies any day. But since you bring it up, I once heard a rumor of an alpha scrab that lived to be 80 years old!!! But maybe that was the brew talkin'—you never know!

Question: Hi Alf! I'm Robert and I was wondering why Abe has two paramite scars on his hands in Munch's Oddysee rather than one paramite scar and one scrab scar? I would also like to know why Scrabs and paramites sound different in Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: Well, as a close and personal friend of Abey's, I can tell you for certain he's got no such scars! He uses a secret blend of herbs and spooces to form a salve that cures all such ailments! The Scrab and Paramite tattoos from Abe's Oddysee remain the same.

Question: I suppose I'll start the normal way... I own all 3 games and they r great. Outta this world, Oddworld is the best bunch of guys (and girls) around!!! Danke! But... We want a fleech comeback!!! Would it be possible for the fleeches in the sewer to get outta control and mutate and take over the real world and develop advanced communicating stuff and pose a new threat as flesh eating mutants and be weird and you get the picture? Just wondering and thanx for your time. - Rod

Alf: Eh... lemme think... is it possible? Yea.

Question: Yo Alf whazzup, I just wanna know, at the end of Munch's Oddysee, who put the bombs in Vykkers labs? Was it the Fuzzles, or Lulu, or who? - Sean

Alf: YO! WhaaaatchDaMooooovieeeeee!!!!

Question: Hello Alf the Knowledgeable, what's up? How come Abe turns into a bunch of birds whenever he is shot, crushed, ripped apart or blown up? Is their some sort of symbiotic relationship between Mudokons and birds that we don't know about? - The Radke's

Alf: We? No. More psychology, less biology, my logic-infested fan!

Question: Hey Alf, I was wondering if Mudokons change their skin color to show their emotions at will or if it just happens when they get moody? For example: When an angry mudokon turns red does he do it on purpose to tell others to stay away or does it happen on its own? If you can change color at will, why is the common color green and why do the mudarchers and tomahawkers turn white? - The Radke's


Question: Hey Alf. I had some nagging thoughts in the back of my mind, so I thought I'd give them to you. Hey y'all: Why have you classified the Raisin as 'wildlife'? I mean, he was born in North Mudos, doesn't that make him native? - nare k

Alf: Can't you understand? It doesn't matter what side of Mudos you're born on. Everyone has their own special abilities and traits that make them special. Like narcolepsy. And... being all wrinkly. And incredibly... Large.. and fruity.

Question: What's going on in that Meep Herder Village? Every time I kill a Meep, it just springs back to life again. Not that I'd want to kill them. Anyway, what tricks are those shepherds up to? Help me out here.

Alf: It seems that someone or something on Oddworld has taken an affinity to protecting the Meep. Much in the same way Abe and Munch are brought back to life after dying the Meep are brought back to life too. The whole thing is quite a testament to the survival skills and fortitude of our little furry friends.

Question: Oh yeah, Alf, where do you keep disappearing off to? You're with Abe in the Raisin's Cave, you're there again when you push him into the Big Well. Why can't you help your buddy instead of rushing off like that? No wonder you haven't got your own game, you keep chickening out. Still, that's all from Max, I'll catch ya later.

Alf: Chickening out? Whatever! You gotta understand, that when a guy drinks as much tea as I do, well, when you gotta "go", you gotta go!!!!

Question: What is the story or meaning behind the two little fetuses in the OW logo? -Xavier

Alf: The twin fetuses have long since been absorbed into Oddworld lore. The caliper and test-tube motif for the Oddworld logo was created for a brochure for the 1999 E3 convention. At the time, we were working on two games simultaneously; Munch's Oddysee and Hand of Odd. As time went on and the gears of corporate commerce kept turning, Hand of Odd faded away and Munch's Oddysee became the sole focus of production. In the end, Oddworld gave birth to a kicking and screaming Munch's Oddysee only. This is the history of the twin fetuses. 'Till next time, this is the number one Mud that ain't no dud -- so when you have ONE question and need the direct line to information central, don't forget to ask: What's it all about, Alfie?

(Posted on: 11/2000)

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Question: Q: I love all the artwork and renders on the site and in the games, does Oddworld have any plans to bring out an art book? I know several people who would buy one instantly!

Alf: But do you know anyonebesides the mothers of the OW staff that would buy one, too?

Question: I have always wondered why Abenever cut the stitches from his mouth? I mean I can understand in Abe's Oddysee but after he got out of RuptureFarms why didn't he get someone to give him the snip?

Alf: Abe says the stitches are both a reminder and a badge of honor. Me, I think he's been hit in the head too much.

Question: I have been reading through fact files of Abe, and it says he has no...manhood. HOWEVER, in Abe's Exoddus, when he is shot out of the mines, he lands on a kind of pole. He acts as though he busted his u-know-what. Why???

Alf: It's not the size; it's the motion.

Question: And since Abe has no sexual organs, does it mean Abe isn't male or female? Why does Abe wear a loincloth then?

Alf: Because otherwise, he couldn't justify wearing a belt.

Question: What I actually want to know is what part of your odd universe will become open to us in Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: In Munch's Oddysee you're going to be seeing a lot of the Vykkers and their weird way of doing business. While the Glukkons were the natural resource barons of Mudos, the Vykkers are the scientists and doctors. The Vykkers have impeccable credentials, but are seriously lacking in any spiritual wisdom. They're like those classic Harvard PHD's that then go off to be vicious third world dictators or researchers for tobacco companies. Geographically speaking, the Oddworld Quintology takes place in the territory of Mudos. As we get closer to the end of the Quintology we get closer and closer to the heart of consumerism; which means the more densely populated areas of Mudos. For Munch's Oddysee we'll be visiting several places that we've yet to see before. Many of which are various types of factories scattered across the landscape.

Question: Please.. gimme more info on the species of Oddworld (the ones coming out in Munch's Oddysee). Oddworld Inhabitants still haven't filled the 'Oddworld Universe' section up with ALL the characters. Like Queen Maggie, Khanzumers, Queen Skillya & Interns.

Alf: Well, the Interns are these kinda dopey guys with heads shaped like canoes. They file stuff, and kind of hover around. They're a low-grade pain in the neck. The only thing I'll say about Queen Margaret is that nobody—and I do mean NOBODY—calls her "Maggie" to her face. Not more than once, anyways.

Question: How many employees at Oddworld Inhabitants sold their soul to the devil in exchange for this beauty?

Alf: We've had a full team of programmers working on this engine for a long time. It started with a tremendous amount of time being spent designing it on paper and working with the game design team to make sure we were building something truly special. We've also been working with an out of house team of programmers that build core technology (not a game company). When the game is fully running we'll be talking more about this other team, but not before. The images that you see are really a result of an extremely talented real-time art team that is here at Oddworld. The databases that they've built have, in many ways, driven part of what the technological performances of the engine need to be. Always, the balance between art and programming is critical. The best engine in the world can easily look lousy if there are not creative artists building databases for it and constantly trying to push the image quality. The technology development for Munch's Oddysee is the backbone for many games that Oddworld will build over the next several years. Squeek's Oddysee will also benefit from this technology.

Question: Fleeches have two heads, correct? And Slurgs eat Fleech dung, right? So my question is, if Fleeches don't have an (ahem) anus, then where does the excrement that the Slurgs eat come from? Does one head puke, or what?

Alf: I sent a guy to find out, but he never came back. Tell you what: if you get close enough to a Fleech to solve this one, let me know.

Question: Who is Squeek?What kind of creature is it? 

Alf: I can't tell you. But I can give you a hint. It's nothing you've seen before, and also nothing you haven't seen before. Nyah-nyah!

Question: Can you tell us more about the Khanzumers?

Alf: Sure! But we don't want to spoil the suprise and show much of the characters (species) that have yet to appear in games.

Question: Yo, in Oddworld do you guyz listen to music like rock or rap?

Alf: We can't hear music over all the screaming.

Question: We were brave enough to visit RuptureFarms and feel the smell of Paramite pies, enter SoulStorm Brewery and drink a brew made of bones. What gourmet food or drink are we supposed to taste now?

Alf: The more games we get the scarier food or drinks become. Sometimes reality is far more strange than fiction. Processed food is definately one of these examples. We love using food as the backbone to reveal the corruption and greed of some of the forces of Oddworld. It's very reflective of what's happening today on earth. For Munch's Oddysee there are a lot of new food items coming. There is Gabbiar, which is a delicacy of Gabbit Eggs (Munch is a Gabbit), there are Blitzpacker, Lungbuster, and Snuzi firearms... there are also Stoggies (cigars) and other goodies. Many of these new products will be in factories that you'll have to deal with in the game. But this time, factories are something that are much more interactive than the backdrops that they've been for us in the past. This time you'll be able to load a factory up with workers (or empty it of workers) and get it to actually start making goods and profit.

Question: Will a Meech ever be shown in Oddworld like a flashback or anything?

Alf: I heard a rumor about a pack of Meeches being discovered on a lost plateau, but the Glukkonsscooped 'em up and dumped 'em into one of their hunting preserves. There may be more, but I'm not sure.

Question: Does Shrykull appear in Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: Oh, yes, and all sorts of other Mojo Mayhem, too!

(Posted on: 07/2002)

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Question: Hey Alf here is a simple question, none of that hard biology stuff ; ). When will we be able to see some more pictures of kinto slaves and when will we get to learn more about them? Are they as intelligent as you and the other mudokons or are they more primitive? That's all. Hope it isn't to complicated for you. Thanks for all the work and occasional effort you put into answering our questions. —TheKhanzumer

Alf: It's hard to say if the Kinto's are intelligent or not, as their paranoia about things looming above their head sort of limits all of their other abilities. It's pretty hard to enslave a race that refuses to work in an area with say, a roof or trees or anything overhead. The Glukkons pretty much abandoned the idea of exploiting them when they found it would take an inkling of effort. But who knows, maybe one day they'll get a burst of motivation and try it again.

Question: Hey there fellow chump! First of all, I'd really appreciate it if you could answer my E-mail this time. I don't mean to sound rude. I know you're a very busy Mud and all, but I've E-mailed four times now, with different questions, and not one of 'em's been answered or posted on the site. Plus, my parents are gonna get real pissed if I keep E-mailing over and over without getting any result. I have a couple of questions, along with suggestions on who to ask if your infinite wisdom for some reason can't figure out the answer. So here goes. 1: I wanna know how Abe possesses things. Does he send some part of his soul, mind or both out through the possession orb to his target? Or does he just send new thoughts and opinions to his target? I got that second one by the way, by watchin' the movie where Abe possesses Lulu (right after he says to the Valet "No way. Where'd these idiots get that crazy idea, I hate that fishy crap," about the Gabbiar) and then ya hear these weird echoing whispers when Lulu's eyes start glowin' blue. If your vast knowledge and superior Mudokon brain can't figure it out, ask Abe, Bigface, the Rasin or even the Three Weirdos (they should be experts on spirits and stuff, being spirits themselves) about it. Speaking of controlling things... 2: How do Sligs control their mechanical pants? Does that cable (coming out of the pants that's hooked up to the mask) plug into their brains or something? Again if your genius can't work it out, ask Crig the Slig Thanks for your time, and may the Odd be with ya. —Andrew H.

Alf: Yes, you are quite rude, and I think your parents would be more upset at your terminology than with me not replying to your Oddworld-shattering email. As for your questions, no one really knows how they possess something, it just happens! I mean, you don't have to be a gastroenterologist in order to belch, do ya? The same goes for the pants. And if you don't like my answers, go ask the Raisin!!!!

Question: I would like to know, since I haven't got no Xbox, WHY THE HECK YOU'RE AFRAID OF SLOGGIES?! They are just little buggers you can easily kick out of the way. How come you are afraid of em? —Jose

Alf: So young, so naive. Without the proper equipment, you can never experience the utter terror a sloggie inflicts on its prey. And without living here in Mudos, I fear you can never even come close to the barking, slobber dripping, tongue slapping, teeth like razors reality of what a Sloggie really is.

Question: I have two questions: 1 when Abe dies why does he turn into a flock of birds? 2 when another inhabitant dies why does their body dissolve away? thanks alot Alf from daz36

Alf: You have much to learn about the spirit world, which cannot be seen by you or I. Sometimes we just have to think of a way to represent it as closely as we can. Even then, there is still much to be interpreted. Go now, and meditate on this.

Question: Hi Alf! u know ur rehab and tea? We've all heard of the delicious tea with its golden leaves... but what about the rehab? Do They nurse sick soulstorm brew drinking mudokons? Or is it just for mudokons who've had too much tea? Also, is there a killing bonus in Abe's Exoddus if u kill all nearly all da mudokons? Not that I would do that. I just want to confirm rumours. THANX ALF luv NIC XXXX

Alf: Too much tea? There is no such thing! And for the record, killing one Mudokon is killing one too many!!!!

Question: Hi do u remember me I'm Kaled from Egypt I'm sorry for late my answer about your mail because I'm was busy in school. but I ask you when Munch's Exoddus finished? and please answer this question. your Kaled from Egypt

Alf: Hi Kaled, Munch's Exoddus? Is Munch going somewhere? Where is he going? Do you think he'll stop by for tea? I should fix this place up if he's coming by! There are used tea bags everywhere! I've got to go!!!!

Question: Alf- I've been working hard at getting the next to impossible Black Quarma (I have an evil side) How in the heck am I supposed to pass the first level with Munch without saving a fuzzle! the Crawdaddy

Alf: Skill. Reflexes. Hand-eye coordination. Determination. Opposable thumbs. You get the picture.

Question: Two months ago somebody asked if you have ever eaten a Mudokon Pop. You said that's disgusting. You're absolutely right, but you DID drink Soulstorm Brew. And THAT'S made of MUDOKON BONES AND TEARS! What's it all about Alfie??? —The Biggest Dutch Mudokon

Alf: Dear Charell, Why you gotta go and bring up that horrible business? It is true, the Glukkons tricked us into thinking that stuff was so good, and we believed 'em, with their slick advertising and chemical preservatives. Seemed good at the time; we didn't know! Thank goodness for our buddy Abe, who saved us from that whole nasty mess. Even by then we were so addicted it was downright hard to quit. That's why I started the Rehab! Now if I could just kick the tea . . .

Question: Hey Alf, I was wondering: how come there's no Shrykull power in Munch's Oddysee? I mean, you have got to be pulling Mudokon's arms out of there sockets to get away with no Shrykull power. It was a great and cool way to help Abe take out those Glukkons in RuptureFarms. And Abe still has those hand scars and he just let them go to waste in this one. So, why didn't Abe use the grand power of the Shrykull? It could have come in useful in Vykker's Labs. —Colin

Alf: Woa! Hey, there now! Let's not get carried away ... there's no need to go pulling arms out of sockets just because you didn't get your Shrykull fix in Munch's Oddysee. I think Abe just thought his other skills were better suited this go 'round. I mean, we wouldn't want it to be too easy on the poor bugger! Besides it's called Munch's Oddysee and Abe didn't want to show up Munch.

Question: Do you have a release date for Munchs Exoddus because I have finished Munchs Oddysee? Do you know if Shrink will return to the games because his appearance in Abes Oddysee was very brief? —Shrykull

Alf: Congratulations! You finished Munch's Oddysee! Now play it again and quit asking so many questions! P.S. Can you answer Colin's question? I think he's about to go nutso on us I hope the Shrink does return because, well, ahem... I think one of our fans could use his help...

Question: Do GLUKKONS have moolah if they don't yousit —Jose

Alf: Dear Jose, NO! You sit! Why should I have to sit? Huh? Wha? Oh, right ... GLUKKONS dew yous moolah, to bye smokes, sparkly soots, and priceless food items like Gabbiar.

Question: yo Alf y can't mudokons pkup weapons form sligs? form your bast bud sean

Alf: It isn't a matter of can or cannot, but a matter of want or not want. I'd much rather pick up a nice, warm steamin' cup 'o tea. Ahhhh, now that sounds nice. 'Till next time, this is the number one Mud that ain't no dud -- so when you have a question and need the direct line to information central, don't forget to ask: What's it all about, Alfie?

(Posted on: 09/2002)

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Question: Q: In the intern's groove music, what are the lyrics being sung/chanted? — Nathan Alf Rocks!

Alf: He rocks! He drinks tea, he answers silly questions, and... He rocks! Chorus He Rocks! Oh yeah, he rocks! Alf Rocks! Well, that's what I hear, anyway. You probably heard: "If you could save my life I'd meet you at the lightpole, baby."

Question: I wanted to ask you why is it that only Abe can save the Mudokons by chanting. — Harry

Alf: If you've found a method better than chanting, please, let us know!

Question: I was walking around in the FeeCo Depot and I noticed a sign that said Vykkers Lab coming soon! And since Vykkers Labs is a flying fortress how could a train get there if it's in the sky? And how come Shock Rockers were in the book thingy that comes with the game but not in the game? — James.

Alf: Sometimes things come soon to places other than where their posters are hung. For example, if you were at your local drug store, and they had a poster that said, "Bobo's Circus, coming soon!" You wouldn't expect the circus to set up shop right there in the toiletries department, would you? Don't be silly! And the ShockRockers... well, their equipment was shoddy and they shocked themselves right out of the game! Crazy!

Question: I have all the Oddworld games, I check the website on a regular basis and only one question has been gnawing at my mind like a hungry fleech... How do Mudarchers power their bows and do they ever run out of ammo? Also, they need to bring you back in the game, even if it's just a cameo. One more question (sorry, it just popped in my head), what happened to all those blind Mudokons? Could they get their sight back? I hope so. I feel bad for that one who helped you put up your sign. Did his finger heal ok? Thanks for the time. Hope to hear from you soon. — Geoff

Alf: Mudarchers power their bows with Spooce. And as you probably know, if you run out of spooce, you can always grow some more! I would love to dedicate some of my time to short film and/or gameplay, but I find that the rehab keeps me quite busy. My Brethren need me! As for the poor blind folk: If they did get their stitches snipped, their poor eyes would never adjust to the light after being closed so long. It's a shame. Better to be blind and free than blind and a food product, though!

Question: I 'd like to know what Mudokon clothes are made of. I 've seen meeps so you obviously have wool. But you don't seem to be wearing any wool clothing so what other fabrics are your clothes made of? — Kleeng

Alf: I don't know if meeps give "wool", though they may contribute to the textile production process ... at the fertilizer level. Various plants are used to create our light, comfortable and stylish loincloths. They are handcrafted by Mudokons who don't have to spend all of their time answering questions about interplanetary fashion!

Question: Hi Alf! My name is Robert and I have a question for you. Do fuzzles have a queen?

Alf: Hi Robert! I've never seen a Fuzzle queen, but I've never seen any of the other queens, either. Most creatures on Oddworld are descended from a queen, so it is safe to say ... Probably.

Question: Since Glukkons only have vestigial stubs for legs and walk on their hands, I just have to wonder ... What happened to the Glukkons' legs? And does having hands in your shoes make your shoes smell as much as having feet in them does? Thanks a bunch! — Jon

Alf: Well Jon, when your species doesn't use something, generation after generation, it degenerates to a pathetic, good for nothing stub. You know: use it or lose it! And I don't know about having your hands in your shoes, but I do know that everything about a Glukkon STINKS!

Question: Hi, how are you? I don't know where I've read about Abe's fingers, I was just reading the website. I want to ask you, how do you perform the games? Have all of you studied computation or you are a team of musicians, drawers, computer designer etc? — Facundo

Alf: I'm tea-riffic! Oddworld has Production Artists, Modelers, Animators, Real-time Artists, Programmers, a Sound Designer/Composer, Technical Support and an Administration staff that all work together on the games. Not to mention the kind upper management, who have never once threatened to sew anyone's eyes or mouths shut! Isn't that sweet? Just one more benefit of being an Oddworld Employee!

Question: Hi Alf I just wanted to ask you a simple little question. It is said that the true evil of Oddworld will be revealed. Does this mean that the Glukkons and other Industrialist are not the bad guys? And if so do you know who will be the true bad guys? Or will there even be a bad guy as some of us think. I hope this question wont force you to reveal much. But I am curious. — Kaimana

Alf: Kaimana, you should know by now that you can't force Alfie to do much of anything! In general when people refer to "true" evil, it is usually what's considered most evil of all, or the source of all evils. Glukkons and Industrialists are bad guys, but someone or something causes them to be that way, right?

Question: When is oddworld 4 coming out, what is its name, and what system is it coming out for. — Matt

Alf: Oddworld 4, codename "Oddworld 4", will be coming out sometime in the future. Only on Xbox!

Question: Hi Alf! My name is Robert and I would like some info on Mudflubs and Khanzumerz please.

Alf: Hi Robert! I would love to give you some info on Mudflubs and Khanzumerz, but they are folks whose stories are still in the making. It would be like writing the biography of a three-year-old. Sometimes characters are released, but then don't make it into the games, and fans such as yourself are let down because they've heard or seen something about them. Which is why you won't be hearing ANYTHING about Oddworld 4 until the time is right! Sorry, bud!

Question: Hey Alf what is it like to ride an Elum?????????? — Brad

Alf: Stinky, sweaty, bumpy. All the things one looks for in affordable transportation. Comparable in your world to "Public Transit".

Question: Dear Alf I' ve been wondering, if Mudokons don't use moolah why does Sam (Mudokon Queen) give her eggs away to Glukkons or do they offer it but she doesn't except it. Thanks alot, Daz36.

Alf: Well, neither! She doesn't give them away, but what she gets in return is not moolah. Let's just say that in addition to other things, her employee benefits offer an outstanding prescription drug plan.

Question: I've got another question to ask you Alf. In your first two games Scrabs were extremely territorial but in the third they don't fight at all. What's up with that! -Jason

Alf: Well, I've never gotten close enough to a scrab to ask him, but they seem to be much less hostile in the outdoors. Captivity does something to a creature, you know? Makes every inch of space more valuable.

Question: Seriously Alf, convince the guys to make the rest of the Oddworld games for the PC. You will make more moolah! That means more teabags in your storage and more room for ya guests. Plus you make alot of people happy in a way even your tea canÕt do. You can always break the silly Xbox exclusive, it only counts for Munch ay? Speaking of Exclusives... how can it be an exclusive to Xbox is munch will be released for GBA(Game Boy Advance)..? \Sips Alf's tea... Do I taste the faint taste of deodorant??\ — Dark Xinos (Forum guy) PS. You should visit the forum more often Alfie! We NEED you!!

Alf: Xinos, I cannot answer a man who faintly tastes deodorant. I just can't. It is wrong, so very, very wrong. But I will visit the forums, they're swell!

Question: What's going to happen to Oddworld Inhabitants when the Quintology is completed? — Andrew

Alf: Quintology II! Starring . . . ALF! 'Till next time, this is the number one Mud that ain't no dud—so when you have a question and need the direct line to information central, don't forget to ask Dear Alf!

(Posted on: 10/2002)

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Question: Q: Dear Beloved Alf, I admire your generosity in answering your fans' mail no matter how stupid the question. I have a question myself. Are sligs distantly related to paramites? They've both got the "finger things" around the mouth and are almost the same size. I know mentioning sligs and paramites in the same sentence kind of degrades the paramites' name but I've got to know!

Alf: Yes, how observant of you to notice how generous I am! Goodness I'm blushing! I am so overwhelmed by this moment we've had! What a wonderful reminder of how, on one level or another, we are all related. Hugs, anyone???

Question: Hello Alf, If Scrabs fight and kill each other every time they meet,how come they aren't extinct? Maybe they have some strange mating ritual whilst fighting,maybe they reproduce alone or is there another reason........Thanks for now........Long Live Abe !!! —Johnny Q.

Alf: Yeah they fight a lot but they don't kill each other off every time. It's when you get two dominant Scrabs together that's when it gets REALLY ugly!

Question: Hey Alf, What sort of things do you like to watch on TV? How many channels do you guys get? I already know about Magog On the March (M.O.M.) and FUD Network, but what else do you guys like to watch on the tube? Also, what is the deal with that article in the Daily Deception? The one about you slapping people? Thanks, Khanz

Alf: I know that I am a celebrity, and that by dedicating my life to tea and rehabilitation I automatically put myself "out there" in the public eye, but this has gone too far! The tabloids, the intrusive questioning! Underneath the glamour I am just a Mud like everyone else! Why doesn't anyone understand that?

Question: Alf Man! As there are so many Wanted Posters of Abe and Munch, could you, Buddy, Abe, or Munch get some for us loyal fans? And, how come some Mudokons have more feathers than others? Great Site by the way. Thanks, toddmann. p.s. Really Great site.

Alf: Todd Man! Thanks! There aren't as many wanted posters as you'd think. They gave Abe and Munch a funny feeling, so they pretty much tear 'em up whenever they see one. The feather question is simply a result of a traditional supply and demand scenario.

Question: I forgot to mention in my other letter, in Munch's Odysee, the good ending, When Lulu is betting or about to, a lot of clapping is going on. I understand they wanna clap but how!? Glukkons dont have arms and the Vykkers looked to be less then 1/3 of the bidders. Alright then... good luck with your tea.

Alf: Not entirely true. Though shamefully tiny, useless and hidden, Glukkons DO have arms and hands. Also, Vykkers have double the appendages of the average Inhabitant, AND they are fierce clappers. But you know, it wouldn't surprise me if they invented some sort of clapping amplifier to make others believe that they are even better at it than they really are. Showoffs!!!

Question: In O.World Munch's Oddysee why the (pardon my language)H\\\ the fuzzles eat you when you get terrible quarma at level 23 Loading docks. Please this happened 3 times exactly so help me out here will ya? The Weirdo and Mud Worshiper —Cody

Alf: Hi Cody. Try getting good Quarma. I think this will solve your problem, as the essence of Quarma is "what comes around, goes around," to put it in a Fuzzle's perspective. Besides, wouldn't you be a little vindictive if your buddies left you to suffer in Vykker's Lab?

Question: How old is BigFace? Who's the oldest Mudokon you know?

Alf: BigFace many years old. Raisin Older. Raisin Eldest Elder Alf know.

Question: YO!! do u know anything about the release date of Munch's Oddysee gor GBA?? i would like to know... Also, y is your name alf? y isnt it Calvin...or Janet? PEACE OUT!! —Phil

Alf: My name is Alf because I was named after an Inhabitant in Leicester, England. Named Alf. You can read about him in the November 2000 archives. Calvin and Janet are fine names, just not "me".

Question: Hey Alf! Why on Abe's Exoddus the sligs masks have been changed? And do u feel sorry for sligs because they've been neglected by skillya? Also 1 more thing, has a scrab attacked u ? stay odd —Declan

Alf: I hear the sligs have great systems admin, and keep up on all the latest technology, hence the upgrade in face masks. Do I feel sorry for the them? Puh-leaze. Where is Alf's mommy? What about my needs? Does anyone feel sorry for me? NO! And to wrap up, a reality check: Had I been attacked by a scrab I would be in that big Rehab in the sky, not down here doin' dis!

Question: What customers have you had lately?did elum come to your shop to have honey in his tea? And is their anyone else on Oddworld I can e mail? —Brad

Alf: Hi Brad. Yes, Elum likes to stop by, but more for honey than tea, I think! He's got an insatiable sweet tooth. Sorry to say that I am the only one you can email, though I am always happy to pass on the occasional message to other Inhabitants! 'Till next time, this is the number one Mud that ain't no dud -- so when you have a question and need the direct line to information central, don't forget to ask Dear Alf!

(Posted on: 11/2002)

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Question: Q: Dear Alf, What happend to the idea for Elum and the Flying Sligs!! They were some of the greatest things I think, but I have one question: Will Elum or the Flying sligs ever return?? —the one who mix's dish soap with his ice tea, Abe's Son

Alf: Well, those ideas got used. Now there are new ideas! Wassamatta? You don't like new ideas? You think it's ok for you to think of new ideas (i.e. mixing dish soap w/ice tea) but we're supposed to just keep doing the same thing over and over?! Maybe you should try your tea with a dash of Hypocrite! Or a twist of Infidel! Maybe a dollop of Deceiver! Or just a touch of Blasphemer!

Question: Hey Alf, I'm a big fan of Oddworld (Arn't we all) and i'd like to ask you the following questions: 1. In Abe's Oddysee do the Sligs have a mask with one red bar for thier eyes and in the second and third they have two red eye goggles on each side of their head.Why is this? 2. In the movie sequences in Abe's Exoddus the Sligs have two red eye goggles on their masks but in the game it's self they have only one bar. Why is this? 3. Have any mudokons ever more than just slaves and employees in the industrial world. 4. Could ya tell me what the Sligs masks are called as well because I have no idea. Thanx, Robbie

Alf: 1. Upgrades my man, upgrades. It takes the very best technology to constantly maintain the level of sham that Sligs do. 2\. Hmmm. Think you're mistaken. Look again. Closer ... Closer ... is your nose touching the screen? Get a little closer. Closer! 3\. No silly!!!! 4\. Sligs have been known to name their masks Fred, Bob, and Phyllis. But they are generally referred to as "Slig Masks".

Question: Hi Alf! I've got a little question for Abe: When is you birthday? I would LOVE to know that! Take care and stay Odd all you Muds out there! And specially Abe and Alfieeeeeee! Kissies, AbeLover (Dutch girl named Charell)

Alf: After years of Brew addiction, not even Abe remembers when he was hatched! And rumour has it the employee records all hit the shredder during the big SoulStorm audit!

Question: Hey Alf, how's it goin on Oddworld? I hope your rehab and tea is doing well. I was just wondering about future video games based on the happenings of Oddworld. As in, what's a sea rex, how do Kinto slaves fit into all of this, what are some possibilities of future game names, etc. I know you must get these kind of questions a lot, and they probably bug the heck outta you, so I'm sorry. I just thought it would be worth a shot. Anyways, I hope everything is well and that Abe is staying out of trouble. Bye the way, nice new website. —SLIGcatcher

Alf: Fine. Thanks! Oh. Hmmm. Yes, yes, that's ok. Sure it is. Yeah, sure, everything's fine! Thanks. Okay. Buhbye now.

Question: Hello Alf, I have been a big fan of the Oddworld games for a while. I have the first two, I'm still savin' for an Xbox, but I have a question for you. Why aren't there any female mudokons??? What the heck did I miss??? Please clear this matter up for me. From Bryce

Alf: Bryce, You didn't miss anything! Female Mudokons haven't been seen in the Quintology. Us Muds are so in touch with our feminine side we thought you'd be perfectly content with guys like me and Abe!

Question: If I want to start a fan Site do I have to get an OK from you?

Alf: Create your own Oddworld approved fansite you say? Well my friend, just follow these three easy steps! Make a fan website. Get pictures, text and ideas from the internet or wherever. Then send a link to your fabulous fan creation to fanlegal@oddworld.com. (This way we can approve it and give you the proper disclaimers.) VOILA!!! Your very own Oddworld fan website!

Question: Hey Alf!!! This will be a quick one since I have to go to school soon. I was wondering, do Mudokons have noses? Can you guys smell things? Like, when your really close to a filthy slig, could you say they smell in a literall sense? Ok, thanks for your time, Alf! Talk ta ya latta. SLIGcatcher

Alf: Well I know for sure that Abe can make some pretty noxious smells, so I guess that means we can smell things! Have fun at school!

Question: First off, where do the mudokon eggs come from? There were rumors that Abe had to rescue his mother in Munch's Oddysee, but they never showed her so I assume that he did anyway. But is Abe's mom the "Great Mother" who was the only female in the game that bred the savior of all the mudokons and the whole basic Mudokon life forms? I doubt that but if there is a female population of Mudokons, I think that studying them would reveal the secret to how the Mudokon eggs are made and how they make them. Anyway, can you just answer a couple of questions to sum this up, How are Mudokons bred and what happened to the female population if there is one?

Alf: You are a genius! Studying the female species could really shed light on how Mudokon eggs are produced! Uh, gotta go, I need to get out my little black book. \wink wink\ I'll get back to you, I have some uh, research to do!

Question: In Munch's Oddysee, doesn't Munch break his leg in the trap? It said that somewhere on the website. Anyway, if his leg was broken, how come he hops around as soon as the fuzzles break him out of his bonds? Love your games and website. Gobi the talented camel.

Alf: The Vykker's mended his broken leg. Those snaggle toothed freaks got him in tip-top condition so he could lead them to more pharmaceutical fodder. Vykkers become very kind and generous when it comes to the bottom line!

Question: I love playing videogames with my buds all the time. My mom thinks I should get outside once in awhile and get a life. She's threatened to take away my Xbox. I don't know what to do cuz I love videogames so much. I know you love 'em too. I don't care about girls cuz they are all thumbs. What should I do Alf? Your pal Ryan.

Alf: Ryan, that whole "outside" and "life" junk is completely overrated. I stopped drinking tea once to check out some other interests. You know, brew drinkin', stuff like that. BO-ring! Now I'm back in my routine and happy as ratz in a biohazard container! Yeee-hooo, boy! Perhaps a new hairstyle or wig is a better answer to your need for change.

Question: Heya Alf, I luv Oddworld! I'm obsessed by anything ODD! I'm thinkin of getting an Odd tattoo on my back. My wife and kids say I'll regret it but I love Oddworld so much. Anything else I can do besides a Tattoo? In Odd We Trust ... forever yours, Warren.

Alf: No way Warren, this idea is way out there. You should not even consider this for another moment. You see, getting a tattoo is a big step and will last forever. So why would you want one on your back? It totally has to be on your belly, so that you can look down and see it anytime ya want!

Question: If you could switch jobs with any other Mud, what would you do? Thanx, Jen.

Alf: Tea brewing and chillin' with my buds is where my heart's at. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Question: Dear Alf, I have a theory. If you put females in your games then more girls will play them. If more girls play games then boys can play games with them. Make sense?

Alf: Huh. Never thought of that. I just always assumed girls wanted to play as male characters, or as girls with genetically inconceivable proportions. How 'bout if we just make gender-neutral characters with boy names???

Question: I want to give my brother an Oddworld related gift for Hannukah. I can't decide between the Paramite Pies, Scrab Cakes or Elum Chubs. Are these items kosher? Thanks in advance, Mo.

Alf: Odd-vey! NO WAY! Don't be a schlemiel! Try a nice matzo-sculpture of our buddy Elum instead. Or perhaps a few spooce-shaped chocolates wrapped in gold foil! Kids these days, I tell ya! Some of 'em I'd like ta kick in the tuchis! 'Till next time, this is the number one Mud that ain't no dud -- so when you have a question and need the direct line to information central, don't forget to ask Dear Alf!

(Posted on: 12/2002)

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Question: Q: Hey Alf, how come abe cannot turn into a shrykull all the time but needs a special portal? Is it spooce?

Alf: Spooce it is not. There are just certain, rewarding moments in life when Abe gets to take advantage of the shrykull. A tear in the otherwise oppressive fabric of fairness, if you will.

Question: Since the sligs caught the gabbits befor at the end of the game what is going to stop them from catching the new baby gabbits again?

Alf: Hmmmm. Sounds like a job for an unlikely hero to me!

Question: Hey Alf, Sorry to bother ya but lately we have been discussing Interns on the forums. I just wanted to brush up my knowledge on them, with your help of course! ; ). Ok, I just wanted to know why do Interns realy have thier mouth sewn shut and feet, hoves, etc cut off? I also just wanted to know if Interns were made for the Vykkers for personal use or have they always been what they are today?

Alf: Yes, interns really do have their mouths sewn shut. This is to prevent them from whistling annoying techno and trance tunes while working. Unfortunately, they can still email and surf the net. They do also have hooves, this is hard to notice because they seem to be the same size as their leg bones, unlike a horse or a pig, where the hoof is semi-cone-shaped. Nothing's been cut off yet, but I'm not sayin' it couldn't happen! The interns weren't created, but like so many of the poor critters that cross the threshold of Vykker's Labs, they've undergone slight "mODDifications".

Question: ALFY MY CHUM! I must ask a question of you, what ever became of fleeches and greeters and slurgs, you guys did'nt put em in the third game.

Alf: They are still fleeching, greeting, and slurging around Oddworld, they just didn't make it into Munch's story. Better luck next time, ay?

Question: Is Abe the only Mud with the power to open bird portals?

Alf: Yes, Abe is special. But I have been known to open tea canisters and sugar packets. Doesn't that count for anything?

Question: Why did the Glukkons choose Abe as an ad campaign, all Mud product posters show blue skin, not the common green. Even Mudokon Pops are blue!

Alf: Studies show that nine out of ten muds prefer the color blue, especially in the edibles category. It's all about targeting your market, bud.

Question: Why was Abe's mouth stapled shut? No other Muds in stapled have this done to them.

Alf: Not stapled, stitched! Abe was a noisy, whiny, cry baby and no one could stand his incessant blabber, so they sewed him up tight. Not too tight to have a brew, though!

Question: In the bad Exoddus ending you cannot see Abe's feet when he is in the tear extractor, but when you see Muds in the game you can easily see their feet. Also, why do their loin-clothes stay on their legs?

Alf: What the heck are you talking about? That isn't even a question. I'm sorry that you can't see Abe's feet. There. Are you happy now? And the loincloths happen to be heavily starched, OK? Every good, upstanding citizen of Mudos knows that a well starched Mudokon is a happy Mudokon.

Question: Hey Alf how is it going in the world of odd? And how is your tea coming? My name is Dave and I am a huge Oddworld fanatic. I pretty much love Oddworld so much I am a member of the Oddworld forums. Ok enough with the pointless talking. I have these two iching questions and I need your answer. How big is a Sea Rex? And will we see them in future games?

Alf: Well things would be better if people made sense, but I don't want to ask too much of the human race. ANYWAY, here's some soothing ointment for your itch: It is very difficult to determine the size of a sea rex because they are constantly undulating through the water, and are never lain out straight next to another critter where you could make some kind of a comparison. I just know they're big, cause no one wants to catch 'em ... either that or they just taste bad! They're probably the largest animal I know of on Oddworld, though!

Question: Alfy baby, Ya cool by me you're actually one a my favorite characters and do the sligs despise the Glukkons even though they serve'em an' all?

Alf: They don't despise the glukkons, they probably aren't capable of thinking enough to despise them. They do, however, have a natural desire for the nurturing and attention that they were deprived of as children. They are also easily impressed by status, and therefore I would guess are highly susceptible to abusive relationships, such as serving the Gluks.

Question: I have one question that has been bothering me for a while. What happened in the desert while travelling with Abe that the cameras didn't show? Anything funny?

Alf: You mean when the thing was all whatever, and we all went AAAAHHHH and then that one time when the hahahhahhaaaaaaaaaa! Man that was so funny! And oh my gosh there was this one thing that was all blabidyybalbllllaaaa! And we were like all, "Whoaaaaa!" That was like, I don't even know what! I was just like, couldn't even believe that that even happened! Dems good times, man, good times.

Question: Has Munch started his colony of Gabbits yet? Or has his lungs been stolen.

Alf: Colony starting is a far more complicated process than one might expect. You can't just dump the eggs in the water, stir well, rinse and repeat. These things typically take some time, so my guess is that he's still in the planning stages.

Question: When do ya hope to kick off you merchandise? I sooooooooo want a collection of posable action figures from oddworld.

Alf: Wouldn't you rather save your money for things you really need? Like books, wholesome vegetables, and a warm winter coat?

Question: Hey Alf, me again. I was wondering: where does Abe go when he's not out possesing Sligs or blowing up boilers and stuff like that. I mean, he must have a break in between his missions, right? So what does he do? Does he hang with the Big Raisin in Raisin's Cave, does he chill out with Big Face in Mosaic Lines, does he go drink some tea at your Rehab and Tea? Thanks for your time.

Alf: Abe used to just sit around watching the tube and drinkin' brew all day. Last I heard lately he's into hot yoga and soap making. Saving your species brings many changes to a mud.

Question: And did Elum die ???

Alf: Elum is a species, so the whole species did not die, no. But alas, we did come to know and love Abe's Elum as far more than just a mode of transport. He had an untimely ending on the RuptureFarms chopping block. Unfortunately, Elums are known not only as good pack animals, but also as a valuable commodity for Sloggy Chow and Elumer's Glue.

Question: Are fuzzles predators ??? (Cuz their teeth are so sharp)

Alf: Fuzzles are little sweety-pies that have been genetically altered and are pretty peeved about it. Calling them a predator implies that they victimize and destroy for their own personal gain, yet we saw in Munch's Oddysee that they are perfectly willing to do that for the good of others, as well! I'd say they're more passive aggressive than predator.

Question: I'm only wondering where's BigFace? I haven't seen him since Abe left to Necrum Mines with his friends. Can we see him anymore?

Alf: Well, at the last sewing circle, I heard BigFace went to one of those "stress reduction" spas, and no one has seen him in weeks! If you ask me it's a flimsy coverup for a face job- you have no idea how hard it is to live a name like "BigFace" down when that is exactly what you have. I actually feel sorry for the chump. But you didn't hear it from me!

Question: What powers the slig's pants? oil? gasoline? batteries? Thanks... Oddworld rocks!

Alf: Vykker's Pharmaceuticals is always looking for newer, cheaper, more destructive ways to better serve the greedy. Fuel is from Magog Motors.

Question: Help, I've been using the Odd icons for the past two years, I have now had my computer updated and have lost the icons. Are they still available to download or are they lost forever???

Alf: Yes! Oddicons are back by popular demand. Check out the downloads section of this site early 2003.

Question: Hey Alfie, can you give me some info about Munch's Exoddus?

Alf: Uh, no! Check out the FAQ's will ya? 'Till next time, this is the number one Mud that ain't no dud -- so when you have a question and need the direct line to information central, don't forget to ask Dear Alf!

(Posted on: 03/2003)

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Question: Q: Hey Alf, Me and a few of the guys at The Forums are wondering something, what Abes loin cloth for?? I know its been asked sometime before, but Ive forgotten what you said. Someone actually thought that it has some kind of spiritual significance, but I assured him that skid marks would be the only out-of-the-ordinary thing about them, so we're all kinda skeptical at the moment. Thanks if you help us out and we'll see ya next time youre in chat....or something. —BigBro

Alf: BigBro, Even skid marks are highly unlikely with a loincloth, as you should know, they don't have a traditional crotch like your typical, modern-day undies. A loincloth is like a skirt, only without the feminine stigma earth folk so often attribute to skirts. (Think kilt.) The significance and purpose of the loincloth is both practical and fashionable. One doesn't necessarily want his bum exposed to even his closest of buddies, and it has been known to get pretty chilly at times here in Mudos, so it is the most efficient way of keeping that area warm while still providing necessary mobility for the active, "Mud on the go".

Question: I just completed Munchs Oddysee for the third time this time I rescued everything. I can't wait until the next game could you answer a question for me, I found something on an oddworld fansite called Humshrubs that look like spooce but are pink do you know what happened to them? Are Slig Guard towers going to featured in future games? Thanks Shrykull68

Alf: "Humshrub" was a work-in-progress name for Spooce. They were later renamed and the color was changed. Why? Because! That's why! That's also why you're not hearing too much about the next title. This way it will all be a big surprise, with no confusion or let down about what didn't make it into the game.

Question: Hi Alfster! If it doesn't bother you, can you answer a few questions 1. In the next game, will Munch be able to communicate with Gabbits? 2. Is "Hand of Odd" a quintology game, or a bonus game? 3. Will you ever become a playable Character? Your own game perhaps? 4. Is Vykker Labs part of the Magog Cartel? 5. Once O.I. is finished the O.Q., will your games move to more multiplayer genres like racing, Fighting or even party? Thanks a lot Bro. From Barnaby

Alf: Hey Barnaby, It always bothers me, but I'll get over it. 1\. Well, I don't know much about the next game, but since Munch IS a Gabbit, I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be able to communicate with them, unless that headport has affected his social skills in some way... 2\. Hand of Odd is not yet. 3\. Sometimes it's better to be lovable than playable. 4\. OI finish the OQ? FYI - I think your IQ needs some TLC! TTFN!

Question: Hi alf I was wondering if well could you give me the cheat for the extra endings for M.O. I promise on all that is odd I won't tell a soul unless you tell me to. In odd we trust .

Alf: Yeah ... in Odd we trust. Not in cheaters! No dice chump!

Question: Hey Alf. I've this is gonna be the best Christmas ever,I got the OWI x-mas card in the mail.that was cool.plus I sneaked a peek at what I'm getting.so anyway, I was wondering, is the mudokon queen Sam ever going to make an appearance?

Alf: Yes. Though when, where and to whom has yet to be decided.

Question: I was just wondering if there is anything more powerful than a Shrykull? Furthermore, do you know when (or if) there is going to be a last game of Oddworld? (I hope not.) Your best fan, Dylan

Alf: Hi Dylan, nothing that I know of is more spiritually powerful than a Shrykull. But it's like anything, the answer is limited to my experience. There may be something more powerful than any of us can imagine lurking out there, just waiting for the right moment to reveal itself.

Question: My name is Jeremiah. I have Abe's Oddysee and Munch's Oddysee. I was just wanting to ask a few questions: 1. Who is Squeek? 2. Whenever i'm controlling Mucnh and greet a Mudokon they just laugh at me. Why? 3. When Munch's Oddysee was originaly planned for PS2 was there a new story line. And if so what was it? Thanks for your time, Jerry

Alf: 1. A squeek is a short shrill cry or sound, such as that made by a mouse or rusty hinge, or a mudokon attempting to maintain composure while answering the most annoying questions on all of Oddworld ... 2\. Because you're funny lookin'. 3\. The story stays the same but not all of was included. There were parts of Munch that will remain a mystery ... at least for now.

Question: I know the Glukkons manufacture a lot of products, but who buys them, because other Glukkons don't seem like the buying type. Just wondering, Stranger.

Alf: Hey there, Stranger. Do you ever find yourself wondering, "who am I?". Heh heh heh! Oh I crack me up. Anyway, yeah, you're right. Glukkons are not only stingy, but they know all the nasty stuff in the products they make. That's why they count on the other creatures of Oddworld, coupled with mind-bending propaganda to earn their profits.

Question: Hey Alf, its me once again. In Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, their are those Blitzpacker drinks, but in Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, there's Soul Storm Brew. I know they are both bad and probably the same to you, but whats the difference? Are they 2 different, competing brands, a new-and-improved version, or what? Anyways, thanks for answering this, and happy holidays. SLIGcatcher

Alf: Hi SLIGcatcher. Blitzpacker is a beverage power up for possessed sligs, while SoulStorm Brew is the Glukkon's drink of choice for addicting and controlling the Mudokon race. See the difference?

Question: Which mud are you? Are you the one that pushes Abe into the big-well?

Alf: Let's be clear about that so-called "pushing" scenario. I merely gave my buddy Abe a gentle, encouraging pat on the back, like any good friend would. Abe, being clumsy and of course subconsciously wanting to go into the big well, FELL at the same time as the gentle pat. OK? Got it? Or do I need to be a good friend to you, too? Huh? Well do I?

Question: Hay Alf! I just wanted to know some stuff about the Glukkon Queen and why Abe doesn't attack her.

Alf: Hay-ay! Alfie in the Hay-ouse! Whudup? Hey, here's an idea: Why don't you just go and attack the ruthless and oppressive leader of another race? It's not easy, there is planning, tactical training, and brew induced confidence that has to be achieved prior to such attacks!

Question: Dear Alf my favorite mud, Hows it going man any new female muds you got your eye on? Well enough of the formal talk I was wondering who wrote all the poetry that Abe says in his games? Was it Bigface or Raisin perhaps anyway whoever wrote it maybe OWI can publish all the poetry and stuff in a book and maybe even some fan poetry like the stuff found on the site....that might be a good idea for merchandizing eh taking some money out from the glukkons greedy paws or wait umm whatever they hold their money with.

Alf: Have you ever seen a female mud? Bluckhhhaaaaaaa! They aren't as attractive as you may think! Anyway, Abe isn't reciting poetry in the games, he is narrating, speaking from his heart! He is the one who spoke the poems that you heard. (I don't even know if he can write, but if he can, I'll ask him to make a book of them!)

Question: hey alf! your my fav mud. i have a simple question, what are the dominant species on oddworld, i always like to think it were the glukkons who i have the honour to serve ... but i guess they are not, maybe you know? terry the slig

Alf: Well, it depends on the point in history that we are talking about. I believe it is the waxing and waning of the moons that causes the rise and fall of these cultures; it causes the tide, it makes the weirdos come out, and no one else seems to have a better explanation. And with multiple moons, well, things get pretty crazy around here!

Question: Alf, yer just the greatest :) First of all, that book you are holding in you're hand on the photo of you ...yes, that's right,the one just over, yup thats it. Can I see it? Let me take a different approch. Can you guy's at OWI write a few books for puplishing? I would looove to sit down with a nice fairy tale about Oddworld. Not that I have anything against Fan Fiction, but it's just not the same thing. It's not as "real" (ahem). So, Alfie, when you got some spare time, could you either write a novel or two or lend me that book you're reading. Secondly, I would like a quick question. How come Abe has a tatoo on his chest in the cinematics and not in the game? (That would be Abe's Exoddus, not Munch's Oddysee).

Alf: First of all, I know I am, now get over it! Abe's tattoo? What're your eyes stitched up or something? The tat is there. Maybe it's just so dark in the mines that you can't see it. As for a book ... Sure, I'll write a book. Let's see ... I can pencil that in for tomorrow at ... 3:30? Is that good for you? Assistant! Assistant! Get that on my books, will you? Yes, that's right, tea at 3:00, write novel at 3:30, and tea again at 4:00. Thank you, dear. Now be gone with you filthy beast!

Question: Hi, I was just at oddworld.com and it said to send an email here if you had a question about the website. I was just wondering how come there aren't any Christmas pictures this year? I've been looking around and I can't see any... The past few years there have been some really good ones and I was looking forward to seeing more this year. OK that's my question. I'm sorry if I wasn't supposed to send it here, I didn't mean to waste your time. Thanks Kram (from Australia)

Alf: Kram, you are all wasting my valuable tea drinking time, but I am loving and benevolent, so I carry on. You're welcome. We wanted to post the Christmas pictures, but frankly they were all too inappropriate to be posted. You know that people watch the internet all the time, right now in fact. That is all I can say. I've already said too much. Out.

Question: Dear Alf, in Exoddus how can you tell which mud you are in the desert scene? One more thing can Munch, Abe and his fellow mud's survive really high falls, because in Munch's Odysee Abe can chuck his fellow Mud's and Munch from really high platforms or buildings without them getting hurt, and speaking of Abe chucking his fellow mud's can the mud's jump for themselves or does Abe need to pick them up and throw them?Thanks Alf, I'm a fan of you and the Oddworld Universe.

Alf: I am the severely dehydrated one. When not dehydrated, Mudokons have amazing rubber-like qualities that prevent them from injury. And yes, we can jump for ourselves, but muds are like little children. When you are in a hurry, sometimes it's just easier and faster to DO IT FOR THEM!

Question: Hi Alf, seeing as Munch's Oddysee is exclusive to XBOX, Why can"t GW make a shorter cheaper game exclusive to PS2?

Alf: So you are requesting a shorter, cheaper "Munch-Lite"? Let me explain something to you: short and cheap, BAD. Full length and quality, GOOD.

Question: Hi Alf, it's me again. Could you PLEASE tell me how the industrial facilities are built and who builds them? Does it take a long time, because those factories are HUGE! Thanks, Phlibbo

Alf: Slave labor, mostly. The more slaves you have, the less time it takes. The industrialists love to waste materials too, thus they "super size" there facilities. The more trees they can cut and the more rivers they can pollute, the bigger they feel.

Question: I know Glukkons and Vykkers produce their...products...to make moolah. To make moolah you have to have customers. It doesn't seem like the Mudokons would be their only source of income. Who are the other customers? Or am i just utterly wrong, and the Mudokons support the bad guys bank accounts?

Alf: I suppose YOU'VE never bought anything that supported anyone but good doers! See if you can make clear consumer decisions while your mind is reeling from the case of brew you just drank! We didn't always know what was in those products! We thought if it tasted good, it must be good! That's what the commercials all said. I want my mommy!

Question: How come the blind mudokon on Abe's Exoddus(where you drank all that brew)fell down a hole, was there 301 Muds and if you can't answer this, ask Abe or Lorne L.

Alf: Lorne says I don't have to answer any more if I don't want to. He says I can have tea and a biscuit and take a nap. 'Till next time, this is the number one Mud that ain't no dud -- so when you have a question and need the direct line to information central, don't forget to ask Dear Alf!

(Posted on: 04/2003)

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Question: Q: Hey Alf, Where does the name Magog Cartel come from? Love Kurdt

Alf: Kurdt, I love you too, man! You have never heard of Magog before? Really, you kids are getting cheated on your education, you really should register a complaint! But really, Magog Cartel is serious business. This name is many centuries old, and as I'm sure you know, history that sticks around that long is likely to take part in the future at some point. Just be careful how much digging you do, this council of powerful financiers have a way of making problems disappear, so don't be a problem, if ya know what I mean!

Question: Hey Alf, I was just wondering in Munch's Oddysee there is a huge skeleton bone in the Paramite Run stage, I was just wondering if you could clear that one up... There is no creature in Oddworld that big that I have seen yet... Is that Searex I have heard a little about ..and one more question please...if Oddworlds' next game isnt going to be Munch's Exoddus then what the next installments purpose to the Quintology? Thanx for the chat. Catch some tea some time else. - Daniel

Alf: You are correct. It is a creature that you have not seen yet. And the purpose of the next installment in the Quintology is the same as the others. The whole thing isn't about Munch, it never was! Abe would be really hurt if he heard you say that!

Question: What kind of life exist on other continents of Oddworld other than Mudos? Now I know thats a pretty deep question but have you seen other continents of Oddworld other than Mudos?From a loyal fan and hopefully one day a future conceptual artist Paramiteabe ...("-")

Alf: Dear PA. I am content with the confines of Mudos and my cozy Rehab for now. I know there is more out there, but, well, most of us are pretty lazy and not really interested too much in anything beyond our own backyards right now. If I hear anything, I'll let ya know!

Question: I'm getting Munch's Oddysee for my birthday and I can't wait. Any ways, I would like to know if there is a Slog queen and will we see slogs with machinery like robotic arms in future games thanx for your time

Alf: Wow, Happy Birthday! Slog Queen? I don't know. I guess slogs have to come from somewhere, though I always thought they probably just evolved from a stank-nasty cesspool. If the Glukkons or the Vykkers found a good use for Slogs with robotic arms, I am sure that they would build them. I'm not gonna be the one to bring it up, though.

Question: I have a question to ask you about the glukkons. Here's the question. W hat would happen if Mullock came back? Hope you answer my question. May Odd be with you!Cody

Alf: I have an answer for your question. Here is the answer: If Molluck came back, everyone would know, as his stench precedes him! Besides, Abey wouldn't let that happen, not in a bazillion years!!!!

Question: Hey, Alf, how come you haven't recognized as a hero like that bigshot Abe? And what exactly does BigFace have to hide? A facelift gone wrong maybe? See ya, Robman.

Alf: Well, lets see. Abe saved the entire Mudokon race and destroyed a majority of the corporations taking advantage of Mudos. I make tea. You do the math! And let me tell ya something about BigFace: he's got a big face! And a big heart! So don't you go talkin' 'bout Mr. Big that way! He's gotta wear that mask because he's so beautiful you couldn't bear to look straight at him! Your eyes would shrivel up like used spooce!

Question: Hi Alf, I have a question. I read that Sam (the Mudokon Queen) is the mother of all Mudokons. So, who is the father? -VaniLLaKiLLah

Alf: Well, uh, Sam isn't exactly a one Mudokon kinda gal, if you know what I mean ... and by "you know what I mean", I mean, he is really a they, and they are DRONES. Creepy, huh?

Question: Hi Alf! I wanna ask u what is ur Rehab tea made of? Thx Shen

Alf: Well, there are several recipes, but they all have one ingredient in common: Alf's tender luvin' care!

Question: Yo Alf, I have a few questions for you. First of all, what the hell is that thing on a slig's face? I figure you would know the anatomy of a slig from your years of the beating them silly. I thought it would control their pants, based on the wires leading to them, but crawling sligs have them too. My next question is probably a FAQ, but I'm too lazy to check. But why are Abe's lips stitched together? Was it a sick plan the gluks thought up to keep him from communicating? If that's the case, it doesn't work too well. And the last one is, why did you get the rehab and tea center? Why not Abe? He may be a goofy schmuck, but he's the savior. Not that I think you're undeserving. So don't hurt me.

Alf: Yo, lazy, I was gonna answer your question until you started insulting my abilities as the Rehab and Tea Proprietor. Abe may be some kinda savior, but he's no genius, and his entrepreneurial capabilities are, what some might call "lacking". Besides, if he were tied up in the Rehab, who would save the species? You? Pssssh!

Question: I have trouble staying odd so please help me.

Alf: 1) Get Odd 2\) Stay Odd 3\) Lather, rinse, repeat.

Question: Hey there fellow chimp ... err champ (no offense), it's me again and I have just one question for ya that I forgot to ask which it will be; whatever happened to the flying sligs? Anonymous

Alf: They flew away! Badump Bump ...

Question: Dear Alf at the risk of repeating myself, I am in desperate need of another fix of that amazing creation called ODDWORLD. Is there anybody out there that can help? I have tried the doctors but he told me he didn't have anything strong enough. I don't know what I can do. I need to get hold of the next dose before I go completely insane. Is there anyone who knows where/ when/ how? Kind regards your most desperate fan Shane,

Alf: Dear Shane, I have heard of people with your desperate condition. Perhaps you should visit the Vykkers' , wherein a headport that beams constant Oddworld content over a special frequency can be implanted in your noggin. Otherwise, have a sip of tea and quit yer whinin'.

Question: I was wondering what Sam the Mudokon queen looks like. If she is the mother of all the muds will that make her huge like a termite queen or is she the same size as the rest of her family. Please sent a picture or describe how she looks. Thanx bud.

Alf: Yes, she is one huge motha! She's never had her picture taken; our current megapixel technology just isn't mega enough.

Question: Just have a few questions for you... while I was reading "Dear Alf" I saw that one of your answers was; "Have you ever seen a female mud? Bluckhhhaaaaaaaa! They aren't as attractive as you think!" My friends and I have been wondering for a while what do female muds look like?

Alf: Like nothing else on Oddworld! ... And could you ask the coolest guy in the world (Lorne Lanning) to show a picture of a female mud on www.oddworld .com?

Question: How come in Abe's games he doesn't need spooce to take control of someone but in Munch's game you do?

Alf: Transmedial spoodiosis, coupled with the realtime continuum.

Question: In Munch's Oddysee, glukkons say "how am I gonna pay the rent?" If they have no arms, how do they ever pay the rent anyway?

Alf: This is going no where... ...Plus, why would they pay the rent if they are the leaders? That's like the president paying the rent. : ) ...and how does Lulu afford to put lulu funds everywhere if in the beginning he has no money? ... and why is Abe a different color than everyone else? ...and is the Glockstar a pimp, cause my sister and I think so. Please send your reply to my email address instead of Alf's rehab and tea

Question: Hey, how do you reply to our emails? I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Mudokons don't have computers. Does the Almighty Raison do it for you? Somehow? He is Almighty after all.

Alf: Almighty indeed! It takes a little finagling, some garden hose, half a pint of mojo and a little thing called imaaaaginaaaaation.

Question: HI! My name is Stephen F. from Sussex in England. I Love ODDWORLD so much I even bought a XBOX so I could get ODDWORLD:MUNCH's ODDYSEE and I do most of my class work on it. (If I get the chance.) I also draw comics of it! Any way I have a plan that will boost your success! Have you thought of using famous actors? Well here's some suggestions: (these actors come from the U.K.) Richard Br yers, David Jason, Robert Lindsy, John Cleese, Dawn French and Rowan Atkinson. Bye Alf!

Alf: Hi Stephen! I am glad that you are such a big fan! I can't really agree, because I would probably be banished from Mudos forever if I didn't say that our creator Lorne Lanning's character voices are superior to all others. Although, one of the actors you mentioned seems just perfect for a particular role.

If only Mr. Cleese would fart in my general di-rection ... =sigh=

(Posted on: 05/2003)

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Question: Q: Hi ! I'm search on the web, the soundtrack of Oddworld series. Have you got a CD contains these musics ? I like there !!! Could you to be send a copy at my home ? Thanks.

Alf: I'd be happy to send you a copy at home, if we had a soundtrack out! Of course, we'd love to do one, but then again, there are a lot of things that we'd like to do! For now, we are just concentrating on making games.

Question: Hello Alf. I am Xercon, a Jr. Executive Glukkon working for FeeCo Depot. Coulld you tell me more about my great boss, Aslik? Also (Aslik says he'll promote me if I get this right) where is Abe hiding these days. Oh yeah, that Slig behind you hates you and will shoot the second I say the word!!! (Evil Laughter). Thanks for your time. By the way, you should be scrubbing decks, NOT answering fan-mail! Have a good day! - Xercon

Alf: Hello Wanna-be-Exec Xercon. Your great boss Aslik has the breath of a thousand donkeys. He can reorg a company with one deft wave of a pen, and likes his hourly latte with extra fat and foam. Don't start counting your moolah yet—I'll never tell you where Abe is. Do I look like some kinda dumb chump to you? Don't answer that!!! Now, don't you have some papers to collate? I'm sure if your boss found you writing fan mail to a Mud you'd be demoted to Sloggie Chow pretty quick

Question: Hows it going in oddworld? I jusy have a few questions for you: When will you get your own game? did Meeche's have temples like scrabs? do slogs, srabs and parimites have queens? and do elums have a queen? From Oddball\_Zim ...("-")

Alf: Alf's my name, tea makin's my game! So what's with all the hierarchical, philosophical, religious questions? Eh? It''s not polite to discuss such things in mixed company! Besides, very little is known about these wild, beautiful and elusive beasts anyway. Maybe because if you get anywhere near one you'll be reduced to tooth pickins!

Question: Hey alf, thanx for putting my last question on your website I appreciate the thought, so to thank you I have some questions about your precious tea and rehab place and they are: Do you use spooce as one of the secret ingredients for your tea or do they taste soooo bad that spooce don't get your sign of approval? and besides tea will you put up a juice & rehab to go with your tea and rehab?

Alf: Anonymous: Spooce tea would probably taste like mud and money pie. Do you know how many people have touched a dollar bill by the time you get it! Ack! Can someone please bring me my sanitizer!?!!! The mere thought of it gives me an infection. As for juice, I can't be bothered with all that squeezing. Do you know how hard it is to squeeze a piece of fruit with a mug in one hand and the other on the keyboard? I'd have to employ something with more arms, then there's that mess with social security, workmuds comp.... Headaches I tell you! Headaches!

Question: Dear Alf, I have finished Abe's Exoddus (saved all 300 Mudokens) and the weirdos told me I find out about Abe's Mudoken mother when I meet Munch in the next game. I finished Munch's Odysee with all Mudokens and all Fuzzles saved and still no one tells me anything about Abe's mother. Can you fill me in? Raven

Alf: The journey of Abe and Munch is not over. The only place we can find out more about Abe's mother is in.... the future!

Question: Hello Alf! I'm a little new at this but I hope it wouldn't hurt if I ask a few questions. thanks! Gerald

Alf: Well Gerald, I don't normally do this, but it is a slow month and I shall be answering ALL of your questions! 1. What made all you native people and the industrial punks hate each other in the first place? (Was it a BIG disagreement between the mudokon queen and the glukkon queen?) A: Excellent question! It wasn't always like this. There used to be balance on Oddworld. But overpopulation caused fights over land, mates, resources, etc... and a great divide between the species. At first there was just fighting, fighting everywhere, but then even the dumbest of species realized how futile that was and slowly the militaristic clans became special interest groups, utilizing business as a vehicle for their goals. It's no big surprise that those with the most war-like tendencies were the best at business. That's how the riff between the tree huggers and the land muggers all got started. 2. I noticed in Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus Abe's voice changed. What happened? A: Puberty. 3. I looked and saw one guy asked about an oddworld movie. If you are making an oddworld movie what will it be called? A: Um, I think we have to figure out the movie part before we name it. 4. Finally, I read that the industrial punks want to find Molluck allive just to shoot him. What did Molluck do to make the other guys want to shoot him after the lighting bolt went to his head? A: Molluck didn't get where he was by making friends and influencing people. He lied, cheated, back stabbed and stepped on whoever necessary to get what he wanted. He used fear-based management techniques. Now, what do you think? : )

Question: Dear Alf my boy, It's me STEPHEN again! Pardon me boy, but could you answer these questions? 1.Why does ABE's voice change in ABE's EXODDUS? Did his voice break? 2.I have seen a black and white picture of a KINTO SLAVE but, what colour is it? 3.Do Irwin and Humphrey LOVE each other?(I really hope not!)or are they best mates? 4.WHAT THE HECK IS A SEA REX??????????????????????? Bye! Stephen

Alf: Bonjour Stephen! Wow, lots of people interested in the voice thing. Next! Kintos are a lovely shade of Burnt Sienna. Or maybe it is Raw Sienna. Can I get an artist in here? PDD! Here PDD! (whistle) Come here boys! Oh never mind. They're brown. Irwin and Humphrey? Of course they love each other... they are best mates ; ) A Sea Rex is a mysterious and elusive creature that, out of respect, I shall no longer speak of. The more who know about it the less likely the species is to survive. Au Revoir!

Question: Hey Alf, I wanna know why Abe has a red and black hairdo. You can see it real clearly on the Abes Oddysee front cover for PSX. See ya, Robman P.S. Don't say he just did the haircut because I know that ain't true.

Alf: Duh! Red and black are the hottest of haute couture!

Question: Dear Alf, are sligs from the wild or are they made by Glukkons? Please reply

Alf: Sligs are not made by Glukkons. They are born in captivity and leased at birth as corporate security personnel. Only their “gear” is manufactured. They are given mechanical pants or wings, batons, tear gas, various types of weaponry, but are never taught to use any of them all that effectively. They are easily impressed and even misled by anyone who sports larger or more exotic weaponry than their own. Status is very important to Sligs.

Question: "Hey there fellow chump!" "How's it hangin'" Recognize any of these phrases from "Munch's Oddysee"?

Alf: No. Not at all. ; )

Question: Well I finally have an Xbox and I'm playing the game like it's my child. I'll start by reasking a question I have previously asked. When Oddworld Inhabitants finish with the Oddworld Quintology, will they move on to some multiplayer Oddworld games like racing games, fighting games or even party games?

Alf: I think when Oddworld finishes the Quintology, a new one will be started. Or maybe a Heptology or a Quadrology ... ooooh, maybe a decology! Possibly an Alfology!

Question: Now I'll ask two new questions.Kind regards your most desperate fan Shane.

Alf: Must you? I'm getting weak! Are sligs evil because Glukkons force them to be? And that somewhere on Oddworld there are some nice ones?

Question: Can you give us any info on you said you will make when you have the money?

Alf: Money info give cannot saying what you are I know not sentence structure of because bad and words missing probably.

(Posted on: 06/2003)

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Question: Q: What do you think of General Dripik, Vice President Aslik, and Director Phleg?

Alf: Well, if I thought cruelty, ruthlessness, paranoia and double-dealing were enduring traits, I'd love 'em. I'd follow 'em. I'd serve 'em! But I don't.

Question: Dear Alf Buddy, What are the differences between Scrabs and Alpha Scrabs and why can't you do the shred attack in Munch's Oddness? That's all for now. Thanks Alf.

Alf: Alpha Scrabs are the leader of the pack. They are usually the dominate Scrab. In Munch's Oddysee, the Scrabs had vast areas of wilderness to roam to let their aggressions out. In Abe's Exoddus the Scrabs resided in the Mudanchee Vaults and rarely see the outdoors. Think about it, if you never got to go play outside you'd shred attack someone too!

Question: Hey Alf! Oddguy from OWF here with a question \drumroll\ Can you give out a name for at least one of the new species appearing in Steef? I'm just so curious! Thank you kind sir!

Alf: Such a polite chap, that Oddguy is. Well, I suppose I could clear up a small bit of confusion, how would that be? One of the species is in fact STEEF! Yes, it is true. Steef is not a character name but the name of a species; similar to how Mudokon and Gabbit are also species. Isn't it amazing! ! ! !

Question: Hey Alf ... I know I know I'm asking two questions in the same month but I think this one is important ... I was at my local Gamestop store and I was looking at the Coming Soon sign hanging from the ceiling and as I was reading all the new games that were coming out ... there it was ... it said Oddworld Munch's Oddysee 2 and it's release would be in October. I was shocked and I felt I had to ask the expert ... is this true?! ?!

Alf: Heya Mike, I gotta tell ya, I'm not sure what it means! Likely that crazy sign is referring to the GameBoy Advance version of Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee now in stores everywhere. With all the uncertainty in the world right now, there is one thing I can say for sure: The next game isn't coming out in October! Wouldn't that be great? But sorry, is no come out yet.

Question: Dear Alf, 1. Do the Oddworld Inhabitants arrange visits/tours for fans? 2. When are we going to get some information about the stranger (Steef is a cool name)? 3. Are Elum going to be in the next game?

Alf: Dear Expletive-for-a-first-name-that-I-had-to-partially-star-out -Tom, 1. Once in a while, under " exceptional" circumstances, fans are allowed to visit the studio. It is really rare these days, though, because we have that whole "development of a video game" thing going on. Priorities, you know. We need every able-bodied programmer programming, designer designing, modeler modeling ... well, you get the idea. 2. Official news (thanks for the compliment about the name Steef, I'm glad you like it! ) about the stranger? Well if we told you all about him he wouldn't exactly be a stranger, now would he? So uh, not gonna happen. 3. If Elum is in the next game, I doubt he will be holding the same position as last time.

Question: Dear Alf, Has the Raisin always lived "underground" and is he afflicted with the same gaseous curse as Abe and Munch?

Alf: No! How do you think he got all wrinkled and raisiny? That takes sunshine fool! Ok, sorry. Prophet and retired spiritual advisor, the raisin has lived several lives in various lands. The elderling once advised the tribal chiefs of many diverse cultures. But those are days long past. With the Vykkers around, he's got to stay in hiding with his Ratz. As for his personal odor issues, it's not certain. No one dares walk all the way around to his backside. (It would be sacrilegious! ) He does let out a mean snore, though!

Question: Yo Alf, I noticed that the Vykker's have really bad teeth. What happened? You'd think that they'd have really good dental insurance, being scientists an all. So what's up with their messed up drills?

Alf: Yeah, man, I dunno. I guess they've been sampling the sweets that they would normally test. Or maybe it's just bad genes. Like most Doctors and Scientists they don't necessarily practice what they preach.

Question: Alfster, Where can I get me some o them fancy schmancy Speedo's like those fashionable interns wear? I heard that they are to die for ... all five of the Fab Five have a pair!

Alf: A: Those gut huggers are custom made for the interns. Not for sale to the general public. Besides, I have a feeling that putting on a pair of those would be tantamount to, well, something really uncomfortable!

Question: Hey Alf, I heard the line to the rehab is real long. I was thinking about joining, but I'd like to get an idea of the wait time. Exactly how long is it? And none of that metric mumbo jumbo, either!

Alf: Well, my friend, I can't see the end of it from my chaise lounge, so it still must be pretty darn long. I suppose if I got up and addressed the issue, it might help, but I haven't even dressed myself yet today, let alone any issues! See ya at the end of the line, sucker!

Question: Alf, I have a pet slog who has been such a dear, tearing up the neighbors and leaving Slog Dumplins in their yards. What is the appropriate treat for my sweetums?

Alf: Well, it's like the old rhyme from my childhood goes: Lick wack, Mudokon smak Give your slog a bone! This old mud came limpin' home!

Question: Dear Alf, I noticed in a copy of the Daily Deception one of the headlines reads, "Rupture Farms Grand Re-Opening Delayed! " So what's the scoop? When will Rupture Farms re-open?

Alf: According to Munch's Oddysee for the GameBoy Advance now available on store shelves everywhere; the land where RuptureFarms once stood was rebuilt into "Evenwurst Weiner Factory".

(Posted on: 07/2003)

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Question: Q: Hiya Alf! I've been wondering just who came up with the idea of the game's setting as a meat packing plant. I myself looove the looks of refineries and big factories how they have so many pipes and big somke stacks and there's lights everywhere and there's huge machinery. A lot of people don't except the person who made the setting of the game. So what I'm saying is who came up with the idea of putting a meat packing plant as a setting and why? Your BIGGEST fan, Mike.

Alf: Well there, Big Mike, I'm happy to hear that you think the structure which enslaved and later snackified my brothers is so visually appealing!!!! Who could think up such a demented and horrible place? Lorne Lanning, that's who. Luckily he also thought it would be cool to have a saviour to lead us out of that Odd forsaken bung hole.

Question: dear alf, everyone else e-mails in to see pics of muds, about technology and that sort of stuff...but we on the other hand...have seen real mudokons...and are on a quest to save them...though it is VERY DIFFICULT...especially when 1 in 10 will not pay the slightest attention to us...being a mudokon yourself (elssacecon bow to you) could you tell us how to approach these shy and very fast mudokons... - THANX- ElSsAceCon xxx

Alf: EISsAceCon, All you need is bait. Try offering those chumps some tea or brew and munchies!

Question: Dear Amazing Alf, I was wondering...What ever happened to the flethches or what ever they were called? Will there be an "Oddworld: Munch's Exodus"? How come in Abe's Oddysee the Scrab's attacked each other and they don't in Munch's Oddysee? Will we ever see a female character? Will there ever ba a "Slig Army"? Thank's for your time ...("-")

Alf: Since most fleeches get flushed when they become too obnoxious for their owners to handle, you can find most of them hanging out in the marshes, lakes, sewers and forests of Oddworld. I don't recommend going and looking for them, though. You know what they say, two heads are better than one! especially for chomping an innocent bystander! Oddworld Munch's Exoddus? Read the FAQs. I'm sure that in time some of the female characters of Mudos will be revealed. A slig army? I doubt it. They are highly social and easily misled by those with larger weapons than their own. Can you imagine the chaos just of setting up the chain of command? Madness!

Question: Dear Alf, I have a few more questions if you don't mind. If all of your eggs are shipped to factories how come there are so many wild Mudokens? Also are you a wild Mudoken or did Abe save you? Also if its not asking too much could you have Abe open a bird portal to Earth? My bags are even packed already! From Oddball\_zim

Alf: Dear OBZ, Well, there were Mudokons around before the eggs were shipped, so you do the biological math! I myself am a worker class like Abe. I will see about the bird portal thing. Maybe we could switch houses for a week or two. You can run the rehab while I lounge in your cabana just off the keys. You do have a cabana just off the keys, don't you?????

Question: Alf, if Abe and his fellow Muds can survive really high falls than how come in Abes oddysee and exoduss you cant survive them, you just die.

Alf: Well, if you drop a super ball from an airplane, it ain't gonna bounce back to you. Everyone and everything has its limits. Mudokons are no exception.

Question: Dear Alf my favourite mud, I wanna know why the sligs and glukkons don't get afraid when Abe starts chanting to posses them in Munches oddysee. One more thing how come in Munches when you posses a glukkon you cant kill him by self disrupting him. Thanks for your time Alf buddie.

Alf: Well, actually, by possessing a Glukkon, you ARE “self-disrupting' him. If you want to kill him, or make him self-destruct, that is another story. Personally, I think it is more entertaining to play with their minds.

Question: Dear Alf Why are Glukkons profit crazy and evil? Were they born bad? Christopher

Alf: It's part genetics, part environmental. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.

Question: Hi Alf! I got a few questions for ya. What happened between Abe's Exoddus and Munch's Oddysee? How much time was there in between them? A few days? Weeks? How did Abe come across the Almighty Raisin? Do Big Face and the Almighty Raisin know each other? Did they meet before Munch's Oddysee? Will Big Face return in the next Oddworld game? Okay, so its more than a few questions but only one more question. In the opening movie for Abe's Exoddus where you and Abe first get into Necrum Mines, did the Mudokon push Abe off or did he fall? If the mudokon did push him, were you that mud? Thanks Alf!

Alf: Between AE and MO? Well, let's see, there was the big one, then my downward spiral into black tea drinking, the goat tee phase, my cubist period, my blue period, my lack of punctuation period (spawned by the internet), and then the inevitable feta and avocado on flatbread period. Odd how I love flatbread. It is like bread, only satisfyingly flat! Ok, so that was probably more information than you wanted, but just one more useless tidbit: I may or may not have pushed Abe. Those memories are foggy, very foggy!!!..

Question: Dear Alf, I think all of the Oddworld games have been great so far. Naturally, I have some questions.(It would be pretty pointless not having any) 1. Are you going to be making an online/multiplayer game somewhere in the future?

Alf: Hmmm!. Good idea! 2. Why don't mudokons steal sligs guns after they've been killed?

Question: "hey ALf! I was wonderin' if you could give us fans any info about the kinto slaves, octigi, gloktigi, meetle and mug? Also could you by any chance talk to the webmaster about starting a page for ideas for the games that were never used in the final version. Thanks, Kendall

Alf: Hi Kendall, I can't tell you much about them now, but pretty soon you might be learning more. I tried to talk to the webmaster about games, but that chump is always at the massage chair or the coffee shop!

Question: Hi, long time no sneeze... See! Ehm, I was wondering what the reahab is like late at night when the young muds go home to sleep. Do you serve brew? (Yes, I know that's the whole point of the tea, to heal muds from brew...) becuas in that case, you could sell them tea afterwords... I think you almost must do this Alfie, sense all mudokons know brew is bad, AND Soulstorm is blown to pieces... So therefor you must have yer own secret brewery, to keep the customers in, to buy tea. Otherwise I have some aditional questions.

Alf: You are the man that invented the deodorant that makes you sweat, the breath mint that makes breath smell bad, the acne gel that makes you break out, the diet soda that makes you fat! You are an evil, evil man! But I respect your ingenuity and will answer your questions accordingly. 1: Why did Mullock start the Employe of the year thing? They are slaves after all. You know what I think? I think Mullok had a bigger heart than you think :p

Question: Dear Alf i have two questions iv been dieing to ask you 1 is: on Abes Exoddus why didnt you listen 2 abe when he told you not to dring the brew when you knew what a hero he was and that he had saved 99 modokons from rupture farms. And another is: why do scrabs and paramites and other creatures attack abe on sight, do they have a natural instinct to kill mudokons or something ur greatest rehab attendent KIT

Alf: Uh, we all drank the brew, even Abe, until he saved us and I started the Rehab. Get it straight! If you are a rehab attendant I oughta have you scrubbing latrines! Scrabs and paramites attack because they are hungry, like most wild animals they have to eat, and if the food wants to play chase, even better!

Question: Is this Alf im not sure. Well i got ?'s. When does the Shrink appear and will Vykkers be in the next odd game? Also... how come you scare me? j/w. buh-by

Alf: It's me, unfortunately. Just to try and salvage some tiny, itsy bitsy smaller-than-human-hair fragment of my reputation, I will tell you that it is highly likely that the Vykkers will play a role in the next game. Not for sure, but probably. Why do I scare you? Are you also afraid of other tea makers? Do you have issues with Rehab? Why do people come to me with their personal problems? I don't have time to deal with this slogwash.

Question: Dear Alf, I have four very good questions for you to answer. Please respond back to them:) 1. At the end of Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, was Abe at your Alf's Rehab and Tea party?

Alf: Oh yeah, me and Abe party together all the time. 2. What made you join Abe in his journey to SoulStorm Mining Co.?

(Posted on: 12/2000)

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Question: Q: When can I expect to see the PC version of Munch’s Oddysee in the stores?

Alf: We are currently concentrating on the Xbox version. It is yet to be determined if there will be a PC version.

Question: Will we be able to revisit some of the places Abe has been in Munch’s Oddysee? Are all those screens of the forest area Paramonia? Plus, can we go see the ruins of some of the factories Abe blew up??

Alf: A return to the ruins of Rupture Farms figures in Munch’s Oddysee.

Question: I heard that in Munch’s Oddysee that Abe and Munch can travel together or seperately. What happens to Munch if Abe has to go on a solo mission? Does he just sit there, or start acting on his own??

Alf: Munch is a very young creature, only recently reintroduced to the world after long confinement inside Vykkers Labs. Leave him alone and he has a tendency to hunker down and wait for someone to come get him.

Question: Whatever happened to SligStorm? I’d heard it was going to star an albino Slig larva, and run on the Abe’s Exoddus engine. I know it’s been scrapped, but why? Can you tell s’more details about it?

Alf: SligStorm was briefly considered as a Playstation game, but publishing plans are always in flux, and we elected not to pursue that particular project. The SligStorm concept remains on our drawing boards and may see the light of day … and sooner than you expect.

Question: Will there be a temple for Scrabs or Paramites or something like that?

Alf: Not in Munch’s Oddysee, no. But there will be plenty of new native structures that you’ve never seen before.

Question: Is the sound team planning on putting some more-appeasing-to-the-teens kind of songs, or are you guys going to stick to the classic majestic feeling of Abe’s Oddysee and Exoddus?

Alf: Oddworld’s musical style is a signature element of the series, and I don’t anticipate it will change any time soon.

Question: Why is Abe blue?

Alf: He’s depressed.

Question: In Abe’s Exoddus, who is the guy that is locked all alone in the brewery that gives Abe the power to heal the three he frees from the tear extractor?

Alf: There are helper Mudokons scattered all through the Abe adventures. They’re friends of BigFace.

Question: The Oddworld Universe has amazing images. Who does the art, who draws and paints these masterpieces? Also, I’ve noticed that in many pictures a Mudokon is holding a spear. Was this an early addition to the game, or just an artist’s conception?

Alf: Oddworld has a staff of very talented Production Designers responsible for creating the Oddworld Universe the old fashion way (pencils, paints & paper)! The Mudokon-with-spear was early conceptual art, and never appeared in a game.

Question: I read that the planet of Oddworld is ten times as big as Earth and that all the action has taken place in the region of Mudos. Will other regions be revealed in Munch’s Oddysee?

Alf: The action of Munch’s Oddysee remains in Mudos … but you haven’t yet seen even a fraction of Mudos, let alone other areas of the world that will appear in future Quintology titles.

Question: I was wondering on Oddworld if there are casinos, clubs, and amusement parks? I also want to know what type of religion does each species have? Also, you are sooo cute Alf!!!!

Alf: The Glukkons love casinos, clubs, and amusement parks, and we have tentative plans to feature such venues in Munch’s Exoddus. As far as religion goes … well, Glukkons worship Moolah, while Mudokons keep their religious feelings to themselves.

Question: In Abe’s Exoddus(PC), the credits have a movie-like picture with mudokons all wired up to these “devices” by their feet. Is this a movie that I missed, or is it a cut-scene from Munch’s Oddysee?

Alf: Not sure, but it sure sounds like you missed the Bad Ending where Abe gets his butt fried!

(Posted on: 08/2003)

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Question: Q: Hey Alf, I gotta question (obviously). In the end of Abe's Oddysee, Shrykull fries everbody in the Magog Cartel conference room. If they are all dead, how can they still be terrorizing Oddworld? —SLIGcatcher.

Alf: One word: Progeny. NEXT!

Question: HI Alf it is me Grant hows life on oddworld? thank you for repling to my last e mail i just whant to know were did Elum and how are those greddy glukins so dangers if they do not have arms or wepons? Oh one more thing do you know what the next oddwold game be called and when is it comeing out? your odd friend —Grant

Alf: Life on Oddworld is sublime and I am loving it. Elum is out to pasture and the Glukkons use the most terrifying weapon known to Muds… their wallets! And I know nothing of the next Oddworld game, except that there is one.

Question: I haven't played Munch's Oddysee - I haven't got an XBox - but I have read what I can about it. I've noticed in one review that at one point you get chased by a herd of scrabs. A herd of scrabs?! Shouldn't a herd of scrabs rapidly become a smaller herd of full scrabs and then down to one exceedingly fat scrabs? Mind you, there must be some way that they can interact peacefully in order to procreate. I'm really curious to find out more. Please enlighten me. ...("-")

Alf: Well the procreation doesn’t have to be peaceful. Of course in our fairy tale minds we want it to be but it isn’t always so. As you may know creatures often act completely different in large groups. The larger the group, the stranger things get. Hey, wait a minute, why haven’t you played Munch’s Oddysee? I don’t have time for this drivel! Poof! Be gone!

Question: Hello Alf! What about a re-release of Abe's Oddysee, and Abe's Exoddus on Xbox, so i can toss my old Playstation away!??? Thanks for a great games series!!! Hi from a big fan in Norway! (",)

Alf: Great idea! I will tell Bill. Cheers Norway!

Question: Wazzup Alfie my brotha! I got a few questions for ya to answer--if its not to much trouble for ya! Enjoy! Signed, oDdAnT 1.What kind of Natural Resources are there down in OddWorld?

Alf: We’ve got fossil fuels, water, dirt, plants and spooce. All kinds of great stuff that you could live off of for centuries. Barring any money-mongering industrialists, that is. 2.How come just about every industrail character works for the Glukkons?

Question: O.k., so that's more than a few questions \~sorry\~ but please respond back to them! ttyl! bye!

Alf: Don't be sorry, be odd... and STAY ODD!

Question: Dear Alf, My question is while I was browsing the Oddworld site i stumbled upon a picture that said Fud TV. What is Fud TV? And, unless it appeared in an earlier game and I missed it, will it appear in the next game? One of your biggest fans, Mike

Alf: Mike, FUD TV is the station that unearthed The Bones-Brew Connection and attempted to make it public knowledge. The circumstances surrounding their success and their whereabouts remain in question.

Question: dear alf I know im just an ant in a world of things to you, but as a fan i wonder so much about the next odd world game. and im sure you get tons of e-mails about it, and magazines bothering you like crazy, and what not. i just think tomyself... what could be cooking up for the next game. i havent herd a single thing about it. does it invalve munch? is it funny like munch's oddessy.... or kinda darker like odd abb's 2 tittles. well i cant wait to know. keep up the wonderful work. and let the fans here to good word!! thank you. —John

Alf: John! You are not an ant! A slimy, light-fearing cockroach maybe, but not an ant! As for the next game it is still in the oven. Did you see the Discovery special? You really have to check it out, it’s all the rage.

Question: To Whom it May Concern: I hope I sent this request to the right address; I was wondering who was the voice actor for the Sligs in Munch's Odyssee? I realize he acted for several characters in the game. I traded Odyssee last year so I couldn't look up the credits, but I still remember his work on the game and a few words came to mind: entertaining, humorous, and talented! I hope he will be available to make a contribution to your upcoming games for the Xbox. Thanks for your time! Sincerely, Brian

Alf: Brian, I really hope that he can contribute to the upcoming games as well, because the voice talent for the Sligs was none other than our very own Lorne Lanning, President and Creative Director of Oddworld Inhabitants. He’s the brain behind ALL of this crazy stuff!

Question: "Yo alf i was just thinken with Munch around will oddworld be the same Oddworld is never the same, always different, always Odd!

Alf: All I can say is it's probably going to get Stranger.

Question: Hey,I was wondering why you aren't going to put Oddworld out on Playstaion because the first two games are on Playstation? And when are some of the Oddworld movies going to come out? And for my final question, When you sign up with the fan club do they send you mail like letters or do they send you E-mail. Oh YEAH!One more question, how longdoes it take for the mail to come? thanks,Alf!

Alf: Munch’s Oddysee was an Xbox exclusive because the Xbox has superior harware capabilities and is easier to program for. If you want a more detailed explanation, you can look up the November 2000 archives for a statement from our President and CEO. I don’t know when the movies will come out. Could be a while, though. Movies are a big process! When you sign up for the fan club you will get an initial mail letting you know the form you submitted worked, then I will send you mail very, very sporadically. Hey—it’s a work in progress! As for mail, it is a fickle system that often results in people accusing me of not sending anything. Whatever!

Question: Wazzup Alf! How's bussiness for you in the Rehab? You should have a question of the month or something like that. That would be cool. I have 2 questions, please answer them! Thank-you. See you around! —Anthony

Alf: Oh boy. Questions. I can hardly wait. Hold me back. Hold....me.......back. Hey—did he just call me round? 1. What are the requirments of becoming the fan of the month?

Question: I have a few questions for you: 1. Who is the Chronicler, and is he the one who writes the "storydweller" story stones?

Alf: The Chronicler is an accountant. He doesn’t have anything to do with writing. He’s a left brainer. 2. Will any of the Oddworld heroes actually meet the queens? I've seen pictures of them, well apart from Skillya...

Question: Dear Alf, I was wondering about Abe's Mom. At the end of Abe's Exodus, it said that the next game would introduce her but you never see her in Munch's Game? What gives?

Alf: What gives? No one gives anymore. It’s just take, take, take! Besides, why would ABE’s mom be in MUNCH’s game? That is what I would like to know!

Question: Oddworld-Web: Abe hey this is abester i have 3 questins 1 will abe be in further games 2 will elum be in further games3 howcome you and abe like never have a pet like a scrab or paramite or fuzzles or are elums and meetles your pet

Alf: 1. Maybe 2\. Maybe 3\. Pets = waste. Alf doesn’t do waste. Hey, you gotta draw the line somewhere.

Question: Dear Alf, While I was watching Gulliver's Travels and sitting amoungst my piles of dirty clothing and moldy week old pizza, I realized I was pretty darn hungry, and penicilin just wasn't gunna cut it. So strangly enough I found myself ungluing myself from the TV and heading toward the fridge. Nothing there appeared edible, well unless you like glass jars or cinema hot dogs (stangly enough I hear people eat such things.) Anyway, I thought to myself, "What would be better right now than a Meech Munchie?" I went down to the store and I hear that they are extint! So I asked them for a Paramite Pie, but they were all out. I didn't know what else there was, so I just went home, but when I got there the "Travels" were over. So my question comes in two parts: \#1 Can you give me a list of all those tasty, delectable treats (some pictures whould be nice too) so I can properly decide what I can get at the store, and so I don't miss my shows. and \#2 Is it healthy to leave my TV alone for so long like that? I swear those 20 minutes were one of the most horrifing moments in all my life. Sincerly, Chris "Hungry and Scared"

Alf: Dear Chris, You are in luck my friend! You can visit the Rupture Farms catalogue at www.Oddworld.com in the November 2002 archives. Outdated you say? Nay my friend… outstanding!

Question: Does Phleg have acromegaly?

Alf: Ok, lets not kid ourselves. The real question is, "does Alf have to look acromegaly up in the dictionary?" Well the answer is yes, as a matter of fact I do, as that is a very obscure medical reference that I personally have no interest in. The answer to the other, more superfluous question is no. Phleg does not have acromegaly. He just has a severe case of egostroke-e-osis. Oh yes. That, my fellow buds, is what I call linquistics in action.

(Posted on: 09/2003)

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Question: Q: Not to bother you again. I was curious... is this one person, or a thing where a bunch of people use one name and answer the overabundance of fans who have pointless questions. (Chuckles), sorry. Um, thanks for your advice. So how did you get into this job? Oh, and could you, er....will you send information on the new oddworld game? I missed the sneek peek on the discovery channel. I love oddworld games. They are so original and mindblowing. It would be cool to meet the creator, and tell him how awesome he is, and that there are a lot of kids in Troy, Illinois who love these games, and cannot wait for the next installments. Anyhoo, any pics that you can send, and info would be much appreciated! Thanks again! Love and light! —Randy

Alf: Randy, please my friend, bother away! It is merely I, the Alfster, knower of little, teller of less. How did I get this job you ask? Well, it all started with me and Abe in the desert. If you want to know more, study your games! Thanks for the love and light, but I can't tell you anything about the next game. I have to leave you in the dark on that one. Har har.

Question: Greetings, Mr. Alf!! How odd are you?? Some days ago i read the answers and questions of "Dear Alf" section and suddenly the inspiration came to me!! You probably know what is to come, heheheh. Would you mind answering the questions that are corroding my human little brain????????????? ó.ò Would you refuse to do it before these big "starving-Mudokon-like" eyes???????????????????????? Ó.Ò hehehehe Ok, before you say anything, the real question are: (6) Why the native mudokons that appear in oddworld first games were exactly equal to Abe and not full of feathers, paitings on their skin and things like that??Were the natives of abe's oddysee and exoddus actually the mudokons abe saved?????? Well, thanks for your attention, Mr. Alf. I promise you that when I formulate new questions, you'll be the first one to know it, heheheheheheheheheheh. Have a nice day!! "Love" —Petit (Yes, I am female )

Alf: Hey there chuckles, Sorry about deleting your first five questions, but at Alf's Rehab, Alf's the only one who gets to be excessive. Them's the rules. So, \#6: Mudos is populated by a whole slew of native Mudokons, all of different tribal background and heritage, each with their own unique customs and manner of dress and uh, makeup. The entire Mudokon race is indebted to Abe for his actions.

Question: is there going to be any new characters in the new game??? ...("-")

Alf: Yup, new game = new characters. Woohoo!

Question: Hey Alf, I was wondering who it is who does all that wacky Oddworld art? Could it be just the "production designer" Farzad Varahramyan (yes! I spelled it right!). Or is it the "game designers?" I don't know, do you?

Alf: Well, you're a good speller, but your info is a little watered down. Over the years Oddworld has employed many talented art-folk. Right now we have a team of three production designers: Raymond Swanland, Silvio Aebischer, and Gautam Babbar. They are all super talented, each in their own right and are slaving away, pencil in hand, right at this very moment to keep the art flowing. Now, the Game Designers are equally as talented, but they do something entirely different! They plan out the logistics of the game, make it fun and functional, and although they may be closet artists, that's not the talent we harvest from their bountiful minds. At least not yet.....

Question: Hi Alf I have a couple of questions. 1. in the upcoming game do you play as abe or is he out of the storie. 2. Also does the latest game still have the same type of gameplay.

Alf: Uh, no, no, and sorta but not really.

Question: Alf I have three Questions 1.Are you guys making a game called Hand On Odd which is a online multi player game if so can you give me the date it comes out? 2.What would you give Munchies Oddseey for the X-Box. 3.I dont have an X-box is there a default in them.

Alf: Hand on Odd. Heeheeeheee! No. There are rumors about Hand of Odd, but we're not working on that right now.Your second question, quite frankly, confuses me. I guess if you were talking about a score of 1 through 10, I would have to say a 7. After all, I'm not in it- how good could it possibly be? And yeah, there are a lot of defaults in the Xbox, but then, consumers have their defaults, too, right? Your second question, quite frankly, confuses me. I guess if you were talking about a score of 1 through 10, I would have to say a 7. After all, I'm not in it—how good could it possibly be? And yeah, there are a lot of defaults in the Xbox, but then, consumers have their defaults, too, right?

Question: Dear Alf dude, Thanx for posting my question a few months ago! But here comes another one: All these inhabitants like Skillya, Sam, Chronicler, Accountants, meeches, etc. seem to be known by everyone except me! Where can I find pictures, info and stuff about them so I'm not behind everyone else anymore? —Raven

Alf: Well Raven, I am glad you asked! Just flap, flap, flap your little wings on over to the Universe section of www.Oddworld.com and you'll be schooled properly on all the necessary Oddworld characters.

Question: HI! I love your games,I have Abe odyssée and Abe exoddus at home,in Abe odyssée,I am escape 77 Mudokons and in Abe exoddus escape 339 Mudokons. I love Abe becose, the fart and in my family the farts is a tradition.Ok that\`s it.Oh! Wait.Please tell Abe for me:Good luck Abe for the next adventure on Oddworld!!!!!!!

Alf: Hm. Wow. That is just way, way too much information.

Question: I was just reading the article in gameinformer magazine about the next oddworld coming out. And all I'm wondering is why? Is Abe going to be in the game at all. He has been the star of the past three games, well sharing the role with munch. Please give a more in-depth explanation if at all possible. A concerned gamer —Erik

Alf: Dear Erik the Concerned, Don't be concerned, dude. Abe is just worn out and needs a rest. And aren't you just the least bit interested in what other characters inhabit Mudos? I know I am. I mean, it's foolish to think that Mudokons are the only species out there, right? We can't be the only ones...........

Question: Hello, Alf! I'm Eduardo, and I am Brazilian, so, if you can read this, tell me, and I will send more questions. Will you guys release one RPG game of Oddworld some day? I love RPGs, and it would be very good to see Abe, Monch and all of those folks in one RPG game. Eduardo

Alf: Hello Eduardo! An Oddworld RPG? I wouldn't rule it out, but we definitely aren't working on it at the moment. The focus right now is on that Stranger you saw on the Discovery Channel.

Question: "Dear Alf, As much as I love Munch's Oddysee so far, I find myself missing the old 2D gameplay of the first 2 games. Has the idea of making a 3d oddworld game on a 2d track (a' la Contra: Shattered Soldier or Duke Nukem Manhattan Project) been kicked around at all? I felt that the main reason that I liked the first 2 Oddworld games were that they were beautifully done 2d games in an era where the industry was moving into 3d, they kind of showed that 2d still has it's place in the industry. And now with Oddworld and Castlevania as well going 3d I'm wondering if 2d is actually heading out to pasture for good. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. Oh, and regardless of my preferences for gameplay I just wanted to congratulate the folks over at Oddworld Inhabitants for creating a world with so muchh beauty and depth. Thanks again, Kenny

Alf: Well first of all, thank ya from all the Inhabitants! That is a huge compliment. As much as we all love the first two 2D games, (you aren't the first to point it out), the background of the founders of Oddworld is steeped in 3D tradition. Sherry and Lorne both come from the 3D effects industry, and are always looking for new challenges and ways of expressing the Oddworld story. So the goal is to eventually move into 4D and 5D, where in real time is actually REAL TIME, and you can actually taste and smell everything, creating the first-ever, fully functional immersive video game experience. Oh, and did I mention that I don't play games? So I don't have a clue what I'm talking about. But wouldn't that be sweet! Possibly even sour......

Question: Hey Alf, I'm thinking of getting Xbox Live and I was wondering whether the next Oddworld Title will support it. If it's still undecided or under-wraps, that's fine. Anyway, thanks for your time. SLIGcatcher

Alf: Uh, I choose B.

Question: Good tidings to you Alf old bean! now i have to admit i was a bit slow off the mark getting Munches Oddysee....and i love it...but!....i finished it in under a week!...dude whats goin on! the first 2 games i was stuck on for weeks on end...but i love how theres more then 2 ways to solve the puzzles...that fact i like muchly..gimme something to sink my teeth into man!!! just 1 more question tho........Do the sligs have a Workers Union? —Dom

Alf: Wow, I've never been referred to as a bean. I feel kind of, well, pretty and cute, and sproutish. Unlike those dirty, rotten Sligs. Union? Puhleaze. The closest sligs will ever get to anything resembling a union is their relationship with their pants.

Question: Hi Alf, my name is Alex and i´m from germany. So, my english isn´t the best! ;-) Question: How was the graphic in the three games made? I mean, is it "2D-Pixel-Art" or 3D-Rendering? Or a combination? Best wishes, Alexander.

Alf: Well, the first two games, Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus were 2D side-scrolling platformers, and Munch Oddysee was a 3D platformer.

Question: Dear Alf I have one question in the last level of Munch's Oddysee when you had to fight all of those armored Sawbones with the Mudarchers were those elums on the table with there head cut off or some new odd creature that we havent seen yet please write back and thanks for your time your odd little friend, Cody

Alf: Yeah, you'd think having a flatulent rider on your back all day would be the worst, but sadly, most Elums endure a fate far less enjoyable.

Question: Hi Alf, I'm a german Oddworld fan, and I Love Oddworld, so I have some questins for you (don't lought my english was bad): "Are we meet Abe or Munch in the next game?" (I'm sorry, when an other Asks it, too...) "Are the next game on an other Continent of Oddworld?" "Are you make an Oddworld Movie?" Thank you verry much by Oddys (13 jears)

Alf: Oddys, Don't be ridiculous, your English is far better than most Americans'! Honestly, I don't know for sure yet if Abe or Munch will be in the next game. I do know that it will take place here in Mudos, though. And yes, we hope to one day make an Oddworld movie. For the love of ODD pleeeeeease make that movie soon, people! Oooops, did I actually write that? I'm a little anxious, that's all.

Question: hi alf ElSsAceCon here thanx for replyin the munchies are helpin us find the mudokon's ive got 3 questions once again about the real mudokons: 1. if mudokons could choose to be any animal on earth what would you be and why? 2. does big face ever tire of wearing that mask all day and does he ever take it off? 3. final question: sligs are evil but when we were chased by one he tripped are they ever clumsy on oddworld? thanx alf, ElSsAceCon xxxx

Alf: EISlongobscurenamedontfeelliketypingitalldangit, If I could be any animal on Earth it would be a Bulldog, where I could lounge at my master's feet on a soft pillow of tartan plaid and sup the finest Earl Grey from a gold-rimmed puppy bowl and be referred to as “such a good lad”. Regarding Big face: he wears the mask as religiously as the wife of a tv evangelist, my dears. On the clumsiness of sligs: you'd trip too if you had to learn to walk (let alone run) in metal trousers!

Question: Dear Aunty Slig, oh, I mean Alf how ya' doin'? its me againy Stephen French! mind if I might ask?......... 1.I now know that you will be doing Hand of Odd and Squeak's or should I say? Steef's Oddysee, but what about Munch's Exoddus? cos' we need another Exoddus man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( 2.in the fourth game will Abe and his good old friend Munch be in it? cos' if their not it won't be the same:( 3.who is the almighty leader of Magog Cartel? is it th prezoomed dead Molluk? or is it the Gluk's queen? 4.why do you push Abe around all the time? do you do it for pleasure? or is it reverse phicolagey?(ya' know instead of being kind your nasty but you mean it with kindness. cos' if you are its not working!) bye sucker, opps ,I mean bye wise one!

Alf: Dear Foolish Mortal, oh, I mean foolish fan, oh, I mean best buddy, oh... nevermind. Something about your mail utterly intrigued me. Prezoomed. Presumably, it means to zoom beforehand, to zoom ahead of time, which is a paradox, because zooming ahead would mean to move forward, but can you actually go forward in a pre-zoom state? I am utterly stumped at this abstract concept, so much so that I cannot continue with the laborious task of answering any more questions, including the ones in your mail.... Now it's off to think and drink................. tea of course............

(Posted on: 12/2003)

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Question: Q: I know this is a bit overdue but I finally got an XBox and MO yesterday. Before I was a PS2 fan but XBox is seriously miles better! To be honest I wasn't expecting much of Munch's Oddysee but I was blown away! It's brilliant. The standard is right up there and I can honestly say it's my new favourite Oddworld game. The levels are well done and the character interaction / gamespeak is incredible. I haven't finished it yet but I am thouroughly enjoying it! Well done Oddworld and good luck with Steef. I am really impressed with Munch! —Drew the Slig

Alf: Drew, You are such a nice Slig. What is wrong with all the other sligs? Why can't more sligs be more like you? Have I told you lately that I love you? Ooops, sorry, that's the tea talkin, ma boy.

Question: hi i am a first player of the oddworld games... i have recently bought munch's oddyessy and am very pleased with what i see on the xbox, which got me thinking why arent the other games on this platform??? why would u switch consoles? this puzzling question is bigging me, because i wold really like to play the previous two so that i truly know the story of ABE. if u could shed some light onto this question of mine id be very happy \~thanks,Andrew

Alf: Andrew, I'm so glad that you are enjoying the games! And you want to play the other games on Xbox? This is the most refreshing thing I have heard of since Mango Iced Tea! It would be great to move AO and AE over to Xbox. Of course, that would be enough work for an entire development team and would probably take a few years... If we did it the fans might get angry at us for not moving forward, after all, we are but a tiny little development studio... but if MICROSOFT did it... hmmmmm...

Question: Is there any chance that one day Oddworld will produce a game, in which, there is a time of peace that allows players to further explore the immense environments only partly explored in the previous games? I find myself wanting to know more about Oddworld and would very much like to explore it in depth. This is, of course, just a fan based idea and I know not how well it would sell in the international market. Well, thank-you for your time, congratulations on your amazing concept and I hope to see Abe and the gang again soon. Your devoted, loyal fan; A. Scott

Alf: I am so pleased to hear how much you enjoy Oddworld and our environments. Peace and exploring, um, sounds like a wonderful idea but seems like it would make for really boring gameplay. However, the powers that be at Oddworld do want you to be able to explore and get to know Oddworld better. What form that exploration takes could be a number of things. A game, or ????? We shall just have to wait and see. In the meantime, it is good to know that true blueish-greenish folksuch as yourself are excited about the future of Oddworld!

Question: Alf, Firstly, I hope you know just how HARD it is to find the address for Dear Alf. Little did I know that all I needed to do was find a little bar at the top of the screen in the archives or FAQs with the little words on it: Contact info. I'll have you know that took ages to find! Next, I have some questions: 1. Did you purposely put contact info there to make it hard to find

Alf: Ha! If you thought finding the email was hard you should try getting a straight answer from me! 2: I've heard about the reason that you cut Abe's finger off, but how did you get that dismal digit off the moon?

Question: Dear Alf, Is true that Abe or Munch is somehow related to the Steef species?

Alf: Well we're all brothers and sisters in Odd, right?

Question: I read the opening page (last month) and it sounded as if the company was shutting down or something. Can you let me know if thats what is happening? Maybe I'm just reading it wrong but it sounded like something is wrong. Thanks for your time. —Chris

Alf: Chris, Let's just say that if I read the fan mail the way you read the website, uh, well, actually things wouldn't be that different.

Question: Dear Alf, I've noticed that in Munch's Oddysee that there are labels for Soul Storm Brew on the vending cans. What's with that? —The Ultimate Munch Fan, Ann

Alf: I asked around and even though SS brewery was destroyed the brew was warehoused offsite and is in plentiful supply.

(Posted on: 02/2004)

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Question: Q: Hello again alf! Raven here asking if you could clear up a few questions: Why haven't we heard/seen/smelt/watever anything about Abe's mother even though the weirdoes (dead mudokens with bones missing) promised we would know about her when we met munch? They say it when you finish AE with 300 muds saved.

Alf: I'm sure the Weirdos believed that was true, but she's nowhere to be found and it's pretty frustrating for everyone involved. Makes the Weirdos look like a bunch of nut cases, or at least more so than usual. Diversion tactics of a barely lucid and irresponsible mother, in my humble opinion. Poor Abe. As if he hasn't been through enough already.

Question: Dear Alf I wish to discuss these questions, By the way I'm Stephen! Will there be another game before the Steef guy pops up?(such as Munch's Exoddus.)

Alf: Stephen, There shall be nothing but many strong cups of tea and arduous, strenuous, flatulous work before this game "pops up!"

Question: Will Abe and Munch be in the Steef guy's game?(You can't have a Oddworld game without Abe and Munch! It would be like Gerbils without hellium!)

Alf: Sounds to me like one more reason to send them on vacation. I care little for gerbils and less for those who abuse the elements!

Question: What are those new chicken characters called?

Alf: I know a couple of them characters. Bawhnee Sue McUgly. Unkle TurkeyToes. Kind of an annoying group if you ask me. Whiny. Loud. Always scratchin' and flappin' and carryin' on. And not too bright either. Old Bawhnee Sue sure does make a mean cornbread, though!

Question: Why do Sligs need masks? Bye!

Alf: To get to the other side! HA! Ooooh, wrong joke. Pass the tea please, no no, the one that smells funny.

Question: dear alf why did the modokans let the glukkons walk all over them ?.why should they be slaves?.

Alf: The mudokons are a peaceful species with simple desires such as brew drinkin' and the toob watchin'. Unfortunately, addiction and ignorance made them much more susceptible to being taken advantage of. Hence that whole degradation of the species/slavery thing. Besides, what would you do if a tentacle-mouthed freak with mechanical pants and a big gun told you to work? YOU'D WORK, that's what!

Question: Who do you like more, Tomahawkers or Murdarchers or Scrubs?

Alf: Scrubs—they are so down to Oddworld! Hey, this is fun! Let's do another!

Question: Who do you like more? Bigface (abes oddysee), Weirdos (abes exoddus) or Shaman (Munches oddysee) and why?

Alf: The Weirdos hold a special place this old muds heart. They have spared life and limb they still find time to drop in and help their buddy Abe. And I love their shiny glowing colors. Reminds me of the time I got lost in that field and had to eat strange bulbs to survive...

Question: Who is Crig the slig? 

Alf: Crig is a legend. He spends his days hangin' with Sasquatch and swimming with Nessy, and hiding from La Chupra Cabra.

Question: Which slig do you like best? Mollucks assistant Toast, Lulus assistant Valet or the newscaster and why?

Alf: Newscaster. He's got style, joie de vive. Is that the last one? I wanna go home now! Mommy!

Question: HI man! It is so good to email U! ok I've a few questions to ask you. In Mo how can you tell which scrab is the alpha scrab?

Alf: He's the one with the big red letter "A" on his chest. Oh wait, maybe that means something else..

Question: is elum in Mo? I haven't got that far butt...or is he i the new one?

Alf: You might see some of the Elum scattered about, in a manner of speaking, but Abe's Elum has retired. And please don't use that type of language around here anymore, I mean really.

Question: is there any cheats ?

Alf: Yeah, but what do Poker swindling Inhabitants have to do with the game? Eh?

Question: Dear Alf, (I am russian, sorry about my bad english) I have rescued all the mudokons in first Abe's game (99) and in second Abe's game (300). I have a question: why Abe have a sew up mouth, but all the others mudokons have not sew up mouth?

Alf: When Mudokons were just little hatchlings, they had their mouths sewn up to hush them. It isn't done anymore, since they are now free, but Abe keeps his as a symbolic reminder of his past.

Question: Dear Alf, Who or What is Steef??? I see people send in email saying good luck with steef... But I am completely in the dark when it comes to this "Steef". Please help me... Phot

Alf: Well Phot, I don't know much about him myself. He's very strange. I hear he smells like a dickens and has bizarre grooming habits.. but who am I to judge?

Question: Hi there Alf, could you tell me whether Mudokon ponytails are made of feathers or hair? I thought it was definite they were feathers, but as I've discovered, there's no official word on the matter and the fans seem to be split evenly between the two ideas. Cheerio, And may all the Inhabitants have a very merry Crimbo (if I haven't actually mistimed this and sent it in the middle of your break...) Max

Alf: Thanks Max. Right back at ya. Mudokon ponytails, you say? Why, they are made of sugar, spice, and a bit-o-lice! At least that's what mummy always told us! \scratch scratch\

Question: hi alf ElSsAceCon all 4 of us r as odd as ever so we wondered everyone thinks aliens are cats what do you thinnk about that? could an oddworld creature be a cat on earth? we think so we also (regarding someone elses question) believe that there is a portal on earth thanx alf oddly ElSsAceCon xXxXx

Alf: Sorry to disappoint but I would never want to venture off of this glorious planet we call Oddworld. Not even as a cat. Tempting as that may seem to some...

Question: hey Alf! How is Soulstorm Brew? Me and my lazy Mud friends have never gotten wasted so we wanna know. And hey, you should go and eat some lone glukkon's head. He's got no arms! He can't defend himself! Anywho, now for a real question, you seem to hate Abe since you're bitin off his fingers and pushin him into holes, why do ya follow him when he calls? Odd bless you -the Maxokon

Alf: Firstly, I never bit Abe, so get it straight, bud! And regarding that whole well incident, I was never convicted of anything—I happened to be going in for a pat on the back the moment he jumped. So wha? And finally, the call of Abe is, unfortunately a biological phenomena that no Mudokon can ignore. You might say it's programmed in.

Question: I ran into a Alpha Scrab the other day and it seems I misplaced my arm. is there any place i can go to besides Vykkers labs? I don't want a chunk of aluminum in my head, unless it's a TV remote. \~ I misplaced my name too.

Alf: Wow. I hope you have good insurance. It's really hard to find limb donors these days. Maybe you should just get a new name and call it even. How about Unimud?

Question: Yo Alf! what's up. Thanks for the poetic card I really appreciate it. I got a few question for you 1. How come Sligs and Glukkons dont get scared in Munches when Abe chants 2. Does Abe need spooce to possess enemies because he doesn't need to in the first 2 games and finally 3. Does Abe have health points, you know like those flies on top of his head or does he just die in one shot. Stay odd Alf. That is all for now.

Alf: Hey there fellow chump, you're very welcome! Abe isn't really all that scary. Ever. Even when he's chanting. The chanting used to come easy to him, back in the day, but now a little spooce sure helps. You know what they say, "Spooce does a body good!" And even though he is pretty fly for a bluish-green guy, I don't think I've ever seen flies on top of his head.

Question: Wait I got 1 more questions if you don't mind. You know how muds have they're limit with jumping, I understand but the jumps that Abe can't survive in the first 2 games weren't that high of a fall and in Munches oddysee the jumps or falls were a higher distance, so how come Abe can't survive those falls in the first 2 games(no offense to Abe or any mud I just wanna know). Stay odd Alf, that's all for now.

Alf: The spooce gives Abe increased elasticity and, uh, sproingability. I can't believe you didn't already know that!

Question: CHICKENS, I DON'T GET IT! (no, not one of those letters again.....heheh) Anyway, I was wondering if you are familiar with the modes of Hindu music known as ragas. Mudokon chanting reminds me very much of them. So what of the chants the mudokons use? Are they something we have been taking for granted all along? Could these be a link, or the big hint that we have been missing all along? \raises demitasse\ Cheers! -Radagast the Brown

Alf: Actually the chanting was inspired by the Shaolin Monks. And yes, you have been taking them for granted all along. It is so pathetic that I am just going to tell you what to do, right here, right now, since it has taken over seven years for you, the chosen ones, to figure it out: To unlock the BIG HINT, compile all the chants, play backwards and eliminate every third note. Add the third notes to the end of each couplet. While listening, plug your left nostril and hop on the right foot until the room begins to spin. When you see stars, don't stop! Continue on the path to enlightenment by holding the earlobe of your neighbor and chanting along with Abe. Rinse and repeat until desired effect is achieved. Just kidding. There's no big hint. No gooey candy filling. It's all there out in the open, so if you get it you get it, if you don't, well then ignorance is bliss.

(Posted on: 04/2004)

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Question: Q: Hey alf my man its Joe again! Hey I read some Alf mail from August 2003. One of the questions was how come after you turn into shryskull and kill all the Gluks in the Magog Cartel conference room how come the Gluks are still mighty powerful. RITE.AM I RITE! Well after that I went down and it said who come the Gluks still have all the power and I put them together and thought of a good question.Since you said they were like a pyramid and the Gluks were almost at the top poiny part but not at the top. I went hey theres a good question to ask and here it is. Alf if the Gluks aren't at the top of the pyramid who is? Oh, and I have another thing I feel sorry for you having to read all these long messages.But theres some Odd things in Oddworld that have to be asked.See ya later Alf.

Alf: Dear Joe Rite. I see you have done your research and are fully prepared to annoy me to the greatest extent physics will allow. So all I can say is: Wouldn't ya like to know!

Question: Hey, Alf! How is it goin' little buddy? I am missing my yearly dosage of new Oddworld gossip.....what is the word on the next game? I want pictures!!! Oh, and have y'all ever considered a comic book to help on the franchise and make money for a bigger budget on the next games...hell, even a cartoon will do!! Anyhoo, I was wondering what you were up to...and since no other fans ask, if you would be interested in being my new drinking buddy!? Oh, and, how do Mudokans reproduce? I have only seen male ones.... I think...? Thanks for your time! randy

Alf: Hey there Randy. We're still working on the game and it's coming along just swell. Sorry, no new pictures, though. I would be honored to be your TEA DRINKING BUDDY as that is the only type of drinking I do, ever, and the only drinking I would recommend, even though I am not necessarily recommending that you should drink tea, because it may be a fact that you in particular cannot drink tea, but then I don't really know, and you haven't really specified, so I don't really want to commit to that, but if you'd like to have a single cup of tea sometime I'd be happy to join you. That is, if you are in the neighborhood.

Question: Dear Alf, I was reading the instruction booklet for Abe's Exodus and I noticed it said every game will have at least one bonus game with it, Exodus was the bonus for Abe's Oddysee. I also own an Xbox, and recently beat Munch's Oddysee, and I was wondering what the bonus game would be for it, and what the next chapter would be in the series

Alf: There is but one word that can accurately encompass the enigma that is your question: UNDECIDED.

Question: Will you be thinking about doing an abe trilogy just to top it off?

Alf: Well, I like to think more along the Alf trilogy lines, Alf's Oddysee, Alf's Exoddus, Alf's Wagon Trip. Then maybe the prequel series, The Alfster's Menace, Attack of the Scones, and of course, Episode Tea. Like you said, just to top it off.

Question: What're the mudokon swear words? I know that sligs have a number of robot sounds for saying bullsh\t, do mudokons have any swear words?

Alf: Well, first off, we don't condone you using any of this filthy language, but it's pretty much the same as yours, I'm sure ... "What the Fuzzle?" is a popular one with the kids these days. "Meep Sheet" we sometimes say in disbelief. A courteous "Odd bless you" following expulsions from the mouth and nostrils is always appropriate.

Question: Sligs have automatic fire weapons, yet when Glukkons yell "Do it" They pump their weapons like shotguns.

Alf: If there's anything Sligs know, it's how to operate their weapon. If they give it a pump, it's cuz they think it needs one. If you'd like to argue the point some more I'd be happy to set up a meeting between you and they.

Question: Hello Margret! opps, wrong email! Dear Alf, 1.I know I've asked this before, but i've added a new twist, Lorne said "the next game (with Steef in it.) won't be apart of the Quintology" does that mean Abe and Munch won't be in it?

Alf: Well, sort of. Both of those things are true, but I'm not so sure that one is the result of another. Does that make sense?

Question: 2.going on that question, will the Steef person be in the Quintology?

Alf: NO. And the Steef is not a person, it is a species of noble beasts!!! And don't you forget it!

Question: 3.why do Sligs wear masks? (apart from protection!) are they blind? (I used to think they didn't have eyes!)

Alf: Sligs have horrible allergies but can't afford trendy allergy meds on a slig salary, so the masks are an affordable way to filter out heaps of pollutants.

Question: Dear Alf, I am Danny and i was wondering if you could answer me some things. 1.What happened to Elum? What, did he die or something or just end up as Fleech food following Abe?

Alf: Elum was sent out to pasture where he could toot his horn in peace.

Question: 2.Where did that annoying (yet funny) Slig reporter go? is he a Valet or something?

Alf: There is a Slig Valet and a Slig Reporter. Rumor has it that they ran off together to start their own mobile reporting unit.Wockawocka!

Question: 3.And finally... In the name of Odd! Is there any news of Munch's Oddysee on another console than Xbox? Stay Odd! Danny

Alf: Nope! No news. Maybe you should check with the sligs!

Question: Dear Alf I've got some questions I've been thinking about for a while. 1. If Molluck spent two hundred moolah every day for twenty years without receiving any, would he still have a huge amount left?

Alf: Well, once you factor in inflation, interest and deductions, he would have, um, let me think, carry the two, divide by the square root of that, to the third power, would make it somewhere in the neighborhood of… ASK YOUR ECONOMICS TEACHER!

Question: Number two: Does Phleg have a problem in his voicebox that makes him only yell and he can't speak normally or whisper? (Because it seems like it)

Alf: Phleg was forced to operate heavy machinery when he was a child. As a result his hearing is poor, which means he can't tell how loud he's talking. At least that's what he says in therapy. The truth is he just loves to be an obnoxious son-of-a-gun.

Question: Number three: Would you go crazy if you had to spend a week with Humphrey and Irwin? (add Lulu and his slig Valet)

Alf: I guess if I survived a week of brutal torture then yes, I would certainly go mad.

Question: Number four: Can you describe the room that you answer all these emails in?

Alf: Horrid conditions, really. I'm surrounded by volumes and volumes of various things, some help me answer these ridiculous queries, others are a pleasant escape from them. Of course there is tea scattered about and the constant passing of rehabitants on their way to the kitchen, which I find quite irritating and distracting. Some of them even have the nerve to speak to me whilst I am writing to you, dear fans! Can you imagine the nerve? It is hardly bearable. The drone of a giant air- cooling contraption overhead lulls me to sleep, until violent outbursts from my neighbors to the east wake me with a start. There is a tank of fish nearby, but they are mostly gone now. Just what would appear to be a tiny version of a black and white sea rex.

Question: Last one: Have Bigface, the weirdos, Almighty raisin and Shaman(the mudokon guide from Munches oddysee) ever met each other?

Alf: Oh yes, they get together for the Annual Bigfaced, Weirdos, Raisins and Shamans Convention every year. Don't bother trying to get in though, it's industry professionals only!

Question: Unimud \~ 3 questions 1. is rupture farms a metaphor for the roach infested, cow byproduct patty filled Mc(edited for legal purposes)

Alf: Woa there unimud! I hate to interrupt but this is not the place to express your anger at corporate America! That is what underground film and marginally successful video games are for!

Question: 2. Who is the Gluken in green with a country accent?

Alf: That's Tex the Glukkon. He lost the bidding war for the last can of gabbiar to Lulu.

Question: 3. When can I get this stupid metal thing out of my head? It dosn't even get good reception!

Alf: Alf say: He who puts stupid metal thing in head cannot complain about reception!

Question: Dude, Alf it's so cool to e. mail a mud! now I had three questions. first, since sligs are so common on oddworld how come the Glukins don't just cut up THEM up and eat THEIR meat.

Alf: I may be going out on a limb here, but I think the metal part would be too crunchy and cause severe dental discomfort.

Question: And I was wondering... What are those lump like things on the back of slave mud's loin cloths?

Alf: It is not a lump. It is a fanny pack! In case you hadn't noticed, even the most fashionable of loin- clothes comes sans pocket!

Question: Shoudn't there be some more info About this"Odd World: Stranger"? See ya! -Claude the mud

Alf: No! If there were more info he would't be so strange anymore, now would he?

Question: hi alf! why do slogs, paramites, and scrabs have no eyes?

Alf: You know what they say, "When Odd weakens one sense, he strengthens another!" "The Odd giveth, and the Odd taketh away!" I could go odd and odd and odd….. Oh, what's that? It's the tea kettle a-whistlin'! See ya!

(Posted on: 05/2004)

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Question: Q: Hey Alf. First, just let me say you're the coolest. Go the tea. Anyway, i have a few questions: 1) Was Molluck a Big Cheese or a Glockstar?

Alf: Well it's sort of hard to say. He may have had some of the credibility and respect of a Glockstar, but his foul odor would lead me to believe was big (however rotten) cheese. Yes, I'll go with Big Cheese. 2) At Rupture Farms, the Mudukons were processing huge carcasses, of creatures too large to be scrabs. What where these?

Question: Hi Alf Its Daz. I was wondering if you and your fellow Mudokons have benefited from the Magog cartel or their technology at all? Either using Glukkon suits as carpets, those nice meat drills from Rupture farms as burglar traps, anti-chanting orbs for pratical jokes or least slig pants as a new way of bringing your tea to you without leaving your seat?

Alf: Well, if by benefited you mean being kept as slaves to mine our own bones and have our lips stitched up then yeah I guess so.

Question: Hi Alfie boy my name is Dorian. I just want two ask you 2 questions. 1. what is the difference between scrabs and Alpha scrabs? 2. When will the next oddworld game be released?

Alf: Alpha scrabs tell regular scrabs what to do and how to do it! And I'm not tellin' anything about the next game! Not for all the tea in Mudos! You can't make me! I--will--not--be--broken!!!!!

Question: Dear Alf, My name is Robert and I was wondering if you could tell me about the Mudoncho Vaults. I know that it is a temple in Necrum like the Mudanchee and Mudomo Vaults and that it used to be home to many meeches (before they were all extinct). But I was just wondering if you could tell me some more about it? Thanks.

Alf: Mudoncho?! Well I know it has been a long time since I was down in Necrum, and I've had a lot of brew since then, but I sure don't remember any Mudoncho Vaults! Maybe you got all hot and flustered from wearing your poncho? Or perhaps you ate a bad batch of nachos while in the mines? I hear the snack carts there are a little less than reputable. Watch it!

Question: Hey Alf, I have a query regarding something in Munch's Oddysee. In the Brewery To Be region, there stands a lone windmill. Found on the outside walls on the windmill are a red symbol. This symbol is neither the Mudanchee, nor the Mudomo symbol, yet it is designed in the same manner. Could you tell me what the symbol stands for, or whom it stands for (is it possibly the Mudancho symbol)? Thankyou, Alcar...

Alf: Alcar! You're killin' me man! Is this a coup? Are you forumers messin' wit my mind? I hearby decree that from this moment forward, none in my Rehab shall speak of the imposter vault known as Mudoncho! As for the symbol, it is a graphic representation of a Scrab, end of story! Mudancho! Puhleaz.

Question: Dear Alf, When I was nine, the Oddworld quintology just started, ever since then, I was addicted. Every mudokon was a wonder to me, and to this very day this question haunts me: Why does Abe have his hair in a tail, instead of being tied up, why are his lips sowed up and why does he have yellow eyes? I't seems kind of-- Odd -- don't ya think?—levihydra10009

Alf: Aw, that is so sweet! I love it when we can turn a mind so young so odd. Really warms the heart. Ok, enough of that emotional stuff, let's get down to business. Abe's hair is in a ponytail for a very simple reason. Have you ever seen that show, "When Factory Work Goes Bad?" Trust me, you don't want your hair getting caught in one of those machines! Always, ALWAYS wear a ponytail! Abe's lips are sewn up from the old days when no one wanted to listen to him cry. He keeps the stitches as a symbol of his past. As for the yellow eyes, I'm gonna have to go with genetics on that one my friend!

Question: Hiya Alf! Good to hear from you, you good ol' Mudokon you! I humbly request your answers to these following questions. 1) Abe has his mouth stitched shut to prevent him from praying, I know that, but has it happened to other Mudos, having their mouths stitched, stapled, or (in poor zulags) sellotaped shut?

Alf: Hey there buddy! Um, well, I just got finished talking about the stitches. And yes, other Muds have been stitched up, but as far as I know no one has ever been stapled or taped! 2) Are Fuzzels cuter Fleecehes?

Question: 3) How come you are reading, (on your picture) with an electric light, hmm?

Alf: What are you talking about? My light is powered by adorable little bugs with glowing bums!

(Posted on: 06/2004)

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Question: Q: Dear Alf What is a meetle? Coz you mentioned one before.

Alf: A Meetle is a huge, roundish, hard-shelled creature with four deadpan eyes. They sure are cute as larvae, but they grow up to be rather, well, more for function than fashion lets say.

Question: Hi Alf.It's Brad.I have a few things to ask you. If Abe and Munch are friends,then how come the fuzles growl at Abe and how come the Muds laugh at Munch?

Alf: Fuzzles are a lot like little dogs, in that they will choose an individual to bond with. They are capable of bonding with others, but this alpha figure in their lives becomes the primary source of attachment. Since Munch is the one who rescued them, they feel particularly close and downright protective of him. Some who don't know better may even see Abe as a threat, just because he is different from Munch.

Question: Are muds primitive?

Alf: There are many different groups of muds. Most of us that you've met so far would be considered primitive by definition. Of course, I myself am HIGHLY evolved, but I, of course, am the EXCEPTION due to my tremendous tea making abilities. Now I will impart on you a secret. I have always sensed that there are parts of Mudos that you and I have never been to where muds of all kinds have reached varying heights of civilization!

Question: It's obvious we're going to discover quite a few new races and places during our upcoming adventures with "Stranger" the Steef, but will we discover anything new about those already introduced? Will we learn more of the Mudokon plight? The Slig Queen? The social order of Scrabs? The business practices of Vykkers? The fashion sense of Glukkons? The success of your teas? Or, do Stranger's travels take the viewer far from all these familiar Oddworld sights, into purely uncharted territory? —Alex PS: Is there a central diety in the Mudokon faith, or does your race revere nature itself?

Alf: I think that you will learn much about new species, and a little bit more about the species you have come to know and loathe. This game will give you insight into the hierarchy of the no-good-do-ers. The setting is still in Mudos, but you will see parts of it that you never knew existed. And frankly, I am a bit put off that you have the nerve to attempt a discussion on religion in mixed company! How dare ye!

Question: Ever since I finished Oddworld Munch's Oddysee the second time this question has been bugging me ... or couple o' questions ... whatever. Why is Munch's moon upside down? I mean all Abe has to do is put his hand up to his moon to line it up while Munch has to flop on his stomach and brake his neck to try and match it up if he's not dead first. What do you have against the little guy? Unless ... his foot was on backwards and I just didn't notice. I guess Munch's moon makes up for it for being bigger than Abe's. Sorry if you find this e-mail offensive in anyway even though I may have offened you hundreds of times by now. - Fuzzle

Alf: Howdy Fuzzle. You've never seen this, but when he is feeling frisky, Munch will often lay on his tummy, little flippity foot up in the air, and crane his neck around to see the print line up with the proper appendage. Quite adorable really. And I wasn't offended until you assumed that I would be! The nerve!

Question: Dear Alf (red/alfa) I'm a recent fan of Oddworld (It is currently my second favorite of all time) and I have five questions, the first of which is considerably more important than the other four. I recently beat Abe's Oddysse for the first time (I said I was new). Through a weird computer fluke of some kind, I managed to do it with 100 mudokons. I had been lead to believe that, if I had saved all of them, I would get a special movie with the Shrink in it. Judging by your website, the Shrink looks fairly cool, and I hope he appears in future games. I did not recieve this movie. I got the special movie menu, but no bonus movie. At first, I thought "Maybe if I only save 99, I'll get it." That didn't work either. Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you.

Alf: What you are doing wrong is looking for the shrink ... he's not in any of the games or movies. The clip you are referring to is a commercial that was never broadcasted. This is what happens when people (or appliances, or whatever) come to the rehab and act all shrinkety-dinkety!

Question: Will OWI never create anything but Oddworld Games? Just curious.

Alf: We only create games from Oddworld. I think. Your wiley verbiage is throwing me off. I can't be held accountable for other peoples whack-glish.

Question: I heard there is a Abe's Exoddus (which I haven't played yet) movie (something about short movie showing. Nominated for Academy award. I've seen movie posters, so I know it exists somewhere. But I have had no luck in tracking it down at all. If you could help me at all, I would be very thankful.

Alf: Yes, an animated short was submitted for consideration to the Academy Awards, and was shown in a theatre in order to do so. Unfortunately, I cannot help you track it down. As far as I know, the only copy is tucked safely under the cushion of my recliner. I'd lend it to you but it's all warm and covered in crumbs!

Question: Will Munch's Oddysse ever be for a pc computer? I don't have an Xbox.

Alf: Nope!

Question: Will Hand of Odd be for Computer?... Please ... Well, thank you for your time. Keep on being Odd. —Andrew

Alf: Neeeooowwwellluhahhaaaaaauhm, we're not even in production for OHOO. How am I supposed to answer that????

Question: In AO and AE, Abe's eyes are white, but in MO, his eyes are yellow. What happened two him?

Alf: After all the brew was gone, ol' Abey switched to lem-odd-aide. He drank gallons and gallons of the stuff. Turned his eyes a freakish shade of yellow! Now he has to use those special strips to try and whiten them again. Well, at least that's the way I heard it!

Question: In Abe's Exoddus at the end, Abe says he would save the green Muds, but We never played as Abe saving them, so has Abe rescued them without us? —levihydra10009

Alf: Sure.

Question: Did Munch ever handle all those baby Gabbits?

Alf: I think he is still looking for a can opener.

Question: At the End of MO, The fuzzles destroy Vykkers Labs. Were the Fuzzles destroyed, and were Tex and Lulu destroyed (Cos I like Tex) —Stay Odd, Nathan.

Alf: Fuzzles are virtually indestructible, though if necessary they'd certainly give their furry, fangy little lives for the greater good. The problem is, they all kinda look alike, and the fuzzle-to-English translater is still on sabbatical, so we haven't really been able to ask around and see who made it out yet. As for Tex and Lulu, well, you know the problem with synthetic textiles is that they tend to heat up pretty quick. I doubt they made it. If they did, I bet they'd have permanent sparkle melded to their greedy bodies!

Question: Will the Whole quintology be on Mudos? After the quintology is finished, will future quintologies still have stuff to reveal on Mudos or will they move on to the other continents.

Alf: Yes, I believe so, but Oddworld is a big planet. I don't know about future quintologies. That is pretty far off yet!

Question: Do you know of any different breeds of slogs?

Alf: Why yes, there are several. Are you ready? There is the Hot Slog, the Bird Slog, the Muddish Setter, the Hound Slog, and of course the Snoop Sloggy.

Question: What do BigFace and the Almighty Raisin think of each other?

Alf: Well I asked them for you. Almighty Raisin thinks Bigface is a little-faced mud-fink. Bigface thinks Raisin is an almighty windbag with a sleeping disorder and a pound of denial in every wrinkle. Bottom line is that respect each other.

Question: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck could chuck wood?

Alf: You mean IF a woodchuck could chuck wood? I think it's highly unlikely, but FOUR.

Question: Will Crig the slig ever appear in a game? (or has he already?) - From Tomohawk

Alf: Yes. Crig the Slig appeared in AO and AE. You'd be surprised - he's awfully shy. He currently is a field reporter for the Daily Deception.

(Posted on: 07/2004)

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Question: Q: Dear Alf, i have been a big fan of Oddworld since i discovered Abe's Oddysee just before Abe's Exoddus came out. It was one of the many things that led to me becoming a graphic design student. I have gained much inspiration from Oddworld, and was deeply excited when I heard about this Oddworld art book. My question, after all that, is: will the Oddworld art book be available in the UK?

Alf: Wow! That is awesome. It is always cool to hear that we've played some odd part in a person's life, especially the creative part! Good luck with your design career! As for the book, it will be available for purchase from Ballistic Publishing. Visit their website at [www.ballisticpublishing.com](http://www.ballisticpublishing.com/oddworldinhabitants/)and you can sign up for email updates on the status of the book and ordering information. There may be other sponsored links at ordering time, but all points lead to Ballistic. Thanks for asking!

Question: Hi alf It's Me again Eric(that dude with the Executive Glukkons Clan), I'm sorry to bother you again,but if hand of Odd is not on the Production Scedule how come i have 2 videos here where i see Hand of Odd gameplay(believe me I checked it) well I hope you have an answer sorry if I have botherd you. In case you want 2 check visit www.depthsofoddworld.com then click videos en page 1 "Tree Chop",and "Tree Grow"

Alf: Hey Eric, are you getting feisty with Alf? If so I will have to refer to myself in the third person, and you know Alf hates doing that! Hand of Odd is still not on the production schedule. I have been to The Depths Of Oddworld. I have seen the movies. I have the knowledge! Those movies are pre-Munch. There were several of those—visualizations of concepts for the game where we were looking at trees growing, testing wind (no, not that kind of wind, the fresh smelling one) and changes in seasons, daylight, etc.

Question: Dear Alf, I am confused. In AO There is a moon with the mudokon's hand on it. Why? And in MO after, munch saves the gabbits it shows a moon with his foot print on it. Is there some moon that every hero of oddworld gets with their mark on it after they save their people? Are the moons some kind of sign of merit, what is the mystery behind them?If I am true will Stranger get a moon with his claw or something on it? I'm sorry but that;s just some part of the games that has never really been explained. Your Fan, masterdkp

Alf: Masterdkp, Yes, actually, all the heroes do get a moon. Will Stranger have one? I do not know that yet. Abe and Munch may have been the first and last in that tradition. We'll just have to play through the next game and see! I think of it as a kind of honor, such as having a bridge or park bench dedicated to you, only on a much grander, cosmic scale.

Question: Hey Alf its Justin.I think it would be awsome if you guys at oddworld would create a oddworld action figure set! please..please........PLEASE .. consider IT!!!!

Alf: Yes! Action figures are way cool! Well, not in the sense that you'll fit in with the cool kids at your school if you carry action figures around with you, but cool as in "I'm the lord of the geeks" kinda cool. And ours would be Odd, too, and that's something! I would love to have Oddworld action figures, especially a little Alf with tea sipping action! Sip! Sip!

Question: This is the first time i asked a question so i made it a good one, firstly, which hand is the paramania and scrabania tattoo on, left or right, which is which. Second, is abe gonna be in future games because i would just die if he wasnt in anymore games because he is the main reason i play. third, i want to make an abe costume for a surprise for some friends of mine, any tips on how to make it or could you tell me who could help me, okay thats all?

Alf: Scrabania on the left, Paramonia on the right. Stand up, sit down, fight fight fight! Yeah, sure, Abe will be back someday. I don't know when, but someday. Costume: I don't know, but one word of advice: keep comfort and safety in mind! No toxic paint fumes in the eyes or harsh chemical paints on the skin, ok buddy?

Question: Now its cool to know that you have a rehab, but thats not what I'm here for. The new game looks thrilling, and the graphics are heart stopping. But why is abe not in this game, and will orginal oddworld creatures be featured in this new game?

Alf: Abe is on vacation, sipping non-alcoholic, low-carb, extra foam brew on the southern isles right now, and can't be bothered. There will be some creatures that you've come to know and love through the previous games… we are still on Mudos after all, but I wouldn’t say that they are the feature or main focus of the game. There's breed after breed of all new species for that!

Question: Hi. (dont know if this is the right place to send questions - couldnt find any other links though). I've been an Oddworld fan ever since the great work started, I've completed all the games at least twice, (when I completed Abes Exoddus for the first time i must have been about 10 years old, i got the bad ending and cried my heart out). I even have a really cool limited edition Munch's oddysee T-shirt. Anyway, I was curious as to why Oddworld has sold on Gameboy. I was looking on e-bay for any cool oddworld gear, and I saw Munchs oddysee for sale on the gameboy advance! So, how come this is when on the xbox box it says 'ONLY ON XBOX'? And my second question - when is the next game coming out? I've read about a few of the future releases, and I am really looking forward to them. Is it going to be Munch's Exoddus, Stranger of the Hand of Odd? My brain is bursting with anticipation, and I look forward to your reply (and also hope i didnt send this to the wrong place) Yours sincerely, Fish

Alf: Hi Fish, no, you sent it to the right place! That's really cool that you've been a fan for so long. What has taken you so long to write?!?!?! The GameBoy version of Munch is not the same game that is on Xbox. I guess that’s the best explanation I can give ya. As for the next game, I love the title, "Stranger of the Hand of Odd". That is great! Unfortunately, it is something drastically more simple. I try to tell the marketing folks, complicated and illogical is the way to go, but they just dismiss my ideas. Foolish hooligans! Anyway, don’t worry, you’ll get to see Stranger soon.

Question: Hiya alf! I have a couple of questions (1 i was wondering what did you muds do with that blimp abe and his buddys hijacked from vykkers labs? you could start your own tour of mudos. and (2 in MO at the windmill area, there's a huge skelleton the scrabs have been pickin at, what critter was it? that is way too big to be an elum. - yours oddly deadhead

Alf: Dearest Deadhead, You are an enterprising young lad, are you not? The blimp has been totally tricked out with dancing teddy bears on the bow and tie-dyed sails. Munch and Abe took it on their vacation. Hm. Skeleton, huh? Bigger than an elum… it could be a beached Sea Rex, or a decomposing Meetle. I'll have to investigate further. In the meantime, call animal control and get it cleaned up!

Question: Dear Alf Why Is Abe Blue And his friends Are well You Know Not —Your Bud Allbadkids

Alf: So. Bud. You think you're clever, with the "well you know not" thing. Ok, you are. You kinda made me chuckle there a little bit. Not tea spewing hilarity, but made me grin. So I will tell you, Abe is Blue cuz he's the chosen Mudokon. He's no ordinary Mud. Sure he looks like it, all chumpy and clumsy like the rest of us, but no, he's special. Of course, they used to tease him about it when he was little, but not anymore! Ha! Who’s laughin' now, ya not-blue mudokons!!!

Question: Dear Alf(red/alfa/bert) my name is Andrew. I'm a big time fan of Oddworld, and am currently devising a website idea. But I have some questions for you.

Alf: Ok An(drew/droid/cillary), shoot. 1.) A very common misconception is that Glukkons have no arms. This is not true. Glucks have long, strong arms, which they walk on (use as leggs and feet), because their real legs are shrivled little worthless...things. I read the official Oddworld Bio for Mollock, and it said, walks on his hands, like all working-class glukkons. What I want to know is: is there a higher class of Glukkons that does not walk on it's hands? Please explain, and feel free to go into exorbrint detail.

Question: Well, that is all for now. Keeping drinking tea (a REAL man's drink), and tell me where you bought your fez. It's cool. Oh, and what book are you reading (in your portrait) anyway?

Alf: I’m reading the Oddworld Licensing Guide so I can try and answer all your questions!!! Oh, and by the way, my mummy made me the fez when I was just a lad, so you won’t find one like it in all of Mudos!

(Posted on: 12/2004)

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Question: Q: Hey alf. Umm.Uhhh.R u abez brother or something? O an y r u mudz skiny? Glukkonmaster. Sorry 4 bad spelling,im jst tird.

Alf: Hello there. I am Abe's brother in the sense that all Mudokons are brothers, but we aren't directly related, if that's what you mean. Are we skiny? Is this a combo of skinny and shiny? Because the answer is nyos!

Question: Hi Alf, Its Odd-Joe. I have just a few questions after saying that I love Oddworld and this site, so here they are: 1. In the game "Oddworld Stranger's Wrath" will there be any connections to the other games such as mudokins or glukkons appearing that show it is indeed oddworld that Stranger lives in? 2. Why are Abe's lips sown together? 3. I know this is a frequent question, but will there really be a movie or are you just yanking our chain? 4. Will there ever be a game where you can play multiplayer/co-operative? Well I hope you reply. Thanx

Alf: Well, first of all there will be plenty of connections to the old games in Oddworld Stranger's Wrath. You are definitely going to know that this is an Oddworld game. Just because Abe and Munch are MIA doesn't mean we aren't us. Trust me, that makes sense if you think about it! What could be more odd than the stranger I ask you???? Not much. There will be fuzzles, a Vykker, and all of the wonderful ways to smash, bash, slice and dice those arrogant enough to defy the forces of Odd. Yer gonna love it! And Joe, really, you should know by now why Abe's lips are sewn shut- cuz he asked me too many questions! Har! Just kidding. As for movies and Co-Op play, all I can say is the future is both unknown and inevitable.

Question: Why a western? What is up with that? I'm not really into that hokey cowboy stuff.

Alf: "Western" is only one of the influences for OSW. Soon you will see more and more of the regions and levels, where much a much different landscape is revealed. The journey of the stranger takes him to all different climates and terrain. Snowcapped mountains, lush forests, riverside junkyards to name a few. He also encounters all sorts of folks along the way, with their own, how shall we say, "quirks."

Question: Can you tell me the different ammo types and what they do?

Alf: There are too many to list here! But you can check out their feature at [Gamespot.](http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/adventure/oddworldtentativetitle/preview_6114394.html) Gamespot also has tons of info, screenshots and video downloads for your viewing pleasure. Check it all out and be the most knowledgeable kind on the block about an obscure quasi-western video game with a bounty hunter in it. I'm sure in some places this is the definition of popularity.

Question: What are some of the new species we are going to encounter in Oddworld Stranger's Wrath?

Alf: Wow, there are a slew of 'em. There are the Wolvarks, the Outlaws, the Outlaw Minions, the Clakkerz, the Grubbs, Gloktigi and of course all of the live ammos. Wolvarks are kinda like security guards, but they are totally flaky and would rather nap than work. Of course they are meaner than all get out and you should avoid them at all costs. And did I mention that they're ugly? Cuz they are. Outlaws are, well, just kind of what they sound like. They live outside the law and make the strangers life so difficult, and yet provide him with a career. I guess it's that whole balance of nature thing.

Question: How come no one ever writes to you asking about the new game anymore? Are they tired of your meaningless spiels, your bottomless pit answers? You're utter lack of decency? Have they completely given up on you? Do they not realize the veritable slogs trough of information that you have the potential to be? Shame on them. Shame.

Alf: Gosh, I just don't know. With the game coming out next month you'd think people would be dying to know. Seems like the only mail I get these days is those friendly offers to enhance my Mudokon-hood or get a lower interest rate on my rehab payments. Kind offers, really, but not very useful when all I want to do is blabber on about the game!

Question: Dear Alf i have got a question for you. What's with this pre-order DVD of Oddworld movies?

Alf: Hi there. I'm glad you asked! If you pre-order Oddworld Stranger's Wrath "only the Xbox", you'll receive and "bonus" DVD right then, well starting Jan.1st. This dvd contains all the cg/fmv movies from past games and OSW too. Yes, there is an "extras" section. The bonus DVD will also be available in Europe. Check out your eagames.com website for more info.

Question: Any chance of getting more info and pictures about the new GAME? thanx - Bounty guy.

Alf: Yes! Yes! Check out websites like Gamespot, IGN, Gamespy, EAgames and all the game magazines too. Look for features right now!

(Posted on: 01/2001)

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Question: Q: What kind of role do vehicles play in Munch's Oddysee? Are there any water-based vehicles, like boats and stuff? I'd also like to know if I get to control that awe inspiring blimp I've seen pictures of?

Alf: We're still evaluating the role of vehicles in Munch's Oddysee.

Question: Will the Munch's Oddysee environments be more Outside or Inside? Will there be more small buildings, like guard towers or little homes? Or large buildings, like factories and stations?

Alf: All of the above! We have massive, sprawling indoor environments, and we also have smaller guard towers and such dotting our outdoor landscapes. We're shooting for a balance of indoor and outdoor experiences.

Question: I would seriously like to know how large the worlds will be in Munch's Oddysee? Everquest size? Mario64?

Alf: We're still exploring the maximum sustainable size for our outdoor areas. We feel there isn't much point in having super-large areas if there isn't anything to do in them. There are trade-offs involved between the size of areas, the number of characters in those areas, the complexity of the environments, the presence of facilities, etc. We haven't quite yet arrived at the magic formula that will let us answer your question, but we're getting close!

Question: Does Abe get any new tattoos in Munch's Oddysee? What about Munch, will he get tattoos or any more electronic equipment?

Alf: Abe is a supporting character in Munch's Oddysee, and he doesn't go on the sort of quest that awards new tattoos. Munch does evolve over the course of the story, but his evolution has more to do with what he learns about himself and his race than any external change. Tattoos aren't really Munch's thing, but you never know …

Question: What is the utility of the thing that Munch has in his head?

Alf: The jack in Munch's head was installed by deranged Vykkers scientists for twisted reasons of their own. Little did they realize that Munch would find a way to use his jack to control robots, vehicles, and other machines.

Question: I heard that Mullock is coming back in Munch's Oddysee and that you visit Rupture Farms…is this true?

Alf: I can neither confirm nor deny a role for Mollock in Munch's Oddysee. A return to RuptureFarms does presently figure in the game.

Question: Will Bigface appear in Munch's Oddysee? Will Abe disappear in the next game (Munch's Exoddus)?

Alf: Because this story is about Munch, Big Face does not appear (Bigface is Abe's mentor). In many ways, Abe has moved beyond what Big Face can teach him, which is one of the reasons the Almighty Raisin chooses this time to reveal himself to our heroes. And don't worry – Abe's story is far from over. He isn't going anywhere soon.

Question: The Glukkon Queen Margaret is the absolute ruler. The Slig Queen Skillya is a wealthy business partner of the Glukkons. The Glukkons make up the rich business class. The Vykkers make up the rich tech class. ????????????????? The Sligs make up the low paid soldier/police class. The Mudokons make up the slave laborer class. Slogs and Fleeches are pets. Meetles are beasts of burden. Scrabs, Paramites, and Meeches are livestock. This is Oddworld's modern society as I've been able to piece together. Notice the blank space? That's where a working middle class would be. Who are they?

Alf: An interesting evaluation, and largely accurate. Most of the working class that you mention live in Oddworld's cities, which have yet to be seen … and those details will have to wait for a future game. You should also realize that the classes you mention aren't monolithic. That is to say, while the majority of Sligs are part of a low paid soldier class, there are also middle-class Sligs. Likewise, not all Mudokons are slaves. Additionally, there are internal markets in each of the classes you mention … just because many Mudokons are part of a slave class doesn't mean they aren't enthusiastic consumers of Paramite Pies. Even Mudokon slaves have some discretionary bonus income to spend (earned for meeting production quotas, or snitching out their fellow slaves).

Question: With businesses such as Rupture Farms and Soul Storm Brew, who exactly do the $$$-hungry Glukkons sell these products to?

Alf: Anyone and everyone! The Magog Cartel is always looking for new markets to exploit.

Question: In Munch's Oddysee, will you show the different forms of Mudokons? Or Sligs in their many stages of life?

Alf: You will certainly see a new twist on Sligs. We're still working on some surprises for Mudokons.

Question: How come Sligs and Glukkons never come close to the Scrabs, Paramites, or Fleeches, even just by chance? I would want to see the outcome if they did…

Alf: In our first two games, this was entirely due to memory constraints on the Playstation. Our characters are so rich and so detailed that you can't have more than a few of them on screen at the same time. We really had to jump through hoops to get as much stuff on the screen as we did … every time you move from one screen to the next, the code is busily swapping stuff in and out in the background. It's almost like pouring water from a gallon jug, into a cup, then into another gallon jug, over and over again, without spilling a drop in the meantime. Quite a challenge! We trust that our new platform will permit us to work with a broader canvas of characters, although machines being what they are, I'm sure we'll still be doing all sorts of wizardry in the background to deliver the most exciting game experience possible.

Question: How did the Sligs get their pants? Did they build them themselves, or did the Glukkons make them? (and if the Glukkons did, they would have to sit a bit away from the work area because the length of their arms, wouldn't they?)

Alf: Most of the weird technology you see on Oddworld is derived, directly or indirectly, from the twisted experiments at Vykkers Labs.

Question: If the Glukkons (or Sligs) can make pants for the Sligs, then why don't they make pants for themselves?

Alf: Please! No self-respecting Glukkon would be caught dead tottering about on a gauche set of mechanical legs!

Question: I was wondering, since Sligs are first born with an urge to nurture and this instinct is later beaten out of them, is there a chance that we will ever encounter “nice” Sligs?

Alf: Nice tendencies are ruthlessly sought out and eliminated in Sligs at a very early age … but you never know. A grub here or there might slip through the system.

Question: Alf, do you play a role in Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: I'll be all around in the dark. I'll be everywhere, wherever you can look. Wherever there's a fight so hungry people can eat, I'll be there. Wherever there's a Slig beatin' up a guy, I'll be there. I'll be in the way guys yell when they're mad. I'll be in the way kids laugh when they're hungry and they know supper's ready and where people are eatin' the stuff they raise and livin' in the houses they build. I'll be there, too.

Question: I was wondering why Abe was the chosen one to help free all the Mudokens?…I mean he's really clumsy and stupid.

Alf: Odd works in mysterious ways.

Question: In Munch's Oddysee, in the Vykkers labs can the player interact with all the specimens in the cages that the Vykkers are experimenting on (i.e. let them out and make them attack Sligs, etc.)?

Alf: Munch can build a little army with all the Fuzzles he releases in Vykkers Labs.

Question: In Munch's Oddysee, will Abe and the various other characters have an extended “Gamespeak?” Will Abe also have different Mystical Tattoos? If so, what do they do?

Alf: GameSpeak has been both extended and simplified for Munch's Oddysee, and plays a pivotal role in the game.

Question: What does SoulStorm Brew taste like?

Alf: Don't ask me about Brew! I'm still tryin' to forget! Man, one is too many, and a million's not enough!

Question: I remember a guardian angel in an FMV for the first game. It also appears now in the Oddworld Universe section of the website. What relevance does it have to the game? Will the guardian angel appear in Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: The Shrink, as he is now known, was originally part of an early concept for a television ad for Abe's Oddysee. Nothing goes to waste here at Oddworld, so I'm sure you'll see the Shrink in a game sooner or later.

Question: I was wondering, in some of the Abe's Exoddus pictures with the Mudokons hanging upside down on the ‘tear thing', their loin clothes are staying up? How can that be?

Alf: Censor's Glue. It's the same thing that keeps Xena's skirt in place.

Question: After the 5th game of the Oddworld Quintology, will there be something else in store for us Oddworld fans, or is that the end forever?

Alf: I'm sure we'll continue to make Oddworld games as long as we draw breath (provided they put work stations in rest homes and insane asylums).

Question: I heard that Oddworld Inhabitants will make a Squeek's Oddysee. What can you tell me about it?

Alf: Only that it is indeed scheduled to be a Quintology title, and that it's top secret.

Question: What happened to the Oddworld store with all the cool Oddworld Merchandise?

Alf: Unfortunately our store had to close due to our change of publishers. We hope to re-open someday.

Question: Will the Xbox be compatible with a keyboard or mouse? What is the release date for Xbox, and how much is it going to cost?

Alf: Probably best if you go to the experts on this. Check out[www.xboxaddict.com](http://www.xboxaddict.com/)   or   [www.msxbox.com](http://www.msxbox.com/)

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Question: Q: hey alf…what happened to the other 4 mudokons i think it was… that was helping abe at the start of the game when abe fell of the edge?

Alf: Yo, did you not get any further than that? He met up with us later on, we found some cool, clear, refreshing juice in a handy-dandy dizpenzah, things went fuzzy for a few hours, and then Abe came back and saved the day. And then we made sure he couldn’t sabotage the SoulStorm Brewery boiler and handed him over to the Brewmaster. Wait, is that right? That last part might have just been a bad dream.

Question: If humans came on oddworld, how would they be treated? Would they be captured by Glukkens and be made into slaves and science experiments till someone gets hungry or would glukkens crap themselves for seeing strange creatures for the first time?

Alf: Oddworld is a pretty big place, crawling with life, and Civilized folks ain’t unused to seeing new and freaky races pop up from distant shores or hidden places. If humans can prove worthy trading partners or collaborators, I don’t think you guys would have anything to fear. I think the better question is “What would humans do?” – you gonna join their ranks or stand up for our rights?

Question: Hey alf- I’m unsure if this has been asked in the past.. but are there any Holidays that Oddworld celebrates? any thing like Scrab appreciation day or something?

Alf: I’ve been pushing to get an Alf Appreciation Day but the guys, they don’t seem to wanna hear me out. I’m sure they’re just too busy to recognize their dear savior Alfie. If it wasn’t for me, they’d still be crawling in the muck lookin’ fer anything fermented. But no, it’s fine. I’ll just go inventorize my stores.

Question: When in the name of Odd will you be receiving YOUR own game? You’ve been riding Abe’s coattails for far too long. Take a stand already! We’re all waiting for Alf’s Oddysee: the game chronicling your adventures alongside Abe as you boldly consume tea from the sidelines! Will they ever make a game about you alf? p.s.: im praying that you get the raining tea for free

Alf: You know, I’ve always wanted to star in my own game. I would call it “Oddworld: Alf’s Mudombie Horror MMORPG Simulator 3: The Game HD”. Basically it’s a point-and-click race-’em-up. Coming soon to Phantom, Betamax and fairground organs everywhere.

Question: how good was a mudokon and slig relationship(before sligs were born in captivity)did muds treat’em badly? I read that there were nice sligs, will there be a day that Muds and Sligs will become friends?

Alf: Sligs are petty, vicious, squabbling bullies: you’re asking if we treated them badly? What do you think, we pulled their tentacles and chopped their back legs off or something? Sligs have been poorly-raised broods of nasty work since time began, and that’s not going to change. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll let one in my teahouse if he promises to behave, but I don’t think we’ll be building joint communes quite yet.

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Question: Q: Who does the naming process for all the Mud…lings? Mudokids? Is it the parent(s)? Do you have some sort of appointed official to hand out a specific name? It might seem obvious but it might not be, seeing as your whole lot is a pretty wacky bunch.

Alf: Sometimes our momma names us, the rest of the time we kinda name ourselves. I don’t remember ever being told my name, it was just what everybody always called me. Apart from middle management. They always called me “Hey you, do ya stinkin’ job ya bum!” I didn’t like that name. Too wordy.

Question: As I was reading the April edition of Dear Alf and a question sparked another: There are bird portals that Abe can use to reach different areas that definitely don’t contain the Monsaic Sanctum or your famous tea. What if some of the portals Abe sends the others through take them to those areas? They’re usually far deadlier than what the current predicament might be before entering.

Alf: Oh my odd, that’s… that right there is what they call nightmare flub! Nah, I wouldn’t worry about it. You gotta trust the birds! The portals that take Abe to them places, they always stay open for him and never let anyone else through. They know, man. They know.

Question: Lastly a short question, would you take a bullet for Abe? As in a fired bullet. From a gun. Fired by a very upset and mean-looking Slig. Right at Abe. With you next to him. Next to Abe, not the Slig, don’t be silly. Oops, I guess this wasn’t that short after all.

Alf: You know them so-called ‘product delivery firearms’? You might have seen ’em, the SnUzis and BlitzPackers and that? They strike you with a dose of addictive goodies and you’re hooked to their consumer goods, desperate to work in the factories just to get your next precious hit. I’d take that bullet, then Abe can rescue me and I can cure myself at my own Rehab. Hyeh, these thought puzzles are fun.

Question: hello alf i have been a fan of this franchise for 14 years and my questions are these regarding the up coming new ‘n’ tasty a simple question and somewhat pointless but i would hate it if i didnt ask the sligs in new ‘n’ tasty will they have the orignal masks from the first game or the other round lens ones from munches oddysee.

Alf: A little from Column Abe and a little from Column Abey.

Question: regarding my hand of odd question fairly simple is hand of odd a fan rumor or is it real thank you for your time.

Alf: Hand of Odd ain’t no rumor, it’s a real thing that we’ve spent time on in the past. But for various reasons each time it comes up, other things end up taking priority. Maybe we’ll go back to it one day, maybe one day we’ll even release the thing! But we’re not working on it right now.

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Question: Q: Do you know what kind of governement the gluckons have? are they capitalists, democracts or dictators?

Alf: Glukkons ain’t politicians, they’re businessers. Obviously they’re capitalists, use ya head! Each corporate family is ruled by a Queen, so it’s also a matriarchy and monarchy.

Question: Hey Dear Alf how you doin’? I have some questions to ask you: first is about Glukkon, if they are a armless species how did they dress themsalves?

Alf: Personal assistants, or personal slaves depending on taste. Some have a Slig PA to be their hands. Others keep a Mudokon in their office. Never underestimate the gratitude of a slave who doesn’t have to work down in the giblet tracts like the others.

Question: Glukkons look really.. dry, as if they are dehydrated. Really wrinkled lips. rough skin, etc. Why are they like that?

Alf: You’d think if it were a big problem the Vykkers would have them hooked on hydrating beauty cream and revitalizing dermal gels. There’s a big market in making people feel shoddy about themselves, and kid, I think you’re tuned into this big style. Now come up with something to make Wolvarks buy more toothpaste.

Question: Are there glukkon cities away from the factories? like, only residential cities? If not, so where do glukkons sleep, eat, etc.? Do they live in the same society as vikkers?

Alf: The big cities are places we haven’t seen yet, but it’s not just Glukkons and Vykkers. These are hugely cosmopolitan places, hugely commercial too. Then, y’know, there’s the private villas and estates, the lakeside holiday homes, the gated communities. Whatever takes ya fancy when your wallet’s thicker than a Nolybab pop star.

Question: Hey Alf, this question’s been bugging me ever since I finished Stranger’s Wrath. If Glukkons have a queen (Lady Margaret, correct?) then I would believe the majority of other Glukkons are genderless with possibly a few male drones. If this is the case, how are Glukkons able to breed with Oktigi to spawn Gloktigi?

Alf: Through the timeless method of the business deal, of course. Biologically you’re spot on, so I don’t see what you’re having trouble wrapping your head around. You get a Glukkon, you get an Oktigi, ta da: baby Gloktigi!

Question: How can Glukkons have these giant nasty industries and yet be so stupid?

Alf: You never seen a dim-witted rich person?

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Question: Q: How’s it going now? What is abe up to doing? Aren’t you chumps planning anything to save your queen?

Alf: Well it’s the tail end of a warm summer, so we’re thinking of just hitting the beach, meechin’ about with popsicles and riding Elum up and down the sands. I’ve been lifting heavy tea bags a lot and I wanna strut my stuff.

Question: Hey Abe! I think you should bring alum back because hes freaking adorable, anyway could you please tell me what creature he is?

Alf: I admire your optimism thinking Abe’s got time to sit and read all day, but it’s your pal Alf who gets to sift through all his fan mail. Abe’s too busy chillin’ on that beach with Elum. Elum is an Elum. Elums are Elums.

Question: What’s Abe been up to lately?

Alf: Packing for the beach, mostly. He’s got his bucket and spade and his ridiculously skimpy swimsuit. Can you believe he uses a FeeCo Depot brand case? I haven’t got the heart to tell Munch what creature’s skin it’s made outta.

Question: Abe can breakdance in the music video, can any other muds breakdance and where did Abe learn to?

Alf: As if Abe can breakdance! Puh-lease, he’s a total klutz. Only reason in Oddworld they get him to look that hip is stunt doubles! That head spinning trick was done by my pal Soots from two villages over. Man, that Mudder got some serious moves.

Question: If muds use spoocebows as weapons, how come Abe wont use one on his journeys it would help him a lot.

Alf: Abe is a terrible shot! He’d just keeping pewing his buddies in the noggin and settin’ off chains of explosives. Don’t give him ideas!

Question: Hey alf,i always wondered why is abe blue and the other mudokons are Green?

Alf: He’s two elevenths Glukkon on his half-uncle’s side.

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Question: Q: Hi Alf I was just wondering what is the average Mudokon life span (in Earth Years).

Alf: The typical Mudokon life span is 40 Oddworld years. Tell me how long an Earth year is in Oddworld days and I’ll tell you how long an Oddworld year is in Earth days.

Question: In which age are Mudokons considered to be adults?

Alf: In my experience, as soon as they can pick up a bucket and cloth.

Question: Did Mudokons like music? There are any musicians in oddworld?

Alf: Mudokons adore music, it’s one of our most favourite things. We’re one of the most musical species out there. Our native languages are melodious, a lot of our technology works because of harmonies, and we love to dance to the beat of the drum as much as anyone. Not to say the rest of Oddworld ain’t swimming in music, from nature, from natives, even from the Civilized world.

Question: Hey alf who is the mudokon in the tree in the forest after Soulstorm™ mines and will new’n’tasty be a part of The Oddbox?

Alf: Hey Viktor, let’s look at your questions one after the other. Let’s start with the Mudokon in the tree out in Necrum. Unless you suffered a sudden bout of not really being aware of things in general, you’re probably not thinking of Abe. Abe was out there alone, so if you did see someone else, go and find either an optician or an exorcist. I suppose there were the ghosts Abe freed from traps, if you believe those daft stories of his anyway, maybe that’s what you’re thinking of. Or else, I dunno, maybe it was just a random carving. Ancient Mudokons are kinda well known for their sculptures, ya know? The Oddboxx is a compilation of the first four Oddworld games, and since New ‘n’ Tasty is—guess what!—new (and also really quite delicious), it’s not part of the Oddboxx.

Question: Hey alf! I love your work and I was wondering, where do mudokins learn and study? Are there universities for them? What fields are popular? Are there any overpriced modos history textbooks I can buy for way to much moolah?

Alf: Like the rest of my fellow slaves, my practical education came from being dumped on the job and beaten every time I goofed up. You learn quick to avoid punishment. Our more ‘academic’ knowledge came from propaganda and misinformation. The newspapers and TV shows we’re allowed to enjoy are all carefully constructed to make us think we’re living a great life. It’s all the education we need to be as productive as they want us to be. Back out in the wild, our cultural heritage is passed on through different means. Ancient knowledge and history is primarily passed down by mouth, told through stories around the fire or on long journeys. If you wanna take it to the next step, you go find the recorded history: the carvings, the rockart, the architecture. You spend time in nature, observing the plants and animals. You meditate and teach yourself how to intersect with the spirit world. There’s no expensive laminated textbooks or poorly scheduled exams here.

Question: \#DearAlf where did the name “Mudokon” derive from?

Alf: Hey, thanks for using the brand new \#DearAlf hashtag! More people should use the \#DearAlf hashtag! Hey everyone, use the \#DearAlf hashtag! Mudokons are named after the continent of Mudos, where they come from. Like how you lot are all Earthikons. That’s what you call yourselves ain’t it? I don’t really pay attention.

Question: Last question I promise but what is the language used by the Mudokons? Do you have some way to teach this language to an earthling like me?

Alf: Sorry pally, I don’t know any way to communicate with you. You’ll have to piece it together yourself from misinterpreted old rock scratches and the sunstruck ramblings of Ron the Dung Diviner.

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Question: Q: #DearAlf if there are flying and walking sligs, why aren’t there any sligs with wheels?

Alf: Who said there aren’t? I definitely didn’t. Those guys are the worst. The flying sligs are tough to miss in the air, the walking sligs you have the chance to hide from. The wheelies? Nope. Not a chance—those guys are fast. Consider yourselves lucky that you haven’t encountered them… yet.

Question: #DearAlf How did Abe get employee of the year at RuptureFarms just by being a floor waxer? Plus, what came with the award?

Alf: Just by being a Floor Waxer? JUST?!! That’s a tough job for a Mudokon to get! Abe paid his dues and learned all the tricks as a Junior Floor Waxer. Plus, Abe was THE Floor Waxer. Those floors were so shiny that they’d blind anything looking directly at it. Good thing that’s what he was supposed to do… I’m sure if the wrong person went blind, Abe would have been Most Wanted long before his Oddysee. What came with the award? Only what was prized most: less slig-beatings.

Question: Is the reason Abe was employee of the-month at Farms really just because he is two-elevenths Glukkon on his half-uncle’s side.

Alf: Yeah right! Like Glukkons would cut anyone who’s not a purebred a break. I bet they don’t even remember Abe’s roots…

Question: What do Mudokons eat and drink?

Alf: Mmmm food. Now we Mudokons are creatures to be envied there. You should know the answer to this one; our delicacies are known and prized and envied across the universe! Scrab Cakes, Paramite Pies, and Meech Munchies for all! Speaking of all that food—geez, I haven’t eaten in days. Need to get my hands on… well, all of those delectable bites and scarf them all down before I eat my own head! P.S. see how cool it is for people to be using our \#DearAlf hashtag on Twitter? Keep it up Alfnauts! Submit your questions for our next \#DearAlf via Twitter (hashtag included), Facebook, or the contact form hidden in the menus up top! See ya all soon!

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Question: Q: Can Munch talk and if so will it be the same as Abe?

Alf: Munch speaks, he is a simpler creature than Abe, and his speech is simpler, as well.

Question: I was wondering, since Munch is the last of his species, how will he reproduce without others of his species? Does he even need another Gabbit to reproduce? Is he a hermaphrodite or something?

Alf: One word: Gabbiar!

Question: Are there going to be any babies in Oddworld Munch's Oddysee like baby elums, scrabs, paramites or any other babies?

Alf: Not in Munch's Oddysee, but various Oddworld grubs may feature in future games.

Question: Can you in Munch's Oddysee morph into the sligs , scrabs ,... like in Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus ?

Alf: If by "morph" you mean "possess", then yes. If by "morph" you mean "change into the Shyrkull," then maybe. If by "morph" you mean "Murph," the guy who works at the filling station, then I can't help you.

Question: Are there females of your kind? Please answer the questions and keep up the good work and keep it ODD ;-)

Alf: Our Queens are female.

Question: You still haven't replied to my last message and I'm getting a little pissed off. I live in Sydney, Australia and I'm wondering when Munch's Oddysee will be released here. Could you tell me?

Alf: Sorry mate! I'm doing my best to find out for you but we just don't know yet. Don't look for Munch to be in the Outback until 2002. When they tell me, I'll let ya know. G'day!

Question: Did Oddworld Inhabitants create an Oddworld movie yet? If someone can please send information if you can. I am obsessed with Oddworld. and I think that Oddworld Inhabitants should make a movie. tell me what website I could by the movie at if possible. it would make my dreams come true.

Alf: A theatrical short subject was composed by drawing images from Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus and connecting them together with some original bridging material. The film was screened for a short time in October 1998, Los Angeles, California. It may or may not be made available through other venues in the future.

Question: How Do Paramites, Scrabs, and fleeches see? They all don't have Eyes.

Alf: There are alternative means of "seeing", echolocation, for one. Plus, just because you can't see a set of eyes doesn't mean they aren't there, somewhere ...

Question: Are there poor Glukkons?

Alf: There are quite a few disgraced Glukkons who have gone for broke and leveraged themselves into poverty É most have the dignity to do away with themselves, but there are a sad few who hang on at the bottom of the corporate ladder, a disgrace to their betters and a target of derision for the masses.

Question: Who are Interns?

Alf: Surgically prevented from whistling while they work, Interns are finger-pointing finks who enforce Vykker regulations with a song in their heart and a pill on their lips. When not pilfering from medicine cabinets, these sleep-deprived, self-important slaves yearn for the latest in fashion swimwear, punk rock, and designer pharmaceuticals.

Question: How much is Quintology (I didn't found in any dictionary) ?

Alf: My dictionary defines Quintology as "what you say when 'quintet' doesn't sound cool enough."

Question: When will Hand of ODD will be released?

Alf: Sometime in the future. We are concentrating on Munch right now. After Munch I'd like to add a den and redo the kitchen at Alf's Rehab & Tea, learn how to fly fish, then think about Hand of Odd.

Question: Is Alf's Rehab & Tea a separate game or part of Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: It is a location on Oddworld that will be featured in many of our games.

Question: You mean to tell me that all Mudokons, Glukkons, and Sligs come from their own queen? So, you have never experienced the joys of love and sex. I pity you!

Alf: Thank you, Mr. T.

Question: How come Abe is blue and you, along with all the other Mudokons, are green?

Alf: It either has something to do with my diet, or it's a bit of dramatic license to help Abe stand out from the rest of us...

Question: What will happen if both Paramites and Scrabs meet?

Alf: On your old Playstation, there would be a memory overflow causing the game to crash. In Munch's Oddysee, you can expect a vicious Inhabitant hoedown!

Question: Man! I just looked at the munch demo video off fileplanet... it's amazing! i love it, the camera zooms in on the back of munch's skull and i still can't detect a pixel. How often do you think you'll be posting new videos on your site as the release date nears?

Alf: As often as we can spare time from preparing the game to post things to the site. Keep checking What's New.

Question: How big are the characters in Oddworld compared to humans?

Alf: Abe is roughly human-sized - you can extrapolate from there. Check out the chart above.

Question: The Oddworld games are the best games ever made. I have finished them all in everyway. When I heard Munch's Oddysee was coming out for PS2, I scrambled to get one. Now the game moves to XBox. In your Mission Statement, it says that you people want to get Oddworld into every home. How will that be possible for PS2 owners?

Alf: The same way that it will be possible for Dreamcast or Nintendo owners: by buying an Xbox.

Question: I'm very disappointed right about now its been called to my attention that I haven't seen or heard anything about those loveable creatures the slogs. Please say they aren't gone and don't you dare say the fleeches have taken there place. Please don't disappoint us!

Alf: Fear not! Slogs are already in the game, running about, barking, eating Sligs, getting chopped up in recyclers, they'll definitely be on hand when the game is released!

Question: I am making a model of munch but I can't do the back part of him could you send me a back front and side picture of munch I am SORRY I am bugging you but please alf, I'm your biggest fan.

Alf: What some people won't do for a butt shot of Munch! OK – here you go! (See above pop up image)

Question: When Molluck loses his clothes does he have has 2 big arms or 2 big legs because they only show it for a second I know that there are 2 small ones.

Alf: Glukkons walk on their hands. Their legs are vestigial.

Question: Hey Alf ,will there be any Mudokon freeing in Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: Absolutely!

Question: Can you please tell who or what is The Magog Cartel?

Alf: The Magog Cartel is an association of Moolah-mad capitalists bent on the mercantile conquest of Oddworld.

Question: Is it pronounced as "Munch" as in \The sound of someone eating\, or "Munch" as what it may be pronounced in German with a bit of the short \oo\ sound?

Alf: It depends on whether or not a German is saying it. Note, also, that Latamire Munch is not to be confused with Edvard Munch, the Norwegian painter known for his evocative treatments of psychological themes and for his influence on the development of 20th century German Expressionism.

Question: There was a question on "nice" sligs. Well, if "A grub here or there manages to slip through the 'system'", who would care for it? Sligs are born without legs yes? If growning up from grubs (?) and walking with their hands, would they develop arms like the Glukkons? (Keeping in mind the "pants-spoiled" Sligs drag themselves- they didn't grow up developing "their" arms)

Alf: Like many wild animals, Slig grubs are born into the world fully equipped to survive on their own. They only need caregivers for political indoctrination, and while mechanical pants are nice, Sligs have survived for generations without them.

Question: In Abe's Exoddus, Elum isn't in the game! I was shocked! What happened to him, and is he in Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: On the Playstation, Elum was an expensive character (memory-wise) for what he brought to the game, so he didn't make an appearance in Abe's Exoddus. We still plan for Elum to appear in Munch's Oddysee.

Question: What about Habitales and Farietales series?

Alf: What about them? - The End

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Question: Q: I’m curious about something, are all Mudokons male?

Alf: Geez, I really didn’t ever want to do this, but if you haven’t had the talk about when a Mudokon loves a Mudokon… Looks like I’m getting cut off here. Let’s skip that step, shall we? Yes, there’s female Mudokons—we all come from somewhere no? Our females are queens who do all the reproducing. The Mudokons you’ve encountered in the past aren’t male, we’re just gender-neutral workers. From what I’m told, it’s pretty similar to how bees and ants work on your Earth-planet. Except we’re bigger, cooler, and much better looking than those guys.

Question: #DearAlf Is Abe the only Mudokon with Stitch-Lips?

Alf: Good ol’ Stitch Lips! I gotta start calling Abe that more often. Honestly? I’m not sure if he’s the only one. Surely he couldn’t be the first or the last Mudokon that cried so much as a baby that Sam sewed his mouth shut to keep him silent for the guards. But who knows? We’ll have to find that one out together…

Question: #DearAlf Has Munch a girlfriend? And where is the women’s in Oddworld Universe?(except the Jil momma from stranger wrath)

Alf: Munch is quite single… and loving it! That little Gabbit guy is living the dream. But if you know any smart, beautiful Gabbits to set my man up with, let me know and I’ll hook ‘em up. Munch and I are tight like that. And don’t you worry—there are women in the Oddworld Universe! Of course we’ve got Sam, our Mudokon Queen (hey, Mom!). There’s also all the Clakkerz on Stranger’s side of the planet. Just because you haven’t met the rest of the fine ladies of Mudos doesn’t mean they’re not there! We’ve got ‘em in abundance, they just haven’t surfaced too much in what you’ve seen… yet.

Question: #DearAlf What job do Sligs have (besides beating the workers)?

Alf: Other jobs: Slapping the workers, Smacking the workers, Shooting the workers, Harassing the workers, Kicking the workers, Punching the workers, Elbowing the workers, Karate-chopping the workers, Making fun of the workers’ really fashionable fezzes… Annnnnnnd I think I’ve covered all their other jobs. Alright! Friday down. You mean there’s another one coming up next week? Well good thing—there’s always questions to be answers, mysteries to be solved, tea to drink, and… hey you, give me back my wallet!

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Question: Q: Can I mate with Stranger?

Alf: What is this, Match.com? Stranger’s a free Steef – just as much of a free bird as you are. We’re not just auctioning him off here – he’s no Mudokon slave. But if you’re asking about logistics of having a Steef’s child? It depends on a few things. Is it legal in your country to mate with a Steef? Must you be married first? And is your body equipped to hold a Steef embryo? What is the birthing process like for your species hybridized with a Steef’s? These are some things to look into. Check with your local Vykker for details.

Question: Why are Sligs called Sligs and Glukkons called Glukkons?

Alf: A Slig is a Slig because it’s a Slig. And a Glukkon’s a Glukkon because it’s a Glukkon. You’re a Ricardo because that’s what Ricardos are, amirite? But would the beating of Slig feel so brutal if a Slig went by any other name? Would Glukkons’ greed be so solipsistic if they weren’t called Glukkons? Would Meech Munchies be as delicious if we called them Fart Flurries? Is anybody listening? Is this thing on? @Q: \#DearAlf Can you say what’s the real name of Stranger? And who was that octopus that was controlling the Sekto?

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Question: Q: I was wondering on something about Abe. Abe is able to possess a Slig’s or Glukkon’s or Paramite’s or Scrab’s body with chant, that’s clear. But what happens if Abe is killed while his soul is in one of the bodies? Is he trapped then in that body forever?! I’m asking this because while chanting I saw those pretty little lights around Abe, and I’m not sure if it’s his spiritual power’s appearance or it’s Abe’s soul.

Alf: Dead is dead. So if his body’s found and someone kills Abe, he’s a goner—soul in another body or not. Otherwise, anytime he’s about to get 86’d, he could just possess someone near him and just carry on, you know? But wait…why are you so curious? Are you planning something? Did you already DO something?? I need to make a phone call… Make sure this guy I know is doin’ ok…

Question: Talking about chanting, are the other Mudokons able to chant like Abe? If so, can they possess other beings just like he does, or there are other levels of this chanting ability – besides possessing another creature?

Alf: Pretty much all Mudokons can chant. We’re pretty cool, eh? Possession on the other hand is a fine skill that shamans practice their whole lives to be able to hone and refine. Abe’s a wonder-mudokon, though, and picked it up in a snap. He’s a natural.

Question: Just curiosity, first of all, I love those rock paintings and drawings what you guys did at Monsaic Lines, Scrabania and Paramonia. What kind of tools did you use to make them? We, humans used stones, blood and different kind of plants or fruits which had paint-like mass. Do you do any artistic activities in your tribe like painting or handcrafting?

Alf: Similar to you Earthenites, we use stone and metal tools, dyes, plants, animals, and good ol’ fashion dirt—depends on what tribe of natives you talk to. Some tribal crafts that the natives are known for are Meep crochet and Meep leather goods, leaf origami, Elum dung sculptures, and Scrab bone carvings.

Question: About Oddworld’s wildlife: Have you ever tried to tame any wild creatures so you can use them as a help in your tribe or maybe a cute pet? For example: Elums are useful for travelling, as I know it from Abe’s first adventure in Paramonia and Scrabania.

Alf: Well, you just said it! We train Elums for help. Meeps are silly little livestock that we use for food and goods. Hypothetically Mudokons can tame Paramites, Scrabs, and Meeches, but it’s very dangerous and it’s not recommended—you better be an expert and you won’t catch me doing that anytime soon! Outside of the natives, there’s the Fuzzles, Boombats, Chippunks, and all the other little critter-dudes that Stranger uses as Live Ammo. I’d say those are pretty dang helpful. Well folks, we had a lot more questions this week that didn’t get to be answered but you know what? That’s what next week is for! See what I did there? Now I know I’ll see your faces again, same time, same place. I’ll be counting down the minutes until then. Miss ya already. Got more questions? Well that’s just dandy. Just ask me at @OddworldInc with the hashtag \#DearAlf or send it to us on Facebook!

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Question: Q: I know that Glukkons have shriveled legs, and use their arms to walk, therefore not having a free hand… but what if, (and would…?) a Glukkon were to buy and surgically attach mechanical arms to themselves, therefore giving them the freedom from having slaves/Sligs do everything?

Alf: Beeeeez, this has gotta be in the top five questions I ever get. Lemme ask ya, if your social life was cigars and brandy in mahogany rooms, would YOU wanna be the one to annihilate the class with your clunking industrial pliers for arms? And if your social ladder was built out of how many chumps you can get doing everything for ya, would YOU wanna be the loser who starts doing things with your own paws like a Cavegluk? Well maybe ya would, but you’d make a dreadful Glukkon.

Question: I found some Mudokons throwing some Sligs into a Splinterz brand tree ‘recycler’ with the following ‘types’ of junk on its display – Meat, Scrap, Bone, Fat, and Fluids. Nothing about trees.

Alf: That would be scrap. Scrap metal, scrap wood, scrap stone, scrap flowers, scrap art, scrap health and safety regulations: it’s all stuff fer makin’ stuff. Meat’s fer eatin’, bone’s fer ‘splodin’, fat’s fer burnin’, fluid’s fer I dun even wanna know, but scrap is the rest of it fer doin’ everythin’ else.

Question: With so advanced tech, why hasn’t any creature from Oddworld created any kind of spaceship yet?

Alf: Space? Why are we going to space? Are there intergalactic Mudokons that need rescuing? Lots of forests to chop down on the moons, are there? Loads of Space Fuzzles to abduct and run stardust experiments on, right? No? None of that? None of anything that anyone needs or wants? Oh great. Let’s go anyway for some reason. They serve tea at least, yes? NO!? Well in that case let’s go right now! Imma be the first Mudokon to open an orbital rehab!

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Question: Q: Is the reason Abe was employe of the month at Farms really just because he is two elevenths Glukkon on his half-uncle’s side.

Alf: Hahaha, you teaphiles crack me up! Yeah right, like Abe’s distantly related to a Glukkon. You’ll believe anything I say! I bet if I told ya I was half-Paramite you’d stand behind me for hours waitin’ for an arc of silk to start knittin’ yur winter woolies. Nah, I’m only stirrin’ yur sugar. Beez, lighten up!

Question: I heard some rumors flying about that Mullock wasn’t killed in Rupture farms, is he still alive.

Alf: You really shouldn’t believe what you read in the tabloids. I mean it, that fact-fearin’ snaggle of agenda-pushing tosh spewers should be ignored at all costs. They love drumming up public interest in a topic they can exploit, and boy oh boy is everyone interested in what became of Molluck. The list of people who want to find him alive just to have him shot is longer than Buddy’s belt. But seriously, by the same token how can they not have found him? RuptureFarms is big and labyrinthine but it must have been pulled to pieces by vigorous search crews by now, and they haven’t found so much as a pair of fluffy slippers. Face facts, he’s toast.

Question: Also If those mudokens can make that storm at the end of Abes oddysee to destroy rupture farms, why don’t they just do that all the time?

Alf: Because it takes a lotta Spooce! Luckily RuptureFarms is pretty darned close to the Mudokon holy caves of Monsaic Lines, filled with cranky ancient shamans and freaky psychic machines. Multiply by a not small number of rescued Muds all too happy to see their former enslavers electrified, and you’ve got a recipe for the worst weather-related meat factory mishap since Unckie Chunky hisself famously lost 8 thousand tons of Meech Shank to a flash flood. Oh, it can be done with a lot of planning, but an ever-growing proportion of free Muds are too busy celebrating life to give half a care to organizing rebellion. Plus you don’t wanna set fire to a building filled with workers, and there are very few daft enough to infiltrate a functioning Glukkon facility and get away again with the whole labor pool in tow.

Question: Hey there, Alf! My question to you this week: What ever happened to Abe’s pet elum? We didn’t see it after the first game, so is it still with you guys?

Alf: I’m not… I mean I don’t think… I might just be misrememberin’, my old tea-addled brain… but didn’t he… didn’t we figure out he’d been… Grubb-in-a-tub, this is awkward. I don’t want the nippers to start cryin’, so I need to find a way to put this tactfully. I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but we had to say goodbye to our beloved Elum. It’s tragic and horrible and quite unbelievable, but it’s true. He decided to go to medical school.

Question: Is soulstorm brew only consumed by mudokons?

Alf: No siree, it is not. In fact, it’s the number one beverage in the whole of Mudos, enjoyed icy and fizzing by all from the surliest crate packer to the tenderest wallet stitcher. Bottles of Brew are wielded by every stadium hawker this side of Mudos Arena and stood clinking in the chiller of every light-flickerin’ dehab from Nolybab to Fegas. Short answer: No siree, it is not.

Question: Abe could use his posseseion anytime he wanted in the first two games how come he requires spooce to possess in MO?

Alf: I guess you never saw Abe’s condo back in RuptureFarms, didya. I tell ya, that chump never looked after it properly. He had the flashiest home outta anyone, on account of bein’ Employee of the Year: 5% more bedding than the next best place, three whole options on his private Vendo, a bigger CCTV screen by a good quarter inch, and it was strung up higher than anything else in the silo. What does he do with it? He lets it get overrun by Rats, Slurgs, basically any pest you could name. I spotted him feeding the varmints more than once. And the mould! He just let it grow, like he was culturing a carpet of the icky stuff. He was probably breathing in enough Spooce from that stuff to power his campaigns against RuptureFarms and SoulStorm Brewery. After that, I ain’t surprised in the slightest he had such a massive hankerin’ fer the stuff.

Question: Do Vykkers fall in love with themselves?

Alf: They’re born in love with themselves. Not in the icky, squicky, opple-sticky way you or I—well, you maybe anyway—would. Just they really like ’emselves is all. They’re chronically incapable of empathy, even between each other. All they’ve got room for in their twisted hearts is themselves. But you’re right, Vykkers are self-impregnating hermaphrodites—given their selfishness, can you imagine anything else? They can only do this for a couple of months out of their long lives, which they take as a sabbatical from work.

Question: If Abe and Munch took down Vykker’s labs then does that mean that Strangers story existed before Abe and Munch journey?

Alf: I’ll pop the kettle on while I have a think about how that makes sense. Maybe head out and collect a couple sacks of berries, too. Hey, do you want anything from that other village way across the other end of the mountain range?

Question: Why have the only creatures that have been seen in both stranger’s wrath and the other games been fuzzles?

Alf: Fuzzles are pretty ubiquitous critters, you’re likely to find them in all sorts of places across all of Oddworld. That’s one of the reasons they’re so perfect for the Vykkers to collect in massive numbers. It just so happens they’re as common in the dust plains of Western Mudos as they are in the contested plateaux of the Outter Rim.

Question: I noticed on that one Stranger guy’s hat is that he has darts. Why doesn’t he ever use them?

Alf: Because then his hat would be unbalanced, duh.

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Question: Q: are meeches really extinct? like for reals? \#DearAlf

Alf: It’s hard for some chumps to accept change and loss. Look, I get it. I once lost a stinky job in a meat factory. I was lost in the desert for a whole day at one point. I recently lost the key to one of my store cupboards and the smell seepin’ from there is really startin’ a drive the patrons away. But we gotta learn that these things are lost forever and that we have to adapt. I’ll never get that day back. I’ll never suffer in a factory again. I’m gonna need to buy a lotta air fresheners. It won’t be easy and it won’t be instant, but we need to get ya to learn: Meeches are gone forever. Sorry, bro. It’s just how extinction works.

Question: I haven’t seen Meetles/Mugs around. What happened to them?

Alf: Well they ain’t extinct for sure, but they ain’t exactly common either. The places y’all have probably been looking for ’em are likely wrong. If the Vykkers or Glukkons have been about, all them Meetle grubs will have been taken away for experiments or repurposing respectively. And if the factories you’re lookin’ at are really just little far-flung Outer Rim underfunded startups by financial noobodies, they ain’t gonna be guarded by Mugs. So that’s what happened to ’em and why you ain’t seen ’em yet.

Question: Do vegetarian Scrabs exist?

Alf: Hahaha, you got some spooced out concepts shakin’ it up in yur brain cavern. Oh Muddy, that little number’s gonna keep me laughing all through winter! Vegetarian Scrab, HA!

Question: Hey Alf! What is the situation on Mudos now that the Magog Cartel is failed?

Alf: Dude, look out the freakin’ window! There are factories entrenched tick-like across the landscape, natives enslaved in every corner of the continent, vast tracts of the world rendered uninhabitantable by centuries of devastation, and the billionaires are laughing from their sunlit offices and penthouses. You go up to the Magog Cartel HQ and throw a jeer at it, see for yourself how failed they’re feelin’ right now.

Question: And lastly where can I acquire the A.L.I.V.E. engine?

Alf: That’s not really something you can get yer hands on, because it’s not something we’ve made available, freely or otherwise. Plenty of reasons why. That said, there’s a bunch of really dedicated fans out there who have spent hours of their free time rigging together tools that let you make changes to Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus. Effectively they’ve made a level editor! Go run a few queries on your search engine o’ choince and check it out! Now if we went and released the A.L.I.V.E. Engine now we’d be wasted all that hard work o’ theirs, and that’d just be rude.

Question: alf you could create an oddworld game with characters from my little pony

Alf: No.

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Question: Q: Green Tea? Fan or foe? No tough on your rehab tea I’d bet!

Alf: It’s all part of a healthy tea diet. You should drink five portions of tea a day. Drink teas of different colors to make sure you get a full range of vitamins and minerals!

Question: Hi, Alf! Hope you’re doing well. I was wondering, when and how did you come up with the tea you sell today? I’m assuming after your adventure in the desert?

Alf: It took some trial and error, a bit of time and a lot of patience, but my unrivaled recipe is simply the best concoction for the job. I looked to ancient wisdom of plants, consulted the elders, and frankly I had no shortage of Brew-addled souls to help before I achieved perfection. But I got there, and now there’s no limit to the help my tea can do. I once cut my finger on a dangerously-suspended dream catcher and tea made it heal real fast, I swear it’s true!

Question: I’ve been wondering for quite some time, what does Soulstorm brew taste like? Does it taste like bones? That doesn’t sound very appealing, least of all intoxicating to me.

Alf: It’s like candied mouthwash, babbling over your tongue like pristine springs in sparkling sunlight. It’s like a father figure giving you a relaxing and electrifying pat on the back and saying “You’re amazing. You’re doing brilliantly. Don’t stop now.” It’s like the torrent of relief and release swirling down your throat is pushing you up, up, up but before you know it you’re sinking down, down, down. I hope I’m putting you off.

Question: Who are the main consumers of glukkon products, like paramite pies, soulstorm brew, etc.? Are they other glukkons?

Alf: Glukkons, sure, they’ll eat ’em behind closed doors. Glukkons don’t tend to eat in public, their table manners aren’t generally held in high regard. Sligs love the stuff, but they gotta consider company policy. It’s unprofessional to be seen supporting another company’s products. Not without a big, fat marketing deal that is. But you should see the junk food they stash in their bunks! Mudokons don’t get a choice, it’s addictive own-brand or nowt. The real customers are the Khanzumerz in the big cities. That’s where the real Moolah comes from.

Question: Hey Alf! I was wondering if you could shed some light on flavors of certain snacks and drinks you’ve tasted like Bone Brew, Paramite Pies, and any other snacks you may have tried..?

Alf: Look, these cheap throwaway products aren’t exactly crafted with artisan subtlty. A Paramite Pie is Paramite meat in a pie, with a whole bunch of jelly, salt, preservatives and other things I don’t recommend putting in yourself. They taste good for a bit, but that’s it. I have no pleasant memories of enjoying a Paramite Pies. Not now I know there’s so much out there cooked with love and attention. Quit dwelling on this mass-produced garbage and go experience the rich variety of food! And bring me back something nice and tasty.

Question: Also can you share the recipe for your tea?

Alf: Oh hey, sure thing, partner! Here’s instructions on how to replicate my products entirely. I’ve also included a free sample of ingredients to help get you started. In fact, let’s make it a lifetime supply! Why don’t you just move in and take over my life’s work! NO, GET OUT! MAKE YOUR OWN TEA!

Question: why is your tea so delicious

Alf: It’s because I’m so full of tenderness and compassion.

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Question: Q: Hey, Alf. How’ve ya been? I have another couple questions: Can you tell us about Buddy the khanzumer? What’s he like, and should I bake a cake for him?

Alf: Buddy’s the best! Well, he ain’t exactly the saviour of his race, but he’s a damn cool kid anyway. I’ve never seen anyone keep either a hackey sack or a webserver up for as long as he can. You should totally bake him a cake. He loves cake! But don’t mean and call him a Khanzumer, b’okay? He may be a little weighty, but there ain’t anyone who deserves to get compared to that lot. Buddy’s a Mudokon. Budokon?

Question: Can you tell me what Buddy’s voice is like? I imagine it being very deep and smoooooth. Also, anything else you can tell us about him?

Alf: Buddy’s so boss, Buddy’s so bass, Buddy’s so deep he’s deeper than space! Haha. I came up with that on the spot. Bud’s a super scout, donchaknow, can get a whole forest mapped out in his head down to each and every tree. So what if it’s not perfectly accurate when he puts it down on paper? So what if it made all them tourists get lost in the woods? Point is, no one else has the dedication and perseverence to actually make that map in the first place. I doff ma fez at ya, ol’ Buddy ol’ pal!

Question: Did the muds learn any fighting skills over recent years or any years(it could help them)?

Alf: Hey, just coz we’re a bunch of pushovers who’ll follow anyone with a kind word or bottle of refreshing beverage, don’t mean we can’t put up a struggle! You must notta been lookin’ when we were whippin’ out our kickbutt weaponry and combat tactics. Whether we’re launching assaults across the map with Storm Circles and Spooce Cannons, or marching into battle with Elum cavalry and Meetle squadrons, you better not underestimate us before trying to steal our lands and our people! Plus, we can pack a mighty slap!

Question: Since abe’s exodus starts as soon as abe farts at the end of abe’s oddysee, why weren’t the games remade as one game?

Alf: Whoa, do you want us to release this thing any time soon or not??

Question: What do Mudokons eat and drink?

Alf: Muddy me, what don’t we eat!? Well, we don’t eat each other, I can tell ya that much. At least no one I know has ever admitted to trying a Mudokon Pop. Oh hang on, SoulStorm Brew… Well, I guess we ain’t actually so great after all. But it sure ain’t intentional, Scrabdangit! When you find out what goes in that stuff, it kinda puts you off it, ya know? Then again if that’s all it took we wouldn’t need a Rehab. I don’t wanna think about this any more.

Question: Dear Alf, how long can a mud live with out food or water? Also how thirsty were you when you were in the desert with Abe? it was only a day. could you have lived another two days?

Alf: Pally, I couldn’ta lived another minute! Don’t say ‘only a day’ like you’re regularly spending weeks at a time encased in salt. I’d like to see you sweatin’ across the scorching wastelands of Necrum without so much as a sandwich. Although we had plenty of sand so I guess all we’da needed is a wich. Which reminds me, why didn’t we bring a shaman? Can’t they cast rain spells and pull food outta thin air? I think I’m gonna have to have some stern words with Big Face, that ivory tower coward.

Question: How does one tame a paramite/scrab?

Alf: NO, DON’T DO IT! There’s some knowledge that’s best left to the protessionals, kiddo. I ain’t telling ya squat! You wanna go predator-hunting in sacred stomping grounds, that’s your own death sentence, and I ain’t lending you any hand or word of encouragement. Trust me, punk, leave those beasts alone!

Question: Speaking of love, do gender neutral Mudokons fall in love?

Alf: With themselves? Sometimes. With SoulStorm Brew? Better believe it. With each other? Eh. Not really the kinda thing we do. Not outta choice, it’s just the way we’re built I guess. Sometimes Muds will form strong bonds with one another and they’ll become pretty unseparable. But that’s about trust and shared interests, and if my old Foster Slig taught me anything, it’s that those things ain’t got two squashed Slurgs to do with love. Now if you’ll excuse me, Buddy and I are gonna go knit ourselves a new hackey sack.

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Question: Q: Why are sligs so blind? Som- i mean All sligs can stare Abe down in the eyes and not notice him, like then he puts one foot in a shadow. Why are sligs so stupid and/or blind?

Alf: Hey poo brain, you musta come to the wrong seminar! This is the one meant to make us look good, not the one for your backwards prejudices! Believe it or not, when a Mudokon hides in shadow they’re actually in the dark, and I’m not a scientist but I know you need light to see things! I dunno what brain virus makes Abe the dangerous renagade he is, but it don’t make him glow in dark. Only ghosts do that! And ya know what else ghosts are? Invisible! Maybe we ain’t the sharpest dice in the deck, but you can’t hold ghosts against us!

Question: What do sligs use their face tentacles for besides pulling switches? Cheers Alf \#DearAlf

Alf: As little as possible. Seriously, the only reason we don’t tie the things up in a bag is because it’s so uncomfortable. Half the reason we try to save up for awesomer armor is that we get to cover up our ugly faces even more, tentacles included. I don’t think you get how ugly we are, and how much that holds us back in life. If you had tentacles hanging off your face, you’d understand.

Question: I saw a sligs face once. I turned around and farted in its general direction, then ran the hell away. Do you know where i can see therapy about not screaming at it

Alf: Crig: You did the right thing, especially the part where you span around and got away from the crime scene face first. Times like that you gotta look after number one and protect yourself from further harm. I mean, a true hero woulda dived at the offending mug with the nearest available anything in a desperate bid to shield that dangerous appearance from the rest of the world. Be traumatized for life, but you’d save a lot of others from the same fate. But you ain’t a hero. Best therapy about is always Alf. Stick about after this, he’ll help ya out! Alf: Oh no no no, you’re not unloading your horrible experience on me! Sorry, but that’s a visual description I’m keepin’ faaaar away from. Uhh, go talk to the Raisin.

Question: i know that sligs are always treating mudokons like slaves but what do sligs eat and drink anyway?

Alf: Hey now, don’t go saying spurious things like that. It’s the Glukkons that treat Mudokons like slaves. Far as we’re concerned, you guys are fellow workers to be harrowed and bullied and beaten like any other. Don’t go thinking we’re the ones making the rules, we just enjoy following them! What do we eat and drink? Same stuff you guys do: fast food, junk food, snack food, brew and coffee. See, we ain’t so different after all! I’m going home tonight to a feast of Momma Flabby’s homestyle ready-dining! I love that Momma.

Question: Hey Alf, you do you thinks is the stupidest Sligs or Glukkons?

Alf: As someone who can answer this question a lot more objectively than Alf, I can confirm that Glukkons are stupidest. I mean, we’ve got pants and guns and Whack-a-Mud. They’ve got shareholder meetings, shoulder pads and Need-a-Hand. What more do I need to say?

Question: \#DearAlf You haven’t come across any Albino Sligs recently have you? I know they tend to disappear after birth, but thought I’d ask anyways.

Alf: I haven’t come across any weird-lookin’ Sligs. Trust me, after dishing out the healthy overdose of taunting and bludgeoning they have coming to ’em, I’d remember! We have a reputation to maintain: We’re ruthless, heartless security jerks, here to stomp on upstart slaves and keep out self-righteous rebels. Every Slig has been through a nightmarish selection process to ensure only the finest, fittest, fightingest specimens make it to factory floors. There’s no room for genetic setbacks or standout non-conformists. An albino Slig would be a threat to the financial security of Sligdom and should be teased mercilessly.

Question: I heard of an earthling monster called “Cthulu” which is like a giant (AND I MEAN GIANT) Slig that has wings, scales, and is much, much worse.

Alf: Probably the result of some twisted Vykker experiment. The things they can do with GM steroids and a tube of supposterone would leave you speechless. Gonna assume you don’t mean mechanical wings, so who knows where they come from. Probably a casual bit of limb-splicing from a Flying Scrab. All in a day’s leisure time for them, and then it’s time for their real work. They’re disturbing and frightening. I’ve signed up for some of their experimental arm-regrownanism. Maybe I’ll get a wing and be able to fly in circles.

Question: the slig in love?

Alf: Love? Where is that? I’ve never heard of a Slig from there. Thanks, Crig! It’s thanks to your tireless campaign circuit that Inhabitants across the nation, now including my special Rehab regulars, can rest assured that their understanding of Sligs is underlined by your insider knowledge and front-line experiences. You are welcome at the Rehab any time.

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Question: Q: \#DearAlf So Crig, who do these worthless Mudokens worship? Probably some 7 armed cow that encourages people to fart. Death to the mudokens!

Alf: Uhhh, Crig was here last week. Do you… are you in the right place?

Question: How do mudokons have the ability to chant? Are all mudokons born with this ability or do they learn it? Alex: Also can all Mudokons Chant like Abe? Thanks Alf your the bestest.

Alf: Sure, all Mudokons can chant, same way anyone can sing. Doesn’t mean everyone’s equally good at it. I’ve met ancient Muds who trained their whole life just to levitate a pebble using all their concentration. Abe’s what you’d call a natural, the envy of shamans everywhere.

Question: So Alf, I was wondering when Abe chants, what is he really saying, is he speaking in some ancient language or is he just muttering gibberish like he sounds he’s doing?

Alf: You know how Abe learnt to chant? We were doing a shift in a high security Zulag and, not wanted to fall asleep on security cam footage, our Slig supervisor wandered off to get a can of Zap. But with no one around to beat us we got chattin’, complaining about the noise of the heavy machinery. Abe thought it would be rad to do an impression of the meat saws spinning—it was rubbish! But before we could boo him we see all these sparks comin’ offa him! Next thing we know, big red arcs of lightning fly into him and he’s knocked to the ground. What a freak!

Question: Hey dear Alf How abe meditate so long……i try it with humans like Kim jong il or Barack Obama….but my power is useless……please help me alf to become a better peacefully earth.

Alf: Psychic powers come so naturally to Abe he couldn’t tell you how to get better at it. Kinda like how I can’t tell you how I make such great tea—it’s just something that happens! If you’re really interested in commiting acts of mind control is go study under a shaman, practise all day, get plenty of sleep, and drink’s Alf’s amazing tea. But be careful, those guys probably have their own chant suppressors!

Question: \#DearAlf Has Abe ever possessed you?

Alf: Of course not! Abe respects the autonomy of all his friends too much to ever think about doing that. He’s really the best like thaaarRghHbluuUrghgGt! Scrabdangit, Abe, I told you to cut that out!

Question: This one’s very important….. How did Abe find out that he can possess his fart? And what’s the whole technology behind it-is it the spirits of the mudokons who’s bones are in the brew the ones he can actually possess or what? :-)

Alf: Same way he figures out a lot of his powers: by looking at what the Glukkons tell him not to do, then doing that. Once you spot that pattern you see it all over the place. As for the science of possessing farts, lemme ask ya this: What’s the science behind possessing anything else, huh?

Question: How come Abe is the only mudokon who, as Mr. Uncle V.P. Aslik put it, can have “fun with farts” after drinking Soulstorm Brew? I mean, it seems really unlikely that you and the other chumps sat in that part of the Necrum mines for so long without any of you farting and blowing each other up once, so it seems you didn’t have fun with farts. And as a result, how did Uncle Aslik find out about fun with farts if regular mudokons can’t do it (they just get sick) to write the tourist tips about it in Feeco Depot?

Alf: Oh trust me, it happens. Many valuable company assets are lost to the dangerous gas that drink gives ya. Weighed against the “loyalty” of the workers it pays off in Glukkons’ minds, but we have to be very vigilant when we get new addicts in the Rehab. Who knows what they’ve got bubbling inside ’em! We were lucky. In case ya didn’t notice, we’d just walked across a desert. Our bodies were preserving fluids.

Question: hey alf, since farting is abe’s gamespeak specialty, and burping is Munch’s, what other bodily functions can we look forward to from the coming saviors of oddworld?

Alf: Uhhhhhhhhhhh, sneezing. Yeah, great big gloopy nasal emissions. Use it to sticky your enemies to the floor, slime your way up sheer cliffs or swing across the ceiling with superstrong snotstrings like everybody’s favorite superhero: Bolamite Mud. Featuring hitherto unexplored sinus controller technology for that unique can’t-quite-get-your-sneeze-to-come-out sensation. But hey, nobody listens to my design ideas anyway, it’ll probably be crying or something. So with all this in mind, my liberatee chums, finish your teas, sweep up your crumbs and go out into the big wide world safe in the knowledge that maybe you too could one day be seizing control of your friends’ bodies or assuming the brief existence of explosive flatulence.

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Question: Q: Glukkons® walk on their hands which suggests to me that they either have very little legs or no legs at all. This has led me to conclude that if a Glukkon is by itself it has no way to defend itself, which made me wonder: How could the Glukkons persuade the sligs and the slig queen to work for them in the first place?

Alf: Moolah. Power. Pants. Take your pick.

Question: How did Abe® come across his name? I'll guess that the Glukkons wouldn't waste their "valuable" time naming their slaves, so who did? Did the Mudokon Queen Sam name him at birth, and if so how did he remember it?

Alf: Mudokons name each other. It's a lot less confusing that saying, "Hey, you!" all the time.

Question: Alf, are you an ex-RuptureFarms-slave saved by Abe or were you a wild Mudokon who joined him on the quest for Necrum?

Alf: I wish I knew. Thanks to my SoulStorm® Brew addiction, I have these ...uh ... blackouts. Sometimes I just forget what...uh forget ... What was the question, again?

Question: Speaking of names, do Sligs have names? If so, who names them? If not, are they identified by numbers (like all the fan-fiction writers seem to believe)?

Alf: Yes, Sligs have names. They earn them in the cr?che, after graduating from Slaughter School.

Question: What are rats? What are Sea Rexes? What are Mudflubs?

Alf: Various Oddworld animals that you'll see in Munch's Oddysee and other future games.

Question: Why do you torture us by not explaining anything clearly??

Alf: [www.springfield-il.com/kids/8ball/8\_ball](http://www.springfield-il.com/kids/8ball/8_ball.shtml)

Question: I wonder a thing about the movie or/and the picture when you see Mudokons riding on some Elums, what are they doing? Are they hunting? If they are hunting then what do they hunt? Mudokons have to eat something!

Alf: Mudokons have used Elums for generations for all manner of work: hunting, traveling, scouting. As far as what we hunt...well, anything we can get!

Question: Will Munch be in a wheelchair throughout the whole game? If so then how does he jump and what kind of view do you get, is it like Abe's Exoddus?

Alf: Munch can get in and out of his chair. He's awkward on land, so the chair helps him travel rapidly over flat surfaces.

Question: Why is Abe's mouth stitched up, all the other Mudukons' mouths aren't?

Alf: Abe's lips were stitched up to keep him from chanting. It didn't work, and Abe could have removed his stitches a long time ago, but he keeps them as a reminder of what he once was, and what awaits us all if he fails.

Question: What does Bigface look like?

Alf: No one has ever seen him without his mask.

Question: Who is the Mudokon named "Sam" and what connections does he have with the Oddworld Quintology?

Alf: "He" is a "she," and you'll find out in Munch's Oddysee.

Question: Could the "aliens" that capture Munch when he is stuck in a bear trap possibly be humans?

Alf: Not unless humans are using Vykkers technology.

Question: Will the "meeches" shown in the Abe's Exoddus starting fmv on a poster labeled "extinct" ever resurface in a later game?

Alf: I wouldn't bet against it.

Question: Will the Big Bro Sligs be a tough enemy in Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: The toughest. We're talking armor, brawn, firepower, and a room temperature IQ.

Question: Does Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee have bosses? Will Munch and Abe fight the Glukkon queen?

Alf: Queen Margaret would never sink so low.

Question: Will there be a game without Abe? Will there be a game that goes back to when the Meeches were around?

Alf: At one point "Hand of Odd®" was going to be set in Oddworld's past, before Abe's birth ... and we might explore Oddworld's past some time in the future. But right now, as in the past, we're concentrating on the future. Past results, however, are no indication of future performance. Consult your broker before investing in this or any other fund.

Question: Hey Alf, what're the chances of Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus being re-released for Xbox? You know, all-on-one-disc-for-a-budget-price kinda thing? Go on! Please?

Alf: The chances of seeing such a thing are extremely remote, as platform differences between the Xbox and the original PlayStation are so great that we'd pretty much have to re-do the games from scratch.

Question: I would like to know how far the emotion engine goes in the means of helping out hope-shattered slaves. I mean, will it be much more of a caring, nurturing thing when you meet up with a beaten Mudokon, or, and I mean these words, will it be more of a pat on the shoulder, a quick "sorry," and "ok" response, then the Mudokon follows you? I hate to say it, but the situations I described that appeared in Exoddus seemed soul-less & empty. That's not really what happens, which made it kind of unrealistic. Know what I mean?

Alf: Well, I know that Abe was the first guy that ever spared a kind word for little ol' me. A little kindness goes a long way when you're a slave, and I know a lot of the guys feel the same way.

Question: Hey, Alf, in Munch's Oddysee will be able to control Mudokons with Vykkers.

Alf: Vykkers can't control Mudokons. At least, I hope they can't. Yipes!

Question: Abe's Exoddus was Abe's Odyssee's bonus game. Will Hand of Odd be Munch's Odyssee's bonus game or will there be a Munch's Exoddus?

Alf: No, Hand of Odd is an entirely separate concept. The bonus game for Munch will be Munch's Exoddus.

Question: Yo, did the Vykkers scientists saw their own feet off or something? They have stitched up stumps.

Alf: Or something.

Question: Will we be seeing any appearances by any of the "extinct" races of Oddworld, like some secrete secluded area where meeches still thrive?

Alf: Oddworld is a big place, so you never know...

Question: I thought Scrabs were solitary creatures that hated each other; so why are there cinematics on the site in which you see Scrabs in herds?

Alf: The Scrabs you saw in past games were "Alpha Scrabs"- rogue males that can't stand the sight of other Alpha Scrabs. Long confinement in stockyards and ancient temples had made them a bit cranky. In Munch's Oddysee, you'll see Scrabs as they live in the wild with a single Alpha Scrab at the head of a heard of lesser Scrabs. They're still pretty cranky, though.

Question: Will there ever be Slig without its mask in Munch's Oddysee? Will we ever see what they look like without a mask on?

Alf: Ugh! Why would you want to see such a thing?

Question: Hi, Alf. Slurgs eat Fleech offal, right? Offal is not poop, so why does everybody seem to act as if it is?

Alf: It's all the same when it's stuck to your shoe.

Question: Are Glukkons and Sligs related biologically/evolutionary speaking? What about Elums and interns?

Alf: You've got some strange notions, son!

Question: Does the Almighty Raisin belong to a species?

Alf: No one knows. The Almighty Raisin is an enigma.

Question: If some Sligs are fairly wealthy, and some Glukkons are really poor, then could a Slig buy a Glukkon slave?

Alf: A Glukkon would sell his own heart before allowing such a thing.

Question: Did RuptureFarms make food out of Elums?

Alf: Some of the guys remember seeing a skinned Elum hanging around the place, so, yeah, they probably did.

Question: Who produces the punk rock the interns listen to?

Alf: Punk rockers.

Question: How do greeters balance?

Alf: Pretty darn well, I'd say!

Question: Will there ever be a film about Oddworld?

Alf: Absolutely.

Question: What's the average yearly rainfall in Oddworld?

Alf: On average, the water falls down, and hits the ground. Sometimes it goes up, but not so often.

Question: What sports do free Mudokons play?

Alf: Me an' Buddy play hackey-sack every now and then.

Question: Who was the fattest person and how heavy?

Alf: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest man of all time was the late Jon Brower Minnoch, who was just a Meech Munchy shy of weighing 975 pounds.

Question: Are you a virgin?

Alf: Hold on a second...uh...ok...no, not anymore.

Question: After looking over the skull schematic of a Mudokon, I couldn't help noticing that there appeared to be the Mudokon's long lost nostrils at the top of its head. Alf, is that where your nostrils are located?

Alf: Are you a Vykker?

Question: The same skull picture showed the distinctive lack of teeth. I believe it was said that Mudokons evolve from birds. Do Mudokons have a beak behind their lips? Is their jaw strength stronger or weaker due to this feature? Could a Mudokon potentially bite someone and actually be effective?

Alf: You ARE a Vykker!

Question: How do Glukkons sleep? Do they rest on their forearms, sleep standing up, or lay down on couch/hammock/bed/etc.?

Alf: Give me back my skull, and we'll talk.

Question: Abe is 15, and Munch is 18. How old are they in human years?

Alf: I dunno. What's a "human?"

Question: Glukkons have small eyes, which are very sensitive to the light, does this mean you can blind them by smashing windows to make sunlight come through?

Alf: I've never tried it. Glukkons do seem to like gloomy places, but that might just be their nature.

Question: Will you be able to talk to Interns and help Interns get what they want from life?

Alf: You can talk to Interns, but they can't hear you over that infernal racket coming from their headphones.

Question: I heard that you will be able to make the profit makers of the game bankrupt by stealing their credit cards, is this be true?

Alf: I'll have to try that the next time our publishers visit the office.

Question: When the Quintology is over on Oddworld, will you be going to a different world?

Alf: No one's mentioned anything to me. Do you think I should pack a bag?

Question: How many endings will they be to Munch's Oddysee, please make at least four endings!!!

Alf: I'd like to see a dozen, just so long as they're all happy endings.

Question: How many endings were there in Abe's Exoddus, I got the bad ending and the good but if you saved all 300 do you get a third?

Alf: There's a little bonus recognition for being perfect.

Question: Is the Oddworld team still going to include lethal weaponry or only non-lethal like the Blitz-Packer??

Alf: Yes!

Question: Since there's money involved in Munch's Oddysee, will you be able to buy stuff, like clothes?

Alf: What's "money?" Is it anything like Moolah?

Question: was reading in a book and came across a section that explained the color and meaning of auras. The text reads: "A stong presence of red indicates a willfull personality; it may signify selfishness, physical strength, or powers of leadership. Green is the color of nature and healing, but may reveal a deceitful character. Orange is an indicator of physical health. A strong yellow presence reveals intellectual abilities. Blue refers to one's religious or spiritual state: the deeper the blue, the more enlightened the individual. Black is the color of death, malice, or evil. And gray indicates a depressed or melancholy personality." -From 'Facts and Fallacies' by Reader's Digest. This made me wonder about the color of Mudokons. Was this the inspiration for their colors? Blue, green (and I think I've seen orange somewhere, but I could be wrong!). Thank you for your time.

Alf: Uh ... I dunno about auras, and all that. We're just the colors that we are. Some of the guys have auras after drinking too much SoulStorm® Brew, but I think that's something different. The End...whew!

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Question: Q: Dear Alf, quick question. If you were stuck in some evil factory again with tons of bad guys between you and freedom who would you choose to help you get out? Your options are Abe, Munch, or Stranger.

Alf: Yeah, I’d definitely choose those guys! Between them there’s probably nothing they couldn’t infiltrate, sabbotage or liberate. Nice options!

Question: How is Munch doing after his vykers labs adventure?

Alf: Well you know, he needed a bit of a break after that whole ordeal, so on the Raisin’s advice he went for a nice, relaxing skiing vacation. Munch looks so adorable in a scarf!

Question: Can you tell me more about Soots(Dear Alf 47) what is he is like when relaxing and could we see more of his breakdance moves?

Alf: Soots is a great dancer all round, not just breakdance. He honed his skills of balance and rhythm carrying timed bonepowder kegs in Bonewerkz. When Abe rescued him he developed an interest in tribal dance, but it wasn’t long before he was establishing his own unique style. He says next year he’s going on sabbatical to learn the dances of other natives Mudoswide.

Question: Oddworld Inhabitants, I want a confession…..how much misspellings of the word “Mudokon” have you seen?

Alf: More than the number of SpooceShrubs I’ve seen.

Question: So, i heard from Crig that there are.. erm.. flying scrabs. how does that even work and WHY WOULD someone UNLEASH SUCH A MONSTROSITY UPON ODD?

Alf: A FLYING SCRAB?? Are you sure??? I mean, you did hear it from a Slig. Not being funny, but they’re not exactly known for their reliable information, unlike your ol’ pal Alf. Have you ever seen Magog On the March? And Crig is an old tabloid columnist, he knows how to pull your leg… professionally!

Question: I was wondering, is Abe’s gender neutral or male? I’ve read they’re gender neutral/sexless but I keep seeing sources referring to their gender as he. Is he seen the same way as they in Oddworld or is Abe transgender and identifies as male regardless of them lacking drone bits?

Alf: Like every other Mudokon you’ve seen, Abe and me and Buddy and Soots, we’re biologically asexual. There are male Mudokons (Drones) and female Mudokons (Queens) but we’re neither of them. We use the pronoun ‘he’ because, well, pretty much just because. It’s worth remembering that we’re products of a ‘Civilized’ world that encourages us to slaughter wildlife and topple ecosystems without sparing a thought for the victims. We destroy instead of nurture, a traditional diagnosis of masculinity by your world’s standards. The same is especially true for bullyish Sligs and capitalist Glukkons, even if our leaders are Queens. Who wants to hire a friendly, considerate security guard??

Question: 1 why is abe and the sling shot mud blue is it that they are breeders or some thing like that?

Alf: Nah, the Muds who breed Elums and Meetles are different guys. Could be any reason the guards are blue. Remember we change color when we’re emotional, and body paint is a huge part of our culture.

Question: 2 and why doses the sling shot one hit abe?

Alf: Because it’s designed to protect Monsaic Lines, the Mudokons’ most holiest of holy caves, preserving millennia of ancient Mudokon rockart, sculpture and other religious relics, from any intruders that might damage them or hurt the safety or serenity of such a safe haven. Don’t you think they did a good job!

Question: 3 a side thing why don’t you use character art ? like this ^.^

Alf: €8\~ Alf will be back with another assortment of your fan creations next week with the final FArT of the year, but Big Face is predicting heavy weather soon after that, so we’re advising all you Rehabitants to stay home and take care instead of trekking out to Alf’s.

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Question: Q: dear Alf what company did lulu work for before he opened lulu fund?

Alf: Lulu worked for Flub Fuels, staffing a tiny filling station out in the middle of noplace. You wouldn’t believe how bad he was at it. I heard one time his boss came in to find him with his feet up reading a juicy gossip magazine, except this one time was every single day! No wonder nobody got suspicious when Abe and Munch were making him super rich for no reason.

Question: what is the life spawn of a mudokon and a glukkon?

Alf: Mudokons aren’t spawned live, we hatch from eggs. Pretty big eggs, too! One of those things could feed a family of twelve for a couple of days! Not that you’d ever do that, of course. Glukkons might be born live, but they’re morally dead, so it doesn’t matter.

Question: How old can Glukkons get? Or does they live forever? Because i mean, you can see how old a human is but not at a Glukkon :)

Alf: Glukkons are pretty hardy and get can just. Keep. On. Going. For the better part of a century if they aren’t blown to chunks by glowing ghostly sparkles, a renegade Slig’s bulletspray or the occasional factory obliteration. They certainly don’t live forever. In fact, by the standards of a lot of other Oddworld species, those 80-odd years make for a pretty flash-in-the-pan existence. I guess you have trouble telling how old a Glukkon is because you’re just not used to them. If you lived your whole life in Glukkon society you’d not think twice about it, which is coincidentally similar to how you’d feel about steamrolling villages.

Question: What did Meeches look like? can you draw a picture of one?

Alf: From personal experience I can tell you that they were horrible, horrible, ugly and horrific things to behold. They were rubbery and fleshy and they oozed a horrible red pus. They used to fly through the air on metal hooks, sometimes dropping down on us poor, unsuspecting workers. It was all very disturbing. Then they’d cocoon themselves in wooden barrels, and when they emerged again they’d transformed into delicious Meech Munchies. It was all worth it in the end. I’m afraid I can’t draw one because I had to eat all my crayons while I was trapped in the storeroom.

Question: Hey Alf, how come all we ever see Abe wearing is his loincloth? Abe never even changes his loincloth once in the entire Abe’s Oddysee game, and that’s a long game! I mean, he’s got to change some time right? He can’t just be wearing the same unclean loincloth all day right?

Alf: And why not? You think we got wardrobes of clean clothes in RuptureFarms? Pah, you kids today with your limitless sunglasses and more than one sock, you’re barely aware you’re hatched! Why, I’d have given my left arm for a dirty rag to wipe the excess Elum-hoof grease out of the chutes of clogged vendos, but when all you have is a loincloth you’d better be prepared to use that instead. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been toiling in the swelter of the furnace room or wading armpit-deep in Paramite plop, that loincloth is the one thing standing between you and savage indecency, so you stick with it! And frequently to it! Sheesh, ya buncha neat freak whinebabies.

Question: Finally are any ideas being thrown around between you’re friends at Oddworld Inhabitants for new games?

Alf: You’d better believe it! We recently announced at the Austrian “Baiting Imagination” Gaming Convention (ABIGCON) that we have already started work on a brand new title called Oddworld: Alf’s Concoction. It’s kind of an online fabrication simulator where you have to make up as much stuff as possible. The more ridiculous, the better, but at the end of it you get to see how many silly consumers bought it all! I’ve been having so much fun playing it! On that exciting revelation, we’re going to let Alf go home and relax properly for a bit. But not for long! Because of course, now that we’re back to all of our regularly-scheduled Oddcasts, next week sees the first Fan Art Tuesday of 2014.

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Question: Q: Have you ever thought of stealing sligs pants and using them for transport or for decoration?

Alf: They’re made for Sligs! Sligs don’t have legs!! Do ya expect us to teeter on top of ’em? Where would we stick the tubes?? And I’ve no idea how you think phat-fueled robot limbs might be considered decorative. Maybe we’d unscrew the kneecaps and hang them on the wall like miniature shields. Or turn ’em upside down and use the legs like a coat stand. Whaddya reckon? Oh wait, we don’t wear coats.

Question: When the swinging rocks screenshot from NnT got released, it showed that the rocks aren’t really moving by anybody above them, they are just tied to the ‘roof’… How is that possible that they swing indefinitely, then?

Alf: Maybe you can’t see it from all the way down there, but if I give you a leg up and you clamber up there, shortly before a starving bat knaws your ears off you’ll see they’re hooked up to a complicated assembly of ropes, axles and pulleys that are constantly swinging the boulders. What’s powering the ropes? Beats me! They go off in loadsa directions and into tiny holes, but if it’s like typical ancient Mudokon technology it’s powered by the flow of wind, water or spiritual energy.

Question: How could all those slogs fit in a tiny slog hut.

Alf: There ain’t a single labor law covering ’employment’ of Mudokons out here. What makes ya think there are laws about how many mutts you can cram in a tight space? In fact, what a great way to make them pathologically cranky!

Question: Finally do breath oxygen or is it another element.

Alf: This is a great question! Hang on, let me look at the air closely under this magnifying glass. Hmm. Is that smudge an oxygen? It looks horrible. I certainly hope I ain’t breathing that in, ewww.

Question: Let me ask you something: As I went back in time with my special ability and watched Abe rescue all mudokons for the X-th time during his “Exoddus” I noticed the “Workers in Brewery” countdown at the SoulStorm™ Brewery never goes down but stays at 90. What did your keyboard pressin’ gods of game development mess up there?? It’s in all versions I played so far (PS1, PC, PS3)! And where’s the patch for that bug in this awesome game? ;)

Alf: The Magog Sign Company never thought it would be needed. Put it this way: when you’ve got nearly a hundred workers, you might expect a couple to escape. It’s important to know that, so you can recapture or replace them. But you’ve still got nearly a hundred workers! No biggie if that number doesn’t change. If you’re asking if the Glukkons were woefully underprepared for Abe coming up and freeing every last one of them, then the answer is yes! I only hope they don’t go too far now they know what a single Mudokon can be capable of.

Question: Have you ever had a run in with a snoozer?

Alf: If you mean Snoozer as in the giant, three-legged robotic nursemaid with tranquilizer turrets, then no. If you mean Snoozer as in one the lazier managers we had back at the Farms, then yes. To cut a long story short, he woke up.

Question: what do the industrialists use snoozers for? its not like there are plenty of sligs out there.

Alf: They’re tough and automated combination lab assistants and crowd control to take care of any loose specimens that pose a threat to staff safety. The Vykkers made them to curb Intern injuries. Trust those paranoid industrial creeps to take what should be a safety measure and use it as an offensive mobile weapon. And yeah, there are plenty of Sligs, but they’re small and squishy, and every one lost means paying damages to Skillya. Looking at your throbbing brains, you’ve all been learning far too much. Please collect your free test tube of tea and evacuate the premises so a controlled ignerosion can be carried out.

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Question: Q: I was sitting down with my own cup of tea reading the latest issue of “Dear Alf,” when I noticed nearly (if not all) the questions were either about Abe, or even directly to him! Now don’t get me wrong friend, Abe is a good guy and all, but this is your article Alf! So my question is, why did everyone have an Abe hype suddenly?

Alf: Abe’s a pretty popular guy, and can ya blame him? He rescued a whole buncha Mudokons from a life of slavery, including yours truly. No surprise he gets a lotta fan mail, and it’s my job to answer it all! Capisce? Well, I ain’t seen that guy about much lately, so sure. I’m gonna make this an Abe-free week here at Dear Alf Headquarters (aka Alf’s Rehab & Tea).

Question: How do you make time between reading fan mail and making tea?

Alf: It’s a gruelling regime that often has me up aaaall night trying to cram it all in. Sometimes I resort to reading fan mail while making tea. Sometimes that gets messy. Like this one time I poured teabags all over myself! But I was lucky, I know Muds who’ve been through worse. One of my assistants (hey, I gotta sleep too) wasn’t paying attenion one time when she was juggling tea-making with organizing the weekly hackey-sack tournament, and she poured sugar all over her feet! Let this be a warning: pay attention to what you’re doing in the kitchen! I don’t ever want my ingredients wasted again.

Question: How strong are your arms? Like ranging from 1 (Master tea stirrer) to 423 (I can punch a scrab to death)

Alf: I am a master tea stirrer (I’m a master tea everything), so I guess 1.

Question: I had a dream where you and i destroyed rupture farms and saved abe. It was awesome! i was wondering if i could be a mudokon , should i be a native, tomahawker , or a mudarcher? p.s i’m drinking tea right now XD

Alf: Tea-riffic! Dreams can be powerful and incisive, but yours just sounds cool! It makes sense that you and I would save Abe. How could he even chant to open bird portals with those silly stitches in his lips? Eh, whatever, I said I wasn’t gonna talk about that guy. You should totally be a tomahawker. Mostly because I don’t want you drifting into your dreamland while firing a Spooce Bow.

Question: What was it like in Rupture Farms? Any actual “perks” of working there? Were you even allowed to talk to your fellow mudokons when the sligs weren’t around?

Alf: We got free food and shelter. I mean we had to do our jobs, but at the end of the day everything we needed was provided to us. Everything we thought we needed, I should say. We could talk a bit at work, depending on what the job was and who was supervising, but not much, and it was monitored closely to make sure we were loyal and subserviant to the company. On the plus side, we were sometimes allowed to use a cloth to scrub the floor.

Question: Also could you name a creature that we haven’t heard about yet?

Alf: Sure! Gimme a list of all the creatures you’ve heard about and I’ll add another one to it.

Question: What is a chronicler and are they related to interns it anyway?

Alf: Chroniclers are highly intelligent and massive suckups; Interns are vacant-minded and barely motivatable. I don’t think they’re related. Great Chroniclers are lawyars and accountants, able to spot any loophole that will benefit their paymaster. They also make good middle managers because they naturally strive for efficiency and productivity. It’s a foolish family that shirks their services.

Question: Will we be seeing you go on your own Tea filled adventure?

Alf: I’m struggling to decide what to do next. I could accept that semi-starring role in SpooceShrubs vs Mudombies, or I coud take a risk and be a bit more adventurous, trying to take down the local branches of that coffeehouse chain everybody’s always going on about. Abe keeps offering to do it for me, but I just tell him no! I can do this! Why don’t you believe in me? Eh, whatever, I’m going to bed.

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Question: Q: how dose the magog cartel take over muddoken villages exactly? do you just surrender when they come to capture you or do you logically fight or try to escape form them?

Alf: Since Abe started spreading the word and teaching everyone what ’employment’ really means, they’ve started using more force—Gee, thanks Abe! Historically, when we weren’t so scattered and weak, they used more devious tactics, like you’ve seen in Abe’s Exoddus. Addiction leading to dependence on them for supply. But they still do this today. In the future we’ll find out more about the history between Mudokons and Glukkons.

Question: why do civilizations of oddworld hate your kind so much, don’t you think you and your peeps should fight for your right?

Alf: Oh humsh, I dunno why they hate us. We never did anything bad! Maybe we’re just easy pickings and they’re all a pack of jerks. And it ain’t like we ain’t trying to fight back! We’re sieging their factories and trying to raise awareness on the FUD Network. But we don’t have weapons factories and private militaries on our side. Alls we gots is a chump in a loincloth.

Question: will abe ever be able to ride a scrab into open battle against the glukkons? elum is pretty cool, but c’mon, scrabs man.

Alf: On the one hand, you gotta be pretty reckless to think anybody could ride a Scrab. I mean, sure, I have actually seen it done. But the discipline it takes, the years of training, the countless near-death accidents… Abe’s barely got the patience to comb his ponytail, I don’t think he’ll ever give up the ease of an Elum. I say ease. I mean compared with Scrabs, which have historically been noted to treat him with far more murdersome aggression. On the other hand Scrabman is a cool name for a superhero!

Question: If a human came to oddworld how would a mudokon react, would mudokonse kill a human on site? or would they be allies?

Alf: Hey, what kind of barbarians do you take us for? You’ve been buying into all that Glukkon propaganda, haven’t you! Next you’ll be calling us cannibals or accusing us of casting hexes on your withered crops. Truth is, we don’t actually kill anyone on sight if it’s not outright combat. In fact, why don’t you head on over to Alf’s right now? I’ve got a delicious pot of blabweed tea on the boil.

Question: Hey Alf, how’s your popularity are you mad that you aren’t as popular as abe or munch?

Alf: Mad?? I’m absolutely steaming! Haha, only joking, that’s actually the steam coming from the kettles. I put them there ealier so it would look like steam was coming from my ears when I got to this question. Pretty good trick, eh? Who needs controlling your enemies’ minds or casting lightning bolts from your brain to have fun? We got all the magic and sparkle we need right here. Now get out, it’s the end of today’s session.

(Posted on: 01/2014)

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Question: Q: alf, what’s the BIOLOGICAL diversity on mudos? like, the variety of creatures, how many, etc? (On earth,for example there are like 900 thousands known living insects which would be about 80 percent of all living things, while around 99 percent of all of our everything is extinct)

Alf: Oddworld’s a pretty big place. I’ve done a lot of traveling, but I ain’t got the Moolah for intercontinental flights or access to the Vykkers’ Bestiaryboxx. I can’t give ya numbers, but I can give ya rules! As a rule, the meek outnumber the powerful. It might look like there’s a whole lotta Sligs between you and that Bird Portal, but rummage around in the undergrowth and count the Fuzzles or Rats. Assuming you don’t get shot, you’ll probably lose count. Now kick it down a notch and count the Bolamites or the Slurgs. I ain’t even got lenses to see smaller than that, but you’d better believe there’s bigger worlds down there. Interestingly, the same holds true for Mudokon slaves versus powerful industrialists. It takes a lot of Mudokons to operate a factory that maybe only a single Gluk runs. It makes ya wonder what would happen if those kinds of numbers started standing up against the superior firepower.

Question: It seems that a lot of creatures from Odd are similar, highly evolved versions of creatures from Earth. Stunks are like skunks, Fleeches are like leeches that can attack from afar, and Bees are, well, bees.

Alf: Whadaya mean, ‘highly evolved’? Our creatures have their own evolutionary history that’s totally independent of everything you’ve got going on down there. Well, maybe not totally independent. They’ve got much the same threats and dilemmas to be working against: shortage of food, shortage of physical support, shortage of not getting eaten. Some shapes and adaptations just make sense, y’know? I’m pretty sure you’ve got animals that shoot their tongue out to catch things, even if your equivalent ain’t a two-headed sharp-toothed worm.

Question: I have a question, in Abe’s Odyssey, when he was given power by the ancients, did that change his physical appearance, im speaking muscular wise, the other mudokons (spelled wrong, but whatevz)are all bony, but he is ripped…sorta

Alf: Ha ha ha! Abe! “Ripped”! You crack me up. Seriously now, Abe’s about as skinny as they come outside of starvation. When the rest of us were carrying heavy loads and doing a hard day’s work in RuptureFarms, that high-celled patsy was nudging machines along the floor. And now we’re bustin’ our butts building villages, hefting tomahawks and hunting food, and he doesn’t so much as lift a finger to help with the bonfires. Gimma a break. The only ripping Abe does comes from his behind.

Question: Hey Alf, another question for you about the wildlife of oddworld. How do the reproductive cycles of the various species on oddworld work? are Scrabs HErmaphrodites? do paramites have queens? do fleeches even reproduce? what about slogs, do they have a queen or are they born as a mix of males and females? (Without the use of a queen)

Alf: Most of the creatures you’ve seen so far belong to superspecies: tiny numbers of reproducing males and females, lots of members of other “castes”. In Stranger’s Wrath you started seeing species more familiar to you, with mostly even splits of two sexes as far as we can tell. There are far more reproductive models that you’ll learn about as we introduce new species. Paramites have Queens, they sit ginormously in the nests. Female Scrabs form herds with the leader being the ‘Queen’, while the males are expelled and left to fend for themselves. Who knows where Slogs come from, if they have a Queen she’ll be locked away and forced to produce large numbers of disposable offspring. Fleeches I don’t even wanna think about.

Question: I’m also curious about the Slogs: where did they came from? I know that they are killing machines, but are they used to be tame and nice creatures before they got to the Sligs?

Alf: I’ve heard some of the eldest shamans talk about Slogs like they could be tender, loving lifelong companions. I’ve also heard them talk about how tasty boiled grodwort is, so they’re clearly not to be trusted.

Question: and finally there are humans in oddworld?

Alf: I sure hope not! Oddworld’s got enough problems already. Wait, why are you leaving my Rehab? Hey, come back! I didn’t mean it like that! Fine, see if I care! You’re… you’re coming back next week, right? For Fan Art Tuesday?

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Question: Q: dear alf i wanted to know this qutie a time now are there other gods except for shrykull? lke glukons deities or somthing?? There is any other gods besides Shrykull?

Alf: Depends who you ask. Ain’t no shortage of different faiths on Oddworld! You got your theistic ones, but talk to us Mudokons or the Grubbs and you’ll find we’re more interested in the spirit world that intersects our own. Everything’s got its own spirit if ya know how to see it (a loada Spooce never won’t help): the creatures, the plants, the rivers and mountains. Gods like Shrykull are more like aspects of this than they are individuals sitting in the clouds. The Glukkons don’t worship gods or spirits, they worship Moolah… at least these days.

Question: What exactly is Big Face’s role and how did he get that position in the first place? \#DearAlf

Alf: Big Face is a spritual leader who sits about in Monsaic Lines preserving all the ancient gubbins our ancestors left lying about the place. He’s obsessed with the stuff. Odd knows what any of it prattles on about, but he sure is quick to give Abe a helping handscar or two. Oh sure, we’re all very grateful! But he only got the job by carving a silly mask, so it clearly doesn’t take much. No wonder Abe went to the Raisin.

Question: We know of 2 mudokon tribes so far, 1 for paramites and 1 for scrabs. Are there any other tribes that use/used other wild creatures for their symbol? who are they, what are the creatures and can you please describe them?

Alf: Yeah sure, it’s not just wild creatures but there’s the Mudmeechees, the Mudfleechees, the Mudofartees, the Mudteas, and my favourite, the Mudalfas. I’m sure you can figure out what they all worship. Oh, and the Mudunnoreelees.

Question: hey Alf, do you believe that all glukkons including their customers of industrial food products to be Pure Evil?

Alf: Y’know, ‘evil’ is such a broad term. There ain’t some pervasive force o’ malevolence telling ’em what to do. They just don’t care about who they step on to achieve their goals, because everyone’s done such a great job of making them think that. But if we can stand up for ourselves and make ourselves heard, they’ll learn they have to pay us the respect we deserve.

Question: Hey Alf, I hope this doesn’t sound racist but… Are you Mudokons animals or People?

Alf: At the risk of sounding like a bookend, it… depends who you ask. Obviously we’re ‘people’ with family and culture and hopes and dreams and faith and technology. We’re not just crawling about like critters wanting for nothing more than food and safety… well, not most days, anyway. But ask anyone raised in the Civilized parts of Mudos and they’ll think we’re exactly that kind of knuckle-dragging barbarian. It’s a lot easier to buy that latest Opple Fone when you’re told the slaves that stitched it together aren’t people, after all. Scientifically we’re animals because we evolved from other animals, but ask a Mudokon Shaman and they’ll tell you we’ve actually lost something in the process: that deep, natural connection to the spirit world. We revere other animals for their connection, and study them that we might learn to be so spiritual. At least, that’s what Big Face says.

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Question: Q: can Mudokons fall in love? \#DearAlf

Alf: Errr, uhhhh, ummm. One question in and I’m already sweatin’ it! I guess… the answer… is yes? I mean, don’t forget that all the Muds you’ve seen so far are worker-class: that means they’re not the ones doing all the breeding, and in fact couldn’t if they wanted. That stuff’s left to the queens and drones. Now you might find a pair o’ Muds who have special, powerful friendship. Just remember we’re all brothers from the same mother!

Question: \#DearAlf How do mudokon-relationships work? Do you often change partners or even have multiple mudokons at the same time?

Alf: If you’re talking worker Mudokons, then anything you like. It’s just a form of friendship. If you’re talking breeders, there’s one queen and lots of drones. It’s nature!

Question: alf of that color are mudokons when in love?

Alf: Well let me recap, when we’re sad we’re blue, when we’re angry we’re red, when we’re envious… nevermind. If all the commercials are to be believed… I guess we turn pinkish-purplish hue! We also become fuzzy.

Question: \#DearAlf how do you tell the difference between male and female Mudakons?

Alf: Well the females weigh several tonnes and the males don’t.

Question: Dear Alf, have You or Abe ever been on a date with anyone inside or outside of your own species?

Alf: I dunno about a date, but Crig once took me to a spicy slaughtaurant for what turned out to not be the friendliest business meating. Abe may have lost his finger to extortionate censors, but I lost mine to a horrible misunderstanding. And that’s why I don’t eat out on “Bring Your Own Livestock” Day.

Question: Do Fleeches feel love for their owners before they are flushed into wilderness? I need these answers for a very important thesis. Thank you :)

Alf: It’s cupboard love. In their case, the only kind of love a ravenous carvnivore can give to a seven-foot bag of warm meat.

Question: I wonder what a female steef looks like 0\_o

Alf: Not like that.

Question: How are the glukkon industries Valentine’s day ads? \#DearAlf

Alf: Same as any other holiday marketing: saturated with plastic emotions and fauxstalgia, and usually appearing about half a year before the big day. Why wait for last-minute spending when you could have last-few-months spending?

Question: Do Rupture Farms make Valentines day themed food? \#DearAlf

Alf: All across Mudos today, lovers are gifting each other trays of RuptureFarms Achy Breaky Hearts and dining out on fancy multicourse meals of RuptureFarms Smooch Soup, RuptureFarms Canoodle Noodles, and RuptureFarms Love Nuggets.

Question: \#DearAlf Since all Glukkons are technically brothers; is there any special way that they show affection to each other?

Alf: Not spitting on each other as much as they backstab their way up the corporate ladder.

Question: \#DearAlf When did you first find love Alf?

Alf: When I was with Abe in the desert. The cooldown came soon after and lingered sorely.

Question: Is there a Mrs. Alf? \#DearAlf

Alf: If there is, she ain’t taking my first name.

Question: do you love me? \#DearAlf

Alf: You’re an Oddworld fan. Of course I love ya! You guys have given us all we have, made us everything we are today. We owe it all to you, and we’ll never, ever forget that. Happy Valentine’s, from our Inhabitants to yours! THAT’S ENOUGH LOVE! Please evacuate the Rehab to allow Alf a recover from this overwhelming experience. If you get out in a hurry, he might recover just in time to FArT.

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Question: Q: dear alf everyone knows you’re the question guy on oddworld, any oddworld related questions you have an answer for. I was wondering what was the strangest question you have ever been asked during your time?

Alf: That’s me, the Question Guy! Also known as the Answer Chump, the Reply Pal and the Information Master. All these job titles are listed on my business teabag. Here, take a few and pass them to your friends. The strangest question I’ve ever been asked is what I use to wash my ponytail. I’ll never get over quite how creepy that was!

Question: and the dumbest question you have been asked? I was wondering if they are around on your blog where can I find them?

Alf: Look, I ain’t one to point fingers, you! I’m not gonna turn our beautiful community of amazing fans into a hunt for what you find laughable! There’s no stupid questions in the sanctuary of Alf’s Rehab & Tea. Now go and think about what you’ve done, afore I throw cookies at ya!

Question: Hey Alf, how ya doing? I was just wondering, if you or a fellow Mudokon ever came across a human being, how would you react? I guess you could get Abe to fart them away and never return, but i’m sure you’d be nice, right?

Alf: You guys don’t like farts? Eep, I gotta go tell Abe this. He’s got an important meeting at the Human Embassy right steefin’ now! Oh no. Oh no, this is not good.

Question: \#DearAlf is there a three legged odd creature? With one big back leg and two small front legs?

Alf: Yeah, a Vykker.

Question: Dear Crig and Alf, where do Glukkon clothes come from, did the Glukkons make those clothes themselves?

Alf: Yeah sure, I can just see a Glukkon daintily sewing up an outfit of its own design, dextrously threading the needle and putting on all the buttons with unrivalled hand-eye coordi- wait, what-eye coordination?? Come on now. Most Glukkon clothes are stitched together by slaves in a factory – have you really not figured out this is how everything’s made yet? Some of the very richest Glukks might be able to afford the height of fashion custom made for ’em, though. But what self-respecting CEO doesn’t want their outfit made from the blood, sweat and bones of a savagely oppressed native nation?

Question: \#DearAlf Sorry Alf, someone hacked my account. Here’s my real question; What’s with Abe pretending he’s at Rupture Farms again? Is he crazy?

Alf: Quite possibly, but that’s got nothing to do with it. It’s all about stories! Abe hasn’t really gone back to RuptureFarms… at least not yet. We’re retelling the story of Abe’s escape from the company retirement plan, like storytellers of old would entertain their audience around the campfire with tales they’d heard before. The details would change over time, but the story stays the same. And now we’re using the latest technology, like the latest edition of a book would take advantage of improvements to printing technology. So don’t worry, you’re not caught in a time loop, Molluck has reopened the factory, and Abe’s not that feeble of mind. Probably. Hey, in case I didn’t make it obvious enough, I ain’t lost any of your questions, OK? Everything you’ve sent me is sitting safely waiting for that perfect weekly theme, the most appropriate news to coordinate with, its own unique chance to shine like nothing else!

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Question: Q: How many cups of tea do you go through? I mean, c’mon, I’m sure it takes easily close to a thousand for a “Rehab and Tea” session, right?

Alf: Depends who shows up. There’s a lotta souls to cleanse, and they all gotta come through my door. Not that I have a door, it’s more of a tarp. Anyway, we’ve got some industrial-scale consumers coming out of the factories, y’know, a lifetime of addiction to work through. And numbers keep going up as more and more folks hear about Abe and want their slice of quarma quiche. If we hit a thousand cups a session I’m gonna need to move to a bigger teahouse. Or start a chain. Anyone wanna run a franchise?

Question: How many times have you been killed or led to your untimely death by Abe in Abe’s Exoddus?

Alf: Whaddaya yappin’ ’bout? You the prophet inspector now? Abe’s never let me down. ‘Cept maybe that time he said he’d help me carry leaves from the forest, and then Elum got bored and ran off with Abe on him and I had to carry all the berries by myself. And even that was only slightly his fault! The real question I want answered is: How many times have YOU led me to my death? Don’t think I can’t see ya out there, giggling at every bullet spray like a kid in a fart factory. Sickening.

Question: \#DearAlf What’s with that schmuck Abe’s ponytail? He can possess a scrab with it short. Mine’s down to my knees and I can’t move a fly! Bah

Alf: You’re doing it wrong, chump. Your feathers are supposed to grow as your spiritual wisdom and proficiency develop, not the other way around. You can’t just stop going to the barber and expect new skills to appear in your portfolio, you massive scrub. How ’bout you buck up your game and actually try possessing something you could wrap your head around, like a sloth or a lazy cat? Or perhaps a whiney grass.

Question: Dear Alf I heard that Oddworld is 7 times more large the earth,is true?

Alf: Sounds a bit excessive, if ya ask me. How does the gravity of that make any sense? Seven times as much surface land to play around with, maybe. But not seven times the size. You wouldn’t believe how many scientists you upset when you go around saying nonsense like that!

Question: What or who is the “Magog Cartel” named after?

Alf: You never heard of Magog before? Really, you kids are getting cheated on your education, you really should register a complaint! This name is many centuries old, and as I’m sure you know, history that sticks around that long is likely to take part in the future at some point.

Question: \#Dearalf ‘i’ve always wondered do flying big bro sligs exist?

Alf: By the stains in my pot, there’d better not be! We get enough trouble from the little ones buzzin’ about, droppin’ bombs for laughs. Dang flyberks. Strap one of them wrecking bulls to a flying harness and you’re in for some critical aerial demolition. But I think we’re safe – I mean, can imagine the size of the balloon they’d need to keep him floating?

Question: Hey Alf, I heard Crig lost his arm – how did he lose it?

Alf: He told me he trapped it in a slot machine he was trying to reach inside. So now the biggest mysteries of space have been solved by yours tealy and you’re reeling from the shocking truths… you’d better have some good follow-up questions! So throw them all at me and wait another week for another round of revelation.

(Posted on: 04/2001)

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Question: Q: So, Sligs go to Slaughter School. I'll assume Glukkons and Vykkers go somewhere to get an education, yes?

Alf: Glukkons take a lot of correspondence courses, and I think Vykkers learn about science by sending away for chemistry sets advertised in the backs of old comic books. Or maybe they have sprawling universities and business schools. I can't really say. I've never been inside a Glukkon city to take a peek.

Question: Haven't any of the Mudokons taken time to get to know a Slig? You never know, Sligs could be warm on the inside and have a bitter outside because of their BS with Molluck. Besides, isn't what you Mudokons are doing called "racism?"

Alf: Probably more like "species-ism." The only Sligs I've gotten to know very well were the slugs that kept hitting me with gun butts, but you're right, maybe they're decent guys under all that psychopathic bravado. It's not their fault that they have to shoot guys in the back. Yeah, I blame society.

Question: Hey, you told me that in Munch's Oddysee Abe and Munch can take more than one shot from a Slig's rifle. This seems like a good idea, but I wanted to make sure that you were keeping it realistic. In MO will Abe and Munch be able to keep walking after being shot seven times like in many FPS games available on the market?

Alf: We're still tuning the damage values of our characters. We're aiming for a sweet spot between "bang, you're dead" and "bullets bounce like tennis balls." Whatever we select, it will fit into the whole like any other Oddworld mechanic.

Question: What would one have to do to get an oddworld.com e-mail address?

Alf: Get a job with Oddworld Inhabitants.

Question: On the Oddworld site, they say Molluck the Glukkon is seeking his way to the top again . . . but I thought he was dead in the end of Abe's Oddysee?

Alf: You can't keep a good Glukkon down!

Question: Can Abe Swim?

Alf: I dunno. Is flailing your arms around and screaming real loud considered "swimming?"

Question: As far as the Mudos know, possession is 9/10ths of the law. In Munch's Oddysee will we be able to possess anything with a brain, like all of the funky temple guards & what-have-you, or will there be restrictions on some of them, like mental shielding?

Alf: As in past games, there will be some things you can possess, and some things that you can't. The criteria for what you can possess has a lot to do with the intellect of the target. There has to be some minimum degree of intelligence in anything you possess.

Question: In Abe's Exoddus, why doesn't Abe have the tattoos on his hands?

Alf: The stickers must have washed off in the bath.

Question: How many different types of weapons will there be in Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: I'm not sure what the official count is, right now, but there will be plenty, and all of them hurt. The bad guys have their usual assortment of guns, and the heavy armament packed by Big Bro Sligs really stings. The good guys get some help this time around, in the form of unique Spooce Weapons: bows, tomahawks, and more. Don't worry – you'll have every chance to blast anything that moves, if that's what floats your boat.

Question: Is Abe dating anyone? Are you dating anyone? Do you consider yourself a chick magnet like Elum?

Alf: Aw, shucks. You're making my ears turn red!?

Question: Who is the most strict and nasty Glukkon?

Alf: Lorne Lanning.

(Posted on: 03/2014)

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Question: Q: has abe or you or any other of your fellow mudokon friends ever tought about going on an adventure with abe to save sam (your queen)?, or do you think something’s gonna happen , like , the spirits warning abe about a female mudokon about to be hatched and you guys gathering an army/infiltrating the place she’s being held in to save the egg or the already hatched female?

Alf: I don’t know what yur yappin’ about, master. If we spent Abe’s Oddysee bringing down a stream of righteous lightning onto the pointy head of our boss at work (spoilers for New ‘n’ Tasty, by the way), what makes you think we’re gonna go out and do a kindness to some royalty we’ve never heard of? Mudokon leaders are chosen for their spirituality, not their bloodline, sheesh.

Question: Hey Alf! I wanna ask, I read somewhere that modokons don’t usually get names from birth, and that they get their names by other Modokons giving them one based on something unique or something that stands out about the person they name, so I just wondered, how did you and Abe get your names?

Alf: When I were a nipper, butt-scootin’ way round the slaughterhalls from job to job, I used to be really lazy. The other kids always got angry at me, saying I was ‘alf-assed. I guess it stuck.

Question: Hi again Alf! I was just wondering, since you and Abe are brothers, you wouldn’t happen to know which one of you is the older one?

Alf: Not really. No reason for anyone to keep records of who was hatched first, as long as the numbers are all there. Maybe there’s a way to tell, like counting the bands on our ponytails.

Question: \#DearAlf when will abe save Sam?

Alf: Er, I dunno, Thursday? Pawk ‘n’ Elum, remember when I used to be an agony aunt and not a prophet? And what’s with the knight’s duty stuff now, when did we become the royal guardians?

Question: and when do mudokon queens lay female eggs?

Alf: Errrrrrmmmmmm. Thursday.

Question: PS: also, how do mudokon drones look like?

Alf: Big eyebrows.

Question: Hey Alf, I’ve got something that’s been pickin’ at my brain for a while. Since the Mudokun Queen Sam (funny how she and I both have the same name) wasn’t in Vykker’s Labs when it blew up in Munch’s Oddysee, could it be possible that she’s in the industial capitol where Lady Margret is? I mean, it’s the perfect place ‘cuz it would have the highest security. The only difference is that Margret gets treated like royalty and the only thing poor Sam gets are anti-depressents. So what do you think? Should you and Abe check out the capitol for your mom.

Alf: Will you guys just drop thi- wait, mommy? You gotta be kidding me. Don’t be doin’ this to me! If I find out we got a mom locked away somewhere, I’ll cry, so quit yanking my ponytail! I wouldn’t go looking in the big cities though. Those places are too full of billionaires and celebrities to be industrial. They’re commercial! Consumer society at its richest.

Question: also hows Munch doing with those baby Gabbits?

Alf: They’re a coddled bunch o’ scampis, I’m tellin’ ya! Poor Munch is a tad floundered with parenthood now, but he’ll get his fins for it. I fillet in my bones!

Question: \#DearAlf When will be the next Oddworld game with the Quintlogy? I really want it back. Maybe Just Add Water can do it.

Alf: The next, and third, game in the Oddworld Quintology is Oddworld: Squeek’s Oddysee. It always has been and it always will be. It’s a big story, one we’ve been hanging on to for a couple of decades, and when we tell it we want to tell it right. It’s just very dear to our hearts. Even then, telling a new story is several steps up from what we’ve been working on with Just Add Water so far, meaning it’s expensive. Very expensive. The thing is, we’re tired of playing by the publishers’ rules. That means that everything we make, we have to be prepared to fund out of our own pocket. And we just ain’t that rich yet, simple as. But everything we’re doing now is to help build up the Moolah so we can afford to tell brand new stories, because that’s what we wanna be doing too! We just gotta share a family-size bucket o’ patience.

Question: when mudokons going to rescue Sam?

Alf: Tongue of a Fleech, I’ll rescue her myself if it’ll pipe y’all down! Fun’s over, folks. If I knew you all thought of me as your parental figurehead, as I like to think I am, I’d tell ya all to get to bed and leave me alone, uh, I mean, get a good night’s sleep. And clean behind ya durn ears! This is my Rehab, and as long as you’re all staying here under my roof-and-or-tarp, you obey my rules! So get out!

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Question: Q: Hey there Alf! I was just wondering that where did Abe get his “special powers”? I mean, how can he just chant, climb and, of course, fart immediately when he wants? I’ve noticed that he’s the only one who’s able to do these…

Alf: Any Mudokon can chant if they know what noise to make! It’s just OHMOHMOHMOHM, or is it NYOWNYOWNYOW, or maybe it was NOMNOMNOMNOM. Yeah, any fool could pick it up. Just Abe’s… real good at it. Some shamans study for years to use their chant, and along comes this slaughterhouse servant with a natural aptitude that sets their envy afire! That’ll learn ’em to be so uppity ’bout who they lend a paw to!

Question: We know that Mudokons can have 5 powers: 1 – Chant. (Mudoknons can increasingly variety of species according to their Karma, isn’t?) 2 – Blue Ring 3 – Red Ring 4 – Green Ring 5 – Yellow Ring My question is: There is another power that mudokons can have?

Alf: Well let’s see, there is the purple ring and the orange ring. Oh, and the brown ring, but I don’t like to talk about that. The pink ring is really cute, but the gray ring is pretty boring. Then there’s the cerulean ring, the vermilion ring, the cerise ring, the indigo ring and my personal all-time favorite, the beige ring!

Question: Wouldn’t body armor be helpful for Abe? \#DearAlf

Alf: Abe’s a pretty nimble guy for someone who’s been cooped up in tight cells and corridors for most of his life. It’s kinda the only reason he’s survived as long as he has, apart from that whole ancient mystical powers bag of tricks. Ya reckon he’s gonna stay that speedy and flexible wearing body armor? Nah, that armor should be saved for those of us suffering a much more sedentary existence, perhaps those who help in passive ways like sitting and talking to recovering addicts. Yes, I think that.

Question: Do you think Abe would possess rich business men/women to give away all their wealth to the Daniel fund that I will make?

Alf: What an excellent idea! I gotta say, we had so much fun building up Lulu only to dash him back down to the gutters, impoverished and neglected by society, never to know comfort or pride again. If you wanna do the same thing to this ‘Daniel’ guy, count me in!

Question: Will Abe be able to roll between a scrab’s legs ?

Alf: Yeah sure. But like anything else that rolls between a Scrab’s legs, how many separate piece he’ll come out in on the other side is a totally different and much splattier question for another day.

Question: Dear, Alf I want to know if the revival totems in Munch’s Oddesey (Copyright…you guys) can revive a human into a mudokon, cause i want to become as Shrykull Powered as abe and live with you guys. Mudokons are Righteous Glukkons and Sligs can go make out with fleeches (hmm, i should invent minty fleech floss!) XD

Alf: They’re resurrection totems, not reincarnation totems. Totally different technology. It’s one thing to shepherd a recently-deceased nearby spirit into a new body, it’s quite another to ferry one across the dimensions. It’d take so long just to get you here your ghost would be all moldy and wrinkled, and you don’t wanna be revived like that! Ya gotta be fresh! Minty Fleech Floss can keep you only so hygienic! That’s all the weekly education I’m budgeted for, so I hope you’re all now confident in the spiritual energy you can channel. Go pester Big Face or Raisin if you want any additional guidance. I can guide you better than them but I don’t wanna.

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Question: Q: I wonder what Sligs would look like without all of their technological improvements. Are all Sligs working for the Magog Cartel, or are they “wild” Sligs out in the far reaches of Mudos?

Alf: That’s rude. I don’t go asking what you look like with your pants off. Just coz we don’t wear shirts and ties, don’t mean we gots no dignity! There’s only two kindsa Sligs in this Oddworld: the kind that’s got a proper job, and the kind that’s served in a bowl. And I ain’t feelin’ up for a tenderizing right now, so I’m keeping my work-issue uniform, thanks pally.

Question: Did Sligs used to be Paramites?

Alf: Yeah sure, and Slogs used to be Scrabs! Bwahahaha! And this tiny bug I’m crushing will one day grow into a giant dirigible, bwahahaha! I love your imagination, chump, it makes me feel good about having mechanical feet to keep on the ground.

Question: where did the sligs come from?

Alf: Ya mean all of us? I dunno, some stagnant gutter in the pits of nature, wallowing in their own pointlessness? Well good riddance to those meek and pathetic worms! No more writhing in the dirt, we have massive birthing complexes to bring us into the world! We got an entire industry dedicated just to us! Ain’t nobody else that special.

Question: \#DearAlf How will Sligs born? I mean, Mudokons have Sam, Glukkons have Lady Margeret but does Sligs have a mother too? Or are they Clones?

Alf: Like any self-respecting, red-blooded Inhabitant, we come from a mommy. My ma is called Skillya and she’s as big and beligerant as they come! No one tells mommy what to do and expects to see the end of the day! If I could be a tenth as badbutt as her I’d die a happy Slig.

Question: If birthing is supposed to be painful to the point that eating the young seems like a cathartic option, what convinces slig queens to keep on breeding?

Alf: Coz that’s where the Moolah is, vachead! You can’t lease your unrivalled army to every factory franchise on the continent if the majority of it is partially digested. There’s contracts and quotas to keep! Mommy works hard so we can all enjoy the legs and bullets she makes sure we get given.

Question: Also if regular sligs are ugly to the point that even glukkons who see vykkers don’t want to look at them, how fugly are the queens? Like cataclysmic levels of fugly?

Alf: There’s a reason we don’t carry pictures of mommy in our wallets!

Question: Can the Slig Queen produce an occasional infertile female?

Alf: An infertile female? What’s the point in that? Did I not explain the thing about the unrivalled army delivered to every factory franchise on the continent? A Slig Queen that don’t make Slig Workers is like a RuptureFarms that don’t make Meech Munchies. Throw it in the trash with the “kind-hearted Sligs” and the rest of us will get on with our lives.

Question: Hey Crig bro high four …. so yeah I been meaning to ask for a long time now are albino sligs only a myth or are they real I heard about one that did a runner whadda you think

Alf: High four, slig20! I’ll never get you guys’ obsession with broken Sligs. “Kind-hearted” this and “mask fell off” that, it’s like you’re trying to corrupt Sligkind. No, we don’t want our genetics ruined by freaks and mutants, and any albino bambino reckless enough to get born should have the common decency to remove itself from the gene pool… permanently! Remember, variety is the scourge of life!

Question: Do you know the albino slig from SligStorm?

Alf: I don’t associate with ANY weirdo Sligs, albino or otherwise.

Question: If yes what’s is name?

Alf: No!

Question: Did the game ever come out? I’d love to play it.

Alf: No! I’ve had enough of this dump! You guys have no idea what makes a Slig tick. Shove your flowery teas and your bizarre love of renegade degenerates! I’m going back to the big city. I might not have a whole Rehab full of substance-dependent ex-slaves to coerce into subservience, but there’s 3-for-1 protein meatshakes, medium-speed internet and half price evenings at Rollocking Rick’s Rifle Range Rental.

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Question: Q: what do baby scrabs and paramites look like? are they mini adults, or are they different looking?

Alf: Y’know, I never did get close to baby Scrabs or Paramites. Something about their always put me off. You’d never catch me going near their nests at the best of times, but when there are cranky, protective parents on the patrol, yeah, nah, count me out. All I’m gonna say for certain is NEVER BLOW ON A PARAMITE COCOON.

Question: Do Fuzzles require veterinary dental care the way our dogs do or does their species have tooth enamel that makes ours look about as protective as a molar covered in donut glaze?

Alf: Fuzzles are wild animals and the natural world doesn’t really have dentists. Sure some birds will pick bits out of large creatures’ mouths, but even they’re not foolish enough to go in a Fuzzle’s mouth. So if you do have a put Fuzzle, don’t go flossing its teeth… One mild startle and you’ll be missing more than just a finger!

Question: \#DearAlf Hey Alf Is Abe And The Rest of You Have Pet Scrabs And Paramites also Are You Friends With Some Glukkons. \<3 you Alf.

Alf: No! You do not keep Scrabs and Paramites as pets! If you’re really, really, extraoddinarily brave and calm and talented and wise and patient and lucky, you can “tame” them. It ain’t do with domestics, it’s more like coming to an agreement that benefits everybody. Friends with Glukkons? Are you kidding me? Would YOU sit and chat merrily with your genocidal oppressors? Ya gotta be off yur rocker, mister. \<3 you too.

Question: Hey Alf, I have a question for you! How do you think you or any other Mudokon would react if a Scrab just kind of walked into the village, and just sat there and did nothing agressive? I know it would be impossible, but maybe it has some brain condition or something and it got just so confused it didnt know what to do anymore.

Alf: Same thing we’d do any dangerous creature came to us, weirdly calm or otherwise: try and catch it safely and either release it back into the wild or keep it to use. Maybe the frosty hermit that lives in the forest wants to commune with it, see if it’s bringing a message. Or maybe our berries stocks are getting low and we could use the extra food. Depends how the ecology is goin’, y’know? The call has to made by a sagely Mud, and with all these newly slaves bumping about, there’s a big need to relearn all the old wisdom.

Question: Dear Alf what did meeches eat

Alf: Pretty much anything that crosses their path is gonna get gnawed to the bone in seconds, but mostly Elums. It used to be one of the spectacular sights of Mudos, watching a swarm of Meeches take on a herd of Elums. I mean, so I’ve been told. Guess I’ll never know.

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Question: Q: And what is with all races in Oddworld having queens?? as in not Monarchy but Biology?? Only takes one mishap and it’s all over for Muds/sligs/gluks/slogs/whatever else has a queen

Alf: Well it ain’t all the races, but yeah there’s a bunch of us take that tactic. It’s a pretty good one! I mean why leave everybody to fend for themselves when everyone can just pitch in towards the survival of the mommas? With hundreds or thousands of children protecting you, that would have to be one mishap big enough to destroy any population anyway. It’s not like there only one queen per species, y’know! Yeep, ya think we’re new to this?

Question: Question for Alf or Crig the Slig, I’ve seen graffiti on some of the walls of RuptureFarms and Soulstrom Brewery. Who has doing all of it?

Alf: Don’t tell the brass, but we sometimes get away with it. You’re stuck in a boring job all day, you come across a bottle of fizzy paint, the nearest wall starts lookin’ more ‘n’ more like a canvas for whatever creativity ain’t been beat outta ya. Who cares that someone you care about could be the schmuck that’s gotta clean up after you? A chance like that ain’t every day. And no, it ain’t Sligs. Sligs don’t have a creative cell in their body.

Question: is abe a Good guy or a bad guy? Is Abe really a terrorist, like in a bad way, Alf?

Alf: Good guy, dingus. He’s fighting for the freedom of oppressed people across a whole planet. Just because some cockroaches in top hats might lose their diamond-encrusted carriages to the revolution, doesn’t mean you get to buy into their mainstream media agenda-shoving impropaganda.

Question: Dose Abe have a bounty on his head? Cause yanno he’s considered a terrorist in Glukkon eyes. Do bounty hunters come after Abe or dose Crig try to capture Abe and turn him in?

Alf: Whoever drags Abe to the Magog Cartel, ideally kickin’ and screamin’, is getting the incentivization of their career – presuming they don’t learn too much of the wrong kinda thing along their journey.

Question: I’m not sure if anyone (or me) has ever asked you this, but are you left-handed or right-handed?

Alf: Oh ye of the false-tastic dichotomy! Stuffs don’t gotta be so one way or the other way only! I’ll have you know I am equally fluent with both hands at all skilled and unskilled tasks and challenges! I believe the word for that is ‘ambidexcellent’. Now that I’ve rocked your Oddworld with my shocking revelations and weighty learnings, you have to learn how to satisfy your insatiable hunger for more! Step one is learning to budget… because one Dear Alf a week is all you’re budgeted for.

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Question: Q: Have Mudokkens ever vomited form drinking too much brew? Is the after effects like a hangover on steroids that just wont go away followed by an extreme craving for more or is it a little different? Seriously what do the put in that stuff other than your Bones and tears?

Alf: Y’know, after finding out that much about what goes into Brew, I’ve decided we all know far too much about it. If that ain’t enough to put ya off the sickening stuff for good, you’re either addicted or ya ain’t got a clue what it’s like. If you’re addicted, then come in my brother! Let’s get you taken care of with love and teaspect. If you’re in the dark, get out and stay there—I ain’t inviting you into this pit of indignity.

Question: P.S. I Found a six pack mysteriously hiding beneath the floor boards you wouldn’t have anything to do with it would you? ALF that better not be yours!!! \>:(

Alf: Yeah, that’s mine. I’ve been workin’ out a lot lately. Focusing on my Scrabs!

Question: Just out of curiosity, does it hurt when Abe speaks? I’m sure it does with his lips being stitched together and all, but when I see him talk it looks like he barely has a problem with it.

Alf: It hurt for the longest time, but they’ve been there since he was a minor Mudling crawling underneath sawblades with a blankie and a washcloth—as an aside, trust me, never get those two mixed up. Whatever cheapo stitch tech they used on Abe hasn’t stood the test of time, ‘specially since Abe’s gotta be so chatty all day. Remember: Too Much Talkin’, Lose A Mudokon!

Question: Another question for Alf, How is it that Muds have such hard slaps? I’ve seen some and they don’t look that strong, but they look like they have one powerful back hand.

Alf: Have you seen the size of our hands? They’re almost a foot long! It’s not about how mighty we swing, it’s the weight behind it. Who’d ever need a jet-propelled wrecking ball?

Question: Hey Alf i was wondering have you and your brothers ever messed with a beehive, and later regret it? Especially when you realize it was a grave mistake and running for your lives and asking abe for help but hes faster than you and you can see a bee swarm around you wondering what went wrong?

Alf: I can assure I’ve never messed with a beehive and not regretted it. I also regret reading your morbid little story. It ain’t like I need to sleep or nuthin’, honest to bees!

Question: Do slogs hump furniture?

Alf: Much worse, they chew it. Don’t matter if it’s fabric, wood or metal, they’ll get their teeth right into that. If ya don’t wanna live surrounded by decrepit desks, bedraggled beds and wartorn wardrobes, muzzle that mutt! Handy for keeping the neighbours off your turf, though.

Question: please give me advice on how to handle the wait until New n Tasty

Alf: Sure! You could play all the Oddworld games, start to finish, 100% ’em, how ’bout it? And if you get all that done, well I dunno, try your hand at some Fan Art perhaps? Always happy to have new additions to my master ‘in’ pile! Take up a hobby, like Scrabdancing or Wolvarchery, or trying learnin’ somethin’, like Sligonometry or Glukkonomics.

Question: Hello Alf! I had an interesting question about Glukkons I’d like to ask.. After going No. 2, how do they wipe it?

Alf: From their memory, like I’m gonna go do right now. You guys gotta learn the boundaries, yo! Repeat after me: I don’t wanna go downstairs or talk about it!

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Question: Q: Will you return in Oddworld: Soulstorm?

Alf: You don’t know the things that are going on around here! I wish Abe would leave me outta it and let me run Alf’s Rehab and Tea in peace. I can’t read the future though – it’s not like I have the time to sit around reading tea leaves!

Question: How have you been? Also how come Ed can hear you? He doesn’t seem to hear anyone else.

Alf: I’ve been busy! Ed? Ed’s scared and I can understand that. Sometimes people can be talkin’ all around you but you can’t hear ‘em. Poor Ed’s confused and afraid. I’m a familiar face – and have you ever seen a mug as trustworthy as mine?

Question: Would Abe and Stranger be pals?

Alf: They’re very different, but they’re both heroes right? They’re both nice guys, too. Though Abe might drive Stranger insane with his constant yappin’. Stranger never was one for small talk.

Question: Was there ever a time when Glukkons and Mudokons had a truce or a working relationship? Maybe before the introduction of currency and business?

Alf: Sure there was, though it was so long ago I wasn’t around to see it. We lived together as pals until the Mudokon moon first appeared. Then the Glukkons started dabbling in the kinda magic no-one has any business playing around with. Maybe they were jealous. As ya might expect things went wrong, and eventually the Glukkons turned their backs on their old ways and started turning to money and industrialisation… and we all know how that turned out.

Question: How do you know Ed? Did Ed work with you?

Alf: I know everyone – Abe thinks he has it tough? It’s not easy being such a celebrity. Everyone comes to me with their problems, and Ed has a lotta problems.

Question: How’s Ed?

Alf: Ed’s in danger and he knows it – Ed’s one brave Mudokon, even though it might not look like it right now. Ed’s got an important job ta do and just needs a bit of help to get it done.

Question: How close is the storm? May we please have a glimpse?

Alf: I’m back, aren’t I? You think I’d take the time out from restocking the store rooms if it wasn’t important? I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t missed this though – it feels good to be back. You want a look? So do I. I want to know just what’s going on over there. That’s where Ed comes in. Stick around, pal – big things are happening.

Question: Do you know where Ed might be, Alf?

Alf: I’m not sure but I’d love to find out! It sounds like Ed needs some help and I think I know just the guy…

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Question: Q: How does it feel to be in a starring role?

Alf: What ya talkin' about? I'm just doin' what I can to help Abe. I think it's great that so many other Muds are joinin' in though, we got a great gang here and we're gonna do whatever it takes to get free. Least, that's what Abe says!

Question: What does the Soulstorm Beer taste like?

Alf: It's got a bit of a chalky aftertaste but they say that's where the best flavor comes from. Ah, I miss it but I'm done with that stinkin' Brew!

Question: Do you still have your fez?

Alf: I loved that hat but I'm not sure it was worth goin' back for. I'm hopin' we can save a fez-makin' Mudokon along the way!

Question: Hey Alf! How's the Tea business?

Alf: I'm workin' on some really tasty brews. All ya need is a fire and kettle. We're findin' some great herbs and plants on the road that I've never tasted before. Toby says I should start up a new place once we get everyone free and I'll have loads of new friends to hang out in the ol' Rehab 'n' Tea!

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Question: Q: Hiya Alf! Why does Abe keep bumping his head?

Alf: Hello. I'm not sure why Abe bumps his head. Sometimes I see him eating paint chips.

Question: I was wondering if you could add a web poll to your site? Also, what do (or did) Meeches look like?

Alf: I'll see what I can do about the web poll. I have personally never seen a Meech, either first hand or in photographs. Some say they looked like small hairy pancakes that left trails of sticky mucous on the ground. Legend has it that on any given day, one could witness swarms of Meeches squirming by the millions over the placid fields of Mudos.

Question: Is it hard being an inhabitant? Was Abe the only one that can transform to Shrykull?

Alf: I've got a 47-inch waistline; does my physique suggest to you that it is hard being an Inhabitant? I could do the Shrykull thing if I really wanted to, I just don't want to.

Question: Yo, can you send me some fan equipment man?

Alf: Dear Sir, unfortunately we do not include gold chains, spoke rims, or handguns in our line of merchandise. In addition, our distribution network does not extend to your part of "da hood" (i.e. your parent's basement in the suburbs), so we would be unable to fulfill your order. Seriously, look for stuff in the fall when the game is released.

Question: Why does Abe not get sick when he drinks the SoulStorm™ Brew?

Alf: Evidently, he has built up some sort of resistance to the stuff. You know, each time it takes a little bit more to get the same effect.

Question: Hey, would you Mudokons get severely punished if you pulled off BigFace's mask? Do you know what's under his mask?

Alf: Punished? Please! He only wears that thing for the girls. He thinks it makes him "mysterious" or something. I've seen what he looks like underneath. Two words - buck teeth.

Question: Are you guys going to make an Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee soundtrack?

Alf: Well, I'm not sure about that, but if we don't... I'm in this band and we're trying to cut an album and we're really good and I play the drums sometimes well mostly I play the tambourine but we're really good and we're going to cut an album and you can buy that instead!

Question: Is Paul O'Connor still writing the Munch's Oddysee designer diaries?

Alf: Look for Paul's next installment of the "Passport to Oddworld" feature on the Microsoft Games website around e3 time.

Question: Are the Interns pot-bellied from a vitamin deficiency through lack of eating or do they just look that way?

Alf: The Interns lead a sedentary lifestyle. They have gradually developed a body type known as "the melted candle" whereby deposits of supple fatty tissue ooze down around their midsection. This phenomenon is common among those who sit day in and day out in front of a computer terminal, eating and working, working and eating.

Question: What is a Meep? Is it that one-eyed creature?

Alf: Correct. The taste reminds one of chicken, but with a subtle hint of the sea. Just kidding!

Question: In Munch's Oddysee, do Abe's eyes move around? In the recent bunch of screenshots for MO, Abe seems to be sort of staring into space. The Sligs and Munch look awesome, but Abe looks. . . well, sort of stupid. Please explain.

Alf: You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. Your obvious lack of training in the studies of anatomy and simple common sense serves to explain your comments. Abe's eye sockets are of the rotator cup variety, which allow him to swivel his eyes in virtually any direction, much like a chameleon. If you saw him "staring into space", it may have simply been that he felt your gaze and chose to ignore you by focusing on a distant object.

Question: What's up with Mudokons' body? I can understand you're thin when you're slaves, but free Mudokons also look anorexic!

Alf: What is this sick pre-occupation with body-types? Is this what modern media has done to our youth? Listen, if you are overweight and feel a certain jealousy toward the slim figure of a Mudokon, that is a problem that you yourself must deal with.

Question: The only Mudokon names I've seen are Abe and Alf. I was wondering are there Mudokons that have female names?

Alf: Well let's see ...I'm not good with names, but there's Pat, Chris, and Cory. (Insert more androgynous names here). I once knew a guy who had some sort of operation done and thereafter called himself "Linda", but I suppose that doesn't count. Not really! I'm just feeling feisty. Look for Sam the Mudokon Queen to make her debut in Munch's Oddysee. Don't ask me any questions about her because I can't answer them. You just gotta be patient.

Question: In the first two games of Oddworld, can Sligs tell if other Sligs are possessed? Any time I possess one and say hi to another, they reply, and then blow me away.

Alf: When Abe was first starting out, he didn't have good control over his powers. When he'd possess a Slig, the Slig would be all glassy eyed, and stumble around like a zombie. It wasn't very convincing. He's gotten much better lately, as you'll see.

Question: Why is it that Abe has to die in the bad ending? All the time you play, you grow more respect for the little guy. Then, at the end, he gets sliced into bite-sized chunks. Surely Mudokons are more forgiving than that!

Alf: It's not so much forgiveness, as rescuing Abe from the clutches of Molluck the Glukkon wasn't an easy thing. Especially when you don't have many lives, rescued mudokons to work with. Chanting like that to create a rescue portal takes years off your life.

Question: What do you have to do to get a good ending anyway?

Alf: Rescue enough guys so that they'll rescue you back. I forget the exact numbers, maybe half of the totals.

Question: Hi, Alf. I've got some questions for you here (yes, more). I've kept them as Universal as I can think them to be, so I hope you don't spot any that are really "knucklehead." Why is that Slig wearing a dress on the right of the Land Muggers picture?

Alf: That is a game show host (ess). Since all sligs are male (except the queen, and she's as big as a house literally) that has to be a guy slig in a dress. He's following in the fine tradition of Milton Berle and Monty Python and Ru Paul.

Question: Do Gabbits build things underwater?

Alf: Not that I know of. Gabbits are more like otters, just living their lives in nature.

Question: Why were there no Bats, Bees or Fireflies in Abe's Exoddus? Will they be returning in Munch's Oddysee or later games?

Alf: We have so many new and wonderful things coming along for the future, that you'll scarcely notice the bats and bees and fireflies. Big things, swell things, things that'll make you run crying to Mommy. You'll be stopping strangers on the street and saying "Hey, buddy, you gotta see this..."

Question: I'm sure someone has asked this before, but I couldn't find that any one did. What is the ending like if you save all 300 Mudokons in Abe's Exoddus? And what is the ending like if you save all 99 Mudokons in Abe's Oddysee? Please give me a good answer.

Alf: Good question! If you saved all 300 Mudokons in Exoddus and all 99 Mudokons in Oddysee you basically rock, dude. The ending is Good. Check out the Forums for help.

Question: Alf Please answer my question (I can't wait any longer)! Tell me about the Glukkon "Lulu".

Alf: Think of LuLu as a bumbling hotshot Vegas type rockstar with more style than brains. Yeah! Almost like real rock stars!

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Question: Q: C'mon guys! I've been waiting for the icons and wallpaper for months! Oh, and some screensavers, too, would be lovely. So how about it, MAKE WIT DA GOODS! PRONTO!

Alf: Now this is feedback I can use! Let me make a note here, let's see..."Call the folks in production and tell them to stop wasting their time on all of these games". People are sick of games... what people want are screensavers and icons! Wow, that was close. You know, there were tentative plans for icons and such a little later on, but thanks to you, we can now redirect our efforts towards making this company an icon-producing machine such as the world has never seen!

Question: You know that Shrink guy (The Magog Cartel Health Bloke), in the Oddworld universe industrial characters bit of the web site it says that he has a track going along the ceiling so he can move. I'm wondering, can he go on trains and stuff to get to other facilities, or is he disconnected then put back on in the other facilities?

Alf: That sort of thinking doesn't work here, kid. Sure you could stick him up on the train tracks and shoot him off somewhere else, but who pays for it all? You've got transportation fees, rail tolls and cargo taxes...then there's the land barons, franchise owners and port supervisors who always take their cut. Much simpler and far cheaper to just junk the old one and build a new one somewhere else.

Question: At what resolution will Oddworld games run on the Xbox?

Alf: Our resolution will be the same it has always been, to make the very best games out there!

Question: I was wondering why you torture us by never answering any questions completely, and why your answers seem to never follow the whole Oddworld atmosphere?

Alf: Well, there's a good reason for this, you see...(burp!)... oh man, big breakfast today. Hey, has anybody seen that movie Cool Hand Luke where that guy eats all those eggs? That's what I feel like right now. Man, I gotta start cutting back. Anyway, what was the question? Ah well, let's move on shall we?

Question: Do Sligs live in the factories or do they get to go home?

Alf: Sligs are like butterflies in that they live short and meaningless lives and their very existence is like a pox on the land. They reach maturity quickly and are immediately assigned to their posts throughout the industrial empires. They stay on duty 24 hours a day until they simply collapse. Their limp bodies are then thrown into the recyclers, converted to a brownish, energy-rich sludge which is served as a delightful lunch ration in cafeterias everywhere.

Question: Munch broke his leg in a bear trap right, does that mean there are bears on Oddworld?

Alf: Bears? Jeez, I guess there could be bears. You're right, I mean why would someone lay a bear trap if there were no bears? It's ridiculous!

Question: Are there Mudokon and Glukkon drones who sit around doing nothing in the hope of some day "getting lucky" with the queen?

Alf: In this case, use of the term "getting lucky" may not exactly be appropriate as the queens are essentially enormous sacks of fat rolls, covered in sweaty lumps, hair and weeping glands. I doubt any drone would consider himself lucky in the face of such a revolting task.

Question: Why have the Sligs eyes changed? In Abe's Oddysee the Sligs had a visor sort of thing going across their face, and in Exoddus they have proper eyes. Please explain.

Alf: The Slig suicide rate soared during the time those visors were issued. Sligs began walking off high ledges and stumbling into bone-crunching machinery more and more often. Studies showed that those first visors had a small optical misalignment that caused the wearer's eyes to become crossed. Vykkers scientists quickly modified the equipment and Slig suicides have subsequently evened out.

Question: I saw in the movies that Abe could pick up Sligs from the back. Can you ask Abe about any other abilities he has picked up or learned from his mentors? Perhaps anything heroic or daring?

Alf: Why doesn't anyone ever ask me about my heroics? Oh well, hold on a second... "Hey Abe, this person wants to know what new skills you've learned!" He's thinking. You know, I can do this thing with my armpit...oh, hold on again. "Why is everyone laughing?" Oh, heh heh, he farted. Well, I guess that's a skill.

Question: Should the Fleeches be counted as "wildlife?" They were created by Vykkers.

Alf: What sort of nonsense is this? Fleeches are most definitely a creature indigenous to Oddworld, almost as old as the world itself and may certainly be counted as "wildlife". You must be confused.

Question: Do Mudokons have teeth? I'm personally stumped on this one.

Alf: Of course! Though in addition to teeth, we have a sort of "gizzard" that further breaks down food.

Question: Why do Abe and other Mudokons wear "skirts?"

Alf: Are your powers of deductive reasoning really that poor? Surely you can come up with the answer on your own.

Question: Is the bird mask that Big Face wears suppose to be the head of the creature that Mudokons supposedly evolved from?

Alf: Good heavens, where do you kids come up with this stuff? Has Big Face been spouting his crazy talk again? As far as I know, he picked it up at an old junk shop in exchange for some comic books.

Question: Can you tell us some interesting facts about Paramites that you know and we don't?

Alf: Well, if you scratch them in just the right place, they do this really cute kicking thing with their hind leg. Of course that's just before they turn on you and rip you limb from limb.

Question: What did Vykkers and Interns look like before their (obvious) operations? (stitches around the limbs, etc.) Will we see what they looked like? I mean, just because they're Vykkers, doesn't mean they ALL are in the medical profession.

Alf: They look pretty much like you see. The limb replacements are just to get better limbs than those that they had. Vykkers, like Glukkons, don't take very good care of their bodies, and need constant replacement parts. As for profession, Vykkers aren't all doctors, they're all researchers. Some do medical research, finding new uses for helpless animals, or new addictive substances to add to the food. Others invent new kinds of noxious industrial chemicals, or cheaper ways to suck the value out of the land.

Question: I know Glukkons "worship" Power and Moolah, (and I suspect most everyone else does too), but I mean OTHER than Power and Moolah is there a religion on Mudos? Or are there several?

Alf: Each species has its own main religion. Mudokons (at least the natives) revere harmony with nature. Glukkons worship Moolah, as you guessed. Sligs think that meanness is divine. Vykkers believe that knowledge (especially the dangerous kind) is king.

Question: I was wondering why Sligs always obey the Glukkons? They have machine guns and grenades to they can easily destroy them, and the Glukkons don't have any arms.

Alf: O, how I wish it was that easy. Problem is, the Glukkons control the moolah. Sure, you can blow the blowhards to smithereens, but then you don't get paid at the end of a week. If you don't get paid, you can't buy more ammo, or gas for your pants. (Did you know these pants are gas powered?) And if there's one thing every slig learns, it's don't get caught without pants or ammo. We all just love to beat on the dopes who do, and even mudokons will sometimes beat up a pantsless slig. How embarrassing is that?

Question: What's up with the ever-changing Munch logo? First it's the needles and stuff one and now it's a soda can. What the heck?!

Alf: Shucks. We're just keeping you on your toes out there. Our fearless leaderis always dreaming up new things. The logo changes you see are the merest tip of that iceberg of wonder.

Question: Have you ever encountered a Fleech? I just wanted a humorous answer.

Alf: I have not but I know a Slig who has. Crig? Crig the Slig: Sure, once. It all happened back during Abe's Exoddus. I was working an outside patrol back then, and I spotted Abe one night. He was too far to shoot, and I would have just left him, but there was a reward, and I really wanted that new BlastMaster 350 dual-barrel alternating machine rifle. It's so sweet. Anyway, I chased him through the gloom until I stumbled into a pit of Fleeches! Stupid of me, I know, but I was dreaming of that BlastMaster and how it'd make me big slig in the barracks. Instead, I was pants deep in hungry mouths with grippy tongues. Good thing I had my gun (don't leave home without it). I opened fire on the little monsters, and I got most of them before the last one sucked me in. By the time I had fired my way out, it ate my arm off; that's why they call me "lefty". But I was lucky; you should talk to "no-nose" if you want to hear a real sad story.

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Question: I have a question that’s been bugging me ever since I was a kid, how did Abe learn to chant in Rupterfarms when he was born into slavery?

Alf: First of all, Abe is not scary! He’s the least imposing, friendliest Mud you’re likely to bump into! Unless of course you’re a factory owner or corporate security lackey. Then I suppose Abe’s chant becomes something you should fear, yes. Also, thank you to Zach for sending me the same question no fewer than four times over the last two weeks! Something you may not realize is that most of the Mudokons in RuptureFarms learnt to chant. You can’t not! It’s just that most of us are chanting “Mercy! Mercy!” or “Rest, please! Rest, please!” in response to Slig brutality. Abe’s chant was “No! No! No! No!”. Then one day he was so hungry he ate an old Elum Chub he found in a trash can and went on a serious trip. Next thing we knew, he was clutching in stomach, chanting in agony, and all these sparkles were floating around him. We thought his trip must have become airborne!

Question: Hey Alf, what exactly do you Mudokons recite when chanting?

Alf: It’s not anything but a sound. A very important, powerful sound that brings us closer to the spirit world, but just a sound. Not words. If you had to transcribe it, maybe it could go “Nyahnyahnyahnyah” or something? Or is that the noise I make when I answer a fan question in a snide way?

Question: I’m Just wondering, Have any of Those Pesky Outlaws ever Tried to give You and your Brethren any Trouble? Besides that Tell Abe I say Wassup:)

Alf: Not me personally, they haven’t, nor any Mud I’ve ever met. The ruthless lands around the Mongo River are quite a long way from here. But sure, Outlaws will stoop to all manner of foul deed, including pestering innocent Grubbs and Mudokons.

Question: Hello Alf, I was wondering what its like to hang out with the Grubbs. Can you tell me? They have a good sense of humor. Also, have you ever had any Outlaw patients in your rehab?

Alf: Grubbs are super friendly folks once you have their trust, but they’re massively suspicious of outsiders. Can’t blame them with all the flooding and drought and displacement and poverty and slavery and badgering and prosecution and genocide that’s been heaped upon them by Sekto and Wolvarks and Outlaws and Clakkerz. Personally, I reckon their reliance on the Steef led to their passive and weedy nature, but all props to them, they knew how to hold an uprising when the time was right. I’ve never had an Outlaw in my rehab. They’d be welcome, albeit under close scrutiny, but they just don’t care about their health that much.

Question: Alf (forgive me if I haven’t been doing my homework), presumably Mudokon eggs very rarely hatch into females, which slowly swell up into giant slug ladies with oozing breasts. Would the Glukkons notice if one of the Mudokons was female? And what would they do if it was? Who are the Glukkon eggs raised by, and what facilities are there to care for any species of young queen that may happen to hatch? Things could get awkward with giant oozing-breast slug ladies cramping the place up.

Alf: They’d certainly notice. Sam is a — shall we say — fecund momma, but ultimately she’s not going to be a reliable source of slave labor for long. For all we know, she could be willfully withholding any female offspring. We don’t exactly get taught Mudokon biology in nursery. Our eggs are shipped to factories where we’re hatched and given a broom or pickaxe and left to slave for our survival. It’s a grim system, and whoever led us down this path deserves very bad things. Quarma. Just sayin’.

Question: Hi Alf i was just wondering, if mudokons are slaves in factories and the other free mudokons are living with nature, who buys soul storm brew or meat products from rupture farms because no mudokons have money (they wouldnt get paid if there slaves and if there living with nature they wouldnt need money) so who buys the products??? thank you for your time and thank you for answering my other questions

Alf: First of all, Mudokon slaves can get some form of discretionary pay. We have to eat, after all, and it makes sales figures all the better if we have to pay to do that. Knowing we could have an extra Tasty Treat that week can be a good incentive to strive for a bonus. We haven’t seen the target markets of Glukkon goods yet, but we’re heading there.

Question: This is my question: has Oddworld a single language, or Abe, Munch, Stranger and the other characters speak the Mudos’ language? Beside the one spoke by the fuzzles.

Alf: We speak a common language because that’s the only way we can hold together a multi-species civilization, at least in the small territory of Mudos. Native races have their own ancient tongues that have fallen out of practice, along with large swathes of our cultural heritage.

Question: dear alf, (not that i dont like him)but abe isnt the smartest creature on oddworld, so why does he get a moon, it would make more sence to give a smarter creature a moon just saying stay odd

Alf: A smarter creature like whom? Glukkons have amazing business smarts. Vykkers are incredibly intelligent. But these things don’t matter as much as what a person accomplishes, and Abe has accomplished so very much. I’d call him a Professor of Soul if that didn’t make him sound like a singer.

Question: This is one of my all time favorite games, but I want to know. How does it feel for abe to get shot, crushed, exploded, and eaten? Does he remember it all, Does he feel Pain?

Alf: Does Abe feel pain when he’s shot, crushed, exploded and eaten? Well, gee, I dunno. What do you think?

Question: Two questions : do the Mudokans get like, royalties, or something? Y’know, from the retelling of Abe’s epic tale?

Alf: For every copy of the Oddboxx sold, a new bird portal opens in some horrible Glukkon factory. Don’t delay, purchase now!

Question: And has anyone tried to get the Glukkons to pay reparations for the enslavement of so many?

Alf: I can’t think of a less useful endeavor. If you get a parcel from Magog Express claiming to contain reparation, it’s more likely to contain tear gas or Brew than anything beneficial to your ongoing freedom.

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Question: Q: Hello,Alf!I have a question…again:How long is a day on Oddworld compared to a day on Earth.

Alf: I can’t possibly answer! The elapse of a time interval observed by you and me would differ according to our relative motion, and since there is no physical relationship between Oddworld and Earth, there is no frame of reference. Hope this helps!

Question: And how many days do you have in a year?

Alf: Just over a year’s worth.

Question: Here’s another question, for your pleasure: has Oddworld its own weekdays? I dunno, like mudsday, glocksday, vykksday.

Alf: I guess we have weekdays, but I sure don’t remember there ever being any weekends when I was “employed.” For slaves, every day is “Slogday”. Haha. See what I did there?

Question: I have a Question regarding Lulu, Where is he now? Shoveling Sleg Dung or Acting as target practice for some outlaws somewhere?

Alf: Buddy told me this rumor that he’s been earning a pittance appearing in commercials for security firms. He plays the loser who doesn’t think to hire decent security before carrying around something rare and expensive, and ends up having it stolen. Where do these ad writers get their zany ideas?

Question: P.S. Where did you get that nice Fez from?

Alf: I grew up on the tale of The Fez in the Forest, which went something roughly like there was a fez lodged in the middle of a forest, but despite searching their best, nobody could find it. The person who did retrieve it was said to be destined to go on to great things. So I bought one from a shopping channel. Who wants the responsibility of great things when all you’re after is a neat hat?

Question: I was spelunking in some caverns along the Mongo recently and stumbled across a rock painting of a steef locked in battle with a gloktigi (I think). The style was very similar to that used by the mudokons, and it got me wondering: was the graffiti was done by the same person, or do grubs and muds frequent the same art classes?

Alf: Believe it or not, Mudokons and Grubbs outsource their rock art to the same company, nGravia. It’s really the only option if you want that high-quality-but-primitive-looking style.

Question: Alf, I’ve got a question about Stranger’s Wrath. Why is Doc The Vykker have a kind of creamey coloured skin and green and yellow eyes but just about all (If not all) the Vykkers in Munch’s Oddysee have Pink skin and Yellow eyes? I have many theories and shall tell you them after you answer me. In fact I though of one today.

Alf: You’re saying if I don’t answer you, I won’t get to hear your theories? Well shoot. Hey, I have my own theory. The Doc is actually the saviour of his people, his alternative pigmentation a clear fulfilment of ancient prophecy. He’ll probably go on to discover Native Vykkers and start freeing his race. I haven’t heard from him in a while, though. I wonder what he’s up to these days.

Question: if blind mudokens only have their eyes stiched, cant you just unstitch them?

Alf: It’s technically possible, but a lot of Mudokons prefer to keep their stitches. They’ve long since adapted to what others would label a disability and consider it a part of their identity.

Question: speaking of sowing, why does abe how a stitched mouth?

Alf: Chicks dig body modification.

Question: who eats the paramite pies and scrab cakes?

Alf: Anyone who wants a delicious, nutritious, cruelicious snack!

Question: will there be games totally outside of Mudos and Abe altogether. it would be nice because I’d like to see more races, places and other aspects of Oddworld.

Alf: Why? Trying to escape from Alf? Not been following your detox program? HMM? Fingers crossed we will explore territories far away, totally isolated from familiar Mudosian nature and society.

Question: hey alf. i have a few questions. 1. do mudokens have any national holidays or events? like a day where they all come together and drink tea commemorating abes heroic actions to save them?

Alf: Dear Idiot, I would be delighted to answer your questions, although I have forwarded your second one to Crig. Mudokon celebrations vary hugely, just like your own. They tend to align with natural events, like the first day of spring when we can take off our winter loincloths, or the harvest of crops when we can stuff our faces again, rather than having institutionalized calendar days. That said, I’ve been campaigning for a Tea Day for a few years now.

Question: 3. do mudokens ever play games? or are they workaholics?

Alf: Have you not met a Mudokon before? We are lazy, with a capital laze. Could you pass me my drink?

Question: and last question: are mudokens traditionally skinny? i know that most of them are skinny beacuse of rupture farms/soulstorm brewery, torchering them and overworking them. but dont you guys eat alot when you get back?

Alf: It’s not a tradition, it’s the natural consquence of living either in captivity or off the land. There isn’t an excess of food or a shortage of work in either case. Maybe if there were Mudokons leading sedentary lifestyles in big commerical environments you’d see a wider variety of body shapes.

Question: also does the mudokens rubber like skin restrict there weight? (i remember reading an awnser you gave back at the last homepage about how they dont die when they fall from a cliff and land in OWMO) anyway thankyou for your time and hope these questions arent just a waste of your prescious time

Alf: I’m touched that you’ve been paying me so much attention. I wish I could return the favour, but you can’t have two last questions! NEXT!

Question: Hey Alf! Greetings from France :3 i just wondered, what do Mudokons take when they have a stomach ache or intestinal disorder?

Alf: Are you trying to get me to answer something like Sekto Abismol or Imudium?

Question: Hey Alf, this question is more for Crig than for you, i guess, but here it is: Did anyone ever see the Slig’s Queen (Skillya is her name i think, something like that as far as i remember) ? i guess there isn’t any picture available even if someone saw her, huh? =T thanks in advance

Alf: I guess it’s time to bring Crig out. CRIG! YOU’RE UP! I’m off to bed. Anyone ‘lucky’ enough to see Skillya is generally not going to leave her premises outside of a tin can. I’m certainly in no hurry to pay her a visit, and I don’t think you’ll find anyone who is. Upper management might have met with her to negotiate contracts, but I’m not going to ask them.

Question: 2. is there such thing as a female slig? or do they kind of have a the same situation as mudokens? (only having one female to reproduce)

Alf: It’s the same as Mudokons, there are queens that handle all the reproduction. Skillya is just one of several.

Question: I know this might be the hard question to answer, but stay with me on this one… Sligs are one of my favourite characters, and I always wanted to know more about them. I’ve read on Oddworld wiki websites that they’re all raised by slig queen Skillya… But thats it. I always wanted to know how they live in their barracks, what they do in free time, how they pick jobs (Slig schools for guards, and pilots?), all that kind of stuff. Do they have ranks, maybe like slig officers?

Alf: Sligs don’t generally get to pick their own careers, they’re treated as the property of the queens that lease them and the CEOs that rent them. Bosses might send their Sligs to be given training, or the Sligs can pay for it themselves, but a Slig is rarely given any education before being put to work. In our free time we like to play cards, gamble, hunt, and make life miserable for those under our command. That includes other Sligs.

Question: Are there any other variations of Slig on Oddworld? We’ve got the bog standard walking Slig, flying, Big bro. Are there any paramedic Sligs?

Alf: There are other variations. The snooty Slig Air Corps pilot craft that make flying harnesses look like homemade crap. There are Slig Tanks, mounted Sligs, Sloghandlers, anything there’s a market for. For all I know, there are Ninja Sligs, but I doubt it. Paramedic Sligs wouldn’t really serve any purpose. If you lose your units in combat, just buy some more for cheap.

Question: How come RuptureFarms-sligs wear one-eyed masks, while SoulStorm-sligs wear two-eyed masks? Is that only a trend, different from place to place? Or an evolution of the masks?

Alf: The two-eyed masks are a newer, superior model. RuptureFarms wasn’t exactly known for its modern technology.

Question: Also, will we ever see a real slig face without a mask?

Alf: Only if you’re very, very unlucky.

Question: I was also wondering if slogs sometimes fight each other? For example, for domination, when two alpha-leaders-slogs meet, just like alpha-scrabs. Or even, when someone throws one bone for two slogs.

Alf: Of course, that’s their natural way to maintain a social order. Fortunately, civilized society has developed advanced behavioural training techniques precision engineered to beat Slogs senseless into submission to Sligs and only Sligs. We can’t have guard animals turning on one another when they should be turning on upstart slaves.

Question: alf uh i wondered this, did the slogs originally kill sligs?

Alf: Sloghuts have staff casualties just like any other facility.

Question: and crig, did you like your old boss mullock? he really bossed you around eh? XD

Alf: No, I didn’t work at RuptureFarms.

Question: In Abes Exoddus Sligs can’t jump but the slig reporter can…Why?

Alf: I’m not sure. Maybe his job came with extra bouncey legs, or paid him enough that he could buy them. It’s not like you need a spring in your step patroling a factory.

Question: Hello Alf, Whatever happened to the Newscaster slig from M.O.M news?

Alf: He jumped.

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Question: Q: So, are you particularly good friends with Abe??

Alf: Emily, come on now! I’m Abe’s best bud in the whole world! I was there with him in RuptureFarms, I was there with him in the desert, I was there with him above the Big Well. We could never be separated!

Question: And also, I’ve wondered are there any female Mudokons, or are they hard to come by? I’ve never seen any in the games and began to wonder. What do they look like?? SomeDude: Hi alf ive got 3 questions why are there no females inhabiting oddworld other than queens

Alf: Jeez, where did you kids go to school? You better brush up on your basic biology. Listen up: The female Mudokons are the queens, and you haven’t seen them yet. The male Mudokons are the drones, and you haven’t seen them yet either. The drones and the queens do all the breeding for the whole species, while most of us down in the trenches doing all the hard work are biologically sexless. The breeders are rare, and us workers outnumber them by hundreds or thousands. Think about how bees and ants and even some mammals go about things and realize your reproductive model ain’t the only one out there!

Question: and have u ever seen a mudombie

Alf: I try to keep away from creepy old graveyards, but… I saw one once. I think. It was outta the corner of my eye. I didn’t stick about to double take! Nothing like a soulless lumbering husk of a Mud to remind you of your mortality.

Question: Hi Alf. I wonder what mudokons eat every day. Can you tell me? And what’s your favourite food?

Alf: Mudokons eat what they can find, gather, harvest and hunt sustainably. Fruits, leaves, grains, meat, fish, and anything we can cook out of them all. We have a broad palette. That’s part of the reason we get made slaves more than any other natives: we can live on the processed rubbish and byproduct sweepings. My favourite dessert is genodda cake!

Question: I noticed mudokons can climb surfaces like Geckos and frogs ( earthling creatures ) which is shown in Abe’s Exodus, how come this can’t be done in the actual game play?

Alf: Mudokons can climb some rough surfaces like wood or stone, but it makes our hands really dry and achey so we can only do it, say, once every few days. In hindsight we probably shouldn’t have used up that ability before the game had even begun, but that’s hardly the biggest regret I have after the whole Necrem ordeal.

Question: Dear Alf Where Do Mudokons Go After Abe Rescues Them Through The Bird Portal?

Alf: They go to the Monsaic Sanctum to get all cleaned up and introduced to their new life. The guys there keep a supply of tea going (Alf’s Rehab brand, of course) for the newly free Muds that are in an advanced state of addiction. Tea solves everything. Except the cracks in my store cupboard. Tea ain’t done a thing to fix that, no matter how much I pour it on.

Question: About the laughing gas in Exoddus… How come every other mudokon goes crazy while breathing the stuff, but abe is just normal?

Alf: Ummmmmmm, his stitches absorb all the gas before it enters his lungs. That’s right.

Question: It is true that Abe is caring a cub Slog, and currently, is succeeding in taming him?

Alf: If Abe is even half as smart as he seems—and he ain’t exactly a genius to begin with—he won’t be doing that any time. Maybe if you got a Sloggy as soon as it was born or hatched, and you took care of it in the most loving and tender way, maybe it wouldn’t maul your face off. Do you want Abe to take that risk?

Question: Why Abe don’t use Slingshot, like some Mudokons that we see in Monsaic Lines?

Alf: Where’s he going to carry all the rocks he’d need to fire? He can only fit nine in his back pocket at the best of times, stick a slingshot in there and he’s got room for only one or two. And it’s not like bags of rocks are around every corner in those big factories. He’d be carrying a tool he could only use once or twice, and quite frankly he never needed it anyway.

Question: Abe can chant and possess an enemy when he’s crouched?

Alf: Yeah he figured out how to do that not long before he went looking for Munch. That’s why he managed to possess Lulu and outbid every other Inhabitant for that last can of Gabbiar, all while kneeling! Will his list of talents never end?

Question: What’s happend if a Scrab and a Paramite meet? Who going to win, if have a fight?

Alf: Ah! The age old question! The Six Skillyan Moolah Question. The question to end all questions except, logically, itself. One single Paramite up against one single Scrab? The Scrab would win. No sweat. The question should be how many Paramites would it take to guarantee the Scrab’s defeat. Or maybe it’s an extra large Paramite, or an extra small Scrab, or both! What about a Fleech-sized Scrab fighting a Sea Rex-sized Paramite? Or you could throw in an extra Scrab, so the two Scrabs fight each other while the Paramites scratch away at them from relative safety. Or maybe anywhere near two Scrabs wouldn’t count as safety at all. Boy oh boy, sure hope I don’t develop a critter baiting habit!

Question: Hey Alf, does Abe ever feel any remorse for killing glukkons or sligs? I mean when it comes to the glukkons Abe is basically killing completely unarmed creatures. I understand that he has had quite a troubled past with the glukkons and sligs, and I definitely agree that the big businesses on Mudos need to be shut down for the muds sake. But Abe just seems like too nice a guy for brutally ripping things to pieces when he unpossesses them. Perhaps he should try negotiating instead, and if that doesn’t work then he can go on to sabotage.

Alf: Look buddy, I’ll be the first to admit that Abe ain’t the sharpest splinter in the plank, but it don’t take a degree in Glukkonomy to see that these industrial creeps pack their negotiation chambers with gas and spikes, not tea and biscuits. If you wanna negotiate, you gotta have cards to play with. “Excuse me boss, could you shut down your factory, and in return we’ll not whine when you chop us up into confectionery” ain’t a good bargain.

Question: Is Sekto a cross between a Glukkon and a Vykker or some other dastardly race of creatures? If so, will we see more Sektoians?

Alf: A cross between a Glukkon and a Vykker, yuck! That has to be one of the most horrible things I could image. But Sekto is something a hundred times worse. Sekto is an Oktigi. I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of them, they’re fiercely private and clandestine, yet they remain one of the richest and most powerful forces in corporate Mudos. Sekto is the tip of a ruthless iceberg.

Question: Hey Alf how you doing mate? anyway my question is if the glukkons had legs and weapons etc manufactured for sligs why have glukkons never taken the initiative and had a suit of armour that could protect them or even give them some kind of combat ability.

Alf: You ain’t musing like a Glukkon! Think about it! You’re running a business, making processed foods or yike parts or phatteries or whatever. Your success is your profit, your wealth, your status, and that’s how you dress: the finest tailored suits, the rarest jewelry, the widest shoulder pads anyone did ever see! You’re supposed to be hiring a personal army to stop threats getting anywhere near you. Wearing armour is like announcing failure, and that’s when your stocks plummet.

Question: Hey alf, a few of my friends and I were wondering about the races of Oddworld. Can you tell me the average lifespan of Vykkers?

Alf: I sure can! Vykkers live for about 120 years. That’s about three times your average Mudokon! But who can say how much is the natural lifespan Odd gave them and how much is bonus years they’ve scraped together with drugs, transplants and gene-splicing?

Question: Alf! I simply got one, no two questions for you. How did the Sligs manage to survive as a species before they were given legs by the Vykkers? And how did they use to spend their days without these legs? It gotta be quite hard to move around doing stuff without em… If you really dont know the answer. Tell a joke. I’d love that. Tell two, and I will give you a cyberhug.

Alf: Sligs are pretty useless. They survived by keeping out of everyone’s way. They spent their days feeling sorry for themselves. Not a surprise they jumped at the chance to take out their frustrations on lowly Mudokon slaves as soon as it was offered to them. A couple of jokes, hmmm. What do you call a Slig without pants? Anything you like! How do you make a Slig fire? Give it a gun! Hahahahaha!

Question: Another thing, are there any native sligs left? Like not working for the Glukkons?

Alf: Sligs are born in captivity and leased out at birth. They’re suited up slugs, they can’t escape to a life of anything but getting stepped on or possibly salted.

Question: Hey Alf,I was wondering if you can tell me how big is Rupture Farms,SoulStorm Brewery,FeeCo Depot and Vykkers Labs.And by how big,I mean length and width and height.Can you tell me please?

Alf: I’d get my yardstick and trek the hundreds of miles to them and spend days taking measurement and doing trigonometry and working out their dimensions, but tragically they’re mostly all blowed up. So sad.

Question: Is Squeek’s symbiosis parasitic or more benificial to the host?

Alf: What’s that you say? You want me to host a party! I am so up for that! We can have cakes and dancing and play Hide & Squeek. Wait, did I already make that pun last month?

Question: 1. What do Brain Slurgs look like? You’ve given contradictory descriptions of brain slurgs and I want the honest answer, no offense.

Alf: They’re about eight-foot across, roughly ocean-shaped with flaps of casual menus. Their skin is surrounded by a ceramic second skin, which has puddles of silk in it. They move by spinning their nostrils, but don’t let one get near your ear or it will crawl in!

Question: 2. Will Munch’s Exodus possibly be made/ in the works already?

Alf: It’s a possibility for one day but it’s not in the works already.

Question: hey alf why is it that new and tasty is coming to xbox but munch and stranger,s wath is not?

Alf: Because New ‘n’ Tasty is a new game and isn’t restricted by the same rules that Munch’s Oddysee HD and Stranger’s Oddysee HD are. XBLA classes them as rereleases and imposes different rules.

Question: Hi alf! Can you tell to Lorne and the Oddworld team that they can make a game where the story is before Abe’s Oddysee. I think that is a good idea, and it will call Abe’s Origins, or Abe’s First Test, or Abe’s Legens…

Alf: That’s a wonderful idea! You can play as Abe, the happy-go-lucky slave who does nothing of consequence, learns nothing about the world of deception around him, and ends up in exactly the same place he started and has been all along. Hold the arrow to push the floor waxer at a steady pace along all the corridors! Press exciting buttons that dispense your daily meal! Sit and watch helplessly as you get beaten by meanie supervisors! Earn that coveted promotion from Floor Waxer, Second Class to Floor Waxer, First Class and become the uselessly-titled Employee of the Year. Abe’s Origins: the epic tale of what happened before anything interesting happened.

Question: Hey Alf! when you want to come to the Earth Someday…. what is the first thing that you want to see??? ^\_^

Alf: All the fans!

Question: Ever thought about opening a tea place on our planet? It could give a boost of moolah.

Alf: It’s not about the Moolah! It’s about rescuing lost souls! I’d love to help chumps across as many planets as I can stretch my paws to, but tragically I hate commuting. So sad.

Question: and lastly which galaxy does oddworld locate in?

Alf: Uh, the Oddromeda Galaxy. No wait, Sligittarius! Or maybe Mudellanic Cloud?

Question: Is your tea from Mudokons or something else?

Alf: …my tea is most definately, absolutely, undeniably, categorically, superseismically NOT made from Mudokons. Sheesh!

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Question: Q: Hi Alf. is it true that a slig’s face is so ugly, that they have to wear masks?

Alf: I’ve never actually had the displeasure of seeing an unmasked Slig, but I can assure you with complete confidence that they are the ugliest things you will ever see. The masks are required so that Glukkons can work with Sligs without losing their lunch, and so the Mudokons don’t just die of fright. It’s making my tummy feel weird just thinking about it.

Question: {1} Do you think inhabitants would buy soulstorm brew if it was made of somthing else?

Alf: I’m sure there are Inhabitants who would enjoy the taste of a Brew made without any of the unethical ingredients, labor standards, trading tactics or marketing ploys. Thinking of starting an ethical company?

Question: {2} Have mudokons ever thought of going into hiding from glukkons and the other industrialists?

Alf: Well it’s not like we’re giving them maps to all our villages and sacred sites. Can you imagine the logistics of a whole species going underground? The stress, the hassle… Plus there’s the question of whether we want to spend our days on the run, or would we rather try and lead enjoyable lives as much as we can. I’ll tell you the answer. It’s whichever one lets me sit in the sun and make tea.

Question: {3 (final questions)} What happened to elum after abe’s oddsyee?

Alf: He was kidnapped by a band of travelling Outlaws and made to carry heavy loads until he was rescued by a passing Slig looking to sell it to a nearby RuptureFarms for a quick buck. Tragically the Slig tripped up on a SpooceShrub and landed face-first in a nest of angry Fuzzles, who made short work of him. Elum wandered on his own until he came across a Grubb village. They took him in despite their meagre food supply, but were raided by Wolvarks, who kept Elum and made him fight against various wildlife they found. One day when the Wolvarks were on high alert, Elum broke free and ran until he was far away. He sheltered in a cave, but it turned out to be the hive of a Paramite colony. He was about to get eaten by the Paramite Queen when a group of plucky Mudokons came to harvest a bunch of webbing. They rescued Elum and took him to their village, but shortly afterwards Vykkers Labs passed overhead and Elum was abducted by Vykkers, who chopped him up for no reason. The end.

Question: I remember back then, eleven years ago (Tempus Fugit xD), I watched a great trailer about Munch’s Oddysee Beta for PS2. I was very excited and I couldn’t wait for buy it. Then, some years passed and I saw a completely different trailer about the same game, but completely modified for XBox. My questions are: What happened to that game that it wwas going to be released for the PS2? And there’s a chance to play that old Beta for PS2?

Alf: The videos you saw were pre-rendered on PCs, not realtime PS2 footage. They were speculative features, not ones that would definitely make the final game. Not much was done on PS2 before we came to realize the Xbox was a far superior platform to code for.

Question: Heya, freaks! I was wondering….how does YOUR fart smell compared to Abe’s?

Alf: Abe goes into Glukkon factories a lot and has to survive on the horrible things they keep in Vendos. Consequently, his farts smell artificial and plasticky. I stick by the goodly products of nature, so my farts smell like elderflowers and rose petals.

Question: It’s me, that Oddworld Forums moron (saved you the trouble of insulting me). I was wondering, in Munch’s Oddysee, there was the mystical mixture in a vending machine. It healed you completely but…it was called Sobee, or something like that. I’m pretty sure we have a drink like that too. Why did it show up on Oddworld?

Alf: Hey there moron, good to hear from you. This is either a fantastic coincidence the likes of which speculative fiction has never even contemplated, or we wanted to thank SoBe, who had given us a glut of free publicity in the run-up to Munch’s release. It was an act of kindness, but the fans turned round and ripped our throats out. Don’t worry, we’re friends again.

Question: 1) Glukkons are very…”odd” looking creatures without their suits. But i always wondered why they do a sort of woddle when they walk? I can only think its they are simply very starchy suits.

Alf: They’re probably going to the opposite extreme in trying to hide the fact their “legs” actually go up to their shoulders.

Question: 2) If the decision is made to remake the first game, will it have abes newly found voice or his “still a slave” voice?

Alf: Abe says he’s thinking of doing a Lorne Lanning impression this time.

Question: 3) Ever consider selling mudokon free Soulstorm brew?

Alf: Boy this is a popular question. Well, the more Mudokon-free the marketplace is, the happier we’ll all be. But I don’t own the SoulStorm brand, so I won’t be touching it.

Question: 4) Will future games possibly take advantage of voice recognition so when i say “hello” “all of ya” and “follow me” abe says it?

Alf: That’s a brilliant idea! I’m going to write that down on a piece of paper and file that piece of paper in our “Ideas from fans” box. It’s most definitely not a shredder.

Question: 1.When Mudokons get sick, do you create a special, spiritual tea with special, spiritual herbs or something?

Alf: Sure, sometimes I do that. But we’re not daft when it comes to medicine; we know there’s no single cure-all magic that’s going to get the sickest Mud springing onto his feet, singing and dancing. No, of course not! That’s why we use a whole range of preventative and curative substances, including infusions, tisanes and even decoctions!

Question: 2. Do the industrialists ever buy your tea?

Alf: If they did, they’d force me into riduculous contracts to supply huge quantities for nothing a month. They’d penalize me for not meeting quotas, confiscate my home and all my possessions, and put me to work in some factory. That’s the kind of “buying” industrialists do.

Question: 1: Did you ever got the chance to eat Meech Munchies before the main ingredient got screwed?

Alf: Yeah I did, and those were some moreish treats, I can tell ya! The nationwide withdrawal symptoms from that extinction probably boosted sales of similar snacks. I wonder if that’s what drove Scrabs and Paramites so close to the edge.

Question: 2: Another food related question, approximately how much moolah are scrab cakes worth right now?

Alf: Well I don’t know, do I! It’s not like I secretly buy and stockpile Glukkon foodstuffs for desperate ex-slaves! Sheesh! Are you considering purchasing some? Dude, not cool…

Question: What was Aslik’s glukkon ranking? he was called vice-president (dunno bout what), yet he wore somewhat smaller clothes than his other 2 colleagues Phleg and Dripik, and he also smoked small (yet somewhat fancy looking) cigars, so it makes me kinda confused to recognize his social ranking. What do you think about it Alf?

Alf: I think if I’m not going to be the one to write his biography, I’m not going to be the one to research his career. He probably just thought small was stylish. Or maybe he was decompensating for something. Use yur imagination!

Question: Dear Alf: I would like to know as to why Abe drank Soulstorm Brew, knowing that it was made from the bones of his ancestors. I know he’s brave when he has to be, and he did it for the sake of his friends, but he would have some form of hesitation would he not?

Alf: Oh, I’m sure he did! He must have done. Yeah, he probably was hesitant. Although he’s never actually mentioned it as being an unenjoyable experience.

Question: Dear Alf, how do I increase my memory capacity? I’ve been rather forgetful lately…

Alf: You need to buy some of my amazing RecollecTea. It’s much more effective than that Glukkon cider: Rememberg.

Question: hi alf im only 13 but im a big fan of oddworld and is there baby mudokons?

Alf: Hi Devon, I’m only 15 but I’m a big lover of Oddworld fans and there is baby Mudokons. They’re the things that come out of the eggs and slowly turn into full-grown Mudokons. Now go and do your homework!

Question: Was always curious what the tusked creature guardians from Necrum grounds looked like if they were living

Alf: Oh sure, I’ll just pop along to the Glukkon Museum of Preserving Fossils Despite Not Being Profitable and take a few shots of the immaculately preserved specimens they have in there for all to see for no reason. Then I’ll go and see the boffins at the Vykkers Time Travel Division to take part in their Seeing What Extinct Creatures Looked Like program. I think it’s safe to say this is a drawing where you’re free to flex your artistic license. Just stay on the plausible side and don’t give them caterpillar tracks, ‘kay?

Question: On off topic if you could drink Earth’s fruit tea which you pick? Green tea Vanilla Lemon Strawberry Cranberry with elderflower

Alf: You’re only gonna let me pick one?? Oh man, how can I choose? They all sound so yummy. Except vanilla tea, that sounds ghastly. Oh, just give me the strawberry and be done with it. Wait, is it too late to change my mind to cranberry??

Question: On a final note will hand of odd and slig storm see light of day as games? That be Epic

Alf: Oddworld: The Hand of Odd will be delivering next year. SligStorm is one of those ideas we had that didn’t get far, but it’s still in our “One Day” drawer.

Question: Hiya Alf, I was wondering why it seems like every species (except the aquatic Gabbit) will drown if they are throw/possesed into water, even Muds. Considering the amount of water all over the place, why hasn’t anyone learned how to swim? You could always ask Munch for some pointers. If Muds learned to swim, they’d be safe from everything else!

Alf: Yeah, everything that doesn’t have a gun.

Question: Is it possible for a mudukon to posses another mudukon?

Alf: Absolutely not, that would be just far, far too weird!

Question: What are the chances of seeing the Shrykull again in new oddworld games, or will we see new and even more awesome transformative demi-god beasts? maybe you’ll be granted your own one Alf?

Alf: Shrykull is an amazingly useful power that I’m sure will make sense in many future games. Should I have a transformative ability of my own? I guess I kind of do: I transform drunks and addicts into healthy, happy individuals. Shut up, it’s good work! I don’t need you waving magic and lightning bolts under my nose!

Question: The Glukkons are clearly pissed at Abe and the rest you you guys who escaped Rupture farms, Soulstorm brewery etc. So why have they not just sent in the masses of slig troops they have and stomp out the resistance? Do you think this is all part of there plan? or are they all just a bunch of shmucks?

Alf: They’ll certainly be keeping an eye on the situation in case things become that bad, but military operations aren’t cheap. Why spend Moolah on excursions when it could go towards luxury designer outfits, furniture and blimps? The only guys who benefit are the military equipment manufacturers and Skillya. Maybe they are pushing for a large invasion of native land. Or maybe they’re sitting safely in their highly fortified facilities waiting for matters to escalate so they can profit from an even larger, longer-lasting conflict. There’s a fine line between the devious cunning and obstinate stupidity of those industrial fools.

Question: Also what do paramite pies and scrabs cakes taste like? Thanks for your time, I have been a fan since i was 8.

Alf: I don’t know how to describe it, what words can I use? Paramite Pies taste like Paramite meat with pastry… eh, you see my difficulty? Try them yourself if you really have to know. Being a fan since you were 8 is impressive. When I was 8 I was scrubbing giblets off of metal grille floors and feeding them back onto production lines, often at gunpoint.

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Question: Q: Hey, Alf! Your fez is awesome, would you be kind enough to get/make me one as good as your one?

Alf: Thanks, chump, my fez is awesome. It’s a one-of-a-kind, which means as much as I’d love to take a few days out of helping sick Mudokons to try my paws at millinery, it’s not going to happen. Have you considered a Stetson?

Question: alf r there native Glukkons?

Alf: Oddworld is a big place. Maybe in the depths of some exotic, pristine jungle or deep underground in forgotten caverns there are native Glukkons. Black swans, and all that. My personal bet is that no, all Glukkons are greedy jerks.

Question: alf i know that Glukkons know about abe but do they know about you

Alf: I was a registered “employee” of RuptureFarms 1029, so I exist on Glukkon paperwork. At least, any paperwork that survived the destruction of that nightmarish slaughterhouse. Who knows if they’re plotting terrible things against my Rehab chain, but I don’t think I’m high on their list of priorities.

Question: hay alf do all sligs have bosses?

Alf: Pretty much. A Slig wouldn’t get very far if he didn’t have a wage-paying boss. His pants would fall into disrepair, he’d run outta ammo, he wouldn’t have vending machines to get his dinners from, no chance of promotion, no buddies to hang about with, no slaves to beat. A free-roaming Slig would have to be one tough survival machine.

Question: I posted images of Oddwold on my Facebook to show it to the world. I hope you don’t mind

Alf: Not in the slightest! Thanks for spreading the word of Odd! Or in this case, the images of Odd.

Question: at the soulstorm brewery why would vykers be working there ? because there is a sign which mentions vykers ?

Alf: Vykkers are renowned for their scientific prowess, so if you want everyone to know your edible product is safe to consume, you put a Vykkers seal of approval on it. Doesn’t mean the Vykkers are working at the Brewery, nor that they’re being entirely truthful.

Question: what’s your recipe for your tea , i would love to try it :)

Alf: What you have to do is take some tea, put it in a cup, and Just Add Water. Normally hot, but you can put in cold water and leave it to steep and heat in the sun if you want a change. Put in sugar and milk according to taste. I’m such a pro.

Question: and the last question is , have you ever been to planet earth before ?

Alf: Earth? Isn’t that fictional? It would make no sense for me to talk about visiting it. Your poor mind must be sick from Brew. Here, have a lie down and tell me all about. Keep your eyes on the ceiling, I don’t want you seeing me leave, uh, I mean listen.

Question: If the roles of Glukkons and Sligs were reversed so that the Sligs were in charge, how different would Oddworld be? Would Glukkons be in mechanical pants while the Sligs act snobby in their expensive suits?

Alf: Just how would that happen? Sligs and Glukkons have thousands of years of biological and societal evolution that have led them to be who they are today. If all of that were different enough that the master-servant relationship were reversed, they might as well not be Sligs and Glukkons anymore. Glukkons are Glukkons because they’re business gurus; Sligs are Sligs because they’re sadistic peacekeepers.

Question: Oh, and can you tell us about some of the myths in Oddworld that you’re pretty sure aren’t true?

Alf: Molluck is alive, there are living Meeches somewhere, tea is bad for you. There really are some crackpot ideas floating about.

Question: And lastly, is there a Glukkon equivalent of SoulStorm Brew that’s been marketed to that species and others?

Alf: SoulStorm Brew is marketed to everyone! It’s not just Mudokons that drink it!

Question: So Alf, if you or Abe could bring someone back from the dead, who would it be?

Alf: My friend Tobey from RuptureFarms, who took “early retirement” one day and never came back. Miss you, pal!

Question: hey alf have you ever seen a sea rex

Alf: Yes, and it wouldn’t have been the one that got away if it weren’t for those meddling Scuba Toads! They chased me out of their pristine waters with their blow darts.

Question: we havent seen Fleeches since Abe’s Exoddus are they still around somewhere?

Alf: Yes, everywhere sewers take them. Horrid things, lurking in the nastiest, skankiest shadows. Tongues like bullets and guts like a trash compactor.

Question: Are the Slegs in Stranger’s Wrath feral versions of Slogs? Like a boar to a pig? Cause they seem only different in color and Slegs have tusks.

Alf: Not feral, completely wild and undomesticable. Just ignore the bit where the Wolvarks are handling them… I’m pretty sure those were just Slogs with prosthetics to make them look scarier.

Question: Alf, what happens if all the Gabbits in the egg can turn out to be all males?

Alf: The odds of that happening are one in about a billion billion billion billion billion. But it were to happen, I dunno, another Last Can of Gabbiar Auction? It’s statistically more likely someone will find another tin in the back of their fridge.

Question: Why didn’t you guys bring something to drink/eat when you guys went to Necrum Mines with Abe?

Alf: We didn’t know how long we were going to be! I suppose that’s no excuse but we were giddy with freedom and well-fed on our arrival at Monsaic Sanctum. It just never crossed our minds, ok? Sheesh, the number of people who come and tell me off in retrospect. Where was your hindsight ahead of time, huh? No? No, you’re not so smart after all.

Question: Hi Alf, I was wondering… Why was Slig Storm and many other titles cancelled?

Alf: SligStorm wasn’t so much cancelled as never started or announced. We only ever really started a couple of projects that we didn’t see to fruition: Hand of Odd and Fangus Klot. Hand of Odd fell off our radar as production on Munch progressed. It was a tortuous and torturous labor for so many reasons, and we ended up in a position where the only way to deliver a completed game was with an engine that couldn’t possibly power what we wanted Hand of Odd to be. There was just no sense in returning to it at the time. But as you should know, it’s re-entering production soon. The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot was simply the project we were working on when we stopped all internal game development back in 2005. There was nothing wrong with it, production was going well thanks to the robustness of the Stranger Engine. We’ve still got all that development on disc, so we might return to it one day.

Question: And why is their a movie preview of the movie Abe’s Oddysey on Youtube? Bye!

Alf: It’s just something we threw together a few years ago. Don’t read too much into it, but we thought it was good and that fans would like to see it. Didn’t you like seeing it? Oh. Then we’ll just keep everything to ourselves in the future.

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Question: Q: Hey alf, on my PS box for a two-pack of abe’s oddysee and abe’s exodus, i saw a picture of a mudokun holding a cooked glukkon head on a platter. Did you guys actualy eat the poor shmuck, and if so, how did he taste?

Alf: My friend, you’ve got it all wrong! That’s not the genuine head of an actual Glukkon! No no no, that would be atrocious behaviour, not the kind of thing freshly freed slaves should be doing. Our lives are now dedicated to the persuit of peace and happiness, not cruel and and violent vengence. Besides, Glukkons taste horrible.

Question: Hey alf, have those Gabbit eggs hatched yet? Because that was 150 eggs and the. We’d to hatch them soon.

Alf: Well we haven’t found a can opener yet, so I sure hope they haven’t hatched. What a horrific way that would be to enter the world!

Question: sekto has swum (is that even a word) away now, so steefs have no reason to hide now… right?

Alf: Sekto may have gone elsewhere for now, but even with the dam destroyed and the water free, the Mongo River isn’t trouble free. The valleys are still crawling with Clakkerz, Outlaws and Wolvarks, and the price of a Steef head remains astronomical. If I were a Steef, I’d still want to keep my massive head low and not stick my bulging neck out.

Question: Also did he end up giving that idol back to the grubbs, or did he ebay it or something?

Alf: Well he got Moolah for it, so I guess he sold it to a Clakker trader. Grubb artefacts fetch a pretty penny, that’s why you see so many mines around.

Question: Hey Alf i was wondering where i would be able to buy some soulstorm brew from, got a sick party coming up and hoping you could supply.

Alf: Sure, just come down to my facility for treating folks addicted to SoulStorm Brew and I’ll get you the best stuff. Like, real Brew and everything. No tricksies. Drop on by!

Question: What does it feel like for Abe when a possessed Slig dies?

Alf: I asked Abe and he said that it varies. When he gets shot it’s often a sudden shock, when he falls a long way it’s a horrible sinking sensation in his stomach. It also depends on how much advanced warning he gets. If he knows it’s coming he can give himself a couple of minutes to prepare and not be quite so fazed when he gets back to his own body. But every single time he does it, he feels guilty for taking the Slig’s life. Abe knows this kind of stuff has to be done, but he’d prefer to do it peacefully. Poor guy, I couldn’t stand to have that much on my conscience.

Question: How do Spoocebows compare to Slig rifles?

Alf: Well they use renewable resources, aren’t used to subjugate people, and their trade doesn’t sponsor slavery and oppression, so they compare favorably in the ethical category.

Question: So I was wondering, if you had to join one of the tribe’s which would it be? The Mudomo, The Mudanchee, or the Fleech tribe? (the name was never given but one of the stinky dead guys had a specific headdress for the fleeches)

Alf: An interesting question, and for the purpose of giving an interesting answer I’m going to pretend they’re not all extinct. See now the Scrab is pretty good at getting things done: he tackles his problems head-on and doesn’t respond to silly, annoying questions with anything but a head-lowered, beak-extended charge attack. I like his style. But Paramites are easier to get along with, and as a fan liaison I need that image. So I think Mudomo is my answer. I’m not even gonna consider Fleeches. What’s wrong with you?

Question: Who writes the Daily Deception newspaper?

Alf: The Daily Deception staff. They employ the greatest paparazzi, propagandists, phone hackers and ink slingers to write exactly what will influence the masses in the way they want. The power of the news is to grab your attention with provocative headlines, report only what they want you to know and believe, and pretend anything counter to that doesn’t exist. I’ve had this argument with Crig too many times.

Question: do mudokkons have sexual organs

Alf: The queens and the drones do, but not us workers. We don’t need ’em. Too busy working. Now where’s my hackey sack?

Question: Ey there Alf I was just wondering. Why is Abe immune to soul storm brew sickness

Alf: You didn’t see the state he was in when he got back from SoulStorm Brewery. Trust me, he might have farted as much of that badness out as he could Mudokonly manage, but no one drinks Brew and gets away with it. He spent a long time in my Rehab recuperating, and I’ve got the boring memories to prove it.

Question: also how do the glukkons ground up Mudockon bones to a liquid well Tata

Alf: Excuse me, I need to go and put my head into a bowl for a while. I’ll be back in time for the next question.

Question: Alf, do Mudokens have second names? If so what’s yours? If not then what would you like yours to be if you had one?

Alf: If I could have a second name it would have to be some kind of pun. “Alf Tannin” or “Alf Kettler”. What do you think, folks?

Question: Is Sam a monotreme? (Egg-laying mammal)

Alf: It doesn’t make a whole heap of sense to use fancy words like that round these parts. Life on Oddworld evolved on Oddworld, quite separate from the categories you’re familiar with. Sure there are resemblances that you’ll recognize, but Mudokons can’t really be described as mammals. We did, after all, evolve from birds – hence our feathery hair. But Sam lays eggs, yeah.

Question: How good or bad does Stranger deal with not being able to socialize in a herd of his own kind?

Alf: If he’s anything like most other species, badly. Mudokons, Grubbs, Gabbits, Sligs all of us are incredible social. Of course, he could be like an Elum. Elums get on perfectly well in groups but they also have no problem being on their own for indefinate stretches. It’s just another form of their hardiness. Or maybe he’s like a dominant Scrab and he can’t stand to be with others of his kind. Why are you even asking me? Go ask him!

Question: Hi Alf, will you appear more often in the HD remakes ? (that bottle throwing story sounds awesome ;P)

Alf: Yeah, I could get some great royalties out of that gig. Good thinkin’, Boombatmud!

Question: Finally, at the end of AO, there’s a scrab and a paramite beside Abe and Bigface, why aren’t they attacking muds ?

Alf: They’re ceremonial and fully trained to remain calm and still when presented with large crowds of juicy, tasty, yummy, delicious Mudokons. Wait, did I just say that? I think I creeped myself out.

Question: 1- Seeing how dangerous the mine car is, who’s suposed to ride it ?

Alf: Whoever doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of all that danger!

Question: 2- Is there fleeches in western mudos ?

Alf: There are Fleeches everywhere if you know the right places to look.

Question: 3- Which kind of slig do you fear the most, walking or flying sligs ?

Alf: Walking Sligs. Walking Sligs could come at you from any angle. They could be perched atop a hill or hiding in a hole in the ground. There’s a nothing you can do to protect yourself from a Slig on foot except try to dive behind the nearest cover and hope there’s a way out. Flying Sligs can only come from one direction: up. They’re so noisy you could hear them descending in a nightclub and you can protect yourself by simply opening an umbrella. Easy. Don’t know why Abe didn’t think of it. What a chump.

Question: Could you describe what a slig’s face looks like? It’s cool, I don’t need to sleep ever again anway. Thanks Alf.

Alf: Words cannot describe the horror. Only an ear-piercing scream.

Question: Hey Alf I got a question for ya! If those bird portals can take Abe in and out of high security areas then why can’t they just take him directly to where the mudokens he needs to save, or to a certain glukon he needs to assassinate are? Often times he seems to need to run/sneak through lots of annoying sligs and other defenses.

Alf: Some reason roads can’t bend and sway to give you a direct route to your destination. Bird portals are where they are, no matter how lazy you wanna be!

Question: alf hello please can you tell us something about squeek

Alf: His name is Squeek.

Question: Where did Squeek get his name from? If you’ve met him yet \wink\.

Alf: Oh gee, I dunno, maybe his momma gave it to him.

Question: I was just wondering if Squeek’s Oddysee would include the journey to Ma’Spa or if it would be skipped over? Since there’s been talk about future plans for Squeek but not Munch’s Exoddus, I was just curious.

Alf: If I could divine the future, Kyle, I’d be finding out the upcoming trends in tea consumption and the destined winners of hackey sack tournaments, not some rubbish about a mythical spawning grounds. Honestly, do you know whether slapsang or oddlong will be more popular in three months? No? I’ll go back to reading palms.

Question: Will gameplay within the Quintology always include rescuing Mudokons, etc?

Alf: As long as there are Mudokons to be rescued, I don’t see how it couldn’t. Unless Abe has a sudden change of heart. Come to think of it, he has been sporting a pair of very shifty eyes these past few weeks.

Question: Hi Alf! just wondering if you could answer this question. Who created the robot Glukkons in Rupture farms on the first game?

Alf: I only lived in RuptureFarms from the very moment I hatched from my egg to the day Abe rescued me 15 years later, so you’ll have to enlighten me about these robots you’ve been seeing. The only mechanical creep I remember was the factory Shrink, and you didn’t see him unless you’d done something majorly wrong. Like that time I filled a vendo with Meetle Shanks instead of Meep Shavings, and our supervisor Neel got an allergic reaction from them. Ever seen a tree grow around a cable or a fence or something? That’s exactly how he swelled up around his mask. It was disgusting. I have no idea what robot Glukkons you’re thinking of.

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Question: Q: Will you be showing images of the Abe remake on febuary 14th or will you just be telling us some of the details????

Alf: Let’s set things straight: Abe HD was revealed a lot earlier than we were expecting and while we love that it’s getting so much coverage and attention, we’re not ready to start talking about it to press or fans. We know you’re all excited and curious to know what to expect, but Odd things come to those who Wait! Pour yourselves a tea and sit back patiently!

Question: I know it’s barely been planned but will the Remake for SW have any bonus content compared to the original versions? I wouldn’t mind an extra outlaw.

Alf: Stranger’s Wrath will remain exactly the same game but with much higher quality sound and visuals. However, there may still be bonus content!

Question: I was playing Stranger’s Wrath and I was looking at his cross-bow and then I thought “How The Hell Does He Fire?” Does he pull the strings or something?

Alf: I imagine all Stranger has to do is glare at those poor critters on his bow and they’ll hurl themselves away from him as fast as they can. Thinking about it, Stranger could probably create a powerful projectile launcher by igniting his halitosis.

Question: Aren’t we a tad overdue for Munche’s latest escapades? Come on guys, you’re killin’ us over here!

Alf: Sorry Kene, but Munche is a stubborn Gabbite and just won’t budge no matter how hard we prod him with a sticke. But I can tell ya what his future plans are: He’s got his sights set on infiltrating a textbook factory and learning how to hatch eggs. We’d tell him ourselves but we’re not even sure we know.

Question: any word on Hand of Odd? I think this would be a purely excellent future Oddworld title.

Alf: Ideas never go to waste here at Oddworld, and Hand of Odd is still among the concepts rattling around. The games industry is very different to what it was a decade ago, and our eventual plans for Hand of Odd will probably differ accordingly, but for now it’s not something we’re building.

Question: Can you make the Upgrades for the Natives free?

Alf: Whoa, whoa, whoa there! You can’t just go about changing our ways like that! Native Mudokons don’t use money per se, but nothing in life is free and military promotions are no exception! Spooce is a big deal in our society and isn’t going anywhere. That said, Abe does seem to have bad days and need a lot of it to do some things. I hope he’s not hooked on the stuff. I’d have to invent a new detox program.

Question: Is there ever going to be an Oddworld Movie?

Alf: We’ll always answer yes to this question because it’s one of our most important goals, but it’s not something we’re working on right now.

Question: Hey Alf! Just wanted to ask a question. In AO why is a mudokon paw on the moon? and why are paramites social, scrabs not? thanks :)

Alf: The Mudokon paw on the moon? Well I’m no shaman but I consider it an omen that Abe is a pretty determined guy who’s gonna shake those Glukkons up and get us Muds the freedom we deserve! I could be completely wrong. As for Paramites and Scrabs, it’s all a question of perspective. Scrabs can be social and form huge herds, while separate groups of Paramites won’t necessarily get along.

Question: Abe’s rocks kicks ass was and still is the king of the 90’s

Alf: Can I get an Amud, brother!! I’ll go tell Abe’s rocks what you think of them!

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Question: Q: Hey, Alf, newcomer here! Nice place you got here… I msyelf do not have such a place, but I do have some questions.

Alf: Whatever it takes to keep the wind and rain off your head, pal! I for one could never construct a shelter out of questions, but I could build a massive fortress outta answers!

Question: Are there still wild Glukkons around?

Alf: No way, Glukkons became ‘Civilized’ so many generations back there’s no chance of any one of them living off the land, let alone a community of native Gluks. Even if there were, the capitalistic Glukkons would only respond to their discovery by putting them in a zoo or something.

Question: Is there(or was there ever) a temple dedicated to Meeches?

Alf: There were probably dozens of them all across Mudos at some point, from tiny shrines to towering temple cities. Traditional Mudokon faiths are so varied but largely forgotten.

Question: Is the Almighty Raisin an animal or a vegetable(or something inbetween)?

Alf: Neither. He is a tree. Or he used to be before he shed his branches and roots. The Almighty Raisin is living proof that “Time makes fools of us all” is simply untrue.

Question: And finally, what exactly do Mudokons milk? As in, where does that milk come from?

Alf: Anything we can; Scrabs, Paramites, Elums, they all give milk. We don’t have a global industry dedicated to milking a single species. That’s not how to live sustainably with nature.

Question: In one question you said that Sligs aren’t nice creatures to hang around with. In another question, you said that you’d give it to a Slig named Crig. What’s up wit dat?

Alf: All depends on what you’re in to and how you come across. If you love crude, belittling humor and talking about guns, you’d probably have a fantastic time in a Slig bar. If you have a more refined sense of interpersonal communications and don’t want to laugh at the suffering of others, you’d best steer clear. Crig may be chummy but he’s still a Slig through and through.

Question: Also, does Crig have a Slog or a Sloggie?

Alf: I doubt Crig has any fondness for Slogs after his stint as a herder in the lonely Mudos mountains. Or maybe he has a very special fondness for them after their being his only companionship for so many months. You’d have to ask him, and I haven’t seen him anywhere lately.

Question: And does Munch still hang out with you, Abe, or anyone else? (Crig might scare the poor little fella.)

Alf: He sure does. Can’t get rid of the little fella. Not even when we try really, really hard. Man, I can’t stand the stank of fish. It makes my tea curdle.

Question: cool thanks alf and im just wondering how did abe get his “stich lips” as the other Mudokons would say.

Alf: They were sewn on when he was a baby.

Question: and how did u guys do all the voices for the games?

Alf: We go up to the microphone and read the script. The recording is then put in the game.

Question: I was wondering who dose the artwork for Oddworld Ables oddesy and exodus. I want to know his or her name and wish to tell him or her they did a wonderful job. If there is a seprit person for the games background and main details i want to know who did them. I think the backgrounds are amazingly beutiful and think people who do artwork need more credit.

Alf: Shucks, Regan, them’s mighty flattering words. Truth is that so many people contributed to the background artwork that I wouldn’t know how to begin listing them. There’s the folks who designed every last machine, path, tree and rock formation, the folks who modelled them in full 3D and put them together to make the scenes, and the folks who took the screenshots of those scenes and added details in Photoshop. For Exoddus we moved more from modelling entire screens to modelling individual elements and taking a selection of screenshots to reuse screen after screen.

Question: But also one other game queston, do muddokoens go to school? Like do stuff kids do at school? When the muds are only little kids and do they have parents or dose everyone take care of the babys?

Alf: School?? There ain’t time for school when there’s levers to pull, walls to wash, bones to mine and bullets to test. Get those silly notions of homework and hopscotch out of your head and do yer damn job, ya layabout punk!

Question: And do you ever help around with the guys on the game? If so what do you do besides sip tee and awnser are silly questons.

Alf: I sure do. Every couple of hours I go on a patrol of the office, looking over everyone’s shoulders and pointing out the things I don’t like. But I’m a nice guy, so I like to take any potential sting out of my comments by voicing them with an air of aloof sarcasm. Everyone likes sarcasm. It’s like the milk that makes the tea less bitter.

Question: If a mudokon was to hand rear a slog as a sloggie, would it become tame and if not how are they tame to sligs.

Alf: Like anything, Slogs are a product of how they’re brought up. If you raise a Slog with love and care, it’s going to love you back and look after you and anything you want it to. If you raise it with an iron fist, it’s going to grow into something aggressive and dangerous, only cooperating for fear of its own wellbeing. Guess which method Sligs use.

Question: Also if you had a slog do you like it could be tame just giving it a cup of tea rather then meat all the time or would that kill it? It wouldn’t be cruel to test to find out as Slogs are cruel to mudokons any ways and Oddworld doesn’t seem to have any animal welfare laws.

Alf: I don’t think Slogs can survive on tea alone, do you?

Question: Also what is Abe’s favorite colour?

Alf: Purple.

Question: Sorry if I am being irritaing Alf; it is just I missed you for the 7 years you were off the net! I got somemore questions in lieu of my costume!

Alf: No way was it seven years. You’re hyperboling, buster! But I missed you too.

Question: 1.) What is the relationship between Interns and Sligs? Do they think the ‘grass is greener’ working with the Glukkons and Vykkers respectively? 2.) Why don’t for that matter Glukkons use Interns and Vykkers Sligs?

Alf: They’re perfectly suited to their respective masters. Glukkons know that guns, pants and smokes are all it takes to make a Slig loyal for life, and Interns love having access to needles and drugs. They don’t think highly of each other. Show me two demographics that do.

Question: 3.) Are Interns asexual or not? Do they have a queen? (Queen Ingrid?)

Alf: Tell you what, make friends with one and give it their favourite grunge hop hip trop album, or whatever it is they listen to, for their birthday. Once you have their trust, invite them to the local milkshake salon (they can fit the straws between their mouth stitches) and see how far you get. And never, ever, under any circumstances inform me of your discoveries.

Question: 4.) Where did Doc come from? Vykkers Lab or elsewhere?

Alf: Considering Vykkers Labs smashed into the ground in a million pyrotechnic pieces, no, I don’t think Doc came from there.

Question: 5.) Are they three main races on Oddworld? Industrial, Native and Consumer, which includes Clakkerz and Outlaws? Or do they belong to one of the established two?

Alf: Industrial, Native and Wildlife have been pretty useful classes so far, but there are always exceptions. Gabbits, for instance, can fit into either Native or Wildlife depending on what criteria you think are most important; they have language and other social intelligence, but no architecture or art or technology. We put Clakkerz in the ‘Settler’ category, and Outlaws in the ‘Outlaw’ category. In time our understanding of these categories and how they interact and overlap with others may come to grow substantially.

Question: 6.) Why does only Sekto have Wolvarks? Where did they come from? Do they have a queen?

Alf: There are many competing security companies on Oddworld, including Sligs and Wolvarks. Glukkons go with Sligs, Sekto goes with Wolvarks. It’s consumer choice!

Question: 1. dont know if u have seen munch or a gabbit b4 but how do they talk? they never use their tounge and hav got not very many teeth and their teeth r small

Alf: Gabbits have fantastically versatile tongues that put yours and mine to shame, and can produce a massive range of vocalizations that let them immitate the languages of dozens of species. Conversely, they do have trouble with dental consonants for reasons you’ve already explained.

Question: 2. wat do khanzumers look like? the guys that the glukkons make their products for

Alf: I haven’t met them yet, but the Glukkons say they’re the most important people on the planet. They give them all the choices, all the luxuries, all the commoddities. I can only imagine they’re hereditarily rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, capable of funding the most important research AND buying a fleet of the fanciest of yachts, all from a single bank note, with enough change left over to melt down into crowns.

Question: Hello Alf, I was wondering a few things: Between Glukkons, Gloktogi and Oktigi, which species has the longest natural lifespan and which has the shortest?

Alf: Gloktigi have the shortest lifespan, at an average of 40 years. Glukkons have an average lifespan of 65 years. I’m not convinced Oktigi ever die.

Question: And, what do (or atleast would) Clakkerz think about Mudokons, what do Mudokons think about Grubbs, and what do Grubbs think about Vykkerz? Thanks.

Alf: Why don’t you go and ask them?

Question: also most people i know dont know the awsomeness of oddworld games so i try to show them but still nothing they said it would be a stupid game, so im acualy not there freinds any more because they made fun of your games.

Alf: Hey dude, that’s really sweet of you to say and all, but don’t judge people just because of their personal taste in pop culture. It takes all sorts, you know? I don’t ignore Abe just because he likes jacks and I like hacky sack. Hmm, I wonder if there could be a song in that.

Question: Hello Alf! I have a couple questions…

Alf: Where was I on the night of that thing that happened?! Uh, I was, uh, washing my ponytail. In that river. That’s miles away. Hmm? Not those kinds of questions? Oh, then you may proceed.

Question: 1. If there’s a mudokon queen, would there be like mudokon Queenlings (Younger Mudokon Queens)? How would they look like? That is if the vykkers keeping Sam captive and carefully watching over the eggs made a slip up and let an egg holding a Queenling pass through their security…

Alf: Well sure, I mean everything’s got to die at some point, right? Even Oktigi, I guess. And if the sole reproductive member of your species dies, you’ll really hope there were someone to take her place. So I guess there must be Queenlings, or maybe they’re called Princesses.

Question: 2. Alf, I have a question about a variation of the spooceshrub. In the old Munch’s Oddysee visualizations, there were rainmakers with these pink spooceshrubs around the edges called Humshrubs. How much more diffrent are they from Spooceshrubs? What do they have to offer? And more importantly… are they Tasty?

Alf: Great Mother Odd gifted nature with more plants than you can shake a Stockyard at. The wisest shamans know which ones can be used to cure which ailments, and the specific rituals that have to be followed for them to work. SpooceShrubs, HumShrubs, BuzzShrubs, Popberries, they’re just the tiniest sampling of the rich floral medicine cabinet of nature. Woe betide the unscrupulous forces that would love to get their hands on such ancient knowledge, and even more woe betide those that fall victim to that power.

Question: 3. Here’s my last question, are there any subspecies on Oddworld? Like a variation of Grubbb or Mudokon specifcally? Perhaps any hybrids?

Alf: Well sure, any species distributed across enough natural environmental variation is going to produce significant variation in their genetics. Grubbs and Mudokons aren’t anywhere near evolutionarily related, you’re not going to see hybrids. For two species to cross-breed they’d need to be closely related, like Oktigi and Glukkons.

Question: Thank you for your time Alf, I hope to see my questions in the next batch of Dear Alf on the website

Alf: Here’s hoping I can re-establish a regular routine for them, aye?

Question: Could you describe what Scrab and meech look like from birth?

Alf: No, it took me some time to learn how to communicate with words, and even gestures. I wasn’t even born with the knowledge of what Scrabs and Meeches look like.

Question: Have you heard of or seen any cross species in Oddword during your life?

Alf: What’s all the interest in cross-breeding all of a sudden? Well, since you ask, Gloktigi are a cross between Glukkons and Oktigi.

Question: I love your cocky attitude. Abe = way too shy Bigface = boring know-it-all Alf= Smart and K-W-L…Yes I can’t spell…..

Alf: Hey, those are my brothers you’re talking about! Don’t be so mean, you stinky turd!

Question: Hi Alf in oddworld do mudos use any spiritual healing stuff like crystals or reiki healing or meditation?

Alf: Mudokon mystic culture is full of crystals and meditation, along with other spiritual objects and practices. I don’t know about reiki healing, I guess there could have been tribes that practised that. You have to understand that a lot of our ancient knowledge has been lost and forgotten.

Question: and are any mudos psychic?

Alf: Have you met Abe?

Question: i was just wondering how did abe get his mystical powers and can other mudokons learn it?

Alf: Magic is like art or sport or logic: some people have it, some don’t. Some people are so bad they can’t be taught no matter how hard you try. Others are so good they can’t stop even if they want to. Abe has a lot of natural, latent mental powers that makes it easy for him to do this fancy pants stuff like possession, and you can sure bet it makes a lot of people jealous. Possession in particular should take decades of dedicated practise to pull off. But then it’s not like Abe asked for this gig anyway, so we can’t keep getting angry at him and filling his bed with crushed egg shells.

Question: 1- If Abe can control bells and farts, why can’t he control slogs, elums, fleeches or idk… mine carts ?

Alf: Well first of all, he can possess Slogs. For all I know he can possess Fleeches by now, too. Why would he even need to possess an Elum? And possessing minecarts… you’ve got an overactive imagination, son.

Question: 2- Can you transform into Shrykull too ?

Alf: No, I’ve never completed the Temple Trials. I don’t need arduous treks and certain death to prove how awesome I am to anyone.

Question: So, Alf, tell me the story behind Shrykull. Is there a scripture? Mythology? Legends and whatnot?

Alf: Sure, there’s heaps of that stuff. It evolves across time and space, too. Everyone’s got their own interpretations and uses of a god.

Question: Are there other deities that you guys worship, or is Shrykull the one supreme god?

Alf: There are more Mudokon gods than there are Mudokon tribes, but not all of them are practical to Abe. No point praying for a bountiful harvest when you’re infiltrating a meat processing plant.

Question: Are mudokons the only ones to use PSI, or psychic powers? If not, who are they?

Alf: Mudokons aren’t the only peoples to make use of magic. Not every part of Oddworld has magic, and not every culture uses the same kind of magic.

Question: 1. Some questions about Abe’s possession abilities: How did Abe suddenly become capable of possessing Paramites and Scrabs in AE?

Alf: Abe’s powers grow over time as he becomes more adept at them. Have you never been unable to complete that certain level no matter how hard you try, but then one day you do it and it’s no longer a problem for you and you do it all the time? Oh man, I love that feeling.

Question: Why can’t he possess some other creatures such as Slogs?

Alf: Abe can possess Slogs.

Question: Why some creatures explode after being possessed while others don’t?

Alf: It’s a combination of what Abe wants to happen to them, and the creature’s mental state. Certainly Abe doesn’t want to hurt the innocent, sacred beasts of Oddworld. He usually doesn’t want to go around killing Sligs, but Abe recognizes that needs must.

Question: Why do Scrabs and Paramites freeze when Abe chant?

Alf: Because they don’t like it.

Question: Abe’s possession power changed in MO; its range is different and requires a direct path to the traget; is there a story behind this change?

Alf: Yes, the Shaman does tell you. I can understand not paying attention to that guy, but you need to listen to your elders, chump! Raisin granted Abe the ability to possess his enemies from afar. No longer does Abe’s chant give him control of whatever the nearest thing to him is, it gives him control over whoever he chooses!

Question: alf according to the quintology their could be five moons i have a feeling in a future game stranger will get his own moon and the original game sligstorm the sligs could also have theirown moon how would you react.

Alf: Oddworld has dozens of moons, but we can’t just dedicate each one to a different species because you’ll so quickly run out. Besides, what would you do with all the moonrocks you carve out of the surface? You could probably make a few extra moons with it all.

Question: 2. These birds from the bird portals are pretty much everywhere, but what are they exactly? They’re never actually spoken of. What are they exactly? What’s the story behind them? How are they related to Mudokons?

Alf: They’re birds. Birds are everywhere.

Question: Sup’ Alf, I’ve been a fan of Oddworld games since I was 4, and I’ve always wondered what the Colas taste like, I’m sure you might of answered this before, but I’m too much of a schmuck to check and see if you did. Anyways, can you ask Abe what the colas taste like? Are they different flavors, are they super carbonated? I’ve always wondered about them.

Alf: Uhhh, I don’t remember any carbonated drinks. Cola? I dunno. Did Abe ever take down a Gluka Cola bottling plant? I really must start keeping a diary of this stuff.

Question: Dear Alf: After playing through all of the Oddworld exploits, one question springs to mind… Why doesn’t anyone try using the Industrialist’s guns against them? I mean sure, Stranger greatly dislikes them and Munch can control basic machines, but why doesnt Abe or any of the other Mudokons pick up a Slig’s rifle and use it? It can’t be that hard to use if a Slig can figure it out, and it has got to be better than a warclub or a Spoocebow. An army of well armed Mudokons would be better than one guy possessing some rent-a-cop.

Alf: Probably folks have tried, but let’s face it, we’d then be battling them on their terms. Their weapons are designed for their hands, not ours. Sligs might not receive mandatory training but most have spent years handling guns. And if we rely on ours, then our triumph over slavery is itself dependent on the Industrialists. And we don’t really want to make use of the same things that have been used to subjegate us for so many years.

Question: Alf, is there a reason Big Face wears that big mask? If you ask me, it seems like a liability, since he can’t bend over without impaling himself.

Alf: It’s ok, Big Face hasn’t taken off his sandals to clean his feet in years. Rest assured he’s unlikely to injure himself with his own ceremonial accessories.

Question: hey alf i gotta good question for ya! abe got his fourth finger cut off right? and in the HD picture he has 4 fingers i would like for you to explain how he got another finger.

Alf: I don’t understand what you mean. Abe has four fingers and always has. You must be tripping out on something bad.

Question: Gee, i sure love these mudokkon pops, but i wonder what is inside them. So since you mudokkons make them, what is the secret recipe in them that makes them so darn good?????????????????


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Question: Q: From a design perspective, for the Sligs mouth, and more relevant, the Paramites mouth – was the human hand used as inspiration? I don’t know if thats already been mentioned but a Paramites mouth has an uncanny resemblance to an open hand (with the thumb moved under the four fingers). Would this also have been done to make more of a human connection, rather than the creature looking completely alien. This way theres a bridges connection.

Alf: All Oddworld characters are designed with real anatomy in mind. They all have skeletons, musculature, brains and digestive systems. However, I don’t think having a human hand for a face makes anyone appear less alien.

Question: Hey,Alf!I wonder what languages do you speak on Oddworld.Is there one language for all or one for Mudokons,other for Glukkons. Do the sound that sligs make have a meaning for them?

Alf: Oddworld is full of languages! Before faster forms of transport were created, different races and tribes would have their own languages, but the need for efficient BusinessSpeak weeds out the smaller and more unique dialects. Native races have mostly forgotten their ancient, musical tongues, but just as with other old arts, they’re preserved by wise shamans who recognize the value of cultural knowledge. Sligs won’t have any more of a clue to their linguistic heritage than anyone else. The noises they make are probably just crude emotive sounds.

Question: have any mudokons ever eaten a mudokon pop and not realised because how can they not realise when its your head on a stick?

Alf: Funnily enough, I never did add this question to the application form for fresh rehabitants. Buddy advised that we’re trying to make those lost souls feel better, not more suicidal.

Question: do mudokons live in fear of slogs all the time, also can they tame them coz alot of muds just seem to sit on their back sides while ab does all the adventures, you do all the writing and have your own rehab and tea centre, it would be nice to see a mud doing domethibg with them selves and try the hobbie of slog whispering.

Alf: Write me again once you’ve mastered lion taming and I’ll introduce you to a few of my animal handler pals. Actually, that’s unfair. Lions are smart.

Question: quick question do you think Big face would do a tattoo for me? just like Abe?

Alf: Big Face would be absolutely delighted to bestow with whatever awesome skinart your heart desires. I’ve scheduled you for an appointment in the deepest, darkest depths of the Paramonian Temple. We expect you to find your own way there.

Question: Have you ever got sick from a fart??

Alf: Well, this one time I was stuck in a lift…

Question: Have you ever had to stay home from school cause you got a low gamerscore?

Alf: School?? The only education we got was being brutally beaten for not exceeding our own capabilities! We learnt quickly, and we remember those lessons for life. School! You kids just don’t know what you’ve got.

Question: I’d like to know how a mudokon skin feels like. Maybe i can hug them in a dream someday. I’ve heard Mudokons are like chameleons. So, is your tongue as long as theirs? And if you are a raptile, you’ll need a lot of sun to keep your body warm. But i wonder if muds are cold or warm blooded.

Alf: I know Muds who’ve worked in mines their whole life, never ever seeing the sky. That makes me think we’re warm-blooded. Thus, you can hug us and you won’t get cold. But I dread think why you want to know about the length of our tongues, so I’ll leave it at that.

Question: OK, what I wana know is why whenever Abe or Munch (or anyone I toss of a cliff) never gets injured for the fall and if this also related to the vykkers.

Alf: Have you ever considered that we’re all just an inch or so tall, and so our terminal velocity is never big enough for us to get hurt from falls? Or that on a hot day, soils and metal become very elastic and sproingy? Or that due to Oddworld being completely hollow, there is no gravity, and the only thing causing us to accelerate towards the ground is the Vykkers blowing downwards from their flying labs? You haven’t? Then I’d say you don’t need to stay at my rehab.

Question: 1. Seeing as how you’re a tea brewer, drinker and distributor, I was curious if you knew about \[brand name censored\]. The stuff tastes great and goes down easy.

Alf: Dear Company Representative, thank you for your question. I look forward to the large amount of free samples you will be sending to my address. Other varieties of commercial tea are available.

Question: 2. It seems pretty obvious that from now on, Abe and Munch will need to work together until both of their goals are completed. Are there any new prospective allies for them?

Alf: Oddworld is filled with tragic victims. Some of them must surely also be heroes, and in time I’d wager their paths will cross.

Question: 3. Finally, was the Rupture Farms that you and Abe came from just a franchise offshoot or was it the original RuptureFarms i.e. the headquarters of the whole brand?

Alf: I’ve seen the RuptureFarms logo on discarded litter since we shut the factory down, so the company is presumably still out there somewhere. However, I haven’t found a larger meat packaging plant. Have you?

Question: Thanks a bunch and I hope that your tea shop has some good books to read while relaxing with the steamy goodness.

Alf: I tried putting out books and magazines for folks to read, but there were cup stains all over them by the end of the first week.

Question: I heard from some Clakkerz that Xplosives McGee was raised by Wolvarks. Do they look after young Outlaws often?

Alf: A baby that’s “looked after” doesn’t tend to become the ringleader of a violent criminal organization, but I suppose it all comes down to perspective. As in “You’re trusting what gossip idle townsfolk can come up with? Get some perspective!”

Question: And, were Outlaws always they way we’ve seen them? Or did they end up that way?

Alf: You do have to wonder what it would take to transform a species into a violent, sadistic, paranoid gang of greedy cut-throats who’ll do whatever it takes to cling to their little domain. Somehow I suspect it’s more than simple outback survival, but I’m not going to be the one to go up to them and ask.

Question: I heard that Mudokon flakes don’t get along to well with Mudokon natives. If this were true, then what do Mudokon Scrubs do when they’re freed? Do Mudokon shamans make them go through some sort of ritual or something?

Alf: There’ll always be clashes between city dwellers and rural folks, especially if they’re forced to start sharing everything. Imagine if you grew up surrounded by entertainment on demand on addictive consumer products, then had to give that all up to adopt round-the-clock hard labor just to ensure the next week’s food. Culture shock and withdrawl are not a good combination. In conclusion, I’m sure everything fine and there’s nothing we need to worry about.

Question: How close are you and Abe? Do you see him much? Where does he live…

Alf: Abe and I are firm friends, and if he ever needs my help I’ll give Buddy the keys to the Rehab and join him on his next adventure. It’s just sometimes a little advance warning would be appreciated, y’know? Abe has his own hut where he tries to relax, but that’s not easy when your entire race, alive and dead, are visiting you for advice, favours and worship.

Question: hey alf do you have any pet slogs?

Alf: No.

Question: oh and why do you guys have pony tails?

Alf: So our hair doesn’t get caught in heavy machinery.

Question: Which Mudoken are you in Abe’s Oddysee?

Alf: I honestly can’t remember. The one with the fez?

Question: And do you still get people coming into Rehab?

Alf: And asking questions that don’t serve any purpose? You’d better believe it.

Question: Does Munch have a speech impediment, or did all Gabbits talk that way?

Alf: Munch is only young. He was born far away from other cultures, and he’s been entirely without any socializing for almost longer than he can remember. And he’s got a mouth wider than a queen’s abdomen. Cut the cute little fishie thing some slack!

Question: I like to think like a scientist, and for the longest time I have pondered this, how does a Glukkon put on their clothes? Certainly their anatomic structure would make it rather difficult, if not seemingly impossible, having to use their arms to support themselves. I had attempted to experiment this by trying my hardest to stand on my own hands while trying to put on a one piece suit, and besides constantly losing my balance and falling over in pain, I had gotten a headache as I tried to figure out what to do from there. My only other guess is that they use servants or specialized machines to dress them, which wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case. But I gotta know, for the good of science!

Alf: Dear Dr. Jerk, many congratulations on having the decency to perform experiments on yourself instead of on little cutsie balls of fuzz. But science is based on observation, and if you haven’t observed the Glukkons during their daily routine, then your experiments prove little. Maybe if you could hack into security cams you’d be able to see what kind of slaves the Glukkons have to dress them. And presumably wash them. And who knows what else.

Question: If nearly all of the major races on Oddworld have a Queen, then do the Gabbits also have a Queen?

Alf: If they did, they don’t any more.

Question: it occurred to me that we’ve never really heard the history or story of the Meeches. Whilst obviously tasty, what was their deal? Did Mudokans get on with them, or were they the sort of Paramite/Scrab blend of viciousness we have come to avoid? And most importantly, what did they sound like?

Alf: Meeches were definitely on par with Paramites and Scrabs in terms of deadliness, although what they lacked in cunning tricksiness and sheer badassery they made for in brute number. What did they sound like? They sounded hungry.

Question: Do mudokons have nostrils? If so, where are they?

Alf: Of course Mudokons have nostrils, you bizarre thing. How do you think we smell?!

Question: First things first, besides you, Abe, and… well, your entire mudokon race, let’s say, has there ever been anyone else trying to stop the devious schemes of those greedy glukkons elsewhere that you may have heard of… besides Crunch. Sorry if I got his name wrong, it’s been some time since I last heard his name. Also… call me a little off- the-rocker if you want, but… think they’ll ever be a GOOD glukkon? (I’m sure all of us doubt that’ll happen at anytime, but one can always hope, right?)

Alf: There have been conflicts between natives and industrial forces for as long as there’s been corporate takeover and destruction of the land. Any number of brave individuals have fought for their freedom, but it’s only now that we have a broader idea of the scale of the problem, an understanding of what’s at stake, and insider knowledge from escaped slaves that we can really start packing a punch.

Question: Why does Stranger talk to himself so often? I would ask him directly but he scares me a bit..

Alf: I need to find someone who can screen these questions for me. Then I might be able to get some things done around here, like that kitchen remodelling I keep promising myself. I sure could use an omlette. I might make one after I’ve had a shower. I suppose I should finish with these questions first.

Question: You say Oddworld’s time and Earth’s time cannot be compared, right? Then why did Stranger only have (If I recall correctly) 3:30 Earth minutes to get up to Sekto’s office? Maybe we are connected physically after all?

Alf: Because players would be a bit confused if we forced them to finish the level in 39:83 blipblops or whatever. Hey, what is our unit of measuring time anyway? Sektonds? Hahahahaha! Paraminutes? Hahah, oh boy, that’s a zigger!

Question: Also, where did you really get your Fez from? At first you told us you found it.. but then later you said you bought it.. Seems awfully suspicious..

Alf: Actually I made it by crushing up red berries to make a dye in which I soaked a fabric I fashioned out of various plant fibres. After that, I papier-mâchéd the wet material over a small tree stump and let it harden. The tassel is a knot of matted Fuzzle fur I collected from those plants with little hooky bits. I platted it and attached it with guano. What do you mean, you don’t believe me?

Question: Throughout the series of oddworld, i have noticed that all mudokons are wrinkley, blood-shot eyed, and noticably underweight. Are mudokons all malnourished and ill, or is it natural for them to look like this?

Alf: Throughout my time as Question-Answerer Supremo, I have noticed that all fans are pasty-skinned, greasy-haired, and cheese snack-stained. Have you all got nothing better to ask me, or is this simply an unavoidable phenomenon for someone in my position?

Question: hey Alf! i have a two part question for you; do Mudokons get along with native sligs? and if so, would Mudokons be willing to get along with sligs who have escaped the Glukkon-run industrial world to return to more native practices?

Alf: What native Sligs? Have you been on the popberries again?

Question: As a fellow Oddworld fan, I, like many die-hard fans, am wondering how long until Citizen Seiege it out?

Alf: Citizen Siege is a property we put a lot of work and effort into, but which we’re not working on right now. Thanks to various economic occurences that took place over the last few years, distributors are now more cautious than ever when it comes to bold, unproven ideas for undemonstrated (though, we’re certain, existant) audiences. In a business sense, now is not the time for us to be focusing on Citizen Siege.

Question: After that, will they make Oddworld related movies? I would love to see you and Abe on the big screen.

Alf: Who’s “they”? The Sligs’ mothers? And yes, we’ve always wanted to make Oddworld movies, but for the same reasons as above, that’s not likely to be happening in the forseeable future.

Question: Are you going to be starring in the next Oddworld game?

Alf: If you are referring to our upcoming title Oddworld: Alf’s Awesome, then I’m afraid I’m not allowed to reveal just how awesome it will be to have star in it.

Question: I love your fez, but I was wondering if it came in different colors like you Muds? :)

Alf: What kind of fez isn’t red??

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Question: Q: Is there any news as to whether or not Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath will become backward compatible on the Xbox 360 sometime soon?? I just got it for £3.50 and have been dying to play it!!!

Alf: That’s entirely up to Microsoft, and as I understand it they’re not releasing any more backward compatibility patches. You can, of course, purchase the game on the delightful Steam platform! The benefit of this is that you’re giving your Moolah to us to make more games, instead of to some reseller who’ll probably just use it to chop down forests and stamp on Fuzzles.

Question: Hey Alf! Hope ya don’t mind me asking but … what ever happened to Squeek?…

Alf: Squeek? Huh, you’d think I’d remember a name like that, but I can’t say I’ve ever met a fellow going by that moniker. Are you sure you haven’t been at the Brew? Because I know a little place that can help you with that…

Question: Is the Oddworld game “The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot” still gonna happen?

Alf: Well it’s nice of you to trust my predictions of the future but you really have to go see the Raisin if you want that kind of knowledge, and I doubt he’d ever give it to you straight. Expect riddling, misdirection and snoring, and that’s even if you can stand the stench and squirming of all the Rats. It gives even ol’ Alf the heebies. Oh, and I can’t tell you where to find him, his lair is a well-hidden cave, its location a well-guarded secret. Good luck!

Question: Yo Alf…I got Another Question for ya. So i Know spooce is a BIG thing in abe so you wont take it off.(I’m fine with that). So here it is. Will all your game’s now be 3D platformers instead of 2D? Will Abe be in any new games? Will you make any new games? And will the Spooce Archer be back?

Alf: We’ve never considered ourselves bound by any single genre before, and we’re not going to start now. Abe might be back in new games, but since we haven’t announced any it’s impossible to say. The Spooce Archers is still broadcast daily on Radio Spore.

Question: 1. For creatures of Oddworld such as Paramites and Scrabs, what was the design process behind the creation of them? e.g animal’s reference and initial ideas etc.

Alf: Yes, we did use animal reference and initial ideas.

Question: 2. Will you consider adding characters in future games that couldn’t make the cut in previous titles? Such as Luskan Marauder and the Sea Rex.

Alf: Sure! We broke our backs designing these things for a reason: to be seen!

Question: 3. Munch’s Oddysee had it’s problems during production. The serious nature of the previous Oddworld titles seemed somewhat lost. Would you ever consider remaking the game, the way you originally intended it to be?

Alf: Munch will take exception to that. Why do you want to make him go through all that again? Don’t you think the poor lil’ fella’s been through enough as it is??

Question: If all Mudokons are related in one way or another, why are you considered Abe’s best friend?

Alf: Sounds like you don’t get on with your family too well, but I assure you that brothers can be buddies. Besides, don’t they teach you about evolution at school? We’re all related in one way or another!

Question: Would you please tell me more about the atmosphere on Oddworld?

Alf: The atmosphere on Oddworld is one of contrasts and conflict, but look underneath all that and you’ll find beautiful cultures and landscapes. Nah, I’m just teasing you. I know what you mean! Gotta say I don’t really know much about the atmosphere apart from it helps with the old breathing malarkey. It’s normally see-through, which is handy. Other times it’s not, either because of factories polluting nature or, well, do you have ‘sprouts’ where you come from?

Question: Hey Alf! I was just wondering something about you muds, is that hair on your head or a tentacle? Also, glukkons can suck it.

Alf: Now why, oh why, would you want Glukkons to suck our ponytails?! That’s just… that’s just creepy! Urgh. I’m going to have nightmares now. Thanks a lot, pal.

Question: Will we ever find out what happened to the other Slig Queens besides Skillya? Or more info about her in general. Also will we be seeing baby Mudokons or how they are raised?

Alf: Yes. Probably. I mean, to suggest otherwise would be to imply that time on Oddworld had frozen! And that’s the nonsense talk of a Brew-addled mind, which, since you want to see a Slig queen, I can only conclude you are.

Question: Will Crig the Slig be making a come back?

Alf: It’s hard to say. Clampdowns on Slig whistleblowing have made it hard for him to answer even trivial questions in public. But if Abe can get away with tweeting on his iFone without management finding out, then anything’s possible.

Question: Iv got three questions

Alf: You’ve sent them to the right Mud!

Question: 1) How are mudokons born? We have seen eggs and obviously adult mudokons, but never a baby or a female mudokon.

Alf: The babies come from the eggs and turn into the adults. If I have to draw a diagram to teach you where eggs come from, then I’m just not going to bother.

Question: 2) How did Glukons get to where they are with no arms?

Alf: Conniving and flunkies!

Question: 3) Any chance on a sale for the Artbook or possible a updated one?

Alf: You’d have to speak to Ballistic about that first thing. An updated art book? Sure, I’ll just get out my crayons and Elum-hair brushes. Which berries do I mix to make cobalt?

Question: Hey Alf! I was wondering, how do the different vending machines in Munch’s Oddysee work? How to the drinks make Abe and Much invisible? Was it the Vykkers?

Alf: Vendos work by being covered in flashy cartoon ads and located everywhere you turn, and you’ll find them stocked full of products by all sorts of industrial families. Those with bizarre side-effects do tend to be made by the Vykkers. Don’t ask me how Invisible works, but there’s almost certainly an expensive “Visible” sold by guess-who.

Question: Anyway, my second (or probably fourth if you count all those other extra ones) was what ever happened to Mullock? I know it’s a little cliche, but was he ever found?

Alf: If Molluck knows what’s good for him, he’ll have died in the wreckage of RuptureFarms.

Question: Will you guys port the Oddboxx to Mac? I’d really appreciate not having to open up VMWare Fusion to play games, as it chews up my Macbook Pro’s battery!

Alf: We’re looking into it but we’re making no promises.

Question: Hi this question is for Alf, why does Munch get his own moon when he is the only member of his species that is still alive besides the gabbit eggs and does this mean that if there is one meech alive does that meech get his own moon????

Alf: Home time!

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Question: Q: 1. How are you, how it feels to be finally back?

Alf: It’s amazing! I haven’t had an outlet for my sadism like this in years!

Question: 2. I was always wondering, ever since I played first Oddworld game back in 1997… Where is this whole Oddworld thing happening? I mean is it an alternate universe, or a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, maybe a distant future, or is it our times just a different planet/galaxy? :)

Alf: Oddworld is Oddworld. Questions about galaxies and universes and futures and pasts and realities… it all distracts from the here and now! Don’t you think so?

Question: In your last entry on the old website, you said Mud’s didn’t have tear ducks, even though in AE they were using Mudokon tears……. did the mud’s lose them after being put on the Tear Tractors?

Alf: I did not say that! On the contrary, as I recall, I was actually saying I myself had shed tears of admiration. Just because we lost a finger, doesn’t mean we’re going to keep collectively losing body parts until there’s nothing left. Not unless Abe starts leading us into mines and off cliffs, and I know he’d never do that.

Question: Hey, Alf! I have a few questions i hope you can answer for me. When did the mudokins start to worship The Almighty Raisin; what happened to Bigface?

Alf: Big Face is still helping the Mudokon resistance, but the Raisin is millennia old and can foresee the future. Can’t you see how that might be more beneficial to our heroes?

Question: About how many moons does Oddworld have?

Alf: Air and light pollution in this region makes it hard for me to view a clear night sky, but I’d say there are at least five.

Question: Why is Abe a blue mudokin and not green, like most of them?

Alf: Some TV production company visited RuptureFarms offering us makeovers to be broadcast all over Mudos at prime time. We all thought it was another invasive and meaningless distraction for the entertainment-addicted masses and didn’t want to get involved, but Abe fell for it completely. He got the lip piercings, the yellow contacts and, yes, the all-over blue tan. He’s such a sucker.

Question: What ever happened to Abe’s Mother?(i thought there was supposed to be somthing about that in Munch’s Oddysee!) Thanks, and I hope you can answer sme of these questions without getting to perplexed!

Alf: He was going to become her registered carer, but when Munch showed up he changed his mind and shoved her out of sight in the Nolybab Retirement Home. I take her to bingo every couple of weeks.

Question: Have Muds and steefs ever worked with each other before If not I think it would be really cool if Abe and stranger meet up to go on an adventure with munch or something like that

Alf: I once asked Stranger if he could give me a lift to work but he blew me off with some excuse about not going my way. Next morning as I’m waiting for the bus in the rain, he drives past through a puddle and drenches me from ponytail to pinky toe. Screw that selfish schmuck!

Question: Can you tell me if these are coming back in any of the new Oddworld games? Abe, Munch, Sligs, Glukkons, Mudokons, Vykkers, Paramites, Scrabs, You, Interns, Fuzzles and are the Chroniclers (An enemy which was meant to be in the PS2 version of Munch’s Oddysee, I believe.) going to appear?

Alf: No, I can’t tell you that.

Question: Hey Alf, Could you tell us a little about Sqeek, like what race is he, etc. If its not to much to ask. :)

Alf: Well, Squeek likes long walks on the promenade and watching the sway of tall grass. I’m glad that this answer satisfies you and everyone else wondering about Squeek! Now I won’t ever be asked about Squeek again!

Question: What is -to your knowledge – the largest factory that is currently still functioning on Oddworld?

Alf: Sheesh, can’t really help you with that question. Every factory I’ve heard of has been blown up or bankrupt… for some reason.

Question: Hi Alf I was just wondring, In Abes Exodus there is a closed door that has the Vykkers Labs logo on it so I am just guessing that the door took you to Vykkers Labs and if it did how could it when Vykkers Labs floats in the sky???, is that true or was it ment to just show the players that Vykkers Labs will be the setting of the next game??? Thanks you for your time

Alf: Well it certainly couldn’t take you directly to Vykkers Labs because, as you say, Vykkers Labs floats in the sky. You’re right, that’s a little bit strange and you have piqued my curiosity. Let me know what you find when you go through the door yourself, won’t you!

Question: phleg at the boneworkz gets killed when abe possesses him to engage “OPERATION LIGHTNING BOLT” but at the end, he goes “i hate that guy” (dunno what part it was, i just remember it well) so what happened to him huh? was it his bro saying that or phleg him self? if this question confuses you im sorry, french lingo is invading my mind and i am forced to eat snails with frog legs and strong chesses.

Alf: Inspired by your astute observation, I made sure I had a large supply of cheesey potato snacks, put on my finest tinfoil hat, and sat down to replay the events of the SoulStorm Brewery atrocity. And you know what? After three days I still couldn’t see Director Phleg saying those words. Maybe I’m just not as hork-eyed as you, or maybe I haven’t been playing enough chesses, but I think you’re imagining it.

Question: This has been on my mind for a while: I assume that paramites, fleeches, and scrabs don’t have eyes. If so, how does invisibility keep Abe from being killed by them?

Alf: Hint: Don’t go to a Vykkers asking this, or anything, unless you carry considerable diplomatic immunity. I think I can remember it cropping up on the Oddworld Nature Channel. Something about magnets? Maybe if we could understand a broader range of sensory perceptions than those we’re born with, we could transcend to ahigher level of consciousness. Then again, I need to spend today collecting firewood.

Question: 2. Whose are these ribs? For Meech? This rib are very big.

Alf: Look, I’ve been in disturbingly close contact with quite enough bones for one lifetime, thank you very much. You’ll forgive me for skipping over these questions.

Question: hi alf, im prof yogert and im here to ask some questions

Alf: Mmm, yoghurt…

Question: first of all, what is you rank in oddworld(leach,slave,greater,slog,slig,intern,gluken,mulluk)?

Alf: Uh, Mudokon?

Question: 2 were did you get that cool fez?, i want it so bad

Alf: It’s a genuine Harmani that fell out of a FeeCo Train. You’re not having it!

Question: 3 is it possible for me to help you answer questions?

Alf: First my clothing, now my occupation! You need to go and carve your own niche in society, bud! Ain’t enough room in these parts for two Alfs. Or should that be Alves?

Question: and last of all, when was your last soulstorm? mine was 11 years ago just before it get blown up thanks for your time pleaze stay odd this time lol:)

Alf: And now you’re eyeing up my weaknesses! Keep away from me!

Question: There are troublesome arguments around the web about whether Stranger’s Wrath is the third game in the Oddworld Pentalogy or not. Can you bring some light into this matter?

Alf: I don’t know what this Pentalogy is you’re speaking of. Hang on, let me get the project handbook out… let’s see… hmmm, nope. Nothing in here under that name. You must be thinking of something else: Stranger’s Wrath is certainly not part of any ‘Pentalogy’.

Question: Whats your opinion about Formspring and those ask-o-matic webpages? Won’t you like Dear Alf on those things?

Alf: Good thinking, Boombatman! I have genuinely considered it, but my first love are these monthly columns. Web 2.0 has made it very easy to stay in regular touch with the fans, excitingly so, but I’m yet to establish a comfortable balance between the static site Q&As and the more real-time responses on social networks. This is why I’ve made this second Dear Alf entry this month, to get through the questions you fans have been asking me in huge numbers over the past few weeks. Let me know if you think I’m doing a good job juggling the immediate replies with those I save for Dear Alf, or if you think I’m not. The happier you guys are, the happier I am.

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Question: Q: Hey Alf, if there was any kind of machinery (Oddworld or beyond) you’d like to try out, what would it be and how would you go abouts using it?

Alf: I’d love to be able to drive a forklift. Just think of all the heavy lifting I could get done! I’d be lifting whole crates of tea and dumping them in giant cauldrons. When it’s time to close the Rehab, I don’t have to drive everyone out with loud drumming, I can drive them out with a motorized vehicle. And when I want a bonfire, just move the wood myself instead of waiting for my lazy villager companions to do it for me. Man, if I had a forklift, I’d be invincible.

Question: Hey Alf! I heard about The Mudokon Queen today.I thought it was abe’s Mom Lol. But she is the Only female right? Should we be able to see her? I mean do you have any photos!

Alf: I’d like to be naïve here, but when a guy on the internet starts getting excited and asking for photos of a female, I can’t just shut my eyes, point in the right direction and hope for the best. Luckily, no, I don’t got any photos for you. She’s been held under lock and key for decades. But still, watch it, bub – that’s our mom you’re talkin’ ’bout!

Question: Will we ever get to see the mudokon queen (in Abe HD maybe?)

Alf: I don’t think there’s a single Inhabitant who wants to keep the Mudokon Queen chained away in some unseen prison factory. Well, I suppose the ones that are doing the chaining. And those that are benefiting from it. But everyone else is dead against it! It’s only a matter of time before we break in there and bust her out! It’s just, y’know, there’s a bunch of stuff I gotta get done first.

Question: If the vykkers keep your queen than where do native mudokons come from?Is there another queen or they were born before your queen was captured?(in that case they must be very old)Or are they slaves who had escaped?

Alf: The Mudokons you’ve seen are mostly escapees from ‘civilization’, either slaves that broke free from their former workplaces, like Abe, or hatched from eggs kidnapped from factory nursaries. I’ve often wondered if there are Mudokon tribes somewhere out there that are surviving free from industry’s labour trade. I imagine them living in castles of chocolate and cloud, with every variety of tea imaginable available on tap.

Question: Is Stranger the last…of his kind?And if there are others where do they live?And how do they live?Have you met any and what do you think of them?

Alf: If there are any more… of Stranger’s kind, they’ve hidden themselves well. You’d have to, to avoid being… noticed by the other inhabitants. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be fascinated to see a… one of them.

Question: Hi Alf! Can you tell me all about this ‘Uwaya’ state that was mentioned on an Unreleased Slig News clip?

Alf: Oh man, you won’t catch me saying anything about the Uggae Estate. Not with the lawyers those freaks have got. I hear it’s ruled by a horrible monster that can literally scare you to death with its gaze. Nope. I’m not going there.

Question: Hey Alf, after I found out I have a tapeworm because of my mother’s puppy having fleas. I feel worried and sick. I was wondering if there any freaky parasites in Oddworld and could you let me know if you anyone who has them. It would make me feel a little bit better.

Alf: My friend Jimmy used to have a tapeworm. One day he was picking his ear and pulled out a whole great loop of tapeworm, which snapped off, leaving two ends of the tapework inside him. This would happen every couple of days. We all got so grossed out. Hope you get better soon.

Question: why is abe blue and why is his lips stitched is it because he couldnt shaddap

Alf: Abe’s lips were stitched to stop him from crying all the time. You can’t work in a slaughterhouse if you’re going to spook the livestock with your loud wailing. His stitches may have loosened over the years, but that forced vow of silence taught Abe to keep his emotions to himself, or at least keep them quiet. Abe is blue because he’s sad. This doesn’t affect his job. Color is silent.

Question: What type of shirt is Brewmaster wearing? I’d like to get one but I do not know the proper name

Alf: Your best bet is to start looking at chef jackets, preferably single-breast (they are usually double-breasted). Unless you’re a Glukkon, you’re unlikely to find quite the same design, but if you’re a dab hand with a needle and thread, I’m sure you could create something quite stunning.

Question: did abe fail his mission at Rupture Farms because there been sighting of a Mudokon Pop advertisement in Abe’s Exoddus as well as Abe mentioning them in Munch’s Oddysee. In Stranger’s Wrath HD, barrels of Mudokon pops are seen throughout West Mudos. Do you think abe will have to go back and do you think Molluck is behind it or some one from the Magog Cartel mabe? In abes exodus there is a poster for muddokon pops, and in strangers wrath hd there are barrels full of mudokon pops. Does this mean that Mudokon pops are still bieng made and if so, are you worried?

Alf: You can shut down the company, but you can’t bury the idea. Apparently Molluck shared his plans with someone who thought it would be a good idea. That’s how business works, I’m afraid. I wouldn’t say Abe failed, I’d say he’s incited a full-scale slave rebellion.

Question: Is Abe the only mudoken with the ability to posses others? If not, than theoreticaly, if two mudokens possesed each other, would that effectivley swap their bodies?

Alf: Abe is the only Mudokon I know with the ability to possess others, but it’s not a power unique to him. It’s one of those long-forgotten practices that wise old Mudokon shamans spent their entire lives learning to perform for mere seconds at a time. There always has to be someone who comes along and shows everyone else up, and in the field of possession, that’s Abe. I don’t think Mudokons can possess each other. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing Abe had that kind of power.

Question: Does this ability have anything to do with his odd blue coloration?

Alf: What’s the obsession with trying to explain things as a consequence of skin color!? Abe is blue because he has poor blood circulation.

Question: Did the glukkons have his lips stitched because they knew he had this power?

Alf: The Glukkons publicly deny that Mudokons have any psychic powers of any kind, but did you notice all those chant suppressors that fill every single factory you’d care to stumble across? Those devious liars know more than they’re saying!

Question: What did General Dripik do to get his medals?

Alf: They’re not for success in battle, if that’s what you’re thinking. He got them for making lots of Moolah.

Question: Whats the secret recipie to your tea?

Alf: Secret.

Question: Are slogs, scrabs and parmites blind?

Alf: They’re blind in that they don’t use light to see the world, but they’re far from being unaware of their environment. There are other ways to perceive your surroundings. Paramites use their advanced sense of smell, Slogs have acute hearing, and Scrabs sense the electric fields that are affected by objects and creatures around them.

Question: I was playing munchs odyssey when I saw the newspaper about the lulu fund, at the bottom there was a picture of a group of glukkons, in this group I saw director phleg, vp aslik and someone who resembled general Dripik, did these 3 not die in soulstorm brewery (because im pretty sure they all exploded).

Alf: It’s probably just an old stock photo they didn’t have to pay any royalties for. Don’t put too much stock in those rags! They’d torch their own staff if that’s what it took to get a story to sell like hot Scrab Cakes. The Daily Deception’s editors are in it for the bottom line as much as any other industrialist creep.

Question: Dear Alf. I was playing Strangers Wrath on PC and completed the game. The end where Mr. Sekto escapes. Is there going to be a sequel to the game or just gone. Pretend that Mr.Sekto leaves and never comes back for revenge? :)

Alf: How do you know he can’t just accept defeat and go do some other business venture? Everyone’s so negative these days. Ya just gotta look for the best in folks!

Question: hey alf i was wondering, who do the glukkons sell their products to. it seems fairly pointless just making products to give to employees, there’s no profit margin. so is there another “consumer” race on oddworld that actually buys the paramite pies, scrab cakes etc.?

Alf: Sure, there’s millions of Khanzumerz. You just haven’t seen them yet because you’re following the exploits of the little guy in the Third World.

Question: Hey alf. What’s the ponytails on mudokons made of? Snakes or regular hair.

Alf: What are you talkin’ about, snakes? This ain’t Greek mythology, ya clown! Mudokons have feather-like hair that can be put in a hundred and one styles, and the ponytail just happens to be one of the most practical. Myself I prefer the elegance of a topknot. You get all the safety aspects of the ponytail, but it’s so wonderfully stylish and makes me look awesome.

Question: Also How do sligs walk with rounded feet?

Alf: Pretty darn well, I’d say!

Question: Hey there Alf-san! Hows the tea? I have two questions. First is how did the inhabitants of Oddworld develop a Germanic language such as English as their lingua franca throughout the entire planet along with the Latin alphabet? How did everyone start using them? Im sure everyone had their own unique language (besides the whistling and mechanical grunts). I mean the unique names of everything in Oddworld does point out there must be something. Also with the usage of “Gulags” im guessing someone (or something) must have spoken Russian at some point in time?

Alf: I’ll go ahead guess you’ve been exposed to Oddworld in an English-speaking country. Those fans who live in France, German, Italy or Spain probably disagree with what we speak. It’s translation for the sake of you guys that don’t understand the languages of Oddworld. The various races, cultures and classes on Oddworld all developed with their own languages and dialects. Native people used ancient tongues that tended towards melody and harmony, reflecting their overall cultural attitudes. The industrialists shrugged off their heritage in favor of language that enabled their lifestyles, becoming at the same time more clinically accurate and shamelessly deceitful.

Question: Second is a simple one. What does Abe live in? Maybe a house/hut/rondavel/shack/kraal/homestead or nothing at all? (yes me is South African)

Alf: Abe’s got his own hut, but I don’t go there unless it’s urgent. It’s always filled with toadying, over-awed fanmuds who clutter up the place with their useless reverency. I’m happy for Abe, I really am, but those guys need to get off their praise train and get to work building my bonfire!

Question: Are the clackers, outlaws, and stranger living in the same time you are or from the past?

Alf: Their story is happening at the same time as ours, just in a different part of the land.

Question: hey alf i was wondering, i’ve heard of a very old story about something called nod’s oddysee, some places on the net say it was a real oddworld project that was cancelled others say it was started by some forum. was this ever an idea for an oddworld game?

Alf: It’s always satisfying to put an annoying rumor to bed. I have never in my life heard of anyone called Nod, and I can assure you that no one has a name as silly as that. So quit believing any old thing you hear and put your faith in sensibly-named characters, like Munch and Squeek.

Question: hey alf are there any fuzzles that the vykkers havent captured before vykkers labs got destroyed? by that i mean are there any native fuzzles

Alf: There are wild Fuzzles all over the place. You have to watch where you tread to avoid upsetting them, or you’ll shortly be donating an ankle.They’re so overprotective. I only wanted to give them a cuddle!

Question: When Stranger was doing bounty work, would it be possible that abe and munch could appear on there someday if so,how would the mudokons, fuzzles, and munch and abe react if someone was on there way to bounty them and how much would they be worth?

Alf: If it were to happen, I suppose Abe and Munch would be worried and watch their back. How much would they be worth? I dunno. They’ve done much, much worse to the Glukkon economy than any of the Outlaws have done to the Clakkerz. But Abe and Munch aren’t in Western Mudos, and even if they were, the Glukkons are more likely to hire professional security services than outsource their work to local entrepreneurs.

Question: Alf, are you wanted by somebody? Are there Mudoken Police?

Alf: I think you must be confusing me with somebody else. I’ve never broken any law, except that time I threw an empty bottle of Brew at a Slig guard. Luckily there was a boiler for me to dive behind and he never worked out it was me, although he did give me funny looks after that. Probably because every time I saw him I burst out laughing. Then he’d beat me and I’d stop, but it was worth it every time.

Question: hey alf i have two questions the first one is why do all mudokens don’t wear shirts is it to show off their abs and have sligs ever sang before

Alf: Those are two very good questions, but we are tragically out of time for this month. Ain’t that sad!

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Question: Q: how do the weirdo’s in exeduss have their powers???

Alf: It’s a lot easier to be in tune with the hidden, mystic powers of the spirit world when you’re looking at it from within the hidden, mystic spirit world!

Question: I have a question for you alf do mudokons have last names??

Alf: Yeah, of course! When you only have one name, your entire name is your last name!

Question: Hey Alf, I dunno if you’re familiar with Stranger and all but I was curious about something. Has he ever had any interactions with Mudokons? Or has he never ventured to that part of Oddworld?

Alf: Well he’s certainly never wandered into my Rehab, if that’s what you’re suggesting. We have an expression here. It goes “Like a Ste-” ummm, “Like a Stranger in a tea shop.” It means that Stranger would send the cups and saucers and doilies flying everywhere! There would be the smashed crockery, the injuries, the insurance claims, and that’s not saying a thing about the horn-torn upholstry. Funnily enough, we have another, similar expression. It goes “Like a Scrab in a tea shop.” And the closely related “Like an Elum in an apiary.”

Question: Hey Alf, I’ve got a question for you. In the game Stranger’s Wrath Stranger seems as though he’s just on a personal agenda throughout the whole game even after he is rescued by the natives. So I was wondering, does he actually care about what happens to the natives, or was he just helping them so that they could help him get revenge on Sekto?

Alf: There comes a point where the two of those are one and the same. Stranger may have started out looking after his own hide, even once he knew Sekto would be coming after him, but it’s only by discovering and embracing his noble heritage that he managed to accomplish that. Sekto destroyed the land of the Grubbs and put Stranger’s life at incredible risk. Stranger is a born guardian kept apart from his, uh, guardees by societal pressures. His desire to protect the natives is his personal agenda.

Question: Hey Alf will Oddworld be destroyed on the 21/12/12 cause I think the Mayans warned you it would.

Alf: Hey! Don’t you have a go at me for answering this so much later than the given date! I just… wanted to be sure. Seriously, don’t let modern spins on ancient knowledge fool you. If you could convince a superstitious bunch of people that mystical ancients foresaw an unavoidable end in the near future, how much would those people stand up for their longevity when you exploited their resources and rights?

Question: Alf have you ever thought of doing a mudokon version of magog on the march and posting it on the website? if so please do it, it will be like a video version of Dear Alf

Alf: Some of my buds run the FUD Network, a Mudokon broadcasting group dedicated to revealing the truth behind Glukkon industry. I’ve been offered my own slot, but I just don’t got the time, ya know? I’d have to starch my fez, powder my nose… and I’ve barely got enough time to respond to my bulging mailbags as it is!

Question: Hows it going Alf? I just wanted to something off my and ask you whats that thing hangin in the back of Abes head?

Alf: His ponytail? It’s a ponytail. It’s made from our fabulous feather-like hair. Factory owners like to have it tied up or shaved completely to reduce unproductive accidents and promote confidence-sapping conformity. Usually once Muds are free we like to start exploring our own styles, but Abe keeps his as a kind of reminder of his past.

Question: hey alf if muds have feathers do u think then that muds evolved from some type of bird or bird like creature

Alf: Makes sense to me! It explains my all-day yearning to take off and fly away from all this! But that’s not going to happen anytime soon, so back to answering letters!

Question: Genshi fascinated by mudokon species. But one thing Genshi no understand; Oddworld wikia say mudokon evolve from birds if mudokon type of bird that make them archosaur species yet unlike all archosaur species mudokon have mouth in stead of beak, flat nails like simian primate, and four digits on hand like artiodactyl. But genshi no know what “birds” on Oddworld look like so mudokon may look much like Oddworld bird.

Alf: Archosaur? Artiodactyl? I don’t know what those are. Maybe your birds and people evolved in very different ways to ours. Your world sounds weird.

Question: Also, Genshi curious about mudokon female. There only one known mudokon female. Where rest of them? without females mudokon species die so there must be female Mudokons somewhere.

Alf: Well I guess that makes sense, so they must be somewhere, but I sure haven’t seen them. But then by that logic there’d have to be male Mudokons as well, and I haven’t seen any of those either.

Question: Oh and PS: How long are the days on Oddworld — in hours? Thanks! How far is the planet of Oddworld from Earth? where is oddworld and is there realy hd abe coming out

Alf: Oddworld exists in a different part of reality, another dimension, a bajillion light millennia away in all and zero directions, utterly unrelated to the world you know, a fractured reflection of each other’s world. We’ve got our own sun and orbit and rotation and time zones and clocks and calendars and laws of relativity. Converting between coordinates and times doesn’t make much sense.

Question: Hey Alf, I was just curious how you communicated with us? Does Oddworld have some sort of trans-solar system communication technology?

Alf: A really, really long well.

Question: What ever happened to big face after abe’s oddysee?

Alf: He stayed at Monsaic Lines and helped rescued Mudokons come to grips with their new life of freedom. He also started to learn photorealism, but he got bored of it and went back to rockart.

Question: also what where meeches like and do u think that maybe just maybe there may still be meeches living in parts of oddworld that the glukkons havent gotten to yet?

Alf: I never had the pleasure of meeting a Meech in person, but I’m told by the livestock handlers from the Farms they were not something you wanted to let anywhere near you. One on its own would spell doom enough, a whole flock of them would plow through anything they wanted. Alas, no more! Meeches only lived around where Molluck built RuptureFarms, so when their homeland was reduced to wasteland, they went the way of the, well, the Meech.

Question: Hey, Alf! Where’s Crig lately?? He owes me some moolah.

Alf: You don’t seriously expect to get that Moolah, do you? Sure, I could tell you where he is. But then he could bring a bunch of cronies and shoot my rehab up. Nah, you’re ok. Just make do with your remaining peenies.

Question: Also, what are some of your favorite activities for your spare time?

Alf: When I’m not sitting down with recovering Brewaholics, I like to play games with my Mudokon brethren, such as Sliggy in the Middle, or Hide & Squeek. I also enjoy a good book: right now I’m deep in Fez and Lapsang in Fegas, and after that I want to move on to Go Ask Aslik.

Question: Dear alf i am wondering if there is a easier way to explode soul storm brew

Alf: You could throw a lit match at it. What do you have in mind? A decorative pyrotechnic display or a vindictive factory demolition?

Question: does abe or you have google+

Alf: There’s an [Oddworld Inhabitants Google+ Page](https://plus.google.com/u/0/116666104154732503427/posts) if that helps.

Question: 1) Do Mudokon’s ever cold at all?

Alf: Of course! Winter is as tough for us as anyone else, but we survive with bonfires, thick coats and shivering a lot. We also turn the thermostat way up, and stick our feet in the oven. Next question.

Question: 2) Did you try any foods at Rupturefarms?

Alf: ‘Try’? No, I never ‘tried’ it. It was the only food there was. We were forced to eat it or starve. But that was ok because at the time we didn’t know what we were eating. All we knew was it tasted great and we couldn’t wait until the next cold slither of it was gifted to us from the nearest dispenzah. 3) Did you guys never met those Grubbs before in the Western Mudos?

Question: Forgive me if you’ve answered a question similar to this before, but I was wondering…Your community, your whole ‘gathering’ of mudo’s you got goin’ on there; Is there some kind of leader or superior, that maybe guides what happens? I figured that the Almighty Raisin, Bigface and even you and Abe would probably have their words a little bit more valued than others! (No offense of course to anyone else) Or is it a democracy? Either way man, I’d be pretty content living there – you guys are awesome.

Alf: Traditianally, villages tend to govern themselves, usually in line with their parent tribe, whose elders in turn heed the wisdom of ancients and prophets like Shamans, Spirits and the Almighty Raisin. Right now tribes have all but dispanded, secretive clans hidden themselves away from industrialist meddling, far-flung vestiges of purer existence on the fringes of populated land. An active leader like Abe might be able to bring them all together by adventuring to their settlements and organizing propaganda drives.

Question: Hi Alf, I was always wondering if english is official language in Mudos (or entire Oddwolrd), or is it just translated to it. Which one of these theories is correct?

Alf: I’ve never heard of ‘english’. Is it like a cross between a Glukkon and a Fish?

Question: Why and when the Vykkers and Glukkons did become “friends”?

Alf: You’re right to put ‘friends’ inside inverted commas. They’re not friends, they’re competing companies. One tends to focus on resource extraction and manufacture while the other mostly sticks to pharmaceuticals and robotics, but they do share some markets, for instance, food. Even then they’re competing for lands, contracts, marketing… don’t ever mistake them for friends! On the other hand, they’ll work together if they both feel they can get something out of it. In fact, Vykkers are contracted for a lot of research and technology, just as they contract work out to yet other industrial families. The economic landscape of Oddworld is a twisted web.

Question: All the glukkons and wolvarks and them know that abe’s gonna come and ruin the day by either A:Turning Invisible. B: throwing their own grenades at them. C: Drinking coffee. and finaly D: Possessing them. SO why don’t they cobble it together and get rid of all the vendos and put in a chant supressor every 10 feet and put a security code onto the BOOM machines?

Alf: Whoa whoa whoa!! That’s not an inexpensive plan of operation! Get rid of the Vendos… what would the workers eat? A chant supressor every 10 feet… do you have any idea how much a self-powered anti-gravity tesla coil costs? A security code on grenade dispenzahs? Well, that’s actually not a bad idea but it would still be a more expensive model. There comes a point when you have to figure it’s more profitable to claim the insurance and start a new factory somewhere else.

Question: Hey Alf! Thanks for answering my previous question. I’m more of a Mudomo chap myself. ANyway, I’m just wodnering, How tall is a Kinto Slave in comparison to a Mud?

Alf: A foot shorter, about the same size as a panted Slig. Roughly. You try measuring one accurately when they’re freaking out about the clouds overhead.

Question: Alf! At last, it is a great honour for me to talk with you. I have a question: Which Glukkons survive in Exoddus? Im putting this question beacuse in Munch’s Odysee, in a newspaper we find Director Phleg and General Drippik tagged in a picture. As far as i know, Abe posessed each Glukkon ( V.P Aslik, Phleg and Drippik ) in order to gain access to SoulStorm Brewery.

Alf: I don’t think you’re familiar with the fantastic cost-cutting measure known as ‘stock photo’. Those cheap tabloids will cut any corner to get their ridiculous point across earlier than the competition. The early rag gets the Moolah!

Question: Dear Alf, Will shrinks be in any upcoming oddworld game and what are they exacly

Alf: Shrinks are mechanical company psychologists, built to increase the productivity of workers. Whether that encouragement comes in the form of a supportive compliment or emotional blackmail is no one’s concern as long as it gets results.

Question: Dear Alf, i need to ask for your guidance on a moral matter that is preventing me to sleep pacefully.

Alf: I know Abe can’t use sligs weapons cause he don’t want to be swayed by glukkon mentality but why he show no restraint in using granades?

Question: In case the answer is something like “he simply don’t like guns” please go and slap him one time for all the troubles that gave us.

Alf: Well, you know. Guns are heavy. Abe can fit several grenades in his pocket. It’s easier!

Question: Hey Alf, you know Abe can possess pratically anything (Bells, farts, sligs, slogs, etc), does that mean he can possess other mudokons? I mean, he could be doing it to you right now! Is he? If he is, hi Abe!

Alf: I certainly hope he can’t, because that would be proper scary! I mean, possessing the thing trying to kill you is one thing, possessing your pal from across the road takes on horrible implications. What if you learnt something you wish you’d never known, like “I don’t like tea”? That’s going to scar you for life. It’s better Abe keeps his possession to other species.

Question: I have enjoyed the oddworld games for a long time and i hope they continue. Two questions have been pondering my mind though. Back in the days when abe had to rescue so many mudokons in exoddus. Why is it that Abe never feels really bad when he kills a mudokon? If he killed one by accident or if he was being mean, on purpose, all he could say was “oops” and move on, he didnt stop, cry or even apologise to friends nearby if he killed one of their buddies.

Alf: Make no mistake, Abe feels pain and suffering and sadness, often in a much deeper way that the Mudokons around him. But when he kills a Mudokon he knows… he knows that… um…. Abe has never killed a Mudokon. What, err, what are you talking about? Have you ever killed a Mudokon?

Question: What happened after that old, blind guy fell to his death in Abe’s Exoddus? Abe told him to follow him, only to make him walk right into a big hole and then break his legs. Was he missed or at least remembered in the village?

Alf: His broken bones healed really quickly and Abe rescued him a little bit later. We were all very relieved.

Question: My other question is if glukkons have no arms, then who built the sligs

Alf: By “built the Sligs” I’m gonna suppose you mean their pants. Like most widespread appliances, they’re designed by Vykkers but commercially manufactured by Glukkons.

Question: and why is it that slogs respect them so much that they would even attack a glukkon if a slig commanded it,

Alf: Um, you said two questions. This is number three, but that’s fine. Slogs don’t respect Sligs. They obey them because they’ve been brutally raised to know they’ll get beaten, starved and generally abused if they don’t. Glukkons don’t get involved in the process, so when a Slog sees a Glukkon it doesn’t recognize it as anything special to be protected.

Question: which reminds me, if sligs are stronger than glukkons, why dont they just kill em and take over.

Alf: Jeez, another question? You said two. This is your last one. Sligs aren’t stronger than Glukkons, because Glukkons control the Moolah. A Slig without Moolah is a Slig withoun a gun, pants or smokes. And a Slig without those is a sticky mess on the bottom of some guy’s boots.

Question: a slig revolution should i say?


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Question: Q: Two questions for you Alf: 1) Abe’s voice changed a little compared to Oddysee. Why is that?

Alf: Freed slaves love to learn about the forgotten practices of their people. Art, stories, building, hunting, tea brewing: our lives transform from drudgery to discovery. When your soul is uplifted in that way, your voice tends to follow suit.

Question: 2) How come Scrabs in Abe’s Oddysee/Exoddus are very territorial and agressive towards other Scrabs and in Munch’s Oddysee they walk in groups? Maybe they realized that they’re few in Oddworld (since RuptureFarms reduced most to cakes) and they thought that’s safer to hang in herds?

Alf: In the wild, Alpha Scrabs keep control over herds of lesser Scrabs. If you thought a single Scrab was lethal, wait till you encounter the whole dance troupe! The poor creatures in the temples have been locked in small spaces for years and gone a bit cranky. Or maybe they’re just trying to hug each other.

Question: Dear Alf,While in Munch’s Oddysee we see a glukkon lab with mudoken slaves, (my apologies,) and there are a few sparse bird portals.The bird portals in Munch’s Oddysee seem different then the ones in the games wherein Abe works alone. Was there a reason for this, aside from technology moving forward?

Alf: Just as the species of bird you’ll see change from region to region, so too will the portals they form.

Question: hellllo Alf my magnificent mudokon message man ,I merely have one small either request or suggestion .perhaps there could be some sort of Meech related odyssey involving the last Meech maybe .oh and also I must complement you on your marvelous fez you have there, perched atop your head like a red crown of wisdom adding infinite amounts of coolenosities to your fine being. Oh ah ,sorry,one final thing it seems we have a lot of unwanted sligs roaming about oddworld like trigger happy autumn leaves ,anyway my idea is, for a renewable food source … slig stew and slog sandwiches ,oh and how about slurg sundaes .I’m sure the glukkons won’t mind much .Or maybe fleech frazzles or fleech flapjacks ,something to think about tarahh for now Alf.

Alf: I don’t think there are any Meeches left to go on an Oddysee for. Thank you, I love my Fez. I don’t think I can imagine a less appetizing set of creatures. Next question!

Question: Hey Alf, i was just wondering, in munch’s oddysee on levels such as Dead River, are all those events taking place on a mountain? Because it seems when fall off the cliff, i fall into clouds.

Alf: Maybe it’s just a foggy day down in the valleys and lowlands. A more important question is why are you walking off the cliff? Clouds or no, that kind of behaviour leads to injury. Sit down, my friend. Here’s some tea. Tell Alfie all about it.

Question: Also, do you own and ride your own elum?

Alf: I like to ride my Elum far into the forests where I know no one will ask me annoying questions. No, I won’t let you borrow it, you’re not covered by the insurance.

Question: Sup Alf, I wanted to know how Munch must feel. After the sonar that punctured his skull and how the baby Gabbits are doing. I also wanted to know why abe never seems to put on any weight in all of his appearances. Tell Munch and Abe I said Hello!

Alf: I haven’t actually seen any baby Gabbits around, so either they haven’t come out of the water yet or they haven’t even come out of the can. I hope Munch doesn’t leave them in the can too long, something that shiny and rare is going to attract the attention of a passing industrial creep. Abe not put on weight? You’re obviously not the dedicated friend who’s had to carry him home after a night out.

Question: Are Sligs naturally two-limbed creatures with vestigal tails? Or are modern-day Sligs the degenerate descendants of ‘proto-Sligs’ who lost their legs (and perhaps their eyes and faces) due to the use of mechanical replacement appendages?

Alf: Sligs have two limbs, it’s just how Odd made them. They also have eyes and faces, it’s just that the less you see them, the better you sleep at night.

Question: Hey Alf, I promise to only post this question once this time, in Abe’s Exoddus I noticed all the mudokon skulls were toothless but then during the cutscene in Munch’s Oddysee where Abe is pushed into the big well they have teeth, so do mudokons have teeth or not?

Alf: I should think if you’ve seen us with teeth in our mouth, then we have teeth in our mouth. Anatomy 101.

Question: Hello once again Alf. I have more questions: 1. I was wondering, if the bad ending of Abe’s Exoddus was canon,how different would your life be?

Alf: Well I wouldn’t have opened a popular chain of rehabs for starters. I probably wouldn’t have the job of answering all these questions. Hey, is it too late to make it canon?

Question: 2. The Zapplies that Stranger has are always with him. They must be pretty loyal. Can you tell me how he got them and that vacuum-thing he bounties creatures with?

Alf: Zappflies aren’t rare in the scorched desert. He probably just has a lump of rotten meat in his ammo bag to attract them. His bounty can, now that’s a weird contraption. Imagine being able to keep large creatures in tiny containers. It’s just nonsense!

Question: Hi Alf, I was wondering, if there was any religion on OddWorld and if so which one is the main ones and do the natives and industrialists follow separate ones, thamks

Alf: There are almost as many religions and beliefs on Oddworld as there are Inhabitants! Native Mudokons cling to their old traditions which are typically a mix of animism, ancestor worship, shamanism and so on, although the specifics differ between tribes. Industrial races have mostly abandoned spirituality so they can pursue profit without any pesky morals getting in the way, but weaker minded species subscribe to fearful superstitions.

Question: Dear Alf, I have a couple of questions for you. Firstly, does the Mudokon species actually change colour depending on their mood, or is that “chameleon-like-feature” only visible to the player to make game play easier?

Alf: Our skin certainly changes color with our mood. Doesn’t yours? It’s probably not as dramatic as you make it sound, though.

Question: Also, what can you tell us about the Vykkers and the Vykkers Conglomerate that we don’t already know?

Alf: That depends entirely on what you don’t already know. Tell you what, let me know what you don’t already know, and then I’ll tell it back to you. How’s that sound?

Question: I read somewhere that Muds are descended from birds, which makes the portals, feathery ponytails and general fragility of Mudokons highly understandable. But what about Clackers? Are they just short, fat Muds, or do they stem from another genealogy completely?

Alf: Mudokons related to Clakkerz??? I’ve never heard anything so absurd in all my life.

Question: Is there any relation between paramite and scrabs? If I rember right early artwork call them “arachnid jr.” and “arachnid sr.” respectively.

Alf: You people won’t be happy until every Oddworld creature is cousins with every other Oddworld creature!

Question: 1. In AE, Abe uses SoulStorm brew for his farting powers. How come he didn’t get addicted to the stuff like the other Mudokons did? He drank quite a lot of it.

Alf: What you didn’t get to see is all the time Abe spent in my rehab getting over the dependence he’d developed. It wouldn’t exactly have made good gameplay.

Question: 2. What food do the Natives eat? Surely not the products sold by the Glukkons!

Alf: No, that stuff is bad! Filled with toxins and plastics and nasties. We get our food from growing and harvesting plants, and from rearing and hunting critters. Of course we do it all sustainably, with total respect for nature and the land and the food itself.

Question: 3. What ever happened to Big Face?! I read somewhere that he went into hiding because he thought he accidently killed Abe when he knocked him of the podium??

Alf: He’s not hiding in my basement! Uh oh… Please don’t call the Mudokops!

Question: 4. What does Abe do all day, now that he seems to have some spare time?

Alf: Watch videos of himself on YouTube.

Question: 5. And finally, I know you guys can view fan art (considering you have a section on this website dedicated to it; which I will contribute to when the holidays come around) and on the old website you had OddVerse, but can you guys also read Fanfiction? I know novel writters can’t, but can you guys? (I really hope so!)

Alf: Generally not, for much the same reasons. We’ve got our own stories to tell, and if they just happen to resemble ones sent to us, that could be seen as suspicious unless we’ve made it perfectly clear we don’t read fan fiction. Don’t get us wrong, it thrills us to see folks having the inspiration to get creative, so keep at it!

Question: What do Mudokon babies look like?

Alf: They look like full grown Mudokons but smaller. Oversized heads and eyes, they’re tremendously cute. In photos, anyway. Put the camera away and it’s all tantrums and diaper changes.

Question: I got 2 questions. First, if we ever do get to see the end of the Quintology, will there be 5 moons?

Alf: This question intrigued me, so I went to ask my astrology buddy if moons could suddenly appear over time. He gave me a weird look and told me in no uncertain terms that just because Munch’s Moon spontaneously manifested in the sky, doesn’t mean three more will. I asked what would happen if they did, and he just huffed and puffed about having to redraw all his charts again. That guy bugs me. I hope there’ll be more moons.

Question: Also, I am currently working on a Mudokon costume (big fan). In order to do so I banded some of my fingers together, and they are now changing colors. Should I see a doctor, or use the coloring as the rest of the costumes skin tone?

Alf: You don’t say what color your fingers have turned, so I’m going to presume it’s a healthy green hue. If that’s the case, then your skin is probably just reverting to its natural state. Years of living indoors dulls one’s vibrancy. A return to nature restores skin tones and overall health, physical and emotional. Alternatively, you’ve picked up a dermal fungus. Go to your doctor and get that stuff scrubbed off.

Question: I have always wondered where outlaws got there names from? I mean Where Do the names Blisters Booty and Boils Booty come from? And please tell me theres a deeper meaning then i think ;P. But Why would outlaws ever follow a guy named Fatty McBoomBoom or X’plosive McGee? Abe, Alf, or Munch, now those are names I would want to follow behind. Stranger’s kinda Scary but he still did the mongo valley a whole lot of good so he’s OK in my Book:)

Alf: What’s in a name? You wouldn’t rank Outlaws highly for the hygeine, intelligence or morals, so why compare their nomenclature against gold standards like “Alf”? Outlaw bosses get where they are through successful villainry and thuggery. Silly names don’t factor into it. “His name is laughable, but he could still kick all our asses, so let’s fall in line.”

Question: What is the life expectancy in years for a Mudokon? Same question for a Gabbit and a Steef? This has really been bugging me lately.

Alf: I’d tell you what’s been bugging me lately, but I want to keep my job. Let’s say 40 years, 18 years and Odd knows, respectively.

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Question: Q: Okay, I’ve been wondering this for a while, since after I beat Munch’s Oddysee maybe: How tall are the Oddworld characters? Like Munch and Abe? What about those greasy sligs? I mean, I’ve seen the credit picture at the end of Munch’s Oddysee and Munch looks huge compared to the people in it, as do the fuzzles! I always thought they were tiny, lol!

Alf: Let’s start with Abe. Abe is a perfectly respectable 5-foot-8. Munch is about 4-foot-6, Sligs are 5-foot when on foot and not asleep, Glukkons can be anywhere from 7 to 9 foot tall! Stranger is 9 foot tall, Snoozers are 15-foot, Gloktigi are 15-foot or taller! Slurgs aren’t measured in feet, they’re measured in decibels.

Question: Dear Alf, I have been curious for the longest time about the taste of the products the Glukkons manufactured. I’m sure you have at least sampled some of the products during your time as a slave. What did Meech Munchies taste like? How about Scrab Cakes? Paramite Pies? Soulstorm Brew? Hold on — do Mudokons even have taste buds? Thanks in advance for reading this.

Alf: Of course we have taste buds! If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to taste the sweet, salty flakiness of a Scrab Cake or the tangy, spongey processed flesh of a Paramite Pie. Oh, and the bubbling, foaming, refreshing, revitalizing glory that is SoulStorm Brew. Oh durn it, I’ve gotta get in touch with my sponsor. Thanks a bunch, you pro. Here’s your Doctorate in Temptation.

Question: Alf, I wanted to ask ya somethin’. I don’t know what may have happened post-Munch’s Oddysee. I mean, with the destruction of Vykkers Labs and all, those sleazy Industrial punks have fallen into recession, haven’t they?

Alf: Some have, but we’ve only just started chipping away at the full extent of capitalism on Mudos. There are more industrial families than you can shake a Stunk at, and more coniving tactics to survive financial hardship than a Vykker has varicose veins.

Question: And are the outlaws all the members of the same race or not?

Alf: No, there are dozens of outlaw species stradling the line between Moolah-greedy bastards and victims of industrial revolution. What were once distinct cultures have conglomerated into a cut-throat society of opportunists who only knows how to survive by stealing and cheating. If they all look similar to your eyes, that’s probably a result of convergent evolution, interbreeding and homogenized fashion.

Question: i was wondering whats the poytail on modukons

Alf: It’s a ponytail, genius. It’s what happens when our feathery hair is tied behind our heads, as Glukkons tend to force us to do. It’s just another way they distance us from our cultural heritage and sense of freedom. Plus, it helps keep heads getting snagged in the legal papers shredder.

Question: I’ve always wondered how exactly you catch a scrab to make scrab cakes, I mean, they’re not exactly the tamest of creatures.

Alf: You don’t need to tame them to catch them, but you do need one or several of the following: nimbleness, strong rope, a gun, heavy armor, fleetness of foot, a foot trap, boxcars, enough kahonees for a game of billiards. It helps to tame them, but that’s not in the interests of RuptureFarms. Dragging them kicking and screaming to a crampt outdoors pen does just fine.

Question: Hey Alf is there gonna be any backstory on the old Mud tribes from the first two games?

Alf: The old Mudokon tribes are the backstory…

Question: Hey Alf, got another question for ya. Where does the game Strangers Wrath take place on Oddworld,or does it even take place in the same time period?

Alf: The Mongo River Valley is in Western Mudos, the same continent where Abe and Munch have been going on a factory-bankrupting frenzy. Stranger’s Wrath and Munch’s Oddysee take place at roughly the same time.

Question: Hey Alf! I’ve just been wonderin’, what ever happened to “Stranger” the steef? Will he be capturin’ more outlaws or even meet Abe at some point? Have you even seen him yourself? He is the last of his kind, right? :(

Alf: I’ve never met a Steef, what with them living on the other side of the continent and all. Last we saw the Strange Steef Dude he’d led hundreds of Grubbs to their deaths and discovered the horrible fate of an old Steef. But hey, at least he brought the fish back so the natives can eat again. I believe that’s what we call a Pyloric Victory.

Question: 1-when you put 2 scrabs together they kill each other but…what if:scrab+paramite?,scrab+slog?,scrab+bats/bees?,scrab+elum?…I got a lot of questions about creature reactions but that’s enough for now.

Alf: Yes, the Scrab would kill any of them that weren’t wise enough to run and hide. Except probably bats and bees, I can’t imagine why a Scrab would waste his energy on such little critters unless it was particularly hungry.

Question: 2-do the mudokons pay you when they drink tea?,how do they pay you?(with mollah or something)

Alf: Recovering addicts get their rehabilitation for free. It’s all part and parcel of their reintegration into native society. Making them do chores to earn that tea is part and parcel of teaching them they still need to work for the good of the community. If someone wants to come and get served a nice meal or cuppa and I’m not too busy with work, they can pay for it in kind: I don’t need or charge any stinkin’ Moolah!

Question: 3-last not least..is there’s a mudokon/slig female?,is there’s any changes between scrab/paramite/slog males and females ?,when do they appear?

Alf: The majority of Oddworld creatures are super species: they have very few males and even fewer females. All the Mudokons and Sligs we’ve seen so far are sexless workers with no reproductive capacity. They exist, in a biological sense, to serve the breeding castes for the good of the bloodline. That doesn’t stop us being individuals with hopes and dreams, but it does stop us being motivated by anything mushy. In order to save your mind from blowing up that’s all for now. I shall tell you if you get 1 mollah for every question I have then getting 10 billion mollah would be less sorry for those questions. What am I going to spend Moolah on? Scrab Cakes? Gabbiar? A huge luxury dirigible with my face painted on the side? Actually…

Question: Alf why is it everywhere you look in oddworld there are no females for any species except glukkens as they have a queen unless its a drag queen. any way why are there no females and where do mudoken eggs come from? thanks Alf.

Alf: The females are the queens, and we haven’t seen them yet. The males are the drones, and we haven’t seen them yet either. Mudokon eggs come from Mudokon queens’, well, from Mudokon queens.

Question: So, Fleeches were originally Glukkon pets before getting flushed down the toilet? Given the, shall we say, borderline homicidal behavior Fleeches are known for, how was such a thing possible? Strict obedience training?

Alf: It’s not a problem when they’re small. When they’re small, the worst damage they can do is remove dirt and grime from all those hard-to-reach places, which is exactly why they’re sold as pets in the first place. The trouble starts when they grow big and bloodlusty enough to do physical damage. It’s no coincidence that this is when they get flushed.

Question: 1: Is it the same Elum in both Paramonia and Scrabania or are they identical (and equally smelly) relatives?

Alf: I keep asking Elum this very question but all he does is grunt at me. I offer him honey if he answers, he just licks his lips, wags his tail and follows me for the rest of the day. I tell ya, if Abe’s steed in Paramonia and Scrabania was as uncooperative as he tells me, they’re one and the same.

Question: 2: In the first cut scene of the second disc of Abe’s Exoddus, we see Aslik, Dripik, and Phleg bickering about Abe getting into Feeco Depot. One of them says “Molluck is gonna be pissed!” Is this a hint that Molluck might still be around somewhere in hiding, or do the other Glukkons just not know that he’s dead?

Alf: Doesn’t matter. If you boss is ruthless enough, you’d be scared of them whether they were dead, comatose, missing or on vacation. And Molluck is one ruthless boss. I once saw him have a worker thrown into a pit of Scrabs just because he’d eaten the last donut in the factory canteen.

Question: Have Rupture Farms discovered all the delicious recipes with Clakkers yet?

Alf: Delicious as the products may be, even I doubt the Glukkons would attempt to market snack foods made out of members of civilized society. I certainly don’t see them selling well in any Clakker township, do you?

Question: what I don’t like about abe is wy shoud he save the Mudokons wy don’t they save them-self but I think they had power like abe that would be so awsome so then they could defened them-self so that what I don’t like about abe =)

Alf: You’ve got to be kidding. Abe is the weakest, weaseliest, weediest Mudokon you’re likely to find this side of a forced starvation camp. He sees his buddies become fighters, soldiers and warriors all around him while he stays on the sidelines and would get smooshed in a second if danger ever fought its way through to him. Abe’s strength isn’t even really his mystical powers, although they helpful from time to time; it’s his bravery, his conviction, his heart and righteousness. You can’t just give those qualities to others, they have to learn them for themselves.

Question: Is there a possibility of a release of the music from the PS1 Abe games either on CD or through iTunes or something like that? I love the music in those games and if you made it available for purchase, I would buy it right away!

Alf: That’s a bit tough. Have you heard how dynamic the music in those games is? It’s also composed on the fly with loads of different low-bit sounds, not nice high-quality tracks. If we release a proper soundtrack we want it to be better than that.

Question: Alf, Have you been to space yet?

Alf: Uh, not yet. I didn’t realize it was in my schedule. Let me check. Uhhhhhhhh… oh, you’re absolutely correct! It’s right here between diving to the bottom of the ocean and mining to the center of Oddworld. Oh damn, I missed the deadlines for all of those. Looks like it’s never going to happen. What a shame.

Question: I have been wondering lately, how does the entire rehab thing going? I have noticed that sometimes when you answer question from fans you seem somewhat cranky. Maybe i am misunderstanding things, but is there something more recent bothering you? Is the tea not as helpful anymore? You can always try and mix in some other hebrs, just be careful not to add anything as or more addictive then SoulStorm brew by accident.

Alf: Look here, sonny, you’d get cranky too if you had to sift your way through my mailbags. Oh, the messages I’m sent! Those same questions over and over because people won’t take the time to [READ THE FAQ](http://www.oddworld.com/?page_id=520) I spent so long putting together and maintaining; The dedicated fans that watch my every move, breathing down my neck when I’m trying to enjoy my private time; The messages from my boss telling me I need to stop spending much time answering alll these questions and get some work done; The repetitive spam emails offering to enlarge my teabags. It’s just all too much. I’m out of here.

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Question: Q: What do Mudockens use for money? Or do they trade things in for their cloth and wood or do they make every thing them self’s.

Alf: Different tribes do different things. Sometimes it’s tit-for-tat, sometimes you have to work for your dinner, sometimes there’s a currency like beads or idols or teabags. That last one may only be in my dreams.

Question: Hey alf why doesn’t Abe rhyme anymore like when he was at Rupture Farms.

Alf: Same reason you don’t go around making all your speech rhyme poetically – it’s a pain in the asterisks.

Question: why does big face where a mask?

Alf: On his face. Oh sorry, I misread. He wears a mask because it’s traditional and he’s all about the tradition. That’s why he’s the shaman and we’re not. Might as well ask why judges wear silly wigs or why I wear my fez. It’s part of the job and we love it.

Question: what is it like being abe’s brother? have you two ever done something silly?

Alf: Being Abe’s brother is great. So much better than being Abe. Having to sneak into smelly factories and hide in the shadows while trigger-happy Sligs come within a Stingbee’s wing of spotting you? Now that’s silly, and I love being allowed to sit on the sidelines. Oh come on, don’t look at me like that! If I get caught, who will be there to rehabilitate future escapees? I’m too valuable an asset.

Question: Them Clackers were blazin’ a trail across the frontier, but the frontier of WHAT? Do they come from Mudos, or over the ocean? Do they have still their own territories, or were they chased outta the region by nasty imperialist Glukkons?

Alf: Where they come from is a mystery. It’s like the changing of the seasons or the tides of the sea. What matters is that they came chasing industry and treasure, and they found both.

Question: Two questions. First, are steefs a super species like so many others on Oddworld? You’d think my momma would have told me, but nooo.

Alf: I’m sure my momma would have told me if only I’d ever met her. Instead she’s locked up in some chamber somewhere being forced to lay the highest number of Labor Eggs she can manage. You can call it a super species if you like, but it sure seems to me that putting all your reproductive eggs in a single basket case is a risky strategy.

Question: Second, if most mudokons are sexless, why do they wear loincloths?

Alf: Just because we don’t reproduce doesn’t mean we’re without modesty. Who’d want to see our little green butts bobbing about the screen? Actually, let’s pretend I didn’t say that. I know what kind of place the internet has become during my sabbatical. Look, we just don’t want our… the top of our legs to get cold.

Question: why is it that there are no females in oddworld besides he glukken queen unless it a drrag queen?

Alf: There are plenty of females, you just haven’t been looking in the right places. Take a trip to Western Mudos, there are female Clakkerz and Grubbs there.

Question: also what do mudoken females look like and where do the eggs come from thanks alf :)

Alf: Mudokon females are big. And I don’t mean like an Amazonian. The eggs come from them.

Question: Dear Alf if you had to choose between Abe and Big Face to lead the mudokons who would you choose?

Alf: As far as I’m aware, we don’t have a single leader and never have. Big Face is a spiritual leader, although by no means the only one. Abe is more of a political-slash-military leader. How can I possibly pick one? I suppose Abe has freed more of us and incited us to fight for our freedom more than Big Face has. Or maybe Big Face accomplished a butt-load before Abe and I were even born. I just don’t know. I have a feeling I’d regret it, but I guss I’d have to go with Abe.

Question: Who is big face and why is he blue like abe???

Alf: Maybe it’s Abe from the future, come back to set the whole Quintology in motion! Dun dun duuuun!

Question: Hey Alf, would Glukkons bring up the notion of hiring another species as sadistic peacekeepers just to scare sligs into working harder?

Alf: Sligs don’t need to work harder. They’re cheap, expendable, and they get the job done. True they topple like dumbinoes when Abe’s barging into the place, but there’s no way of predicting when that will happen. Better just to hire a few extra personnel to ensure your personal safety and make do with the insurance when your franchise goes kablooey. But until that fateful day, Sligs’ incompetance is no match for their effectiveness.

Question: hey alf! hey why do sligs need all the machinery on them, on the face, such as the eyes or even the tubes. do they need it because they have a hard time breathing or seeing or somthing?

Alf: Breathing, seeing, speaking, looking attractive enough to not cause everyone around you to spontaneously erupt in irrepressible volcanoes of vomit – Sligs have trouble with all of it. They’re just awfully built creatures, not suited to any kind of skilled or intelligent work. All their good for is taking their own frustration and jealousy and turning it into hatred of everyone around them.

Question: Hey, just a few questions about this chapter in Abe’s life;

Alf: Well, I suppose that is what I’m here for. Fine, shoot.

Question: 1.) What is the reproductive system of Interns; are they hermaphrodite’s like Vykkers, have two genders or do they have a queen?

Alf: Uh, I guess whichever of those means they all look the same and like the same things. The first one. Or the last one. Or any other one.

Question: 2.) Why were Intern Shock Rockers cut from the game?

Alf: Shock Rockers are a fine idea until you realize that your Interns are working in metal environments, with co-workers wearing metal and critter cages that open when a large voltage is delivered to them. Even if those electrified batons saved a few Interns’ lives from escaped Fuzzles getting toothy on their captors, dozens more would be lost to Fuzzle stampedes and accidental electrocutions. The danger is worse in the sewers of Vykkers Labs, especially during Prune Consumption Week. That’s why Shock Rockers aren’t around.

Question: 3.) What are Glukkon/Vykker and Slig/Intern relations or Vykker/Slig and Glukkon/Intern for that matter?

Alf: Of those combinations, the only ones that really interact are Glukkons and Vykkers, and even then only because they have to. Glukkons and Vykkers are separate industrial families with their own interests. Sometimes that means cooperating, sometimes that means competing. Oftentimes it means using Shrinks as less disturbing business negotiators. Sligs and Interns also come from separate security firms and probably wouldn’t get along for no more reason than that.

Question: 4.) Will the gabbits die out after the 150 eggs or do they have two genders?

Alf: I doubt the Raisin would have sent Abe and Munch to get the can if he wasn’t certain it was essential for the survival of the Gabbit species. I can’t wait to find out what happens when that can opens. Hopefully it’s eggs and not worms inside.

Question: 5.) Where is Lulu now?

Alf: Wherever the desperate, the needy, the poor and the excluded go when society won’t give them a leg (or arm) to stand on: the street.

Question: I have just been wondering; what is the backstory of Doc? Was he a Vykker from Vykkers Lab 13? And if so; did he survive the explosion or leave due to differences? Or from somewhere all together different?

Alf: Vykkers Labs is just one business in the Vykkers’ research armada. Doc never worked there, but he is fully qualified and registered with whatever quacks you need to qualify and register with to convince small Clakker townships that you’re a competant medical professional. Why did he wind up in the middle of nowhere? Somebody’s got to. Maybe he likes all the roadkill and taxidermy. Maybe he just filled a job position everyone else was too proud to accept.

Question: hey alf, How come when a mudokon, slig, glukkon, slog and paramite get crushed by a meat saw or blown up they shatter into pieces, but scrabs don’t?

Alf: Um. They have really tough skin?

Question: Also, Will abe aver travel through an empty meech temple filled with booby traps set by the tribe’s ancestors to learn a new spiritual power? sounds cool to me :D

Alf: What is with all the questions asking me what happens in the future? I don’t know! How can I possibly know? I’ve never been there, and even if I had why would I risk destroying the fabric of spacetime by interfering with it? No, no more. If anyone asks me anything else about the future I’m just going to fart in their face.

Question: Hi Alf! I was wondering: Who shall survive in a hypothetical clash between a scrab and a meech?

Alf: Scrab. Meeches are tough, but they could only compete with a Scrab if they’re in a pack. Note that Meeches are always in a pack. Not any more, obviously. Extinction puts a real crimp in your social life. Just ask Munch.

Question: I was just wondering, Was it true whats on wikipedia about there nearly being a lawsuit in japan about abe and his friends having 4 fingers? and that the game was altered to have only 3 fingered abe? Thanks alot!

Alf: It wasn’t a lawsuit, it was extortion. They didn’t want four-fingered characters to be shown in the country for historical cultural reasons. That might be perfectly alright except they were willing to compromise their own rule if they were paid enough. They were using a very dark part of their country’s past to profit, and we weren’t cool with that. So instead of giving them the cash, we gave them the finger.

Question: Hey Alf, What IS the password for Packrat Palooka’s hideout?

Alf: I’m looking in the original script and apparently it’s “String of short and long beeps to indicate censored vulgarity”. That sound right?

Question: Alf, I know that the subject of cloning is two months ago, but I want to address this subject if it’s not too much trouble. I also knew that cloning will have some benefits, such as replacing inefficient organs and organ systems and bringing extinct creatures back to life; however, if the Vykkers invented cloning, then there is a chance that the Glukks and the Vykkers might clone Mudokons without their knowledge or conscent. With all this information in mind, what is your view of Mudokon cloning?

Alf: Cloning Mudokons is a horrific and detestable idea. The only families with the technology to do that are the ones who will use the clones for nothing good. Imagine the scale of torture and mistreatment, the terror and suffering that will ensue. Imagine the power of their war machine if it’s powered by millions of cheap-to-replace Mudokons. Imagine how disposable we’ll all become. But I wouldn’t mind being cloned. Then I’d only have to a fraction of the work.

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Question: Q: you know why Strenger has no horns?

Alf: Why yes I do, but it’s not my place to talk about it behind his back. He’s a grown bounty hunter, he can answer for himself.

Question: Hey Alf! I have read in your previous FAQs that Grubbs and Mudokons are not related at all, and do not follow the same evolutionary path. I’ve also read that the Gabbits (used to) spawn in the Mongo River in Western Mudos, where the Grubbs live. Are Gabbits and Grubbs related? If not, did they in the same region or villages?

Alf: They’re not related, just like you’re not related to fish (unless my audience has changed drastically in the last few months), but they do have a fascinating relationship. Gabbits are revered by all native inhabitants of the Mongo River and the surrounding land. Their annual return to spawn is a major event in the yearly lives of everyone there.

Question: In Mudos, are there computers and the internet?

Alf: There sure are, but don’t expect to see many in the sweat shops, unexplored wilderness or emerging colonies. Sure the occassional egg-head Clakker uses his laptop to operate town security, but the most tech you’ll ever see outside of the consumer cities are in the Vykkers’ twisted research facilities.

Question: Do you know English as a second language? Or do you just translate our questions into some Mudokon / Oddworld language and read and reply to them?

Alf: Yes, I read and reply to as many questions as I can. Not always in good time, but a Mud tries his hardest.

Question: Are there any other planets in the Oddwordian star system that sustain life? If you don’t know, I think you should ask a Vykker, I heard it on the SpooceVine that they are into astronomy!

Alf: Vykkers astronomy isn’t a patch on ancient Mudokon star-gazing. If you want the celestial truth, check out our oldest calendars and prophecies. Don’t ask me where you can find them. The shamans keep such knowledge safely away from common view.

Question: 1. Is hand of odd coming out this year?

Alf: Nope! Hand of Odd is an ambitious project, and it will take long enough just to decide what exactly we want from it.

Question: 2. do the people of oddworld know earth exists.

Alf: Why would we want to know about Earth when we’re already so wrapped up in our own problems?

Question: 3. have people traveled into space, gone to the mudokon moon maybe.

Alf: Space travel? You mean with the big-headed, gray-skinned beings and their unsolicited slicing and dicing? Yeah, right. This ain’t sci-fi, bub!

Question: 4.are fleeches and slurgs used as food?

Alf: Slurgs are massively harvested for protein products. Fleeches are mostly used as Glukkon pets, but a wandering Mudokon pilgrim can’t be fussy about his dinner, and properly prepared Fleech meat isn’t entirely unpalatable.

Question: if abe is blue because he is sad..then why is he sad??? :c i want to make him feel better

Alf: You’re asking me why Abe is sad as though you haven’t seen what’s happening to him and his people. He’s a sensative fellah, and the fate of his race is kinda an emotional thing. No need to be surprised or shocked. Just be there if he ever needs a shoulder to cry his delicious tears on.

Question: what are some of the other Mudokon deitys? You lot seem too nice and peaceful just have Shrykull, a god of Revenge.

Alf: Shrykull isn’t a god of revenge. Shrykull represents the duality of nature, the balance of creation and destruction, love and hate, up and down, left and right, salt and pepper, pride and prejudice, and so on. Imagine you’re responsible for all that when some Glukkons parade onto your turf and start dismantling all your carefully-managed world with their slash-and-burn capitalism. You’d be out for revenge too!

Question: dear alf where do mudokons go after you save them through the bird portal??? i await your reply!

Alf: They go to wherever the bird portal leads. Usually this is to the Monsaic Sanctum, where rescued Mudokons can be introduced to their newfound freedom and ancient heritage. Sometimes to other, more local safehouses. Don’t question the birds! I’m not convinced they wouldn’t teleport you high into the atmosphere and laugh at you with their wings as you plummet back down to Oddworld.

Question: hey alf what happend to that blind mudokon that hit his hand with a hammer while tring to nail in your sign

Alf: He’s now the village hammerer.

Question: What was going through your mind when you started drinking Soulstorm Brew? I mean, it is made out of Mudokon bones and tears. Why would you drink that? That’s like if you made tea with a secret ingredient that turned out to be Mudokon blood. It’s just morbid.

Alf: Why! Why must you torture me! Of course we didn’t know what was in it! You think they print it on the label? “Ingredients: Your ancestors”??? It was hot, we were tired, and in case you didn’t notice, we’d just walked across a desert! How can you begrudge us thirst?? Don’t you think we feel bad enough already?

Question: What are the native Mudokon beliefs in the afterlife, if any?

Alf: Too numerous to mention! But they mostly agree on the existence of a spirit world, separate but connected to our own. It’s the goal of shamans to come to know and understand this spirit world by studying the animals and plants that intuitively intersect it. One of these plants is the SpooceShrub.

Question: I was a member and visitor of the old Oddworld site and used to talk and ask questions there. I even got a Oddworld birthday card a few years back. I love all the Oddworld games so far and the Oddworld universe. Hey, does the old site still exist?

Alf: It’s been preserved by some of our dedicated fans. [Check it out](http://oddworldlibrary.net/archives/web/oddworld.com/).

Question: Do fleeches communicate with each other like paramites?

Alf: No, they communicate with each other like Fleeches.

Question: And will fleeches return in future Oddworld games and will Abe be able to possess them? It would be awesome to use them to kick slig ass with or just to experiment.

Alf: Maybe. Fleeches aren’t really known for their intellectual capacity. But Abe started squeezing his mind into smaller and smaller brains, even Slogs! So, perhaps.

Question: What does Brew sickness feel like? What are the symptoms?

Alf: It feels like the world is spinning and the air is shouting and your body will go flinging off into the distance if you move. So stay close to the ground, shut out everything you see and hear, and wait to fart it out of your system.

Question: After Abe cured you guys of Brew sickness in Abe’s Exoddus, did you guys still feel a craving for Brew, thus inspiring you to start your rehab facility?

Alf: Yes, of course! It’s called addiction, and you have to manage it carefully to stop it controlling your life. SoulStorm Brew is designed to be hugely addictive, and if you can control its supply, you can control its addicts. It’s one of the biggest and best ways to suppress people’s desires for freedom, in Oddworld and your world. But no, I’m totally over Brew now. Couldn’t care less about it. Stay out of my refridgerator!

Question: I saw that picture of a woodcarving of a Scubatoad that somebody posted on Twitter, but what exactly are Scubatoads? Are they a Native species or a wildlife species?

Alf: Scuba Toads are native creatures. We haven’t seen them because they’re fantastically ellusive. If we could lure them out into the open and convince them to fight for our common cause, who knows what we could accomplish. Maybe very little. Maybe an awful lot.

Question: In Abe’s Oddysee, in the cell where Abe is being held, somebody scrawled the words “Molluck sucks” on the wall. Do you know who wrote that phrase and what became of him (the person who wrote it, I mean – I know exactly what happens to Molluck)?

Alf: I’m a good Mud! I never got sent to a detention cell. That graffiti could have been anybody’s. I can guess what happened to them, but I don’t want to ruin your appetite.

Question: In the instruction manual for Abe’s Oddysey, Sligs were described as having “room-temperature I.Q.’s.” Does this mean that their I.Q. is dependent on the temperature of the room that they’re in, or is this a different way of saying that Sligs are naturally stupid? (Don’t tell Crig that I said this!)

Alf: You tell me.

Question: And finally, you mentioned in a previous entry of Dear Alf that Slurgs weren’t measured in feet; they were measured in decibels. So, what is the average decibel rating of a Slurg popping underfoot?

Alf: 100!

Question: Have you ever been to or seen Nolybab? What is it like?

Alf: I’d love to go to Nolybab one day. The big city, the bright lights, the towering buildings, the sheer scale of shopping opportunities! The gum-encrusted walkways, the flickering neon, the pushing, the shoving, the shrieking, the spitting. Actually, I’ve put myself off the whole thing. Nolybab can go sink into the crust of the planet for all I care.

Question: Do the Glukkons make food from bees and bats too ?

Alf: Not directly. Bees and bats may number in the billion across the planet, but they’re such small and fiddly things. Not much meat. Bees are only good for honey, all packed into overcrowded apiaries towering high and covering entire fields. Breed them without wings, just pump the raw materials into the hive. When the combs are full, crush the whole lot and sort the honey from the waste afterwards. At least, that’s how I’d do it if I were a soulless capitalist.

Question: Can Rupture Farms produce its own energy ?

Alf: It does! There’s no power hookup out in the wastelands. Its mighty furnaces and boilers churned fuel into fire into power day in, day out. Had its own emergency backup, too. Very sophisticated setup.

Question: Have you ever met Aslik, Dripik and Phleg ?

Alf: No, I never had the ‘pleasure’.

Question: Hi Alf! I have a few questions if you don’t mind answering them. If possible, could I get semi-serious answers? I know you’re a humorous guy, but I’m a big Oddworld fan that would love to know more about your homeworld!

Alf: I’ll have you know that all my answers are serious! Except the silly ones, but those are my favorites. You don’t like the silly answers? You might be writing to the wrong columnist.

Question: 1) Are Outlaws and Wolvarks related species?

Alf: Outlaws are many species. They’ve banded together to do the best they can after their cultures were destroyed. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that a few Wolvarks were amongst them.

Question: 2) Are Outlaws and Wolvarks native to Mudos or are they settlers?

Alf: All the species we’ve seen so far are native to Mudos. Some of them we call settlers, like the Clakkerz, come from a different part of Mudos, but still Mudos. There is one exception, and that’s the Almighty Raisin, who comes from far, far to the north. Q. 3) Will we ever learn more about the Steef, Wolvarks, Interns, Outlaws, Clakkerz, Kinto and Chroniclers?

Question: 4) Is there any interaction between the Oktigi species and Glukkons?

Alf: On a business level, lots. Oktigi are very rich and very powerful, and many a Glukkon venture wouldn’t be able to start up without their investment. On a personal level, none. Oktigi keep themselves to themselves, are very secretive and never trust outsiders. The details of their culture are one of the most closely guarded secrets on Oddworld.

Question: 5) Are the Brain Slurgs (Squeek’s species) humanoid like Abe or a more exotic species?

Alf: Well they’re Slurgs, so I guess they’re small, squigey and about 100 decibels.

Question: 6) What is the connection between the Magog Cartel and Uggae Estate?

Alf: Hierarchical!

Question: 7) Will there ever be a Munch’s Exoddus?

Alf: See question 3.

Question: 8) Are they any free Mudokons who have embraced industrial society and that aren’t slaves?

Alf: That very much depends how you’re defining slavery. There are those that aren’t considered the properity of CEOs, whose lives are legally their own, but with so much addiction, advertising and misinformation going on in so-called Civilized society, I would hardly say that they are ‘free’.

Question: 9) Which industrial races are foreign to Mudos? I remember that Glukkons, Oktigi and Sligs are Mudos natives, but I’ve read nothing about the Vykkers, Interns, Wolvarks, Clakkerz or Outlaws belong to Mudos.

Alf: I think you already asked this question.

Question: 10) Also in FeeCo Depot there is a poster that says “Pack Your Bags” and shows a sunny beach with a big city near it. What is that place? Is it located on Mudos or somewhere else in Oddworld?

Alf: Probably just a painting of some Civilized concept of an oddyllic holiday destination. Don’t let the adverts trick you into thinking FeeCo will deliver you to any desirable destination.

Question: Hey Alf what do sligs have to do to become Big Bros do they evolve or something? help me out here

Alf: Big Bros are what happens when you take an ordinary crawl-of-the-mill Slig and pump it full of steroids. Note the bulging muscles, wide neck, gargantuan size and observable bigness. A Slig can buy its own steroid treatments if it ever earns that much Moolah, but it’s quicker for a CEO to stump up the cash for the improved security.

Question: Hows it going Alf? i wanted to ask you whos is squeek? ive looked it up and came empty handed can u help me out here?

Alf: Yeah, sure! You see, Squeek is actually… Oops! Out of time!

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Question: Q: Who is the shirink angel,or guarden angel of abe?

Alf: Depends. On one level, you are the guardian angel of Abe! You’re the ones who determine whether he’ll make each jump, dodge each bullet or rescue each slave. You’re the one with complete power over him. You’re the one struggling with the ethical dilemmas and challenging situations. But I think you mean the ‘Shrink’ character that appeared briefly in an unaired TV ad for Abe’s Oddysee. Shrinks are the product of Vykkers AI technicians, completely self-aware machines that take on the responsibilities of corporate negotiation and employee psychologist. Unfortunately, their need to empathise with their patients drove Vykkers scientists to introduce a bug: a sense of self-preservation. Too bad for those mechanical spider things that their survival hinges on the same ceiling rails that they do.

Question: I was rampaging my way through Paramite Run the other day and I saw a large meaty skeleton decaying in a clearing. I didn’t get a close look, as those Paramites pack a mighty fierce wallop and I had ta’ scurry. So what on Odd was that thing?

Alf: Just the inedible remains of some poor beast that wandered into the valley, or chased into it by those tactical Paramites. Hey, maybe it was a Meech!

Question: i know i could probably find the information somewhere on the internet but who is the mastermind who created the spectacular melancholic sceneries of oddworld?

Alf: In a visionary sense, the name you’re after is Lorne Lanning, our alliterative creator and mentor. The actual environments are the product of so many people’s input I couldn’t begin to name them all. From the concept designers to the digital artists to the envirnomental modellers and level designers. Check out the game credits.

Question: Hi Alf. have you ever met some bad Mudokons or/and good Sligs out there?

Alf: ‘Good’ and ‘bad’ are just words. What matters is what you do. Would you call a Mudokon bad if he sliced up his people’s holy creatures, bought and ate unhealthy snacks made out of them, was addicted to Brew and was generally lazy and naive? You’ve just described me and Abe and all our buddies, at least at some point in time. I’m not sure what would count as a good Slig. They’re not evil, crikey I’ve laughed alongside them at times, usually when Abe tripped over something. They’re just institutionalized bullies. With bloodlust. And guns.

Question: I was just thinking about a few things… 1. What was the Slig race like before Glukkons started using them for security purposes?

Alf: Like they are now, but without the firepower or mobility: weaseley cowards with no creative thought or craftsmanship, jealous of everyone around them. At least they wouldn’t have been Brew addicts, but they probably didn’t wash as much either.

Question: 2. Are there any native Glukkons or Sligs about anymore on Oddworld?

Alf: No, they’re both entirely entrenched in civilized society, and have been for centuries, with not the slightest vestige of their ancestral culture. If they ever had any in the first place.

Question: 3. Finally, how do slogs/paramites/scrabs navigate? Do they use some kind of sonar navigation like bats? Thanks :-)

Alf: Not everyone relies on vision. Slogs have amazing hearing, while Paramites rely on their keen sense of smell. I’m convinced Scrabs navigate using sheer sense of hunger.

Question: Why don’t Gluckons have legs????

Alf: They do! Next question!

Question: Thanks for answering my question officially Alf. Anyways, I was wondering about Oddworld’s wildlife: so far, almost every living thing we find in the games tries to kill us; be it sligs, scrabs, paramites, fleeches, or the dreaded accursed death bat of doom. I was wondering if there are any nice little docile critters that would make good pets. I mean, maybe fuzzles but you can’t forget to feed them O\_O.

Alf: Sure there are more timid and docile creatures, it’s just that they normally run and hide before you can catch a glimpse of them. The larger ones have probably all been chopped up by now. So what are you looking to give a good home? A jittery Stunk or a chatty Chippunk?

Question: Hello Alf, I was wondering if you were a free mudokon, or were you ever in slavery.( Such as mining in Necrum or worked at Rupture Farms, etc.)

Alf: I was hatched a slave in RuptureFarms and worked from birth till I was 15. Many of friends were disfigured or killed by machinery, others were beaten to death and still more were simply exhausted of life. On the plus side, we got a yummy snack treat every week or so.

Question: Dear Alf, a couple of questions, if I may. During Abe’s adventures, we often saw him die, often gruesomly, only to come back later with his body and memories intact. With enough spooce, he could even bring others back to life. So, does that make mudokons immortal, as long as there’s someone to bring them back? Are there really no side effects to this (except obvious, like emotional trauma)?

Alf: I wouldn’t take what you saw in Munch’s Oddysee as the absolute truth. After all, you were seeing the world through the eyes of Abe and Munch, and did you see how much Spooce those two got through that day?? It’s a wonder they weren’t running from hallucinated dragons or trying to clamber up the side of rainbows. Sometimes the recently deceased can be resurrected, but only as shuffling, brain dead Mudombies, and it’s not the kind of thing a kind-hearted person goes about doing. Those poor souls. Besides, you seem to be implying that Abe led his friends to death, which I can assure you he never did. And secondly, what happens to mudokons while they’re in the Great Beyond? Do they wander the Oddworld like incorporeal spirits, or do they go to some completely different place, like land of eternal peace and endless tea? Do they just stay there if no one brings them back, or do they eventually reincarnate into newborn mudokons, or non-mudokons? Mudokonian afterlife, what is it like? You show me your afterlife, I’ll show you mine.

Question: Anyway, i was wondering do mudokons naturally have stitches on their mouths, or were they put on by somone else?

Alf: Mudokons are fitted with stitches by considerate Glukkon managers concerned about what’s going into their delicate workers, and sometimes what’s coming out of them. If you don’t want the horrific sight of cultural cannibalism and ancestral bodysnatching going into your miners’ eyes, you stitch ’em up. If you don’t want your taskforce to complain about the loud working conditions of cleaning heavy machinery, you sew their ears shut. And if you’re worried productivity will plummet when your butchers banter across their chopping boards, you make sure their lips don’t part more than they need to guzzle down that late night Brew and early morning Java.

Question: what dose Molluck the Glukkon look like now

Alf: Do you have ‘barbecue’ where you come from?

Question: what doses the Glukkon queen look like

Alf: Well, she’s very old and poorly preserved, highly accessorized in exquisite jewelry, her face is contorted by more than a century’s regal sneering and executive stress… oh, and she’s too big to move by herself.

Question: What’s it like being friends with Abe?

Alf: It’s an absolute pleasure you’ll never know. Haha. I’m joshing, Abe’s a real friendly guy and it’s great to be buds with him. I’ll always be there to give him a helping hand and encouraging pat on the back. I just wish he didn’t pass quite so much wind, ya know?

Question: What ever happened to Abe and Munch after Munches oddysee .There has to be more Gluckens trying to use mudockins as slaves.Or something odd that they can fight.

Alf: Sure thing, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Question: So what happend to munches race? Were they turnd into cakes like scrabs or turned into pies like paramites?Or turned into Gabbit feet on a stick!So please tell me when you read this.

Alf: What didn’t happen to Munch’s race? Gabbits are famed for their versatility of product, from their waterproof skin to their high-protein flesh. They are popular lab critters, but they can fetch a staggering price for their Gabbiar or Gabbit Fin Soup. And of course their lungs are just perfect replacements for Glukkons’.

Question: Dear Alf, i am a big fan i have seen and heard alot about you i was wondering if you were ever the main character of a oddworld game and is it fun being in oddworld

Alf: Hey, you don’t have to star in your own videogame to be a hit celebrity! If that were the case then Terry The Fifth Slurg From Left would never have made his big break in advertising!

Question: Say Alf, I notice when Abe blows something up he always falls but if there is another Mudokon on the screen they don’t fall. Does Abe have a balancing issue?

Alf: How interesting. It seems that Abe must be capable of attracting all the shock waves from explosions towards himself, presumably to protect other Mudokons from harm. I can’t think of any other explanation.

Question: I was once (and hope to soon be once again) an intrepid explorer of all that is Oddworld. I know that there will soon be a time for me to return to lands previously visited, thanks to Science and Water (Just Add it!). My question is, is there a possibility of visiting any new and undiscovered lands (within the World of Odd) in my future?

Alf: Unexplored regions of Oddworld abound! Just hop on a FeeCo Train, hitch a lift with a Meetle, or hurl yourself face-first into your nearest travel well. If you want a little less mystery to your destination, you could always get a Mudokon guide, but you generally have to earn their trust and respect before they’ll trample through the forest by your side. One day I’m sure we’ll explore the uncharted mountaintops, stagnant swamps, tropical beaches, volcanic jungles and sprawling toxic wastelands of Oddworld. It’s a huge planet, it’d be hard not to find something new.

Question: p.s. The Doctor likes both Stetsons and Fez’. (They’re Cool!) you two aren’t acquainted are you?

Alf: I’ve never been to the Mongo River Valley, and I certainly wouldn’t go and see Doc.

Question: What do you think about the fact that Abe turns some of your lazy sleeping, tea drinking Mudokon friends into Slig killing Warriors? Is the personality change big when interacting with them? And after becoming Warriors, do they tend to visit your Rehab less likely, more likely or all the same? Thank you, come again.

Alf: There’s no reason at all a promotion should change the personality of its recipient. When Abe “upgrades” his pals from unenthused weaklings to armed fighters, it’s true, he’s giving them the confidence in themselves to stop sitting on their blue butts and start taking a stand against their enemies, but that’s a natural consequence of empowerment, not some artificial personality change delivered by mystic lightning. Once they’re warriors I suppose they drink less tea, but only because they’re keeping themselves busy, not because they’re switching to Brew or anything. In other words, relax! The customs of our people might look strange to you, but there’s no need to worry. We’re perfectly sensible level headed. Now, I need to get ready for my cheese rolling match.

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Question: Q: dear alf who would win in an arm wrestling contest you or abe

Alf: My dear Joseph, it would be no contest. Out of Abe and myself, only one of us spends all day stirring tea. Q. dear alf what do gabbit eggs taste like

Question: ok some things i wanted to ask 1.)why didn’t anyone recognize Stranger as a Steef? It’s not like he bothered to disguise his face.

Alf: You’re telling me if you saw someone going around with a lion’s face, you’d recognize them as a lion even though they only had two legs? Yeah, right. Blow your other trumpet.

Question: 2.)For the first half of the game, Stranger had his hind legs and rear bound up against his forelegs. This seems incredibly painful — walking with the entirety of his lower body folded double against him.

Alf: This isn’t a question, how did it end up here?

Question: 3.)Why does the Outlaw that captures Stranger make a big deal of the fact that he was the one who captured Blisterz Booty? Wasn’t Booty a small fry?

Alf: Blisterz Booty was once a member of D. Caste Raider’s clan, but became ambitious and badass enough to start his own gang. When he got taken out by Stranger, his remaining followers moved back in with Raider. Make sense now?

Question: I really was looking forward to meeches lol will they draw any with colors couse I like how the meeches look like and are they wild or are they cowards?

Alf: Are they wild or are they cowards?? I can’t even think how you came up with that dichotomy. They were wildlife for certain. You’d be wild too if you were made extinct. In fact, you could say they were pretty cut up about it.

Question: hey alf are there any good outlaws in oddworld and what types of food do mudokons eat i would be suprised if all of the natives live on your tea!

Alf: If they were good, they wouldn’t be called ‘outlaws’, now would they. They’d be called ‘inlaws’, which is whole different kind of not-good. Mudokons eat all sorts: fruits we pick, crops we grow, meat we kill, milk we… well, milk.

Question: Just something that’s been bothering me: In Abe’s Oddysee and Exodus, you had those Mudokons who would give you powers (e.g. blow up everything red ring of death power). Why’d they ask you for a password? These things only seemed to blow up industrials (Wait, second question, why?), so they couldn’t hurt him. It seems silly somehow.

Alf: As a test of Abe’s worthiness. If Abe isn’t well versed in Mudokon scripture, culture and, uh, whistling then he’s not worth helping.

Question: Thanks for the replies, Alf. I nearly ran out of questions, but after some thought I’ve come up with more:

Alf: Oh thank the Odd!

Question: Is Munch carnivorous? I assume he eats fish since he’s aquatic but I’m not too sure. I would ask the same for Stranger but he seems to like cornbread so, I’m gonna assume he’s omnivorous.

Alf: Did you not see the opening sequence where the Gabbits are eating fish?

Question: And, how is that retired sleg hunter doing? When talking to Clakkerz I usually have the melee button ready, but he turned out to be pretty helpful. I even spoke to him after the bounty and he wasn’t a jerk about it.

Alf: Last I heard, he was thinking about taking up hunting again. If you ask me, he’s a bit over the hill to be doing that, but since Lefty Lugnutz screwed up the population numbers so much, it shouldn’t be too bad a job. Especially since the whole place is now deep underwater.

Question: Abe is a different colour to most Mudokons,and that sligs beat him up for it,but how did Abe become that colour,was it an acciedent? or on purpose?

Alf: How do humans become different colors? Accidentally, or do you do it on purpose?

Question: dear alf did you and abe ever get in a fight

Alf: You again? What is it with you and trying to get me and Abe to fight?

Question: Speaking of Elums, how have those creatures been recently?

Alf: Smelly.

Question: Never really thought about it much beyond “useful thing for mudokons” but now I wonder if there’s anything more interesting about the properties of Spooce you could share with us? For example, is it a vegetable? Some kind of mushroom? Are they all green, all year round? And so on…

Alf: Spooce is a magical and mystical substance that bestows mojo and moxie. SpooceShrubs are just one source. SpooceShrubs are, I suppose, comparable to your Earthly mushrooms. They like well-hydrated, unpolluted land in general, but there are so many varieties it’s not worth me covering the full range of colors, habitats and lifecycles they demonstrate.

Question: I was wondering: Do any Mudokons study Astronomy? If there are, do you know about any of the other planets orbiting the celestial body that Mudos is orbiting?

Alf: There are Mudokon myths and calendars and cults and ceremonies dedicated to the stars and the skies, but a lot of it is forgotten lore, tribe-specific or shrouded in secrecy. I for one have more pressing concerns than what other things are whizzing about the sun.

Question: Also are there any sporting events that you and Abe go see together.

Alf: We don’t have the big, corporate sports teams you might be used to. Our games are friendly and inclusive and casual. Abe and I do watch the hunters on some of their more ceremonial returns to praise their effort and success.

Question: dear alf what is the all mighty raisin

Alf: The Almighty Raisin is a millennia-old sage who has aided more civilizations than I can name, but is now basically a dozy and dessicated stump. Please don’t tell anyone I said that!

Question: will we ever git to see a sligs face

Alf: I sure hope we never have to endure that.

Question: what is strangers real name

Alf: I think I heard someone call him Steve, but I might have misheard. But the fact is, no one really knows, hence the term “Stranger”. DUH!

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Question: Q: What is the expected game play length of this game for an average game player?

Alf: We’re estimating it at 12-15 hours, but obviously that is going to vary quite a bit not only with skill level, but just in how people would prefer to play – there’s a lot of room to “play it your way.”

Question: When I was at Oddworld Studios earlier this year, I managed to play some of the levels as they were at the time. Has there been much change in how the gameplay and enviornments have changed from six months ago, and if so, what improvements were implimented?

Alf: Wow, six months ago… it seems like forever! One thing I can think of that has changed is the ammo. It went through a lot of revisions. It is a really important part of the game and we wanted it to be exactly as we intended. It started out a little too cutesy for our taste so we toughened it up a little, added the upgrades, and gave the player one infinite ammo, the Zappflies. You’ll used these to hunt other ammo, and you can use them on enemies as well.

Question: What prompted the change in title from "Oddworld Stranger" to "Oddworld Stranger's Wrath"?

Alf: A couple of things, really. First of all the previous naming conventions were a very specific pattern… Come on, say it with me now: Oddworld, colon, character’s name, then insert clever word that represents a journey. Kinda predictable, so we decided we wanted to keep the same “ring” to it and maintain that way of identifying with Oddworld, but come a little closer to center without all the made-up spellings and such. On the other hand we got whiff of some other titles that were similar to what we’d previously had in mind and preferred to not cause any confusion. One thing Oddworld is not keen on is being “just like” anything else… so we sort of avoid that at all costs!

Question: What kind of promotions are being planned for the game, such as advertising and other promotions as the release date draws nearer?

Alf: Well, first of all you may have noticed a brand new site at http://www.oddworld.ea.com. It’s a gorgeous piece, I must say, I really like it. Also online, you’ll find great Oddworld features at gamespot.com and developer diaries at http://xbox.gamespy.com/xbox/oddworld-4/572191p1.html. A print ad has also recently been in some recent pubs, like OXM. I’ve also been privy to some cool online promos, and of course, the crème de la crème, the piece de resistance, is that pre-order dvd. It is just awesome. I’m not bragging, really, it is just really cool, even as old Alfie, to see all those Oddworld movies and random clips all in one place, together, where they belong, on one handy-dandy dvd. Getting it all on there was no easy task, and it is probably the most comprehensive Oddworld item we’ve ever put together. Well, since The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants (available at www.ballisticpublishing.com). This is really an exciting time for us and for the fans, with the book and the dvd being available just before the launch of Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath. It just seems like two things we’ve always wanted have finally come to fruition… I hope that the fans enjoy it as much as us!

Question: Where on Oddworld is this game set? Is it set on Mudos or on another continent altogether?

Alf: The game takes place in Mudos but not in the same region that Abe and Munch are from. So you’ll see some familiar species, but for the most part it is a whole new cast and location.

Question: Relating to the above question, at what part of the Oddworld timeline does the game take place? Is it set before/after the Abe/Munch games, or in a totally different time period?

Alf: Wow, that is a great question. The story is really completely separate, so the time, in relation to the Abe and Munch games is really sort of irrelevant. However, if we did put them in chronological order, for whatever reason, I would say it is after. We haven’t ripped a hole in the fabric of time or anything.

Question: Apart from the obvious FPS and action/adventure genres in the game, the game appears to incorporate some elements of the RPG gentre \[purchasing and upgrading of ammo, stores, talking to townspeople, sidequests, etc\]. What influenced these to be included in the game and do you see Oddworld bringing other RPG elements into their games or expanding on this in the future?

Alf: Fun. That’s it. We wanted this game to be fun, entertaining, enjoyable… on top of everything else. The upgrades add a lot to the gameplay experience, and our designers had a blast coming up with the purchasable items, as well as HOW they are purchased. I’m not sure what the future holds, if that will become a bigger influence. We are always interested in trying new and different things, so it may be. It would be great to incorporate some online elements in that way.

Question: Stranger's Wrath production has been very secret. What are the pros and cons of this for you?

Alf: It has its good points and its bad… I think there was more creative freedom, but also the price of falling off the industry radar for a while, not to mention our poor fans being kept in the proverbial dark. Things are picking up now though, and so far the strategy (if you want to call it that) seems to have benefited us. I think it has created a bit of a stir and some anticipation, and hopefully, if all goes well, people will be pleasantly surprised with all we’ve packed into this game. We think it’s worth the wait!

Question: What innovations in the game do you think other developers will follow?

Alf: In general, I guess we hope that all developers keep pushing the capabilities of the hardware across the board, because everyone benefits. Certainly innovation is constricted by time, but we still feel strongly about what we’ve done with this engine. The camera has a really good feel to it, and the transition between first and third person is smooth. There’s a depth of field device that allows for some cool camera effects as well… these are some things you’ll likely be seeing more of in the future, from us and maybe other developers.

Question: Overall, how much has Stranger stayed intact compared to beginning of production?

Alf: Well, the story has been through many iterations, as well as some of the features. But I think we’ve held true to what was most important to us, and that is the feel of the in-game cinematics, the quality of the CG, the entertainment value and the challenge of the gameplay and our wicked live ammo!

Question: Who's your favorite new character appearing in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath?

Alf: I have to say it’s the Clakkerz. Particularily the females… it’s the first time we’ve had female characters in the game and frankly, I enjoy their sense of humor and admire their ability to offend in a cowardly, cranky sort of way. Remind you of anyone? ; )

Question: Favorite environment?

Alf: I guess I love the snowy locales. Probably because it stimulates more senses than sight, you’ll want to shiver when you see it! BRRRR!!!!

Question: . Will the game have a "bad ending" like previous installations of the Oddworld series?

Alf: Nope, the end is the end is the end and that’s it. But then you get the sense that it’s not the end, so, there ya go. This is my best attempt at luring you to get the game and play it to the end!

Question: Oddworld games usually have a valuable message woven within the story. Abe dealt with slavery and Munch with animal testing. What issue does Stranger deal with?

Alf: All of our characters deal with lots of issues, that is what makes them compelling. Not to nit pick, but Abe and Munch were confronted with slavery and animal testing, AND MORE! Stranger will also deal with many issues.. I think the difference is that some of his are more personal. But the big “theme issue” for this game is water privatization. Sekto Springs Bottled Water Company has dammed the river to bottle water… and in the process damned the inhabitants that have relied on it for centuries.

Question: Stranger is the only guy to have a story separate from the Quintology. Do you know of any plans for another character besides Stranger having this kind of setup?

Alf: I don’t know of any plans specifically, but I do know that when Abe was “born,” he was the only guy to have a story at that time. I think in a nutshell, Lorne has lots of ideas and stories to share, and some of them are a part of the Quintology… but others aren’t. There is more to come for Stranger, and there are also more heroes to be born.

Question: Will the game include any Cheat Codes or Easter Eggs? Possibly secret Live Ammo? Personally, I think Fleeches would make an awesome addition to Stranger's arsenal.

Alf: Fleeches? Great, but messy! You see they slobber so much….. Anyway, if I told you there were Easter Eggs, they wouldn’t really be Easter Eggs anymore, now would they? Well maybe, but I need a clever way out of this question…

Question: When watching a demo of Stranger on the Internet, it looked to me that the player would trigger checkpoints like in Halo. Is this true? What happened to Quicksave?

Alf: The game has quicksaves just like the previous Oddworld games. We also do autosaves as you play through the game; this is just to help the forgetful gamer who doesn't hit the save button very often - we don't want them to have to replay the whole level when they die!

Question: And one final question just for you. Are you going to make an appearance?

Alf: No, that stranger has his own dressing room, a personal assistant and gets a latte delivered every morning. I guess I’m sort of the Hollywood has been of Oddworld. My tummy is a little too poochy, my eyes not as perky as they once were, and face it, who wants to see an aging Mudokon in a loincloth when there’s a hunky stranger strutting around?