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[Published at 2020.02.19.] [479 words]

New Site Logo


Today my site received a new logo, created by EyeMeat, a very talented artist from the Discord. Before I talk more about it, I just want to put a little memento here about the old one:

The old logo.

This logo is an edit of a concept art from one of the unreleased movies. I am not sure what exactly Abe and whoever’s next to him is looking at, but I found it pretty fitting, that similarly to how I try to ‘illuminate’ topics to the fandom, they too are looking at something ancient and largely forgotten with torches.

But ultimately as fond as I was about the metaphor, the logo still wasn’t excellent. It didn’t really grab one’s attention and I was using someone else’s work without permission as “branding”.

However, all of these problems vanished when EyeMeat offered to draw me a new logo and while I immediately said yes to the offer, we only got to it yesterday. I quickly whipped up a terrible, but functional design plan to show how I envisioned it and soon after we had an initial design.

A true work of art from me.

While it was great from the get go, there were some things that I wanted differently, so we began a kind of back and forth, where I’d get a new design, give feedback then get another one, until we finally iterated upon what you can see above.

Finally we got a design we both liked which is now added to the site. I can really recommend them, go commission something!

Here are some of the design variants we tried: