Welcome to 'Dear Alf, Please Get Your Facts Together!'

On this site I intend to collect all Dear Alf posts in an easily accessible format (questions and answers only), categorized by tags. The site is currently quite WIP, sometimes the questions leak into the answer and some of the Dear Alfs are missing. These will be eventually fixed. Until then I hope the site will prove useful to some, who always wanted to binge lore about a specific thing, but found no easy way to do so.

A small lamentation about the Official Dear Alf archive

You may wonder why are some posts missing from this site. It's quite simple, OWI went wild with their designs, so I had to resort to writing multiple algorithms to extract the data. However, even this plan is not perfect, as sometimes they seemingly haphazardly mix styles and to consider all of them I would need to write even more algorithms.

To give you a rough idea:

Style 1
(Dear Alf 1-38)
Archived on MoM. The style is consistent and easily parseable.

Style 2
(Dear Alf 2011. March-45 + Dear Alf 47-48 + Dear Alf 77)
On OWI's website, still this is fine and parseable.

Style 3
(Dear Alf 49-76)
Again on OWI's website, the style has underwent major changes, but sure, it's doable.

Style 4
(Dear Alf 46)

And to make it even funnier, only 53 Dear Alfs are available on OWI's website (starting from Dear Alf 2011. February), but thankfully the others have been archived by Magog on the March. As you can see, it really needs some tidying up and that's why I ask: Dear Alf, Please Get Your Facts Together!
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